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It's been two months since Elijah left and Henry is getting sadder every day that goes by that he doesn't come home. Klaus and Caroline have both tried various things to cheer him up over the past few days but it seems nothing will fill the void his uncle left when he took off.

Klaus is on the verge of giving up and calling Elijah to threaten his precious Katerina if he didn't get home this instant, when Caroline suggests that maybe a day out on the town will cheer Henry up. He figures he'll give that a try and if that doesn't change his son's mood then he will have to ring Elijah. They propose the idea to Henry and he shows more interest than he has in a while, which they take as a good thing.

The three of them spend a few hours exploring the town, going in and out of various shops and stores, having a small breakfast and quite a big lunch in a cozy little café. Caroline's itching to do some shopping but decides she will dedicate a day to herself and spend it spoiling herself… with Klaus' credit card... she's sure he won't mind.

It's just when the sun is beginning to set that Klaus stands up from the spot in the park under a tree where the three of them were currently relaxing, "Where are you going?" Henry perks up when his father moves, watching him with curious eyes.

Klaus smiles, "Just to get something to drink," he looks at Caroline, "I'm feeling a bit peckish." He winks at her and ruffles Henry's hair before heading off to find something to drink, or rather someone.

Caroline rolls her eyes at Klaus before turning to Henry, "So did you have fun today Henry?" she asks hoping that today took his mind off Elijah.

He doesn't reply just nods his head as he moves to rest his head on the trunk of the tree and closes his eyes.

After a few moments Henry speaks up, "Can we go home soon? I'm tired."

Caroline nods, "As soon as your dad gets back we can go home, okay?"

Henry nods again and Caroline notices his head slowly falling to the side only to snap back up straight a few seconds later and she chuckles softly at the cute scene.

She leans over to pick him up and places him in her lap sideways so his legs hang off her onto the grass and he curls into her and rests his head on her shoulder and starts to fall asleep as Caroline soothingly draws abstract patterns on his back.

The two sit in the peaceful quietness until Caroline hears someone calling her name.


She looks up at hearing Elena's voice and sees Elena, Damon, and Stefan walking towards her, all wearing identical confused expressions while staring at the boy in her lap.

Instinctively she wraps her arms around Henry protectively. She knows Stefan and Elena would never harm a child regardless who their father is but she honestly wouldn't put it past Damon. And despite her friendship with Elena and Stefan, Caroline would do whatever is necessary to protect Henry should Damon – or anyone for that matter who foolishly choose to try and harm him.

"Hey… guys." Caroline hesitantly says while being careful not to disturb Henry.

"What are you three doing here?" she asks.

Elena smiles, "Damon and I wanted to take a break from traveling and stopped here for some romance in Paris." She gushes with a blush while Damon smirks and runs his hand along her back.

"And I'm here just stopping through and thought I'd catch up a bit with them before I take off again." Stefan adds, smiling at Caroline.

Damon scoffs, "Yeah and not bother to call or write so your brother knows you're alive."

Stefan rolls his eyes, "What about you, what are you doing in Paris?" he asks Caroline.

Caroline avoids his eyes, "I sort of live here now." She mumbles.

Elena starts to say something but Damon can't control himself and he blurts out, "Who's the kid?"

Elena scolds him and slaps his arm, but she and the two brothers stare at her waiting for her answer.

Her response is cut off by Henry, "Caroline, who are they?" He asks sleepily as he turns his head - still resting on her shoulder - to look at the three strangers.

The three of them stare curiously at Henry and after a few moments Stefan's eyes widen, "Oh my god" he whispers.

"What?" Elena and Damon both ask.

Caroline stares curiously and a bit worried at Stefan before turning to Henry, "Henry these are some of my friends; Stefan and Elena, and her friend Damon." She explains while pointing to each of them. Stefan caught her little separation of Damon and it makes him chuckle.

"And guys, this is Henry, Klaus' son." She finishes.

Elena and Damon's eyes widen and their mouths hang open meanwhile Stefan doesn't seem to be too shocked by the look on his face.

"No fuc-" Damon is cut off by Klaus coming up from behind him and slapping his hand on the back of Damon's neck, something that a stranger would mistake as a friendly greeting but the entire group – save for Henry – stiffens.

"You might want to rethink what language you use in front of my son if you want to keep all your limbs intact and not scattered across Paris." He threatens with an easy smile, not wanting his son to catch onto his anger.

Damon smiles tightly though it looks more like a grimace, "no stinking way, you have a son, however on earth did that happen?" Damon asks in a fake cheery voice.

"Indeed I do, but that is a story for another time." Klaus releases Damon and moves over to Caroline who was now standing up while holding a still sleepy Henry.

"He wants to go home." Caroline softly tells Klaus.

He nods and kisses the top of Henry's head and then turns and gently kisses Caroline's head too.

Which does not go unnoticed by her friends.

"Caroline..." Elena's hesitant voice rang loud and clear in Caroline's ears.

Klaus gives Caroline a look and takes Henry from her arms, "You catch up, and I'll see you at home." He tells her while adjusting Henry in his arms.

Caroline nods at him gratefully and her heart flutters in her chest when he refers to that giant mansion as their home.

He leans in one more time to kiss her cheek and whispers, "Be careful," and then leaves with Henry, glaring over his son's head to the trio, well mostly Damon, in a silent threat.

