Okay, so this is me trying to write a poem about the events in the first book. I've only spent this arvo on it, but I wanted to put it out anyway. It was originally a song about the Green Riders in general, but I wasn't satisfied with the length of it.

So, hope you enjoy!

Eletian prince,

All cloaked in gray,

two arrows mark his ghostly slaves.

The wall it cracks,

A falt'ring tune,

From singers in their granite graves.

A rebel girl,

Expelled from school,

The dying man to whom she spoke.

A wish on gold;

Cruel one-eyed man,

The girl, she vanishes like smoke.


Blood it sings,

Hooves they pound,

Hearts they race,

The Call sounds.

Usurping prince,

The fop, he plots,

To take the kingdom he once lost.

Events foretold

Through spying glass,

Scrying future, present, past.

A King with crown,

He sits his throne,

His heart is given to this girl.

The Weapons black.

Their sacred oath,

Those few to break it doomed to die.


Boy cosseted,

Bright Rider girl,

A picnic by the long-dead lake.

The beasts, they came

With arrows sharp,

Protective magics boy did make.

The battle raged

And soldiers fell,

Until her horn the Captain blew.

The Riders came,

The girl she duelled.

The cavalry came charging through.


Through catacombs

With stolen blades,

Marshall, King and Rider strode.

Eletian prince,

His arrogance.

Unfaithful shield strikes fatal blow.

A world of white,

Intriguing words,

The game-board cleaved by ancient sword.

Long live the King,

The people cry.

Justice served to traitor Lord.


A garden walk,

A private talk.

The King he gives her his farewell.

Her school awaits,


So ends this tale that I do tell.

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