From who are curious about Janet and Sissy, I had done my research within the Johnny Test's Wikia. One guest pointed it out on why did I put Janet and Sissy as sisters from the Wikia provided. I don't know if they are wrong or not, but Janet and Sissy are twin sisters. I don't know if it is true from the show or not, but I wanted to know from you if Janet and Sissy are actually sisters from the show.

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Part 7

Janet's POV

Mrs. Test opened the door for us to come into her home except it changed without Johnny inside of the room. I had to admit it that we should think twice about bullying Johnny before we act from the past. We noticed two unfamiliar faces having a peaceful conversation within the living room, but I informed by Gil that the twins' lab destroyed. We cannot be in the clear yet since the incident wouldn't dare go unnoticed by the town. Sissy assisted Mrs. Test bringing in the food while she came out of the taxi cab, but everything thinks designate "normal" again.

My sister and I received the glare from Susan Test, but she was the one who refused to let me in. I will not stoop down to her level since I know what she did wrong and my sister looked away from her. She hated Susan, but we had a reason to come here. It doesn't give her the right to be very rude to me when I tried to come in.

"Welcome back, Lila!"

"We sent Jimmy into Johnny's room, so we won't disturb him except we have a long road of recovering."

"Hugh Test will not come home due to the deal have been reached within the Townhall, but he was going to work."

"Who are these two be?"

"I am Janet Nelson and this is my sister Sissy Blakely."

They paused for a second since we introduced ourselves before them, but none aware that we were twin sisters from the beginning. It is surprising to see Mrs. Test and the two adults reacted to this, but there was a dark time when we never told anyone about our relationship. We would have been the Blakely or Nelson Sisters by choice except our parents decided to go a different route to avoid us from become like them.

Our parents wanted us to become not a union due to our different talents, but they don't like favoritism as long as they love us equally. Sissy used Blakely to avoid being treated like we are twins from the other people, but we are different individuals in our own rights. I had my standard except I could go a bit too far in my mind, but I was too prideful except I ended up regretting it within my mind. I never expect that I will break Johnny's heart, but he doesn't deserve that.

I filled with pride from the past, but begin to understand that I needed to change because I should have done my research. My pride begins to become broken when Johnny wasn't around anymore except I wondered how his dog feels now.

"Sometimes, I wanted to become a normal dog again, except I wished that Johnny wouldn't agree on allowing "Them" to experiment me. Johnny was very young at the time, except it was complicated if I should be forgiving or not."

"Jimmy has his ways as well to try to make the world the better place, but I wished that he admitted his mistakes a long time ago. He was young and adventurous, but tried to gain a name for him. He realized this with regret, but I was glad that he doesn't hold the grudge against BroBot or any of his invention."

I saw Dukie committed with the robotic dog within the living room while they were having a good time. Mary returned from the kitchen, but I smelled something fresh within the kitchen. She wasn't wearing the lab coat anymore, but felt a bit guilty within her mind. She doesn't seem to enjoy what her sister wanted her to do except she tried to make it right. Her sister doesn't do much when she gives us the look except she left to tend her father's garden.

"What's with the different last names?"

"Well, none questioned about our last names."

"You don't have to say a word," said the woman who introduced her as Judy Neutron, but it was a surprise that Hugh Neutron shared the same name with Johnny's dad, "We understand that you don't want to be recognized as twins."

Mrs. Neutron is aware that we were twins when she looked at us except she looked more like a Housewife. My sister and I smiled in delight when Mrs. Test closed the door right behind us except it feels a bit calm. Mary looked away from us in ashamed except Sissy is going to confront Susan while I confronted Mary. This was the plan within my mind, but I hated the Test Twins. Someone needed to set them straight for Johnny's sake as I walked up to Mary.

"How's Johnny doing?"

"I haven't seen him after the surgery, but he is still recovering from the hospital, but I wished I didn't agree with Susan's plan for revenge after the…"

She was nervous of what was on her mind except she doesn't want to say it except her eyes looked like that she was very guilty. She wanted to tell her sister off and wanted to not be manipulated from her expression. She was ashamed and guilty of what was happening, but…

"Haven't you thought twice instead of manipulating by your younger sister to experiment on your brother?"

