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Life Of A Lost Neko

Chapter 7

X*X(2 Months Later)X*X

'Holy shit… I'm huge…' I thought to myself as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was close to the end of my pregnancy, and I was shocked at how much the triplets had grown inside of me. Dr. Karina had assured me it was perfectly normal for a neko, and Mom had helped me through my various aches and pains as my pregnancy had progressed. Taichi, however…he had constantly been pouncing on me in the past few weeks, desperately wanting to have sex with me, but only able to provide me with blowjobs. I felt terrible, considering I couldn't satisfy him because of my huge swollen belly, but every time I tried to mention it to him, he promised me it was fine, and that he would just 'get me good' when I had recovered from the birth.

It was nighttime, and Taichi and I were lying in bed, cuddling as best as we could despite my stomach. He was only in his boxers, and I was in some boxers and a big sleep shirt and sweatpants. The brunette was gently and soothingly rubbing my stomach as we cuddled.

"I can't wait until they're born," he whispered, kissing my lips softly.

"I know, neither can I," I murmured, and then there were three thumps against my abdomen and Taichi's hand. I winced slightly, seeing as they had been getting stronger over the past several days.

"You okay?" he asked.

"They're just getting stronger," I assured him with a small smile. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, and I gasped from it.

"Yama? What's wrong?" Taichi demanded, worried.

"A sharp pain…in my—ah!" I yelped, feeling another sharp pain and folding my ears back flat against my head.

"I'm gonna get Mom, okay?" my boyfriend told me, sounding panicked. I whimpered and nodded, clutching my stomach and curling my tail close against my back as another wave of pain rippled through me. "Mom! Something's wrong with Matt! Hurry!" There was quick stomping up the stairs as Mom ran up them, and then she quickly kneeled by the side of the bed next to me.

"Matt, sweetie? Where does it hurt?" she asked urgently.

"My stomach…" I whimpered, wincing in pain, and she nodded.

"I'll get the van ready. I'm sure you're going into labor," she told me, and then looked at Taichi. "Help Matt downstairs, and I'll have Kari and your father get the baby blankets and some of the supplies. If Matt can't walk, though, I'll help you carry him."

"I'll carry him," the brunette said firmly, and Mom nodded again before running out of the room and yelling orders to Kari and Dad. I heard her run down to the garage after grabbing her purse and keys, and then she started the van up. I could hear Kari and Dad running around and yelling to each other as to what they were grabbing, and then Taichi leaned onto the bed next to me.

"All right, Yama, we're going. Sorry, I had to throw on some clothes," he apologized quickly, and then scooped me into his arms bridal-style and carried me downstairs to the van. As soon as I was safely in the van's backseat and buckled in, Taichi ran around to the other side and scrambled into the seat next to me, taking my hand and holding it tight. The whole way to the hospital, I whimpered, whined, and occasionally yelped from the sharp pains and contractions that ran through me. I was in so much pain that I had a hard time focusing on anything else as I clutched at my swollen abdomen with the hand Taichi wasn't gripping, and then we arrived at the hospital.

"We're here," Mom announced, and then quickly pulled up in front of emergency, where she put the van in park and jumped out, ordering Dad to park it somewhere while running off to get a nurse. She was back in less than 30 seconds, a nurse running after her with a wheelchair. Both Mom and the nurse helped me into it, and then Taichi was next to me as we hurried in and to a delivery room with Mom close behind. I let out a loud yelp as my water broke, pouring out onto the floor. There was nothing I could do at that moment, though, so we just kept going. Finally, we reached a room that was ready for me, and the nurse carefully helped me out of the wheelchair. She then helped me change into a large hospital gown, and gently pulled my sweatpants and boxers off, tossing them into the corner for the time being. Another nurse entered the room as the first one aided me onto the bed, and this one had some blood tubes, a needle, swabs, a gauze pad, and a thin strip of paper. She wrapped the paper strip around my wrist and fastened it, and then spoke to me.

"Hi Yamato," she told me, a bit of sympathy in her voice. "I just need to collect some blood from you really quickly, and then I'll get Dr. Karina right in." I nodded, trying to relax a bit for her to draw blood from me. She managed to get four tubes from me, and then thanked me and left. Soon after, Dr. Karina came in, and we all three looked at her.

