Okay, my first time doing a Pewds x Reader. Please be lenient on me. Yes, I am aware that no author does different personalities in one story. Sorry, but I'm different. I read a "Reader" story once, and I was like that is not how would have reacted. It's probably how the author reacted. So yep. I'm starting a different _ x Reader. Don't like? Don't read. It's as simple as that. I hope one of these personality is you guys(readers). If it's not, review and tell my what type of personality you are and I will try to put your personality in a story. There's about 3 personalities. Choose which one you are and read that only. I'll place a number beside the sentence so you know which to read. Now let's get to the personalities;

1: A happy, oblivious girl.

2: A insecure, shy girl.

3: A strong, confident girl.

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It's already nightfall. The party you went with your friend, sure did end late. The street lights are dim. As you walk the path walk, your mind starts to think about the party.

1: Man, that was fun! Can't believe I bumped into some Youtubers at the party! Too bad I have to leave early... *sighs and then smiles* Can't wait to e-mail some of the Youtubers when I get home! I'm lucky that some said I could do a video with them! So happy~

2: Am I glad the party ended.. Argh.. *sighs in frustration* Why did I embarrass myself by stammering?! Oh well.. It was quite a nice party, I guess. I even had a conversation with Cry! I'm so happy!

3: Ah, that was quite a fun party~ I would love to go to another party as lively as that. Managed to get some Youtuber's numbers! If I'm lucky, I could start doing some videos with them which will increase my popularity! This is my lucky day~

As you walk with your head in the clouds, you notice how dazzling this night sky is. Not a star in the sky, but you see the drifting clouds surrounding the moon and felt captured by the beautiful scenery. As the wind blows, your dress starts to flutter. As you walk, you fail to notice that dark clouds are surrounding the night sky. As you keep thinking about what happened in the party, you ignore the water droplets that fall on you gently. All of a sudden, the rain had gotten harder and it started pouring. You start running and looking for shelter. as you run, you notice a house. You recognize it immediately. It was belonged to one of the people who was at the party. How did you know? You start to think as you toward the house.

1: I saw a picture of a house which a pretty brunette was holding. She was telling her friends that this is where she lived. It's not that I was eavesdropping because I was bored or anything. I just happened to "over-heard" it as I passed by the table. I'm sure she won't mind if I stay for the night.

2: As Cry was talking with me, a brunette came up and placed her hand over Cry? Sitting beside him. A few minutes later, there was a huge crowd surrounding the table and the table was filled with people chatting loudly. The brunette was definitely sober by the way she talked with Cry. She showed Cry a picture of a house, which I assume is hers. She was talking about her "new" house and Cry was sweat dropping and asking her to lower her voice. So that people do not hear and start stalking her, I think. Quite nice of Cry to do that.

3: A young brunette was talking with a bunch of people about the "new" house she's living in. I happened to be one of those people, which I consider myself lucky as there was a huge crowd behind the table soon after. As she was placing an arm around a masked guy, she showed a picture of her house and started talking about her life and new house.

As you finished re-calling the memory, you knocked on the door. The wind blew and you shivered. After all, you were drenched in rain from head to toe, so it was natural that you shivered when a cold wind breezed pass. you waited for a few minutes before you notice that there was a doorbell beside the door. After you facepalmed, you rang the doorbell. Out of the blue, there was a loud sound coming from the house. It sounded more of a burglar alarm than a doorbell, you think as you sweatdrop. As you look up, you hear the door make a 'click' sound as it opened. A blonde haired Swede opened the door. "Yes? May I help you?" he asked as he opened the door.

1: Oh yes, please! I met a brunette girl at a party and she said she lived here. I was wondering if she was over so I could ask her if it's okay if I crash in for the night. I'm soaking wet and it's still raining.

2: U-Um... uh.. I'm sorry to disturb you, Mister! But I overheard a brunette say she lived here. She was talking about it to Cry, whom was at the same party as me. I was wondering if it is okay to stay the night? I got drenched from the rain.

3: Oh hi, nice to meet you. Yes, I would be pleased if you could help me out. You see, I met a brunette at a party. She said she was living here. So I wondered if I could stay for the night? If that's alright with her of course. After all, I am a little soaked cause of the rain.

The Swede was confused for a second. "Party? Brunette?" The Swede thought aloud. Then it hit him. "Marzia!" He shouted without hesitation. His shout startled you so you moved back immediately after the shout. Which caused to almost fall if the Swede had not caught you. He grabbed your waist as he caught you and helped you up after. "Sorry about that," he laughed,"i shout out my thoughts bluntly without having time to stop. I'm sure Marzia wouldn't mind if you bump in for the night. Although she's not at home now. I think she's still at the party. So make yourself at home till she's back." The Swede opened the door and let you in the house. The house looked ordinary expect for one thing. There were tons of cards, letters and boxes. You stare around curiously as he shuts the door. "Are you wondering that?" the Swede asked from behind you, which caused you to startle, almost losing your posture. You nod your head. The Swede laughed as he explained that the "Bros" send all of these to him. As he talks about how fond he is of how much the bros support him, you couldn't focus on the words he spoke as you found that you were drawn to his laugh. You found it energetic and full of life. As the Swede finishes he asks, "What is your name?"

1: -You tell him your name with a grin. After talking what you think of what you think of your name, you ask for his name-

2: -You stammer slightly as you look down. You try to find words to say to this cheerful person. "Come on! Introduce yourself! Just say your name! And ask for his!" You remind yourself. After reminding yourself to have courage, you introduce yourself. You then ask for his name.

3: -You tell him your name, with a causal posture. You then ask for his name-

The Swede smiles as he says, "Felix. But most people know me as 'PewDiePie' ". As he finishes introducing himself, you ask if it's alright to use the bathroom cause you're still soaking wet. He nods at your question.

1: Oh, and do you have any clothes I can borrow? Sorry for asking on such short notice.

2: Um.. D-Do you have any clothes that I can wear for the moment? I don't have anything to change into... Sorry for troubling you!

3: Felix, sorry for asking all of a sudden. But do you think there's any clothes I can borrow? Real sorry for the burdening you more but I need something to change into.

Felix shakes his head as he says, "it's alright! The bathroom is over there," he finishes pointing to the bathroom door. He smiles again. "Ah.. Such a charming smile.." You think as you blushed slightly. He then sets off to get you something to change into as you proceed to the bathroom. You go into the bathroom and close the door. You remove your clothes and start bathing.

Finally... Done! My fingers are aching like hell. Hope you liked it! If there's any spelling errors, I apologise. I spend like 2-3 hours on this. I had to type on an iPad so give me a break for awhile.. it's like 6:15am anyways.. *yawns* Alright, Goodnight!