"Does it look like to you that I regretted it a lot? Since we don't have much test subjects, I didn't agree on experimenting on Johnny from the beginning before the Neutrons move out. Even I wanted to have a disagreement with my sister, but she had ways on manipulated me from the beginning. I don't have a strong will like my sister except our curiosity gets the best of us."

Mary paused for a second when she dragged me into a guest room upstairs except she wanted to tell someone. She doesn't trust her sister from what her expression was except she wasn't going to be manipulated. She loved her brother from her expression except something was holding inside of her that she wanted to tell someone. I wasn't going to blackmail her except I wanted to figure out the incident involving the two houses fired from the past. She closed the door right behind us and locked the door.

"Can you keep it between you and I please?"

"What do you mean keep it between me and you?"

"I have to confess that I was like Susan from the beginning of our childhood before Johnny was born. We were curious with science and tried to satisfy our curiosity by experimenting from small to big from when we were young."

"Let me guess the Dexter's Symptom."

"Are you mocking me just because I have the same color like Dexter?" she asked me apathetically.

"No, I am not mocking you, but it is a symptom for those who are children or teenagers to think that they are smart and wanted to increase their curiosity for science without realizing the consequences or the limits. They are beginning that they are smarter than their parents and do things behind their parents' back by making a laboratory without their parents or getting it license or etc."

Mary didn't say a word when she gives me the look, but I continued with what I mean about "Dexter's Symptom". It could be everyone who thinks that the sciences or anything involving their favorite subject, but it was the same thing goes the jocks. Jocks think that they are more muscular, and they have the power within the school except they don't. The jocks hang out with the others dominating the weaklings while there are others who had the honor within their mind.

"Anything else, if you love to mock me…"

"No, it cannot be the intelligence children or teenagers alone, but it can be anyone of us."

"Oh, please continue…"

They will have peer pressure, but it was the same thing goes for the rich and popular kids. They think that they are too prideful to talk to commoners, but they are countless others. It can't be children and teenagers alone, but it is adults too. Any hobbies will become unhealthy when they will be the opposite of the others. They think that they are right, but the others are wrong. We don't seem to realize if we hurt someone to make them look good, but they make the others look bad.

"They lose their instinct for being the children instead act like they are adults and tried to do something bigger than the adults. They become isolated from the normal children and making them a target for the bullies, but making them outcast. Not to mention losing what is matter to most, their health and their lack of fitness. I hated to admit it too, but I am suffering from the Dexter's Symptom due to my pride and intelligence."

Mary gives me the look as I was honest with myself. I cared more about my pride for being popular and beautiful to the school, but I wasn't insane like the Test Twins for going too far with their illegal experimentation. I tried to tell her in my own words except I have my own flaws since I am your average genius before I continued on.

"Their logics will get the better of them and forcing them to believe what science believes and losing their emotions. It cannot be science alone, but it could be anything related to their favorite hobbies, but they become so obsessed over anything. Even when they will increase their hostility to rivalry, but there will be consequences and pressures within their mind and hearts. Someone will try to keep them out of the dark except it will consequences if their friend or family gets in the middle of it."

"Meaning that they will be injured or…"


Mary was shaking from what I say, but I wished that I could revise it. I wished that I could write it down except I didn't time for it when my sister called me. Mary paused for a second when she looked away from me, but she paused for a long time. I wasn't judging her as a Dexter's rip-off instead I am judging others as an individual from the symptom. It could any hobbies, but it cannot be science alone. It could their habits like the love of food or anything except I could be wrong. If I am, I will kiss my sister in front of Johnny if he was able to wake up from the coma.

"Oh my God! What have I done?"

"Yes, you loved your brother, but why is your sister manipulated you to torture him?"

