Disclaimer: I don't profit off of making Sasuke and Naruto want to tongue-fuck each other's throats.

Full summary: Sasuke went through relationships like a pair of socks. He seemed to be in a new one every day. But the non-romantic relationship he had with his childhood friend, Naruto, was about the only stable relationship he had going for him. So he didn't want to ruin it with facing the undeniable fact that he was somewhat attracted to the charismatic, blue-eyed, Adonis-like, blond idiot. In the midst of all that, Itachi has agreed to tutor Naruto's promiscuous baby cousin who has an interest in 'something else' other than hitting the books.

Author's note: Just a little heads up, this story was started almost four years ago so the writing for the beginning chapters isn't as up to par as it is for the later chapters because I was younger then but hopefully many don't mind. I promise it's readable LOL. :) Update: Slowly being edited/proofed.

"Why oh, why am I in my bed I lie
All alone, my eyes open wide
I wonder which one of, which one of
y'all finna come up
Do it sun down 'til the sun up
And she won't tell me no
Yes, she gon' come running
I keep girls on hold, I'm not being funny
But tonight I'm on a different time
Want something I've been trying to find
Maybe something I done
left behind." ( - The Prelude. Trey Songz. /Uchiha Sasuke.)

Warning: (18+.) OC(Children.) Character Undergoing Mental illness. Inappropriate relationship between minor/adult. Yaoi(Male x Male.) Psychological. Unbeta'd.

Chapter 1 - Mutual Attraction.

That evening Naruto stormed into the parking lot of his job building, a glare darkened on his face. He absolutely could not believe that asshole! His briefcase-bag hanging from his shoulder and swaying with his heated steps, he ran a hand through his blonde hair. All day he had been ordered around by his stern, dick-wad of a boss, and best friend since preschool, Uchiha Sasuke. – Some fucking friend! He couldn't even cut him a break today!

Naruto huffed as he neared his car and then opened the vehicle door, stepping inside and plopping down with a grunt. He was so damn tired and all he wanted to do was head home for a cup of instant ramen and then dive face-first onto his bed. He could feel a yawn bubbling up at the thought. Sasuke honestly burned him out, though he hadn't seen him much today. The Uchiha basically called him from his office, by phone, and stated his demands.

It was days like today he wondered what it would be like to go home to someone. A person that could ease his stress and exhaustion, give him nice shoulder massage and foot-rub. He made an expression of bliss at that. Ahh, that sounded like heaven to him right about now. He was sure he could pull that kind of lover. He was a rather handsome young man, and had even been called gorgeous on occasion, annoyingly. The messy, golden-blonde hair that grew true from his roots and the whisker like birth-marks scarring his cheeks that others had always been weirded out by when he was younger, were now seen as attractive. Then there was his bright, azure eyes and lean, slender body. Yeah, he guessed he could get anyone he wanted if he really wanted to. That was IF he wanted to, because he didn't want just any lover. No. He would rather leave that place reserved for the 'dick-wad' he was in love with, Uchiha Sasuke. It was stupid and torturous for him to even have the feelings he harbored for Sasuke, but they were feelings he learned to bury and deal with on his own.

"Shit, I feel so stuffy and tired. I hope he's pleased with himself." Naruto undid the first two buttons of his crisp, white dress shirt before glancing at the watch on his wrist. Damn, it wasn't even that late and he was ready for bed. He put his phone in it's holder in the car, making sure it was secure. He then breathed a sigh and searched his slacks pockets for his keys, finding them in his left pocket and put the car key in the ignition, starting the car up, the engine roaring to life.

After adjusting the rear-view mirror to his preferred position, he fluently backed out of his parking-space in the lot underground of his work place, The Sharingan Branch of Uchiha Corp., and drove for the exit, soon taking off down the streets of Tokyo. He found himself bored within time and decided to turn on some music when he came to a stop light. "There's gotta be something good playing tonight," He reached over and switched through the stations since he forgot his aux cord at home and he was sick of the CDs he had in his car. He stopped on a station he listened to very often, lightly bobbing his head. "This will do." He said to himself, grinning.

The beat was compelling against his eardrums and he gripped the steering-wheel, stepping on the gas after seeing that the light had changed.

"Know you say you down with it. Won't tell 'em how you hit the ground with it, girl, you know I'm from Chicago! I act a fool, Bobby Brown with it! Nobody take me out, though! You got gifts bring 'em down the South Pole," The young man muttered to himself in a smooth, honeyed voice. He had a hidden talent for singing, weirdly enough. In the midst of him trilling along to the melody, his phone went off and he came to a stop sign, so quickly he reached over and touched the bright screen, answering it and putting it on speaker.

"Yes, Dad?" He answered, stepping on the gas once again, his eyes focused on the road.

"Naruto, have you seen Menma?" His adoptive father, Iruka, practically yelled through the device and the blonde turned the music down.

"Heh? Menma? ..No, I haven't heard from him since I dropped him off at school this morning. Why?" He inquired, arching a brow and he heard the man groan out in frustration.

