"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by god's fingers" – Hans Christian Anderson

If you asked anyone in Northern Europe they would say that the most beautiful winters around were in the fair kingdom of Arendelle. And to the country's citizens it was no secret that the winters could be attributed to their queen, Elsa, or The Snow Queen as she was sometimes referred to as.

In the months since the eternal winter was lifted and Elsa was returned to her throne Arendelle had prospered. The new Queen ruled her kingdom with grace and kindness. The ports saw more ships than even in her parents days and thus the kingdom was more open to trade and diplomacy. Thanks to Elsa's knowledge and her sister Anna's kindness, the lives of all its citizens improved. Elsa listened to her subject's worries, ideas and concerns and the place gates were always open to anyone, royalty or not. And it wasn't just the citizens who were benefiting from the new found peace and prosperity. Elsa and Anna were both happier than they had been their whole lives. Their mended relationship was a blessing to both, and it was said that when one was in a room it became brighter, but both together could chase away even the darkest of troubles.

Anna, now happily dividing her time between her sister, her friends and her new sweetheart Kristoff, was always busy but never tired. She was more than glad to cast away her old life of loneliness and pain for friendship and love. She held balls like none the castle had seen before and they were always packed with royalty and common people alike(and one very charismatic snowman). She was almost never seen with anything but a smile on her face and the people would often comment on how her joy seemed to be contagious.

Elsa was also happy, though in different ways. Due to years of being shut away from the world she was not as fast to make friends, and she still spent many days in the castle attending to diplomatic matters and other royal business. But Anna was not one to let her sister while away the hours on such 'Boring' things as that, and for at least one day a week would drag her sister off on some adventure, be it simply turning the courtyard into an ice-skating rink or a ride in the woods on Kristoff's new sled. Elsa enjoyed these days, to relax and let things go (a practice she found was essential occasionally to truly be happy) but she also enjoyed her time spent inside. She could often be found in the library with a book and a mug of hot chocolate. She was usually joined by Olaf, her snowman friend who she had created, or her sister, though Anna quickly grew bored of sitting around and reading.

Let it not be said that there were not troubles still. Emotional conflicts, fights, diplomatic disturbances and the like. But Elsa and Anna stood together and faced them with all the bravery and kindness they could muster, determined to make sure that both Arendelle and themselves were happy and healthy for the years to come.

But through all of this, sometimes there comes a conflict that cannot be so easily resolved. And though both sisters had written off the villain Hans as a horrible disturbance that thankfully would not come to haunt them again. Life sometimes has other ideas.