As he leaves part of him wants to stick around out of sight to eavesdrop, but despite how strong the urge to was, he doesn't. He respects Caroline enough to give her the privacy she deserves and not to betray her trust by listening in on a conversation that is not meant for his ears.

"Dad, how come Caroline's not coming home with us?" Henry mumbles into his neck.

He sighs, "She's catching up with some old friends for a bit." He hopes her not coming home right away won't upset him, especially after how upset he was about Elijah.

"But... she is coming back right?" Henry's voice shook a bit; whether it be from being tired or being afraid Caroline wasn't coming back Klaus can't tell.

"Yes Henry, she's coming back." He assures his son gently, despite his growing fear that her friends would somehow talk her out of being her with him and she would leave him.

Once Klaus was out of ear and eye shot they start firing questions.

Elena manages to spit out four questions before Caroline could even blink;

"What are you doing Caroline?"

"Are you here with him?"

"We've barely heard from you since you left ten years ago and you've been here with Klaus?!"

"Have you forgotten everything that's happened?"

Damon asks his own question while Elena catches her breath.

"What the fuck is going on in your head Blondie?" he spits out while looking at her as if something was wrong with her.

"Is he compelling you?" Elena questions.

Damon bites out a laugh, "Some sick fetish for you to play mommy to his son?"

"Guys, enough." Stefan interjects.

Caroline smiles at Stefan, grateful that at least he wasn't looking at her as if she was defective, "Thanks Stef."

Elena impatiently taps her foot, "Well?"

Caroline sighs, "I haven't been here the whole time, and I've only been here with him for a few months. I'm... we're together." She finishes, preparing for the outage and scolding.

Before Elena could scold her or try to make her feel guilty or before Damon could insult her and try to make her feel stupid and talk down to her, Stefan speaks up, "Are you happy?"

She blinks a few times as she looks at him, before smiling a genuine toothy smile and nodding, "Yeah, I am."

He smiles back her, truly happy that his friend seemed to have found what she was looking for and was finally happy, "Then that's all that matters." His voice was final and directed at Damon and Elena, though he was still smiling at Caroline.

"You can't be serious Stefan.." Elena nearly whispers, the hurt in her voice confusing Caroline.

Stefan turns to Elena, "I don't see the problem Elena. She's with Klaus and being with him makes her happy, it's that simple. Just like you're with Damon and being with him makes you happy regardless how it makes others feel. This is her life, her relationship, her choice and you - believe it or not Elena - don't get a say in it."

Caroline and Elena's jaws are practically on the ground while Damon looks as if he's ready to rip Stefan's head off - for nothing more than speaking honestly and bluntly to his girlfriend. Guess some things never change.

But some things do change, and it's making Caroline emotional.

Caroline feels tears sting her eyes, no one, not even her best friends, have ever stuck up to Elena for her, about anything. And now here was Stefan, the guy who had rejected her without a second glance in favor of Elena - granted they did establish an amazing and healthy friendship after that - sticking up for her and defending her relationship with Klaus of all things. She couldn't be more grateful for Stefan's friendship than she is right now.

Elena is at a loss for words and she tugs on Damon's sleeve and mumbles "Let's go Damon."

Damon glares at Stefan and then Caroline before wrapping an arm around Elena and leading her away from the two.

Before Stefan can make a comment once the two were alone, Caroline throws herself at him, hugging him tightly, still overwhelmed with emotion because of his words. Stefan smiles and returns the embrace.

Caroline breaks the hug and looks up at him, "I can't believe you just said that to Elena." She says with a bit of awe in her voice.

He chuckles, "It was no big deal Caroline. Besides I think it's about time someone told her that not everything revolves around her."

Caroline stares at him as if he has two heads, "Who are you and what have you done with Stefan?"

He rolls his eyes and playfully shoves her, "Hey, I'm still me. I'm just not blindly in love with her anymore." He states.

She raises her eyebrows at him, "You mean the eternal love triangle is no more?"

she gasps in fake shock and coveres her mouth with her hand.

Stefan raises a brow and presses his lips together to keep himself from laughing but after a few seconds of staring at each other they burst into laughter.

"Yes, the triangle is over. Thank god." Stefan answers after their laughter subsides.

Caroline nods and grunts in agreement, "Amen brotha, I mean no offense to Elena but I'm glad you've moved on and she's not stringing you along anymore." She smiles up at him, "You deserve more than that Steffy" she giggles at the nickname despite her heartfelt words.

Stefan groans, "Oh please do not call me that."

"Sorry Steffy," She replies with a cheeky smile. "So how long are you going to be here?" she asks as they start aimlessly walking around.

He sighs, "I'm either leaving tonight or tomorrow, I don't tend to stay in one place for long."

Caroline frowns, "What? No, I haven't seen you in forever Stefan, you can't leave!" she protests.

"I've already been here longer than I planned because of Damon and Elena, I'd love to catch up with you and get the details on you and Klaus," he waggles his eyebrows at her to which she rolls her eyes and blushes a bit, "But I'm kind of itching to get out of here to be honest."

Caroline pouts at him, "Please please please stay Stefan. You can stay with me and Klaus, I mean his house is big enough to shelter an entire village. And that way we can catch up and reminisce." He still looks set on not staying so steps

up her game, "I've missed you Stefan." She sticks her bottom lip out and gives him her best puppy eyes.