"I know what I did wrong, but I wanted to make things right since I don't want to be close to Susan anymore. She had been manipulated me into her schemes, but I wanted to try to convince her to not do it. I am trying to move forward from what I have done since the scheme to get back at Johnny went a bit too far. I understood what I did wrong and willing making it right again. Susan doesn't have a soul to care about Johnny like my father, but my mom and I cared about it. Not to mention… I wished I was honest instead of covering it up since the…"

I reacted when she looked away with shame from the consequences as she was reminded about the incidents. She wanted to gain a redemption, but her sister manipulation gets the better of her. She needed to stick out of her sister's overshadow except she shows some determination to protect her own brother. She will sacrifice everything to protect her little brother except I will help her out. It was curious on what happened from the incident, except I wanted to know what happen from Mary's prospective about the incident.

"Where our and Neutron's homes were fire, but the first experiment on Johnny. I cannot hold it back anymore, but Susan used this opportunity to blackmail me. She used this as a reference if I don't listen to her than she is going to force to expose me."

"She what?" I said in surprise.

I wasn't aware that Mary was being blackmailed by Susan from one incident, but she was hiding in shame anymore. Susan is a bitch in my opinion when Mary confessed from the incident, she was forced to keep silence or else Susan had her life a living hell. Susan doesn't seem to have a soul for everyone except she was advancing science without anyone in the way. Mary was used as a puppet for her schemes from the past, but Mary hasn't heard anything back except there was one incident that she didn't her mother about.

"Yes, it was ironic that she forgot the incident, except I hope that she doesn't bring it up to manipulate me again."

"That bitch!"

"Yes, she and Daddy is the same," she replied back, "But I am glad that Jimmy and his family are here since they are the only ones who could back me up on the truth to mom. I told her everything after we returned from the hospital and Dad almost refuses to pay for Johnny's bill. He had no other choice. I was glad that things are out of my chest except for one…"

"You did the right thing except you needed me to back me up."

"As long you and your sister make Johnny a bit happy when he wakes up from the coma."

"Yes, I will," I replied when I smile in delight.

I didn't tell her that my sister was going to deal with Susan except it felt a bit calmer. We communicated to each other like we were connected, but it was calm. We headed out of the room when we joined the Neutrons and Lila for dinner, but none wait for Susan and Sissy. I think I believed that this was going to go down when I thought about it except I know my sister isn't going to be holding back.

I never expected that Susan Test will be a manipulative bitch when I came to think about it. Mary looked at her mother in concern except she wanted to tell her what happen, but she looked away in shame. She seemed to have the effect on her, but it doesn't mean that it won't be too long. Someone needed to encourage her, but that will be me…

"Mary, something you like to tell me?" Lila asked.

"Mom, I will like to tell you something about the…"

She was almost going to say it when I looked at her except she remains nervous and silent. Lilia wondered what was within Mary's mind, but I wondered if she wanted to tell her mother about it. I think the guilt will get the better of her when she looked down at the table. I wondered if… I couldn't think about it as I felt Susan plotting to do something more unforgivable. My mind told me something was going to go down as she struggled to say it except she needed support from me. Then it interrupted when the phone rang and Mrs. Test got out of the chair, but answered it.

"Hello doctor… What Johnny is?" Mrs. Test said as she cried in happiness, "He is out of the coma, ok… Ok? I will be on my way…"

Mrs. Test smiled as she cried in sadness. I heard something about Johnny waking up from the coma, but I promised Mary that my sister and I will kiss Johnny. We are his only friends after all, but it's a miracle that he woke up from the coma. Maybe I knew that he knows the truth…

"But I had to warn you that he had screamed about the fire, but we tried to keep him calm… He is begging for you ma'am…"

"Oh no Johnny!" Jimmy replied as he was concerned.

Mrs. Test, the Neutron, Mary, and I left the house as we gathered around in one vehicle to head straight to the hospital. Mrs. Test has forgotten to hang the phone and leaving Susan with Sissy, but Dukey wanted to come along to see him. The hospital didn't allow Dogs to come in as he remains inside of the house.

"Lila, what happened to your vehicle?"


Mrs. Test breaks down when her mother's instinct gets the better of her as she cried and panicked, but I tried to comfort her. What is going to happen next?