A knock on the door made Hanji look up from her work.
"Come in!" She shouted but the door remained closed. The woman sighed, put her security goggles away and went to open the door.

There were a young blonde woman and a tall man with a blonde ponytail standing a few steps in front. Hanji couldn't remember that she has ever seen them at the university before. Or was she mistaking and those two were students after all?
"Professor Zoe?" the woman asked.

"Yes, that's me", Hanji said friendly; "How can I help you?"

"We're from the Recon Corps and we need you to, well, do some work for us", the woman answered, equally friendly.

Recon Corps? At first Hanji thought that they were kidding. The Recon Corps was the most dreaded Mafia Organisation in the whole country. Hanji has heard a lot of rumours about them. She couldn't think about a day in the past year where they weren't topics of conversations at the news and local papers. Even if the woman would be lying; why would such a criminalistics organisation seek help from her? After all she was just a normal professor.

"Sorry kids, but I don't have time for your jokes," Hanji responded angrily.

She couldn't even finish her sentence properly when she got a heavy punch in her stomach. Hanji sacked to the floor pained, panting for air. Was there someone standing next to the door all along? She felt a hand grabbing her ponytail and ripping it back so that she had to look up. The first thing Hanji got to see was a pair of dark eyes staring at her gloomily.

"Listen, Miss Scientist. We didn't come here to ask you if you have time for us or not. You'll have to do it if you don't want us to hurt you."

Despite the fact that this short guy with raven hair was threatening her, his voice was calm; like he was talking about the weather or something. Finally he loosened his grip. "Now get your ass back in your laboratory. We don't want someone to see us here, don't we?"

Hanji stood up like she was hypnotized. She thought that those kids were joking, but this guy surely was a Mafia member. It wouldn't surprise her if he was the boss in person.

"I told you to get back in you lab, didn't I?" he said severe and pushed her through the open door back in the room. Although he was smaller than her, he had an incredible strength. He entered as well, closing the door behind him. The other two stayed outside. So he is indeed some kind of leader – Hanji thought.

"What a mess", he stated looking around, before he sat down on the only chair in the room. Hanji still didn't move from the spot he pushed her to.
What the hell was going on?
He glanced at her, amusement in his look. "Won't sit down to talk, Miss Scientist?"

Hanji shook her head, barely noticeable. "What do you want from me?" She asked confused.

"Coming right to the point, huh?" He made a face as he was disappointed. "And here I thought we could have a nice chitchat," he sighed. "So, our scientist - well let's put it like this - 'was fired' before he could finish his work. Now we need a new one", he explained with a calm voice, but a strange glow in his look.

Hanji gulped. This 'was fired' sounded like 'was murdered' in her ears.
"Why me?" She tried to keep her shaking voice under control. Being alone with this man made her feel uneasy.

"Because you're some kind of modern Einstein, aren't you. The youngest chemistry major this university ever had." He rummaged around in the pocket of his leather jacket while talking. Finally he took out his cigarette.

"Smoking is forbidden in the lab," Hanji said automatically, immediately regretting her words. She bit her tongue. For god's sake, this guy hit her with no hesitation just a minute ago and now she was lecturing him about the smoking rules from the school. Like he would care!

The guy just smirked, lighting up his cigarette. "You have guts, trying to forbid me something, Miss Scientist!"

The way he pronounced 'Miss Scientist' made Hanji tremble. He stood up and stepped in front of her, blowing the smoke in her face.

"Do you know where the 'Emperor' hotel is?" he asked.

Hanji just nodded, trying her best not to chough. The smoke irritated her eyes, making them tear up. She wasn't used to smoke since neither she, nor her boyfriend, were smoking.

"My boss has the annoying rule that he wants to meet everyone who's not a member of the Corps; to see if they are trustworthy enough to work for us. But don't worry; the ones' I pick usually don't get shot after the dinner."
He paused. Just by looking at her you could tell that she was scared.
"8 p.m.; be punctual and just ask for Rivaille" he added.

Hanji nodded, although she couldn't say if he noticed it, since her whole body was shaking.

"Good girl!" Rivaille turned around, walking to the door. He stopped in front, before opening it.

"Before I forget it: Don't get any stupid ideas. We know everything about you. And if you make the boss angry, I won't make only you, but also your boyfriend suffer. I don't mind him, but I wouldn't want to hurt you, unless I really need to."

With those words he walked out. Hanji stood there motionless for a minute, before she sacked down on the floor. Silent tears were running down her face and her body was still trembling. Just the thought that this scary guy knew everything about her life made her feel like she had to vomit.