Stefan sighs in defeat, "Are you sure Klaus doesn't mind you inviting people to stay at his house?"

Caroline jumps up and claps her hands, "Considering you guys used to be kind-of-sort-of friends and the fact that he doesn't have friends, just me and his son, I don't think he would mind." She smiles. "And plus, he could probably use some guy time." She adds with a thoughtful look on her face.

Stefan laughs, "Yeah, me and Klaus are real buds. I'm sure he'd love to reminisce on the times we both tried to kill each other and our loved ones." He says dryly.

She slaps his arm, "Oh shut up. You know as well as I do that he secretly wished you two had become friends."

He nods, "Yeah but trying to kill the girl I loved was not the way to be my friend."

Caroline hums in agreement and nods, "True."

"But a lot of time's passed and things are different, I guess I could give staying with you guys a chance." He relents.

She grins at him, "I knew you'd see it my way Steffy." She says before running off.

Stefan chuckles and shakes his head before following her.

When they get back to the mansion Stefan's jaw drops at the size of it, making Caroline laugh and remember her own reaction to it.

"Wait until you see the inside." She comments while she walks passed him and into the house.

"Stay here while I go talk to Klaus okay?" Caroline asks Stefan once they enter the living room.

Stefan snorts, "You mean sweet talk him."

She glares at him for a few seconds before nodding her head, "Yeah.." causing Stefan to chuckle while she prances out of the room.

Caroline finds Klaus in his study and marches into the room with a mission but when she sees him she stops short at the look on his face.

He's looking at her as she's holding the sun and moon in her hands.

She watches on in confusion as he slowly makes his way over to where she's standing in the middle of the room and when he's close enough he grabs her and pulls her into a tight embrace, one of his arms going across her back and shoulders and the other cradling her head.

"You came back.." he whispers into her hair. Caroline pulls away just enough to see that his eyes are closed and he has a peaceful expression in his face.

"Of course I came back why wouldn't…" she's trails off confused until a light bulb goes off, "you thought my friends would talk some sense into me and I'd leave you.." She mumbles in realization of the thoughts that must have running through his head as he left her with her friends.

She grabs ahold of his face, "Hey look at me."

He reluctantly opens his eyes and his face is vulnerable and free of his usual mask, such a far cry from the evil glint he had in his eyes while threatening Damon barely two hours ago.

"Do you doubt that I want to be here?" She asks. At the shake of his head she continues, "Do you doubt that I love you and Henry?"

He shakes his head, "Of course n-"

"Then why would you think that the opinions of my friends that I haven't seen in about ten years would make me just up and leave you?" She cuts him off.

He visibly deflates in front of her and she runs her fingers along his cheeks and through his hair and settles them around his neck, "I suppose I just had a moment of insecurity, I'm sorry sweetheart."

"Don't apologize for feeling the things you feel, I just want you to know that I'm here," she leans in closer to him, her lips less than an inch away from his, "and I'm not going anywhere." She finishes looking him in the eye, hoping the emotion in her eyes and the sincerity in her voice will wrap around him like a blanket of security and soothe his fears.

And they do, Klaus feels a warm sensation settle over him at her words and he leans in to capture her lips in his and they both smile into the kiss.

Caroline pulls away and rests her forehead against his and smiles contently, causing Klaus to smile again as well.

A few moments of peacefulness is broken when Caroline remembers Stefan is waiting in the other room.

"Uh Klaus, can I ask you something?"

He nods, still basking in her love and touch.

"What would you say about Stefan staying with us for a few days?" She hesitantly asks.

That snaps his senses back to him, "I would say that I don't want someone who has tried to kill me and my family anywhere near my son." He replies, his fierce protectiveness of his son coming out.

Caroline looks at the floor guiltily, "But it's been a long time since that, and we're all different people than we were back then." She mumbles.

Klaus narrows his eyes at her, "You've already invited him to stay with us haven't you?" he guesses.

Caroline looks at him and smiles apologetically, "Maybe.."

Klaus sighs, "Caroline, I know he's your friend, but I have to think about Henry's safety first."

Caroline frowns, "And you think I would invite Stefan anywhere near Henry if I had even the slightest doubt that he would harm him?" She asks, feeling insulted, doesn't he know by now that she cares for his son as he were her own?

Klaus sees that he hurt her and immediately feels bad, "No sweetheart, I know you love Henry and wouldn't let anything happen to him, but I don't trust Stefan." He admits.

She softens when she sees the saddened look on his face. She was right, he does wish he and Stefan had become friends, and it bothers him that they're more enemies than they are friends.

"I trust him though, and it's Stefan... he would never hurt a child." She tells him.

He thinks about it for a few minutes before sighing, "Fine," and before she can get too excited he quickly adds, "but if his heart happens to end up on the floor next to his body because he so much as looks at Henry in the wrong way, it's on your head sweetheart." He finishes with a stern look and a raised eyebrow.

Caroline was too excited to even acknowledge his warning, "Yeah yeah sure. Thank you Klaus!" she exclaims as she hugs him.

He smiles at her childlike glee and returns her hug, "You're welcome love."

She smiles up at him with sparkling eyes, making his breath catch momentarily and he'll forever be amazed that such a look from her could be directed at, or even caused by him, "Now, let's go greet our guest shall we?"

He watches her run out of the room eager to see her friend again and he can't help but smile fondly at how lovely she truly is, and how lucky he is that she chose him.

