Don't blame me about this story, but I thanked Snafu the Great, Ultimix, and Tnelson711 for getting me inspired to something like this. It was Ultimix who inspired me, but I am actually sick and tired of people in deviantart for criticizing and hating on him Johnny Test. I blamed it on the writers of the series for not having character development within the series, but didn't Johnny's parents put their foot down to stop the twins from experimenting on their Little Brother.

They really do have explained that there is no moral lesson within a story, but yes… This is a ripped off from Dexter's laboratory, but I know Dexter's parents will not do any favoritism over Dee Dee or Dexter. Dexter ended up learning something when he wished that Dee Dee was a boy or has an older brother. He ended up being happy that he has an older sister instead a foot jerk as a brother.

I wished that there is some character development within the series since there needed to be one. I don't like Johnny's father or his sister since they are the worst characters. Johnny's father goes on my Hate List next to Gento Ikari, Genma Saotome, Soun Tendo, Hinata Urashima, and Relius Clover. I wanted to do a Madworld and No More Heroes Crossover except I decided to hold it off until later on.

I don't own Johnny Test ok?

Johnny Test's Consequence

Part 1

Mary's POV

I couldn't believe that this was happening now, but we were under arrest for illegally experiment our little brother. Susan thinks she was doing it in the name of science, but they got the last laugh. I was angry at my own sister while I wished I could stand up for me to defend my little brother. It was all because of her revenge scheme. It wasn't good when mom has to rush straight to the hospital and Johnny wasn't doing alright. The prank went wrong when I looked down in disappointment, but our brother is suffering. We hoped that Johnny was able to make it out alive from the hospital, but it wasn't the same.

I ended up telling them about what's happening before, but I wasn't quite happy for what we have just done. Johnny tried our burger, but my sister added a kick to it except I asked her if it is poisonous instead. We thought that he will turn into something, but it was a mortal mistake. She was a fool to think that it will harm him now. We aren't happy for what we have done, but I hated it too. I hated to admit it, but Susan forced me to do so. I don't want to do, but I am more different than her.

"I asked you if it is poisonous, but you try to prove me now. WHO is laughing NOW?"

I was angry at my own twin for a good reason when my own tears flowing down my face. I knew it wasn't going to be good news when I overheard them from what is going on with my brother. I realized it was grimmer when I couldn't help, but cry. Susan acted like it was nothing, but it is something bad. I feel it within my own heart, but there were bad news.

"Who's laughing now? Johnny has made a prank on us, but it is his fault from the beginning!"

I have enough when I ended up laughing when I ended up mocking her.

"Who's laughing now? I am laughing now because you are a complete fool to think this was safe. Our brother is suffering! You are the one who will sacrifice our brother anything in the name in exchange of science!"

"Girls settled down, everything is alright!"

I grumbled under my breath when I gave my father the look as my left eye is twitching with rage. He tries to settle us down, but I began to show my real hatred to him. My mother gave both of the look, but she was more worried about Johnny. Dad doesn't have any soul to care about him, but he tries to settle down. Johnny wanted the attention, but I could understand that what he has to go through.

"Everything is alright! Who is the bastard cared about his money and hobbies over his own family? You are pure selfish to try to get rid of Johnny instead of being a father figure to him. You referred having a daughter over a son, you are the bastard. You don't have any soul; I hate you as a father. You believed that boys are stupid. You ranted at Johnny for doing boy's stuff."

Mother was ready to snap at our father for this, but the truth hurts her so much. She couldn't believe this was happening, but I think we were prepared for new changes within the family. She was thinking about to leave her work to be a house mother when she wanted to put her foot down. She was angry at our father and us for this incident, but I blamed it on myself. It was disappointing when I could imagine when Dexter gone through after losing his big sister, but I am not going to lose my brother. I cry with my mother when we were forced to suffer the bad news.

"Honey, don't you dare talk to me?" our father said except mother snapped.


She was angry for what was going, but I should inform them about the experiments that we conducted on Johnny Test. It was a grumbled under her breath when I feel that means we cannot use our lab anymore. We may be geniuses, but there is a flaw anymore when I got upset. When the FBI Agents were surprised that it was going down deeper, but they saw us a horrible family. I heard them murmuring in the background as it feels horrible at the same thing. We are going to expel from our school for doing something illegal at the end, but it feels heart breaks to say that we aren't functioning as a family.

"Switched one of you is the parents?"

My Mom and Dad stopped themselves as they don't love each other anymore, but he looked familiar with two-colors of black and white. He had a scar on his face except he looked like he was a professional doctor, but he looked very angry. My parents escorted into another room except he appeared to be more Japanese. He scolded at them from the other room, but I looked away from my sister with disappointment. I hated being like my sister every day, but I think it will be wise to change my style.

I needed to get away from my sister when I grumbled under my breath, but I wanted to be alone for good. I wanted to avoid comparing to her, but we looked identical and I wished to break that tradition again. I hated my sister for talking me into the mess now and I feel ashamed about what happened. I heard the doctor scolded at them, but he is charging our parents around 1,000,000 dollars. Daddy was very selfish to say that he doesn't have that kind of money instead Mommy ended up taking her check.

The doctor mocked our father for a selfish bastard, but he deserved to be called one when he is. He doesn't care about anything except Mom will sacrifice everything to save Johnny. She was angry at Daddy, but I believed that it was going to be ended in divorce. Dad doesn't have any soul to care about anyone of his family, but the doctor scolded him for a good reason. It was about time that someone else was able to confront him, but the neighbors knew about Dad a lot.

Dad doesn't know that some neighbors wanted to confront him, but they don't have the bravery to do so. I wanted to be alone away from Susan for what happened now, but I hoped she was happy. There was something that got me to snap when I wanted to slap her as badly as she tries to reason with me. It was all in the sake of science, but I find more invalid. I think it will be wise to be honest with the principal about her scheme. I feel a change of maturity inside of me when I ended up thinking outside of the box.

To Be Continued…

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