"Hey Matt," she greeted, coming over to me. "How are you feeling? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being perfectly fine with no pain whatsoever, 10 being the worst possible agony you can imagine."

"I'm at a 10," I huffed, clutching my stomach again with one hand while holding Taichi's hand tightly with the other.

"All right. Let's get you an epidural," Karina nodded, and quickly sent out a page to someone before turning back to me with an exam glove. She slipped the glove onto my right hand and then inserted her index finger inside of me. I whimpered at the cold feeling, but then she removed her finger.

"Looks like you're dilated about five centimeters, so you're halfway to being able to deliver them," she told me, and I nodded once. Suddenly, another nurse came into the room with a small cart that had some equipment and things on it. "Ah, perfect. We're gonna get you set up with an epidural to take the edge off from the pain, okay Matt?"

"Thank you," was all I could manage to grit out. Karina and the nurse hooked me up with the epidural, and I could feel the pain lessening slightly. Taichi squeezed my hand lightly, and I gave him a weak, pained smile.

"No problem," she smiled. "It won't completely rid you of pain, but it will help."

"As long as I can still give birth, too," I added, panting a bit. Karina nodded, and then got a new glove on, inserting it inside of me to check how far along I was.

"All right, about another 15-20 minutes, and then you'll be ready, judging by how you're already dilated six centimeters," she informed me, and I nodded weakly before she left. Suddenly, Dad and Kari came in, escorted by another nurse, and Kari was quick to sit next to Taichi close to the bed. Dad told Mom where he was parked at, and she nodded before sitting on my other side and taking my free hand in hers. I whimpered in pain, not wanting to move at all, my ears flattening out to the sides as each contraction rolled through me like a wave. I realized I was purring for some reason, despite the pain, and when Karina came in to check me again, I told her so.

"Oh, that's perfectly normal. Cats purr to release a chemical that soothes pain, so even nekos do that. It's perfectly natural for cats and nekos to purr during labor," she explained, and I nodded in understanding. "Let's check and see if you're ready to deliver these little miracles into the world." Slipping on another exam glove, she checked me again, and nodded in approval as she straightened up. "Okay, you're fully dilated, which means your body ready to push. Are you ready, Matt?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," I panted, flinching at another contraction.

"Okay, then let's get these little ones out, shall we?" she smiled reassuringly, and I gave her a weak smile back. Looking at Taichi and Mom, she told them firmly, "Make sure to keep a good grip on him. He might try and stop me if it becomes too much. And it won't be his fault; it's just a reflex reaction from any neko, just like with cats."

"Don't worry, we've got him," Taichi assured her, and she nodded before putting on a mask, gown, and gloves.

"Now, if things start to go wrong for some odd reason, we may have to take you into surgery for a c-section, all right?" she told me, and I nodded in understanding, but then cried out in pain as another powerful contraction rippled through me. Karina seemed to realize that this needed to start right away, and then called a couple of nurses in to help her. Taichi and Mom helped me as I struggled with each push, and urged me to keep breathing. Finally, a sharp pain signaled my first baby's shoulders emerging, but I gave a loud yelp regardless.

"One more push, and it'll be out!" Karina urged, and I pushed with just about everything I had. I gasped in a lungful of air before attempting to speak.

"What is it? Is it okay?" I demanded, breathing heavily.

"It's a boy, and he's fine," Karina assured me, handing my newborn son off to a nurse after snipping the umbilical cord. She quickly began to clear his lungs, and he began wailing immediately. Another contraction rolled through me, reminding me of my other two babies waiting to come into the world, and I winced. "Come on, Matt, push!"

"I'm here for you, Yama, you're not alone," Taichi promised, kissing my sweaty forehead before Mom wiped it for me with a cool, damp cloth. I nodded, and then pushed several times as Karina ordered until another sharp pain signaled my next baby's shoulders coming out. A long, low cry came from me, and then I pushed as hard as I could. My second baby started crying shortly after as Karina passed it to a nurse once she'd snipped the umbilical cord, telling me it was a girl.