Elijah has spent two months living with Katerina and during that time he has spent the majority of it trying to win her back. She was not too please when he showed up uninvited and was all but welcoming towards him.

She swallows and quickly composes her face, "Elijah."

He tries to smirk at her but he's pretty sure it comes out as a genuine smile, "Kateirna." He breathes.

Katherine tries to keep herself composed but finds it's very hard when she hasn't him in years and now she's suddenly hit with just how deeply she loves him. But she forces herself to remember that he hurt and abandoned her and no matter how much she loves him, no one makes a fool of Katherine Pierce and gets away with it.

She slips her cool façade back on and slowly saunters towards him like a cat on the prowl, "What do you want Elijah? Have you come here on behalf of your psychotic brother? Did he finally catch word that the elusive Katherine Pierce is human once again?" She asks him with a teasing voice.

Elijah blinks and his eyebrows draw together, "Human?" He focusses on his hearing and tries to single out her heartbeat but only catches the heartbeat of the woman who owns the house.

Katherine rolls her eyes, "If you're trying to hear my heartbeat it won't work. I was human again, briefly, but now I'm back to my regularly scheduled vampirism." She states in a bored voice and winks at him.

Elijah sighs in relief, Katerina was not made to be a human. While he loves her and would love her regardless of her supernatural status, she's relied too heavily on her vampirism and would not have the smallest inkling of how to be a human once again. But he still has questions.

"I was under the impression Silas had been given the cure." He inquires.

"Oh please if I have to hear this story one more time I'm going to need hard liquor." Nadia's voice cuts through the air as she walks towards the sitting room, "and invite him in for god sakes mother."

Katherine glares at her daughter's back, she really did hate being called that, it makes her feel old. "Fine." She pouts as she walks towards the human that was still standing at the door. She stops in front of her, holds her chin and looks into her eyes, "Invite him in." It's clear in her voice she is not too happy about allowing Elijah access into her home – well, borrowed home.

After being invited in the three go into the living room while the owner of the house is left to her own devices with little to no memory of what just happened.

"Ah, now you may continue." Nadia announces as she relaxes into an armchair with a glass of bourbon in her hand.

Katherine rolls her eyes and takes the glass out of her hand and takes a sip as she settles herself on the couch across from Nadia, causing her daughter to glare at her before getting up to get another drink.

"Would you like a drink?" Nadia asks Elijah.

"No thank you." He politely replies not taking his eyes of Katherine as he sits on the couch, a good distance away from Katherine and her very long, very tempting legs.

"Right," Katherine drawls, "well if you must know, all hell broke loose and long story short my whiny doppelgänger got her greedy hands on the cure and instead of taking it like she made everyone believe she intended to, she shoved it down my throat." She explains, bitter anger creeping into her voice.

Elijah's eyebrows rise in shock, "Elena Gilbert forced you to take the cure?" The disbelief evident in his voice.

That only ticks Katherine off more, everyone was always thinking so highly of her annoying doppelgänger, even Elijah.

"Yes, precious holier than thou Saint Elena got her revenge on me and took great pleasure in it." She sneers, glaring at him.

Elijah sighs, he knows the complicated past the two doppelgängers have and he should have know he shouldn't be surprised by Elena doing something like that considering she murdered his little brother, but he always believed in the good in Elena and to hear that she forced the fate of being a human on Katerina after she relied so heavily on vampirism is nothing short of shocking to him.

"I am sorry Katerina, I know being human must have been hard for you." He says sympathetically.

Nadia snorts, causing Elijah to remember she was in the room too, "Hard? She wasn't just a human. She was a rapidly aging, nearing-death-with-very-breath-she-took human." Nadia snaps, feeling defensive of her mother.

"Rapidly aging?" Elijah echoes, fearing what exactly that entails.

"Oh you know... teeth falling out, hearing and vision failing, bones and joints aching and hair graying. All real fun stuff." Katherine snarks.

Elijah feels the guilt build inside of him, if he hadn't left maybe he could have prevented that or at least helped her through it.

Katherine can see the guilt and pain on his face and while part of her wants to take away that pain, the larger, more bitter part of her relishes in it. While she had been dying he was off looking for the redemption she's almost positive Klaus does not want.

"And while my mother was in the middle of going through this I finally found her after searching for her my entire life." Nadia interjects.

Elijah shakes his head, "You keep calling her your mother but you couldn't possibly be.." He trails off, looking between the two women with a puzzled expression.

Katherine chuckles, "Yeah I didn't buy it at first either. But she's my long lost daughter who I assumed was dead along with the rest of my family."

Elijah nods and steers the conversation back on topic, "And how did you become a vampire again?" He inquires.

Katherine twirls a piece of her hair in between her fingers, "It was no easy feat, trust me." Seeing Elijah expression she sighs and continues her story, "Not surprisingly the merry band of Mystic Falls misfits didn't want to help me, no matter what I tried. So I left, and my darling daughter came with me."

"Of course I came with you, I had just found you, I wasn't losing you again." Nadia adds.

Katherine smiles a small genuine smile that Elijah hasn't seen in so long, it makes his heart flutter and hope that it won't be long until he's the reason for those smiles again.

