You are probably wondering what Word of the Day is, so I guess a little back story is in order. Word of the Day is something that we do every day in my English class. We take a word copy the definition and part of speech, copy down a sample sentence and label the parts of speech in the sentence, and answer a question in a sentence or two about the word, which must include the word. I thought up this fic in English when we had a sub who kept going on and on about hunting, which starts today. (I got a day off of school because of it. ) Oh, and by the way these will be real words of the day that we did in class, in no particular order. And I won't always do all three, but I will try to get them all in. I'll try to update once a week , but no promises. If you actually read this all the way to the end put hunting we will go in your review. Constructive criticism is accepted.

Disclaimer: I do not own, if I did the books would definitely not be bestsellers.

Jester- Someone who always jokes or acts playfully.

Sample Sentence- Always the jester, Billy showed up for the field trip wearing his sister's bunny slippers.

Do you know anyone who is a jester? Is this person fun to be around? Why?

Piper looked up at the Word of the Day projected onto the board. The word was jester. She hurriedly copied down the definition and sample sentence. Piper snorted as she read the question.

Do you know anyone who is a jester? Is this person fun to be around? Why? Piper looked over at Leo. A jester definitely. Fun to be around, sometimes, like the time they set coach's pants on fire. That was fun. Sure, they got in a lot of trouble, but Piper thought it was worth it. Other times, especially, when she is trying to work on homework he was down right annoying. She wrote down her answer to the questions.

My best friend, Leo is a jester. He is sometimes fun to be around, but can be very annoying when you are trying to work on homework.

Piper put her Word of the Day away, sat in her seat and waited for class to officially begin.

Leo nearly laughed out loud when he read the Word of the Day.

Jester, he thought, I don't think there's ever been a better word to describe me. Leo skipped over everything else and went directly to the question, knowing it was going to be interesting. He was not disappointed, and his answer to the question came very easily.

I definitely know someone who is a jester, he is the funniest and most awesome person I know. Who is he, why he is me of course! I'm a jester because I'm always cracking the best jokes and playing the best pranks!

Leo sat back satisfied until he remembered that he skipped the definition and sample sentence. He quickly copied them down. I need to borrow Pipes' bunny slippers next field trip, was Leo's last thought before he put the Word of the Day away.