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Life Of A Lost Neko

Chapter 1

I shivered violently as I hid in the alley next to a house, rubbing my arms vigorously to try and warm them up. My small blonde kitten ears lay flat against my head as I whimpered quietly in the cold rain, tucking my thin tail closer to me. All I was wearing was a thin jacket over my t-shirt and worn jeans. My shoes were soaked through, and the cold was settling in fast. I was hiding from the rain because I didn't like getting wet. Being a neko does that to ya, I guess.

But I knew why I wasn't home. I didn't know how to get there, and besides, I didn't want to go back, nor could I. My parents had abandoned me at the park as I played, even though some of the other kids had picked on me a bit for my ears and tail. Nekos aren't common, but they're not unheard of, so it wasn't extreme bullying. Anyway, by the time I was getting tired, my parents had vanished. I knew they didn't like my kitten features, so I knew they had left me, even though I was still hurt from the last beating they had given me. But I still waited around the bench they had been at for a few hours until the rain started. When I had first felt the patters of rain on me, I had run to take cover in an alleyway by a house.

Shuddering heavily again, I decided to try and find someplace warmer to hide out from the rain. As soon as I moved, however, a big rat ran past me, causing me to yelp and jump violently, and making the trash around me crash loudly onto the ground. I trembled with terror as a voice from inside the house yelled to someone to check outside and see if their pet cat was in the trash again. Oh no, they're gonna chase me away… I thought fearfully.

"Here, kitty, kitty!" a young boy's voice called, but I huddled into the trash more. The voice's owner, a small brunette boy, finally came into the alley by his home, sighing, but he froze with wide, brown eyes when he saw me. I whimpered, scared, as he slowly walked over to me.

"Hey…don't worry, I won't hurt you," the boy told me softly. Cautiously, I raised my ears and unwrapped my tail from my small form. The boy smiled at me in a reassuring way as he continued to approach. "What's your name?"

"…Y…Yamato Ishida," I whispered shyly.

"My name's Taichi Yagami," he grinned at me. "Wanna come inside? I know my mom won't mind helping you find your parents."

"My parents left me at the park and never came back," I mumbled sadly. The brunette's chocolate brown eyes widened again, and then narrowed in determination.

"Come inside with me," he urged. "My family will take care of you." I nodded, and he helped me to stand, holding out his hand and pulling me to my feet. "Let's go inside and get you warmed up. You're really cold."

"Tai, honey, was that the cat?" a woman's voice called as Taichi shut the door.

"Not quite, Mom!" he answered back.

"What do you mean, not quite?" his mom asked, walking into the hallway. That's when she spotted me, shivering, soaking wet, and freezing. "Oh my goodness! Who's this?"

"He's the one who was by the trash," Taichi told her. "He's been out in the rain for a long time, Mom, 'cause he's really cold. And his parents left him at the park and never came back."

"Oh my gosh…" his mom breathed. She approached us, and then crouched down to my level. "What's your name, sweetie?"

"Yamato Ishida," I murmured, my ears poking out from my hair and my tail showing from behind me.

"Ah, you're a neko, huh?" she guessed. I nodded, and she smiled. "I've got cousins who are nekos. It doesn't run in my family, but I've seen them. Come on, let's get you out of those wet clothes and into something warmer. You must be nearly frozen from being out in the rain for so long." I nodded, shivering violently again, and she peeled my jacket off of me. Her eyes immediately honed in on my bruises and scrapes, and she looked at Taichi. "Tai, honey, how about you go pick out some clean pajamas and underwear for Yamato here? I'm sure he'd like that after a warm bath."

"Sure thing, Mom!" he chirped, and ran upstairs after taking his shoes off. Once he was gone, his mom looked at me.

"Your parents weren't nice to you, were they, sweetie?" she asked, and I nodded, tears starting to form in my eyes. She gently hugged me in a soothing manner, and then picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, where she placed me on the toilet lid and started to run the bath. Soon enough, the entire bathroom was filled with steam from the heat of the bath water. "Here, let's get you undressed and into a nice, hot bath, okay?"

"Okay…" I whispered, and let her take off my clothes, despite my blush. She then carefully put me in the bathtub, and proceeded to bathe me gently. "Mrs. Yagami?" I said quietly.


"I don't want to be alone anymore," I mumbled. "Can I stay here with you?" I didn't know why, but I really wanted to live with Taichi and his family. Maybe it was because they were the first ones to ever show me true kindness in my life since I was a newborn.

"Of course, Yamato," she smiled warmly. "I'll make sure you can live with us. You'll be part of the family."

"Really?" I questioned, my bright blue eyes wide in surprise as I looked up at her.

"Of course, sweetie," she giggled. "Now, close your eyes while I wash your hair." I complied willingly, and sighed in relief as she massaged to shampoo gently through my hair and even my ears. Once I was completely washed and rinsed, the water was stained a light grey from all the dirt that was on me. "Better?"

"Yeah," I nodded shyly, and she smiled again. Then she helped me out and dried me off, being careful of my ears and tail.

Keeping me wrapped in the big, fluffy towel, she poked her head out into the hallway and called, "Tai? Can you please bring the clothes you picked out for Yamato to the bathroom please?"

"Tai's in the other bathroom, Mom!" a little girl's voice answered back. "I'll bring them!"

"Thank you, Hikari," Mrs. Yagami told her a few minutes later. She kept the door open a little bit to let the steam out, and then came back over to me with clean underwear and a set of pajamas that were dark blue and had little orange foxes all over it. I got dressed in the clean, dry clothes and shook my head out, drying my hair a bit more.

"Sorry, Mom! I had to use the bathroom really badly!" Taichi apologized as he ran into the bathroom. He paused when he saw me, and then grinned right before hugging me, making me blush lightly at the show of affection. "I'm glad you're in some warm clothes now! You're not freezing anymore!" he cheered when he stepped away.