Katherine clears her throat, "Right, well to make a long boring story short and sweet, we spent years searching for a way to reverse the cure and after many failed attempts and many very close calls we found someone who actually knew what the hell they were talking about and once I handed over a bit of my doppelgänger blood I was back to fierce vampire self. I won't bore you with the gory painful details, but I do thankfully have my centuries year old strength and abilities. I would have gone on a killing spree if I had to deal with being a useless baby vampire again." She explains, rolling her eyes.

Nadia exhales loudly, interrupting Elijah's response, "Well this has been fun and all but I think I'm going to go find a snack." She winks and saunters out of the room, reminding Elijah of her mother.

"If you have blood bags why would she go hunt?" Elijah asks once he hears the front door close.

"Do you really think someone like me would live solely off of blood that tastes like plastic?" She scoffs, "We have them for when we don't particularly feel like hunting."

Elijah nods, "Katerina-"

"What are really doing here Elijah? Come to collect me for Klaus?" She cuts him off.

Elijah sighs in frustrations and loosens his tie a bit, "I assure you Katerina, my being here has nothing to do Niklaus." He says, hoping that she believes the sincerity in his voice.

Katherine narrows her eyes, "Then why are you here?"

"Because leaving you was a mistake. I truly believed that my family's happiness was more important than my own. I see now that I was mistaken, and I will forever regret not choosing you." Elijah's face was open and painfully honest as he explains himself.

Katherine feels herself soften at his words but refuses to give in. "You said you see now that it was a mistake, what made you see that? What changed your mind?" She asks, trying her best not to show just how much she's hanging onto his words.

He chuckles softly, "A young bubbly vampire talked some sense into me."

Katherine squints, she can only recall ever meeting one vampire that fits under the categories of "young" and "bubbly" but what the hell would Elijah be doing with Caroline Forbes? And when she voices this query she patiently waits for his response.

Elijah raises his eyebrow at her and smirks, "She is with Niklaus now. We formed a friendship of sorts, and she encouraged me to find you and be happy." His words seemed to please, shock and confuse Katherine.

Katherine knew of Klaus' infatuation with the happy go lucky vampire and she guessed that it wasn't completely one sided, but she never thought Caroline would give into him. She has to admit, she's impressed. But she is a bit confused as to why Caroline would encourage Elijah to find her. She killed her, why would Caroline want her to be happy? Maybe she just truly is a good person.. She shakes her head trying to make herself focus on more important things than Miss Mystic Falls.

"Why did it take this long for you to come find me?"

Elijah sighs and runs a hand through his hair, "That, is a long story."

Katherine purses her lips, "I have time."

And so he tells her about Henry, about Rebekah, about Klaus, about everything.

And by the time he's finished his tale Katherine is sure her mouth his hanging open. She has of course known about the miracle baby but she always assumed that it was a hoax, that either it wasn't real or someone else was the father. Never in a million years did she think the child would ever make it to its first birthday let alone its tenth, with Elijah raising him all alone.

She's not too shocked at what Rebekah did considering their family history and all the times she was screwed over by Klaus, it only makes sense that one day she returned the favor.

But none of this was fair to Elijah, she's sure the way he talks about the kid that he loves him greatly, but for that responsibility to be dumped on him because of a long time feud between his two siblings doesn't sit well with her.

Though the image in her head of Elijah holding a little baby boy makes her smile a bit. Though it turns to a frown when she thinks about her daughter and how she was never granted the opportunity to hold and to love and to raise her. She feels a stab in her chest and she immediately pushes away any pleasant feelings towards Elijah.

If his psycho brother hadn't hunted her she could have settled somewhere and maybe, just maybe Nadia would have found her sooner, and the fact that Elijah chose the man who made her life a living a hell was not something she would easily forget.

"That's a real tear jerker, honestly. But now that Klaus doesn't need you, you think you can just waltz back into my life and act as if I'm not your second choice?" She snaps at him.

Elijah's eyes widen and he's taken aback by her sudden change in demeanor. He thought their conversation was turning out quite well but he should have known she wouldn't give in that easily.

He takes a breath before speaking, "Katerina, you are the most important thing in my life and I will do whatever I have to to make you believe that. I will take whatever anger and resentment you throw my way, I will grovel and beg if I have to. If I win your heart over again all of it will be worth it, and even if I don't succeed, I will be grateful for getting this time with you." He tells her.

He watches with baited breath as her eyes become misty and she turns her head and blinks a few times.

"Well, don't expect this to be easy." Is all she says before she gets up and walks out of the room, leaving a smirking Elijah on the couch, mentally thanking the tiny blonde back in Paris.

The weeks that followed that conversation weren't too pleasant. Everything Elijah tried was met with a scoff and an eye roll as Katherine rejected and ignored him. She could see that he was getting quite discouraged but Katherine had to hand it to him, he never gave up.

About two months into his stay he tried something different.

"Katerina?" He calls as he knocks on her bedroom door.

Katherine sighs, "Come in."

Elijah opens the door and enters her room, scanning the room with his eyes before they settle on her body nestled in the sheets of her bed.

"Make this quick, I'm tired." She says, barely sparing him a glance.

Elijah clears his throat and looks down at his feet briefly, almost losing his nerve, "Right... well, I have something for you." He states as he pulls a thin black box from his jacket.

Katherine perks up a bit, he always used his words or fancy dinners or attempts at romantic dates to woo her, he never tried gifts. Her interest was now peeked.

"What is it?" She asks, eyeing the box.