"Great job, sweetie," Mom told me. "There's only one left. You can do it!"

"Tired…" I whimpered, my eyes starting to drift closed.

"Yama, you need to stay awake!" Taichi urged, and tears of pain formed at the corner of my eyes.

"It hurts so bad, Chi…" I whined, yelping loudly and shivering as another contraction hit me.

"You can't give up now, though, Yama! I'm here for you, just don't give up!" the brunette begged. I shuddered from the pleading tone in his voice, and then began to push out the last baby. I dug my nails into Taichi's and Mom's hands as I pushed, and then finally, finally, the shoulders for the last baby emerged. I screamed, loud, but didn't stop. I couldn't.

"It's okay, Matt. I'll pull him out from here," Karina told me, and I stopped, breathing heavily and sweating like crazy. I felt her pull out my third baby, and then she cut the umbilical cord on him before passing him off to a nurse. I ended up being able to pass the placenta without any difficulty, but I was already exhausted, so that just wore me out more. Once I was completely done, I collapsed against Taichi, and he supported me easily. The nurse who had helped to give me the epidural carefully removed the needle, making sure no damage was done to my spine, and then smiled at me softly before congratulating Taichi and me and leaving. My ears twitched when I heard another nurse come in.

"Let's get you moved into the maternity ward, okay?" she said, and I nodded once, sleepy and weakened. The nurse wheeled my bed out and to the maternity ward, where we got a nice room that had soft yellow, pink, and baby blue hues all over, and it was comforting. The nurse got me situated in the room, and after checking my IV bag and such, she smiled and nodded in approval before congratulating me and Taichi as well and leaving. After the door was shut, Taichi climbed into the bed with me, being careful to not jostle the needle in my arm, and curling up close to me.

"I love you, Yama, and I'm so proud of you," he whispered, and I faintly heard the sounds of Mom, Dad, and Kari leaving to give us some privacy.

"Love you, too, Chi," I breathed, leaning against him so I could sleep.

"You okay?" he asked, concerned.

"Just tired…" I mumbled, and he kissed my cheek.

"Then sleep. I'll be here when you wake up," he promised. "I love you, Yama."

"Love you, too, Chi…" I sighed sleepily, closing my eyes and going to sleep.


When I woke up next, I was very sore, but at least I knew and remembered why. I felt a slight tightening around my waist, and looked behind me to see Taichi sound asleep and holding me firmly.

"He's been like that since you fell asleep," a voice said behind him, and I turned my head slightly to see Mom sitting nearby. "He fell asleep shortly after you, and has been holding you the whole time."

"How long have I been sleeping?" I asked quietly, not wanting to wake the brunette.

"About three hours," she answered.

"How are they?" I questioned softly, and she smiled, knowing what I meant.

"They're all perfectly healthy and beautiful," she assured me, and I smiled back, grateful that the triplets were okay. I knew it was hard on me to give birth, but I didn't know how it would affect the babies themselves. Taichi groaned in his sleep, and I stiffened, desperate to let him sleep, but it didn't work. His chocolate brown eyes fluttered open, and he smiled warmly at me when he saw I was awake.

"Hey Yama," he greeted, and then yawned. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah, surprisingly," I told him, and then started to sit up slowly. Perfect timing, too, seeing as there was a knock on the door. My ears twitched at the sound, and Mom got up to let whoever it was in. It was Karina.

"Hello, Matt. Good to see you're awake," she told me happily. "How are you feeling?"

"A little sore, but otherwise good," I answered, and she nodded in satisfaction.

"That's normal, so no worries. But anyway, I wanted to see if you'd like to come see your little miracles now," she offered, and I nodded eagerly, making her smile warmly. "Good to know. Then let's get you into a wheelchair and take you to them." A nurse came in with a wheelchair, and got me settled into it. "Let's get that needle out of your arm, first," Karina suggested, and I nodded.

"Thanks, it's getting annoying," I told her, and she laughed lightly.

"They tend to after a while," she giggled, and then my arm was bandaged so I wouldn't bleed all over. Then the nurse wheeled me out, Karina and Taichi close behind. We left to the neonatal care unit, where the triplets were waiting. I looked in through the glass where Karina had gestured to, and I gasped at the sight. They were all three beautiful.

