The young woman flipped through the pages of the magazine laying on her lap, scanning through each page for anything interesting or important to take note of. She took a sip of her drink as she continued to flip through the pages when something caught her eye and her fingers stopped moving.

It had been years since the last time and yet she still wasn't able to forget.

"Excuse me ma'am, we'll be landing soon so may I take your drink and put your magazine away for you." The hostess questioned with a smile as she put out her hand.

The young woman hesitated for a second before slowly closing the magazine and handing it over along with her drink. She pulled up her seat and fastened her seat belt, her heart racing as it prepared for the moment she had been waiting five years for. She looked out her window, the clouds partially blocking the little specks which were actually hundreds of buildings. Was it all still the same? She wasn't sure what she was expecting but she couldn't wait to see it.

She had definitely changed, her facial features had matured and she had grown a little taller. She had also changed as a person…. No, she had to change as a person. She was no longer the same girl that had left 5 years ago.


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