"Find out yourself, open it." He holds out the box for her to take.

Katherine carefully takes the box from Elijah and leans back against the headboard. She plays with the box before slowly peeling the lid open.

When she sees what's inside of it she gasps. Staring back at her was the necklace Elijah had given her years ago that she never took off until the day she left it for him.

"My necklace," She whispers, "you kept it?" She asks taking her eyes off the necklace, no trace of her usual mask on her face as she looks up at Elijah.

Elijah nods, "I wanted to return it to its rightful owner and let them know the meaning behind the piece of jewelry still rings true." He admits his love once again before walking towards the door, "I truly hope you keep it this time." He adds before exiting the room.

Katherine stares at door as a tear rolls down her cheek. She doesn't know what she did to deserve someone like him. She wipes her face and unclasps the necklace and puts it around her neck, sighing when she feels the cool chain hit her skin.

She lays back down in the sheets and contemplates what she should do. She had planned to make Elijah work for it for a bit longer, but him giving her the necklace back was not something she had anticipated. She can't dismiss this gift because it's something so special to the both of them, and she's finding herself not wanting to dismiss him anymore.

She spends a good two or three hours in bed trying decide what to do before she throws caution to the wind and tosses her sheets back and quietly slips out of her room. She makes it over to the guest room that Elijah has been staying in and she tries to make as less noise as possible when she enters the room.

Upon entering she notices Elijah haphazardly under the sheets, snoozing away, the sight makes her smile and think of all the times she's woken up next to the same sight. Only he had less clothes on then, she thinks with a smirk.

She crawls into the bed next him, startling him awake, "Katerina? What are you doing?" He whispers, his voice thick with sleep and confusion.

"Shhh, just listen," when he nods she continues, "When you chose your brother over me you hurt me... a lot. But resisting you when I love you so much hurts me even more." She admits.

Before Elijah can even comprehend what she's saying, she grabs his face and pulls him into a hungry kiss.

Their lips move to together frantically, desperately until Elijah moves his lips along her jaw and down her neck, smiling faintly when his lips hit the chain of her necklace.

"God I've missed this Eli." Katherine whispers breathlessly.

Elijah moans in agreement, kissing his way back up to her lips, "I've missed you more than you can imagine Katerina." He groans into her mouth, moving his body flush up against hers.

Katherine whimpers at the contact she missed so much and then giggles when she feels him pressing into her, "Oh I think I can imagine." She teases.

Elijah growls at her teasing and grinds his hips into hers making her teasing stop as her she tosses her head back with a throaty moan, causing him to smirk.

The two spend the rest of the night and the better part of the morning getting reacquainted with each other's bodies.

Something Nadia in the next room over wasn't too pleased about.

It's been two months since Stefan started staying with Caroline and Klaus, which means it's been four months since Elijah left and Henry is dealing with that surprisingly well. Caroline guesses it has something to do with his new fun uncle Steffy, as Henry likes to call him, much to Stefan's displeasure and Caroline and Klaus' amusement.

Henry immediately took to Stefan. Caroline had no idea but it turns out that Stefan is great with kids. It was clear as day that Stefan absolutely adores Henry. He took every chance he could to bond with him and whenever he was out he always brought something home for Henry whether it was a toy or an ice cream or even clothes or a pair of shoes. He was positively spoiling him and Henry loved the attention. So much so that Klaus was beginning to get jealous that all Henry could talk about was how fun and cool Stefan was. For a few weeks Stefan had all of Henry's attention and Klaus walked around with a permanent frown etched on his face, and Caroline thought it was the most adorable thing she'd ever seen.

"Oh stop pouting." She teases him with a smile as she watches him stomp around the kitchen.

He sends a scowl her way, "I am not pouting." He insists.

She laughs at the disgust in his voice, "Yes you are. You've been living in sulk city ever since Henry and Stefan became bffs." She laughs even harder when Klaus' frown becomes more prominent.

Klaus narrowed his eyes, "I am not living in sul-" he stops and takes a breath, "you know what, I don't have to deal with this." He says before storming out of the kitchen.

"Oh come on Klaus! I was just teasing!" She calls as she chases after him, giggling all the way.

She finally catches up to him just as he dramatically sighs and drops himself onto the couch in his study.

"He's not Stefan's son. He's mine. Therefor he should be spending time with me. Not Stefan." He complains.

She smiles as she comes up behind him and leans over the back of the couch and rests her head on top of his and lets her hands settle on his chest, "You miss him." She clarifies and she feels him nod his head as he grabs her hands in his and intertwines their fingers.

"It hasn't even been a year and Henry's already found someone he likes better." He confesses, glad that Caroline is behind him so he doesn't have to look her eye while being so weak.

"Oh Klaus..." She mumbles sadly and squeezes her arms around him, "He doesn't think Stefan's better than you. He just likes new people. You're his dad, no one can replace you in his life." She tries to comfort him.

He shakes his head, "I don't think-"

"I've seen the way he lights up when you're with him, and I've seen the way he looks at you as if you're the greatest, coolest person in the world. He loves you Klaus, anyone with eyes can see that he thinks the world of you." She cuts him off.

She let's go of his hands so she can come around the couch and she sits herself down in his lap and wraps her arms around his neck.

