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Fiasco- (N.)A complete failure.

Sample Sentence- The pool party was a fiasco due to the lightning storm.

Give an example of something you tried that turned into a fiasco.

Piper ran to get to class on time. She was late because Leo had roped her into one of his pranks. The only reason she had agreed was because he was planning to prank Isabelle. Piper thought being tardy would be totally worth it if she got to see the look on Isabelle's face when she sees all of her precious make-up hanging from a soaking wet bag in the middle of the cafeteria. Piper tried hard not to grin at the thought.

She sat down just as the bell rang and first period officially started. The first order of business, word of the day. Today's word was fiasco. Piper copied the definition and sample sentence, and paused at the question, which wasn't really a question at all, it was more like a command.

Stupid ADHD, thought Piper. Back to the question; Give an example of something you tried that turned into a fiasco.

Piper wondered if she could answer her life, but dismissed the idea. She didn't need a bunch of therapists breathing down her neck. So she decided to go with a safer answer.

When I was five I tried to make myself a sandwich. It turned into a fiasco, because I couldn't reach the counter and ended up making it on the floor, and getting half of the peanut butter on myself.

She finished writing with a flourish and set her pencil down just as the teacher called for silence.

Leo grinned as he walked into the classroom, just as the tardy bell rang. Technically he wasn't late because he had both feet in the classroom after the bell rang. He was very proud of himself for pulling off another great prank and getting to class without a tardy. If Leo had gotten one more tardy he would have had to sacrifice some of his precious pranking time and have detention.

He took his time walking over to his seat. Leo wasn't particularly looking forward to English, in his opinion Mr. Snoozer was the most boring teacher at the Wilderness School. Still, Leo did like the fact that he had this class with both Jason and Piper which made it slightly more bearable.

He sat down and took out his word of the day. Fiasco was the word today.

A complete failure. When Leo read this despite all his hard work trying to forget, his first thought was of the machine shop fire. There was no way he was ever going to write that down for word of the day, no matter what the word was. Leo decided to go with a more Leoish answer.

The last time I tried to prank Jason it turned into a fiasco when he realized that I had booby-trapped the bathroom door, so instead of Jason getting dirty water his head I did.

Leo thought this was a satisfactory answer, and put his word of the day away, leaned back in his chair, and waited for everyone else to finish.

Jason was already in class long before Piper and Leo showed up. The fact that Leo was almost late didn't surprise Jason but Piper nearly getting a tardy was out of the ordinary, and he made a mental note to ask her about it later. Leo grinning like an idiot did nothing to ease Jason's worry that he and Piper had done something that they shouldn't have.

His thoughts aside, Jason was already done with his word of the day. His response was short and simple, something that was slightly unusual for Jason.

The last time I tried to ask Piper out was a fiasco because I chickened out and started rambling.

Jason really hoped that Piper never saw his paper.

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