"They go oldest to youngest from left to right," Taichi told me softly, coming over and taking my hand in his. The first one, the oldest, had fuzzy, sandy blonde hair, like a mix of our hair colors, and was watching us with curious eyes. His left eye was brown, like Taichi's, but his right eye was blue like mine. He even had tiny kitten ears that matched his hair color, as well as a matching tail. The middle child, the only girl, had fuzzy brunette hair, with warm, chocolate brown eyes that watched us as well. She had matching brown ears and tail, too. The youngest child had fuzzy golden blonde hair, and looked about with sleepy, bright blue eyes. He had matching golden ears and tail as well. I smiled with watery eyes as I watched them, and Taichi leaned down, kissing the top of my head between my ears.

"Can we hold them?" I asked Karina quietly, desperately wanting to get closer.

"Of course, Matt," she smiled warmly at me, and wheeled me back to my room so I could hold and nurse them in there. She and the nurse were back in less then five minutes, carrying them all carefully, and then Karina and the nurse advised me on how to nurse them. It was difficult, but I managed to feed all three of them, and then Taichi and I burped them gently when they were done.

"Any tips on what to do with feeding?" I asked Karina.

"Well, my first suggestion would be to use a breast pump," she began, and I heard Mom start scribbling it down. "Reason being that you'll want them all fed close together time-wise, so having pre-made bottles will help, especially with saving some time if you're busy or something. Always have at least three bottles for each baby ready, just in case you spill some. And always make sure it's warm before they drink it. They can't exactly warm it themselves yet, and that's how it would be if they were getting it directly from you. And my other suggestion would be to not play with them too soon after they've eaten, or else they'll just throw it back up. I'd wait until they need a diaper change after eating, just to be safe." I nodded, and I noticed Mom nod in agreement as well.

"Thank you, Karina," Mom told her.

"Of course! I've helped many mothers with this, and Yamato is special in this case," Karina grinned.

"When do they get to come home?" I asked quietly, watching as the youngest started falling asleep in my arms.

"In a few days' time. Once you've recovered from giving birth and you've learned what we can teach you, then you can all go home," she assured us.

"Can I at least stay with Yama until they can come home?" Taichi questioned eagerly. "I want to learn what to do, too, and so I can help him."

"That's perfectly fine," she smiled, and then looked at Mom, Dad, and Kari. "I take it you're going to head home?"

"Only once Matt is settled in for the night, and then we'll go home and finish preparing for the triplets," Mom answered. "Speaking of which… What are you two going to name them, boys?"

"…That's a good question," I murmured. "I know I want the youngest to be Takeru, but I don't know about the other two…"

"How about Shixona for the girl?" Taichi suggested. I gave him a curious look, and he shrugged and elaborated. "She was my cousin on Mom's side, but she was killed in an accident while her parents were driving by a drunk driver before we met. We were close."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Chi…" I mumbled, and nodded. "Shixona is a perfect name for her. "And how about the oldest boy?"

"Hmm… How about Naiya? It means diamond," he told me, and I nodded again.

"It's perfect," I smiled, and we looked at Karina. "So it's settled. Naiya for our oldest, Shixona for our little girl, and Takeru for our youngest."

"Perfect names, guys," Karina grinned. "I'll put them down on their birth certificates." And then she left, leaving the nurse behind with us. Mom, Dad, and Kari got up and hugged us all before telling us they would be back tomorrow.

Over the next few days, the nurse helped to show Taichi and me how to change their diapers when they started to cry, and showed us many other things to help us care for them properly and recognize their different cries. Finally, after three days, we were clear to go home. We had Naiya, Shixona, and Takeru strapped and swaddled in their carriers, and the nurse wheeled me out as I held Takeru. Taichi carried the other two carriers holding Naiya and Shixona, and Mom pulled up in the van. Kari slid open the back door as Dad smiled at us through the front passenger window. The young brunette smiled brightly as she helped us into the van, and Taichi and I strapped the carriers into the back seat. Once we were all safely inside, we went home, where things would change drastically.

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