He avoids looking her in the eye so she unwraps her arms from him and takes his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her. Her heart clenches at how unsure of himself he looks. The more time she spends with him the more she learns that while he may be the almighty immortal hybrid, he's just as scared and insecure as anyone else. And she instantly feels bad for teasing him earlier.

"You think so?" He mumbles as he shyly meets her eyes.

"I know so." She says fiercely, holding his gaze.

Slowly but surely a smile makes it's way to his face, a small one, but a smile none the less, "I love you." He whispers as he cups her cheek in his hand and brings her face closer to his so their noses are just grazing each other. He hopes that she can see and feel just how deeply his love for her goes.

She grins and leans into his touch. She can see in eyes just how much he means those words and she's never felt more loved or safer than she does in that moment.

"And I love you." She says, enjoying the way he brightens whenever she says those words to him, before pulling him into a rough kiss, a sharp contrast to the sweet moment they just had.

But Klaus isn't complaining, he kisses her back just as fiercely and quickly flips them so she's pressed firmly between the couch and his body.

She squeaks at the sudden movement but moans when she feels him press himself against her.

The two forget their worries and get lost in each other.

Stefan hears their moaning as he and Henry got closer to the study and he spins around, spinning Henry around with him and starts walking back the way they came, "Hey how about we go out for some ice cream?" He offers.

Henry looks at him confused, "but what about dad and Care?" He asks.

"Uh... We can bring them home something... Surprise them." Stefan suggests, sighing in relief when Henry's eye light up at the idea of surprising them.

"Yeah okay!" He exclaims excitedly and runs towards the door leaving Stefan to chase after him, silently praying Klaus and Caroline would be done by the time they got back.

Caroline notices that shortly into Stefan's stay that he becomes tense and sneaky whenever his phone goes off. If it was a text message he makes sure no one is close enough to read it and if it's a phone call he excuses himself and takes the call away from everyone.

Caroline doesn't think Stefan would conspire against Klaus again but she's starting to get nervous.

On one particular evening when Klaus was out bonding with Henry in the tree house - which always makes Caroline grin, seeing the big bad hybrid huddled in a child's tree house - Caroline and Stefan were having a snack - human snacks, not vampire snacks - in the living room while some tv show was on that neither of them were paying attention to, when his phone beeps and he tenses up and quickly - almost supernaturally - pulls out his phone, replies with a small smile on his face, and tucks his phone back into his pocket.

Caroline watches on in confusion, trying to figure out what he could be so secretive about.

The only thing she could come up with that he conspiring against Klaus, and by association, her and Henry too. She decides enough was enough and she needs to confront him and figure what the hell he was up to.

She clears her throat, "Stefan?"

He startles a little and looks over to her as if he had forgotten she was in the room, "Yeah? What's up?" He asks.

She narrows her eyes just the slightest bit, "Why do you always get so jumpy and secretive when someone calls you or texts you?" She boldly asks.

Stefan's eyes widen slightly and he just stares at her, reminding Caroline of a scared animal.

"What are you talking about?" He laughs, trying to play it off as nothing.

Caroline's not having any of that, "Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about." She scolds him before her features soften, "Look Stefan, I love you, you know you're my best friend, but if you're plotting against Klaus I have to tell him, not just because I'm dating him but for Henry's sake also." She tells him as gently as she can, getting it all out in the open. She only hopes she doesn't lose a friend because of it.

"What?!" Stefan all but shouts, looking quite panicked, "you think I'm plotting against Klaus? Jesus Caroline, I'm not stupid enough to try that again!" He exclaims.

Caroline hears the honesty in his voice and smiles sheepishly, "sorry, but I mean what was I supposed to think? You were being all sneaky and.." She sighs, "I jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry Stefan." She apologizes and looks down.

He sighs, "It's fine Caroline, I get why you would think that. I'm just grateful Klaus didn't notice my sneakiness - as you put it - first." He says, grimacing at what he imagines Klaus would do to him if he suspects he's plotting against him.

Caroline chuckles, "Yeah he probably would have decapitated you or something, but not before he gave you the wounded puppy look." She says with an eye roll.

Stefan returns the eye roll and laughs, "I'm guessing you won't give up until you know who I'm talking to right?" He surmises.

She raises a brow, "what do you think?"

He sighs and rubs the back of his neck, "This is going to sound bad, but if I tell you, you have to promise me you won't say anything to Klaus." He pleads.

Caroline tenses. She doesn't like the idea of keeping something from Klaus. And if Stefan doesn't want Klaus to know then he must be worried about his reaction meaning it's something bad or dangerous.

She reluctantly nods while biting her lip, figuring it's better that at least she knew what was going on and if it's potentially dangerous she'll have to tell Klaus, Stefan will forgive her.

Stefan takes a breath, "okay, I've been talking a lot to Rebekah lately." He admits.

Caroline closes her eyes and shakes her head, "Please tell me you don't mean Klaus' sister."

Stefan gives her a weak smile, "Now you see why I don't want you to tell Klaus.."

Caroline stands up and starts pacing, "Really Stefan? I mean I'm not judging, I can't because I'm with Klaus, but Rebekah?" She asks. "I did not see this coming.." She mumbles, more to herself than to Stefan, as she brings her hands up to her lips and continues pacing.

Stefan chuckles at her antics, "Calm down Caroline, I bumped into her before I came to Paris and without the pressure and judgment from everyone we started talking and we're friends now." He explains.

