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As the sun rays lightly touch your legs, through the window, you nuzzle on Felix, you sigh happily. Felix had fallen asleep but you couldn't as your heart was racing. You were still on top of him after all. You gently stroke his hair and kiss his forehead as you lie your head down on his chest. But as you were about to fall asleep, you hear a cry for someone. You lift up your head and turn to look at who was in tears. You see Cry sitting outside Marzia's door and his head on his knees. You gently take Felix's hand off of you and get off of him. You then place his hand on chest and kiss his hand before you go to Cry. As you walk towards Cry, you say...

1: "Hey, Cry!..." -You don't know what else to say-

2: "Um, hi Cry.." -you're too nervous to say something else cause you don't want to hurt him-

3: 'Sup, Cry. -you can't really think of what to say as the situation is already awkward enough-

Cry looks up, with teary eyes, and says, "Hey.." As you sit beside him, you ask him when did he wake up. "A few minutes ago," Cry says. "So Marzia's been single the whole time?" Cry asked as he stared at Felix lying on the ground. You nod your head. Cry wipes his eyes and look at the ceiling. He sighs as he covers his face. "I guess, I'm happy for you and Felix but.. What about me and-" Cry stopped as you pulled his hands away from his face and kissed his forehead. You promised him, that as a friend, you will do all that you can so that he and Marzia can be together. Cry widens his eyes slightly and then smiles. "Thanks man" he says as he punches you gently.

"Any kisses for the me?~" a voice whispers into your ears and you suddenly feel a couple of hands hugging your waist. "S-Since when..?" But you were stopped as Felix kissed your lips. You closes your eyes as you melt into the kiss. But what you didn't know is that when you were closing your eyes, Felix had motioned Cry to go to Marzia room and had wishes Cry all the best.

A few minutes later...

As you opened your eyes, you noticed that Cry was missing.

1: *You till your head side-ways* Huh? Where did Cry go? Did our kiss disturb him? *you place a finger on your cheek and pout a little* He should have said something if it did though..

2: *you turn left, right, up, down* Where did Cry go? *you blush slightly* D-Do you think he.. was hurt by seeing two of us kiss..?

3: Oh my. Where did Cry go, Felix? *you think for awhile* Did our kiss bother him since his path of the relationship thing isn't going so well?

"Oh no, lol" Felix says he cups your cheeks and kiss your forehead. "Cry is simply doing something that will take a lot of courage to do" Felix says. You did not quite get what Felix meant but when you heard a squeal of joy in Marzia's room, you understood immediately. So, being the playful person Felix is, he motioned you to follow him. The both of you are now outside of Marzia's room. As Felix opens the door slightly, the two of you peek in to see what's happening. You see Marzia blushing and Cry holding her hand. You gasp as Cry leans in to kiss Marzia. "So she must have said Yes or something" you thought. As Cry lifted his mask slightly above his nose, you lean in more closer. You were curious to know what was behind that mask. "H-Hey. Wait! Don't lean in so-" Felix tried to say but it was ended with a 'thud'. Cry immediately shifted his mask back to cover his face and Marzia turned to stare at you and Felix. Felix cleared his throat as you laughed nervously while standing up and and adjusting your pajamas.

1: Um.. Do continue what you were doing and uh.. -you didn't know what else to say- ..pretend I'm not here? *you laugh slightly as your cheeks blushed a crimson colour*

2: P-Please don't mind me! -you try to find words but you start stammering and blushing even more instead- Uh... Um.. I.. *you start swaddling with your thumbs,nervously*

3: Oh um. -you try your best to stay calm and explain yourself- I was only trying to see how far you guys would go.. -you stopped yourself- (Thinking: Oh my gawd. That sounded SOOO wrong..!)

Felix got up as he realised he had to say something as well. He looked down and placed a finger on his chin, trying to think of an excuse. Then as his face lit up, you knew he had an idea. "Hey! I was thinking of how nice it would be if we four go to the park! Since we all have dates." Felix said as grinned at his excuse. "Sure, why not" Cry said. Marzia nodded. "What time are we going, Felix?" you asked him. Felix looked at Marzia's clock on the wall and then looked back at you. At 6 in the evening, Felix said cheerfully. You wanted to ask Felix if he was crazy or something but as you looked at the two new lovebirds looking at each other happily, you kept your mouth shut.

"What are we going to till-" but you stopped as a pair of lips met yours. Felix swept you off your feet and carried you to the bed. You blushed as your mind started turning blank. "F-Felix..! I.. Uh. You. I.. How. Bed. What?" You started spouting out whatever you could manage to say. Felix laughed as he laid you down on the bed. He looked at your eyes. "You have beautiful eyes" he cooed softly as he brushed a bit of your hair behind your ear. You blush as he kissed your eyes. You closed your eyes tightly as he placed his hand in yours. After a few minutes of not feeling anything, you opened your eyes slowly to only find Felix sleeping beside you, still clutching onto your hand. You giggled slightly. "I'm such a pervert" you said as you closed your eyes.

You woke to find Felix missing. "Felix? Felix?!" you shout. You got up to your feet and started looking around the house. After about half an hour of searching, you realised that no one was in the house. You start to worry. You walk back to the bed. You looked at your watch. "6:20.." you said as sat down on the bed. As you laid down on Felix's pillow, you heard something crumple. You sat up again and looked underneath the pillow. There was a note. You grabbed it and started reading.

By the time you're reading this, we're all already at the park. It's AuthumWood Park. I thought it will be a little more fun if you came here by yourself. Hope you don't get upset or mad. Sorry for making you worry, cupcake. But trust me, you won't be upset or mad when you come here.

Love your faithful boyfriend,

Felix 3

You sighed as you kept the note on the table. You start getting ready to go out. After about 20 minutes, you were ready. You kept the note in your jacket. You took the spare key Felix left on the dinning table. As you closed the door behind you, you turned around to lock it with the key. You dialed a cab and told the driver the address you wanted to go. Within 10 minutes you were there. "AuthumWood Park huh.." you says as you gazed at the beautiful scenery. The park was beautiful. It was filled with many different color flowers. Not red, blue or purple kind of colors. But Crimson, Sapphire, Amethyst kind of flowers. And this was just a few colors of flowers. There were so many flowers, trees. In the middle of the beautiful park, there was a Mermaid fountain. It seemed that the mermaid was crying. You walked towards it, curious.

As you were gazing at the mermaid and walking towards it, a hand grabbed your mouth and covered your eyes. "Mphmm!" You tried to shout for help. It seemed that he/she was dragging you somewhere. You squirmed around and tried to punch the kidnapper. As you managed to step on he/she's leg, hard, the kidnapper let go and let out a shout of pain. You recognized the voice. "Felix?" You say as you turn to face the 'kidnapper'. "Surprise!" He said as gave a variety of flowers in one bouquet. You gasp in shock. You were amazed at the sudden gift. "See? Told you, you wouldn't be mad or upset for long" he winked. You hugged him tightly as you laughed. "Where is Cry and Marzia?" You asked. "They're at an ice-cream shop" Felix said as he kissed your cheek and hugged your waist. You giggled as his fingers tickled your sides a bit.

As the moon shined down, the flowers started to glow. Like literally. You were amazed by this. But Felix shut your thoughts as he kissed your lips . He licked your bottom lip. And as you parted your lips to let him explore your mouth, you blushed a light crimson color. For some reason, you thought you saw Cry and Marzia sitting at the bench which was near the mermaid statue. You saw both of them kissing but you ignored it as Felix slid his hands to your waist and pinched it, playfully. You laughed as you tickled Felix. And the tickle war began..

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