"Yeah, and I feel warmer, too," I told him softly.

"How about you boys go and play with Hikari, okay? I've got to make a few phone calls, and I'll make some hot chocolate for you all while I'm on the phone," Mrs. Yagami suggested.

"Okay! Here, Yamato, I'll introduce you to Kari," Taichi grinned brightly, and tugged me by my hand down the stairs and into the living room, where a little brunette girl, probably about three years old, was watching some show on TV. "Hey, Kari, wanna meet our new friend?" The little girl looked over, a whistle hanging from her mouth, and nodded with a few blows on the whistle.

"Kari, this is Yamato, our new friend. Yamato, this is Kari, my little sister," Taichi told me once he led me over to her, and she giggled when she saw my ears and tail.

"You have kitty-cat ears and a kitty-cat tail! Just like our kitty-cat, Miko!" she giggled. My ears lowered sadly, and she stopped, watching me with confusion.

"It's not a bad thing, Yamato," Taichi assured me. "She likes you! If she actually talks to you without that whistle, then she really likes you!"

"You mean it, Taichi?" I asked in a soft voice.

"Of course! I like kitty-cats, or else we wouldn't have Miko!" Hikari pointed out.

"Kari, where is Miko anyway?" Taichi asked his little sister. She blinked her milky brown eyes once before pointing down the hallway and blowing once on her whistle. "Aw, man! Not in the laundry room again! Did the door shut?" Hikari shrugged her little shoulders once before looking back to the TV.

"Do you need help, Taichi?" I questioned quietly. He blinked at me once, and then smiled.

"Sure, that'd be great! Miko gets stuck in the laundry room sometimes, and then we need to help him out of there. He'll get scared because it's cold in there, and won't come out unless we use tuna or something that smells fishy," he told me, and I nodded in understanding. "Oh, and you don't need to call me Taichi all the time, Yamato. Just call me Tai."

"Okay. Then…I guess you can call me Matt instead of 'Yamato' all the time," I replied with a small smile.

"All right, Matt it is!" Tai grinned, and led me to the laundry room. "Let's see if Miko will come out without tuna. If he doesn't, then we'll try that."

"Sounds good," I nodded, and we entered the laundry room, which reeked of scared cat smell. I recognized the smell from when I would be nearby cats that dogs decided to chase. I wrinkled my nose from the stink.

"Does something smell bad in here?" Tai asked me out of nowhere.

"Yeah, it smells like Miko is really scared," I explained. At his curious look, I explained how I recognized the scent, and he nodded in understanding.

"Well, we better hurry, then," he muttered, and then led me to where Miko probably was. He was right; Miko had squashed himself behind the dryer. Tai started to reach back there to coax the poor cat out, but I stopped him.

"Here, let me try," I murmured, and reached out to Miko. "It's okay, you're safe. Come on out, it's warmer outside of this room." The cat seemed to understand, and slowly, carefully, squeezed himself out from his hiding spot. I sat back on my heels as the cat approached me, purring, and rubbed against me.

"Wow, that's a first," Tai whispered. "Normally we always have to grab the tuna to get him to come out."

"I have my ways," I smirked, stroking Miko behind his ears. I couldn't help but purr as well at how happy the plump cat was. Tai laughed lightly as I did, and I couldn't help but pout.

"Sorry, Matt, but it's funny!" he laughed.

"Boys? The hot chocolate is ready!" Mrs. Yagami called, and I carefully picked up Miko.

"Coming, Mom!" Tai shouted back, and we left the laundry room. I set Miko down on the floor and shut the door behind me as we left so he couldn't get back in there.

"Ah, I see you've met Miko," Mrs. Yagami smiled as we walked into the living room. "And he seems to like you, too, Yamato."

"Actually, we decided to call him Matt, Mom," Tai told her, and she gave a small laugh.

"All right, no problem," she nodded. "Anyway, Matt, can you come into the kitchen with me, sweetie? I need to ask you a few things." I nodded and followed her into the kitchen, leaving a curious Tai and Kari behind. She had me sit down at the kitchen table before starting to ask me questions.

"So, how old are you, Matt?" she asked.

"I'm six."

"Do you know your parents' names?"

"No, I never heard them call each other by name. They only called each other mean things."

"Did they beat you a lot?"

"Yeah, especially if I made too much noise or didn't want to do something they wanted."

"Did they ever…touch you in places you didn't like?"

"You mean…between my legs?" She nodded. "No, they only yelled at me and hit me."

"Do they drink smelly stuff?"

"Yes, and it makes their breath stink really badly, just like the white sticks they put in their mouths that make them blow smoke."

"Okay, I just needed to know all of that. Now I can make sure you get to live with us," she promised, and hugged me soothingly. "Now, go ahead and go back out with Tai and Hikari and watch some TV with them. I'm sure they want you to join them." I nodded and smiled at her.

"Thank you," I told her gratefully.

"You're welcome, Matt. Just let Tai and Hikari know that I'll only be on the phone for another half hour," she said, and I nodded again before hopping off the chair I was in and went back out to the living room with my hot chocolate in my hands.

"Hi Matt!" Tai and Kari grinned when I rejoined them.

"What did Mom have to ask you?" the little girl asked me curiously.

"Nothing big. She just promised me that I'll get to live here," I replied. Tai gaped at me for a split second before nearly tackling me in a hug. "Ah! Careful, Tai! I don't wanna spill my hot chocolate!"

"Sorry, but that's awesome that you get to live here!" he crowed, letting me go. I blushed as he continued to babble on about how amazing it would be with me living here. I couldn't help but smile into my hot chocolate, though, as I thought about it. He was right; things would certainly improve in my life now.

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