Caroline rubs her temples as her pacing slowed but didn't stop, "Yeah but-"

"I like her Caroline. Talking to her makes me happy." He admits softly.

That causes her pacing to come to an abrupt halt. He likes her? Like, likes her likes her? Or just likes being her friend? If merely talking to her and texting her makes him happy then he must have developed feelings for her.

She sighs and plops next to him on the couch, after a few minutes she nudges his side with her elbow, "You like her huh?" She asks, waggling her eyebrows.

He laughs wholeheartedly at how ridiculous she looks doing that causing her to laugh too. "Yeah, I do. She's not like how she was back in Mystic Falls, she's matured into a really great woman." He tells her with a fond smile.

Caroline smiles at how he talks about Rebekah and the look in his eyes. The last time she saw that look was when he was dating Elena. She's glad that he's moving on and he's happy. Although she is still a little cautious of how this will all play out. Will he stay here, will Rebekah come here, will Stefan leave to be with her? Will Klaus go all psycho murderer when he finds out?

She sighs, "Do you guys talk about what happened with Klaus?" She asks hesitantly.

He shrugs, "She's mentioned it briefly. She tried to act as if it wasn't a big deal but I could tell that it kills her that she lost her brothers because of what she did. I know it doesn't make a difference but she does regret it and wish she could so something - anything really - to fix things." He confides in her.

Caroline nods and smiles sadly, "I don't think she lost them, it's just going to take a while for that wound to heal."

He nods, "I just hope it's not too long, she really misses them."

Caroline places her hand on his, "Everything will work out. I know it will." She assures him.

He gives a little laugh, "Leave it to you to always be optimistic even in impossible situations." He teases.

She grins, "Someone has to do it."

Caroline was enjoying her life, she had a boyfriend who adored her and she adored back, she had Henry who means the world to her, and she had her best friend. Everything was great and everyone was getting along fabulously.

Until Stefan out of the blue announced he was leaving.

"What do you mean you're leaving?!" Caroline nearly shouts at him, "You haven't even been here that long! Why do you have to leave?" She stomps her foot in agitation. She doesn't want him to leave, everything was great and she was happy, why does he have to leave?

Stefan winces at her volume, "Caroline.." He sighs.

"No, don't you 'Caroline' me." She points her finger at him. "You can't just leave." She pouts.

He smiles apologetically at her, "I want to go see Rebekah. She can handle herself - like another crazy blonde I know - but I want to make sure she's okay. She doesn't ask for help ever and she doesn't like to tell anyone when she's anything other than 'fine' - again, like another blonde I know." He admits.

Caroline deflates at his words, how can stop him from going to the girl he likes?

She sighs, "Fine. I'm not happy about it though." She tells him, crossing her arms over her chest and raising her chin. "Not the Rebekah part, just the you leaving part." She adds after a few moments, not wanting him to think she doesn't approve of his friendship and feelings for Rebekah.

Stefan smiles and pulls her into a hug.

"Do you know what you're going to tell Klaus and Henry?" She asks as she hugs him back.

"Tell us what?" Klaus asks, hearing the end of her question as he comes into the room with Henry following.

The two pull apart and Caroline looks like a dear caught in headlights as Klaus looks at them expectantly with a raised brow.

"Stefan's leaving!" She blurts out and she immediately wants to smack her hand to her forehead, that probably isn't the best way to tell Henry he's leaving.

"What? You're leaving too?" Henry asked in a sad voice.

Stefan feels guilty when he sees the sad look on Henry's face. He walks over and crouches down in front of him and takes Henry's hands in his. "Yeah kid, I'm leaving. I'm going on a trip for a while. But I promise you I'll come back." He tells him, hating how Henry's bottom lip quivers.

"Promise?" Henry asks in a small voice.

Stefan nods, "Promise."

Henry tackles Stefan in a hug making him laugh and he's relieved when he hears Henry give a small laugh.

"You know what bud?" He starts as he breaks the hug, "if you want you can have Caroline call me or video chat me and we can talk while I'm gone." He offers with a smile.

Henry brightens at words, "Really?" He looks at Caroline with hopeful eyes, "Can we do that?"

She laughs and nods her heads, "Of course."

"Yay!" Henry exclaims, grinning.

Klaus chuckles, "Alright Henry, come on let's go find you something to eat." He says causing Henry to jump up and start running towards to the kitchen mumbling something about chicken.

Klaus laughs, "The boy loves his chicken." He shakes his head, smiling as he follows him into the kitchen.

Stefan leaves the next day and despite Klaus and Caroline telling him that he can call Stefan if he wanted to, Henry still mopes around, similar to how he was when Elijah left.

Klaus and Caroline are in the backyard discussing what they could do to cheer Henry up, who is up in his tree house, when both of their ears catch the sound of a car pulling up and two sets of footsteps walking to the front door.

Caroline looks at Klaus confused, "Are you expecting anyone?" She asks.

Klaus shakes his head, "No." He answers, "Stay here with Henry." He says before flashing off into the house.

He makes it to the front door in no time and he opens it before whoever is on the other side can knock.

"Niklaus." He hears Elijah voice but his attention is focused on the woman who is next to him, not so subtly clutching onto his arm as she tries to appear unaffected.

"Katerina." He all but growls as his eyes flash yellow, taking great satisfaction in the fear that flashes across her face.

To be continued, dun dun dun ;)

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