I stood in front of the gates tugging at my skirt in nervousness as I stared at the enlarged sign that said 'Jeguk High School'. 'What was I doing here?!'

I watched as people walked by in their groups, overhearing conversations about stock prices and the newest fashion arrivals. I had a really bad feeling about this but I had made a promise and I wasn't about to break it so I decided to suck it up as I straightened my blazer and walked through the gates, a sense of impending doom already bearing down on me.

I decided to do some sightseeing as I walked down the path, not only did I think it was a waste of land but rather than a school it looked more like some sort of famous landmark. '

'I guess you could say it was famous.' I grimly acknowledged

Finally entering the main building I walked towards what I hoped to be the principal's office as I looked at my reflection in distaste, honestly this was the first time in years I had worn a skirt and it was showing more than I thought necessary .

"Excuse me, where's the principal's office?" I asked stopping a passing student,

They glanced at me but did not stop, I was confused. 'Was there something on my face?' I thought as I once again looked at my reflection in the glass walls, there was nothing noticeably wrong so why were they acting like that?

"Are you lost?"

I swiftly turned around to see who the only sane person in this entire place was and found a sweet looking girl with shoulder length brown hair. "oh gosh yes! Thankyou! I don't know what's wrong with these people." I said shaking my head as students continued to walk by.

"They are always like that, what are you looking for?" The girl smiled at me

"Umm well I just started here so I was just wondering where the principal's office was." I said grinning back at her

"Oh well if you're new how about I take you to the teacher's room and they can help you get sorted?" she said pointing towards what I guessed to be the teacher's room.

We started walking when she suddenly turned in my direction, "by the way my name's Eun Sang." She said sticking her hand out as she smiled. I place my hand in hers as I replied.

I had finally got everything sorted and entered my class, "everyone settle down, we have a new student today." The teacher announced as she ushered me to the front of the classroom

"Ummm…. hi my name is Park Su Jin, nice to meet you all" I said bowing lightly

"You can sit there for now until we get a new desk and chair for you." The teacher said pointing to an empty table in the middle of the classroom

I slowly walked up to the desk before a girl suddenly grabbed my hand, "I wouldn't sit there if I was you." I would have expected this warning to be in concern but in truth there was nothing but a threat behind those words. I looked at her contemplating whether to continue or not but as I looked around the room for another seat I found none and so I decided to sit.

The day went on drearily as I continued to feel glares and stares from all across the room, it made me think about exactly whose seat I was sitting in…..slowly my mind drifted from my current situation to a certain someone I had met a few days ago.


"$10" the lady at the counter said as I nodded my head searching through my bag, 'where was my wallet?' I swiped my hand across the bottom of my bag yet I couldn't feel it anywhere.

"Ahjumma the instant ramen is finished!" a deep voice shouted form the back

I turned around to see a head of sleeked black hair popping out from in between the ailes. A natural predatorial gleam in those feline like eyes as they stared at me and then slowly moving onto the box of instant ramen behind me. I immediately took a step to block his path to my shopping. No way was he getting them, they were my life savours!

I stared him down as he moved out of the aisles and towards the counter.

Immediately turning to the lady as I placed both my hands on the counter and leaned over "Ajhummonie, please don't! You know how important these are to me! Please!" I begged

"But... you don't even have money on you right now.." the lady said hesitantly as her eyes flickered to the brooding aura behind me.

"I know! If you just give me 15 mins I can come back with the money!" I looked at her pleadingly 'please please please' I begged in my head

"How about this…. you give me one and i'll pay for your shopping." The guy whispered in my ear,

"Look here mis..." I said turning ready to poke him in the chest as hard as possible but his proximity as I turned around threw me off. I stood there as I observed the man infront of me almost to the point of admiration... he looked like a man but everything about him screamed boy. His milky white skin too smooth and soft looking to have ever gone a day without a facial, his height and build saying that he ate and lived well. So what was he doing bargaining for a packet of ramen?

As I continued to stare, he watched me with a raised eyebrow, a slow smirk forming on his lips. A cough from him returned me from my little adventure as I realised exactly what it looked like from his perspective

"Aish what the hell am I doing" I whispered messing my hair as I turned back to the counter picking a packet and handing it over to the guy

"Here" I said as I roughly placed the packet in his hands and turned back to the lady "I'll be back in 15 so please hold onto it." I said as I quickly walked out of the shop heading home to get my wallet.

I returned to the shop with my wallet in hand as I felt the after effects of spontaneous running. "I'm here!" I said breathless to the lady as I started getting my money out.

"He already bought everything" the lady said as I handed her the money

"WHAT?! Ahjumma how could you betray me like that?!" I almost shouted, on the verge of a tantrum

I took a calming breath as I asked her where he was and she pointed outside to the tables. I stomped my way outside having no intentions of civility.

"YOU!" I pointed accusingly, as the guy looked up, ramen halfway in his mouth.

"How could you? I gave you your ramen so why'd you take my shopping?!"

The guy took his time swallowing and slowly placing his chopsticks down, the irritation in me growing by the second.

"We had a deal. You give me a packet I pay for your shopping for you." He said as he gave a wolfish grin, as he leant back in his chair placing his arms behind his head.

"Why are you such a... wait what? You mean... this is all mine?" I asked hesitantly, hoping I was hearing right. All he did in reply was a nod as he gestured to the four shopping bags splayed around him.

"Oh" was all I could say as I stared at him suspicious of his intentions.

"Umm... in that case here." I said placing the money I had brought on the table infront of him.

"Don't need it" he said as he went back to eating

"Please take it. I don't like owing people" I said frustrated that he wouldn't just take the money





"You really wanna pay me back?" he asked, eyes glinting with mischief


"In that case you can pay me back by buying me ramen every day until your debt has been payed"

"B..but that's like..."

"It's either that or nothing" he shrugged his shoulders as he got up and chucked his rubbish in the bin. I groaned in frustration once more 'seriously who is this guy'

"Fine" I said as I picked up my shopping and walked in to the store giving the money to the lady and telling her that whenever he comes for ramen to take the money from here as I placed the cash on the counter and left hoping and praying to whatever force was out there that I would not have to see this guy again.


A/N: so who's the guy huh? ;) anyways what did you guys think?

Jeguk= empire (what a name 'empire' high school ooooooo lol)

Ahjumma- meaning like lady (casual term)

Ahjummonie- same as above but more polite I guess