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The whole castle must have heard that scream. Bash had been lying in his bed, his mind racing. He was a mistake; that was what she had said. She had been the one to instigate the kiss; he had merely allowed it to continue. He wanted her to see that he didn't mind her taking that step in the least. Since her return Bash had fantasized about moments similar to that kiss. The first kiss, the touches that would follow, the fun it would be sneaking her about the castle so they could find a place to be alone.

All thoughts were thrown from his mind when he heard that scream. He opened his eyes faster than an arrow leaves the bow and he was sitting up almost as quickly. He didn't think, he knew that voice, he'd know it anywhere. He took hold of his sword practically sprinting to his door, his bare feet slapping the ground as he shot throughdoor and started down the hall, the guards moving too slow for his liking.

"Mary?" Bash called out anxiously as he ripped her door open, now was not the time for formalities. He didn't care if she was properly dressed, she was in danger.

Bash stopped short as he took in the scene in front of him. Mary lay in her bed, chest heaving, her hands across her chest. It was probably the position she had fallen asleep in the night before, she looked too stunned to move, her mouth was hanging open, her eyes fixed on the deer head that was suspend above her bed like some sick chandelier. She didn't even seem to be aware anyone had entered her chambers.

"Mary," Bash called softly, moving to the side of her bed as the guards finally made it into her room. "Mary," Bash called again as he reached out and touched her arm lightly, sitting on the edge of her bed. He felt awful when she jumped, knowing this was his fault. He had been warned, if he didn't choose someone, they would, and this message was clear.

"Bash," Mary said, like a little girl who had been lost in the woods and was finally home. He could hear the voices talking in the room, though he chose to ignore them. They weren't important right now. As soon as May was aware that someone was there for her, that she was safe, she lifted her torso from the bed and wrapped her arms around Bash's neck in a vice grip, her whole body trembling. Mary was a strong young woman, but Bash couldn't blame her for being shook up.

"I have you," Bash said as he shifted so he could place his sword hand under her knees and draw her from the bed and away from the grizzly sight. No one said a word as he moved to the door with his little brother's fianc├ęs. Instead they all just stared at him, as if asking what they were supposed to do.

"Get that thing down. Inform my father what's happened, I'll speak with Francis," as soon as the words were out of his mouth, the guards moved into action, two running through the door before him to find the King, the other three moving towards Mary's bed to take down the head.

"Where are we going?" questioned Mary, her face pressed into his neck, her arms yet to shift from their choke hold.

"To Nostradamus. You've had quite the morning, and you're shaking," Bash informed her as he moved on. He didn't even notice the cold on his feet as he moved, his mind fully focused on Mary and her well being.

After that the two remained silent as they moved through the castle. The next words that came from Bash's lips were yelled once he had tossed open the door. "Nostradamus!" he cried, moving Mary to the bed he had thought would his death bed only a short while ago. He laid her down, and was ready to go searching for the Seerer, but Mary took hold of his hand, as he looked to her face in question, the answer became all too clear.

"You'll never leave my sight," Bash promised, and Mary let go of his hand. He moved to the door again and yelled to one of the guards at the end of the hall. "Fetch Nostradamus, quickly. And inform my brother I need to see him at once." Bash told him, the guard turned to look at him, a look of confusion on his face which caused Bash to start losing his temper. "Go, now." He told the guard, which finally set him into action, racing off.

Once the guard was dispatched, Bash moved back to Mary, taking up a seat next to her bed, reaching for her hand to make sure she understood that he was there, and that he wasn't going anywhere. She needed someone right now, and even though the news of a deer head hanging over the Queen's bed would quickly make its course through the castle, Bash didn't think she would want to explain what had happened to her ladies in waiting at the moment. What she needed was rest and a moments breath to recover and get her thoughts together.

"I'm sorry I called you a mistake. That was unkind of me," Mary finally said, her eyes were closed, and Bash had assumed she had gone back to sleep.

He gave a soft smile, resisting the desire to reach over and brush the hair from her face. "Don't worry about that right now," he told her. True her words had hurt, he had always been called a mistake, even his birth had been a mistake, but never once had anyone apologized for it.

"If anyone should be apologizing, it's me. This is my fault, but rest assure, I will make things right." Bash said, quietly waiting for a response a moment before he realized her breath had evened out, she had fallen back to sleep. He sighed and leaned his head down to touch her hand to his face, breathing in her scent and awaiting the arrival of Nostradamus and his little brother. Dreading the need to explain what had happened.

"Heaven help me," he whispered as he heard the tell tale sounds of boots running down the corridor.