"He's still not home yet! I swear that child…"

Naruto tilted his lips, exhaling through his nose. What could they do? Menma was Menma, his biological cousin, but more like Naruto's little brother. When Menma stayed out at all hours of the night they worried about him.

"I'll try to find him." Naruto told him, his tone reassuring.

"Thank you. You're such a good child. Why can't that boy learn a thing or two from you?" His father uttered and Naruto laughed a bit.

"Well don't forget I had my rebellious years too, Dad."

"Oh, don't even get me started thinking about that. I'm just glad it's passed. Get home safe."

"Alright, I will. And don't worry. I'll see if I can find him." Naruto replied, making a turn at a corner and then he hung up the call.

Naruto had the average life. A great job, trust-worthy, long-time friends, a wonderful family and nice home of his own. But, of course, in his condo it was just him, most of the time, unless he was having friends over, but otherwise he was alone. No boyfriend, no girlfriend, nobody.

Life was a struggle for him as a child, especially having been raised in an orphanage, never knowing who his real parents were. It had toughened him as a person and no matter how difficult it had been for him, it taught him a lot about the misfortunes in life. Menma was placed in the orphanage Naruto grew up in when Naruto was about ten and he was sincerely grateful for that day, no matter how unfortunate the circumstances had been, because Menma was the only family that he knew, and maybe even had left.

Iruka adopted the both of them together, something he was more than thankful for because how often did that happen with orphans? Often orphans were separated from their kin through the adoption system and the last thing he wanted was to lose his little cousin. Menma had a difficult childhood as well, tougher than Naruto's, even before he was orphaned at the age of five, so Naruto felt he needed to look out for him. Where the hell he could've gone tonight? He had no idea.

Naruto grunted when his phone ringer went off again and glanced at the caller ID. It was Sasuke. If he wanted him to come back and work late he was out of his damn mind. Answering the phone, he tried to sound cheerful.

"Yes, Teme!"

The man gave a deep growl and Naruto heard papers shuffling.

"Naruto, don't patronize me with that tone. And what have I told you? It's Sasuke-san or Uchiha-sama when I'm in the office."

Naruto's mouth fell open, blushing slightly. "How was I patronizing you? How else did you want me to answer your call? 'Yeah, what the fuck do you want, you bastard?' That really would've pissed you off," Naruto laughed, giving a roll of his eyes. "And you're in the office. Not me. I don't have to be respectful after-hours. Stop being grumpy, okay?"

"Look I need to have these files sorted by Friday and the schedule of the meeting planned out by tomorrow so yes, I'm a little fucking grumpy, dobe. However, that's nothing related to what I called you for," He said, his voice tired and strained. "I need you to pick up Daisuke for me. He had club activities but I completely forgot about the time, and I'll be leaving the office pretty late tonight, so can you?"

"Of course I can."

Naruto heard a sigh of relief leave the man.

"But I think a 'please' is in order." The Uchiha sucked his teeth at that and a grin split on Naruto's face. That wouldn't be so hard. "Come on, I deserve a bit of appreciation."


"Thank you," He smirked, knowing how hard it was for the man to even utter please or beg. "I'll be on my way right now." He ended the call to let Sasuke get back to work and took off for the child's school.

Uchiha Daisuke, he was Sasuke's pride and joy, his only child. Sasuke, unfortunately, knocked up a girl when he was fifteen and by the age of sixteen he had become a father. Naruto had, had feelings for him then, too. He liked Sasuke a lot, ever since he, himself was at least twelve, but the raven was always a bit, girl-crazy (and Naruto used that term lightly) so he knew for a fact the Uchiha wasn't into guys and even though he felt angry sometimes and jealous of those girlfriends, he swallowed his own hurt-feelings and stood behind Sasuke one hundred percent. Hell, he practically helped Sasuke raise Daisuke throughout their teenage years, and not because he felt he had to or felt like he should, but because he wanted to.

He thought of Daisuke as his own at times, but over the years Naruto realized one day Sasuke would get married and find that person to take his place in Daisuke's life.

"-What the hell! Lady, chill out!" Naruto dodged a book that came flying passed his head.

The attacker was fair skinned, her hair was up in a bun and her face flushed from the exhaustion of her paranoia. "Uchiha-san said nothing about anybody picking up Daisuke-kun," She then gasped. "You're one of those sick perverts that waits outside schools aren't you? Blond hair, blue eyes, you're a foreigner! I've heard about your kind!"

Naruto blinked, taken aback. What the fuck was this lady on?! "Okay, that was uncalled for, lady. I don't have time for this."

A child then came into the classroom, humming to himself and drying his small hands with a paper towel. He was dressed nicely in red, knee-high shorts and a black sweater with a white collar and black uwabakis. His brown eyes glancing up from his hands when he heard the commotion, he spotted his favorite blonde in the whole wide world!

"Naru-chan!" The boy dashed over to the Uzumaki and hugged his leg, looking up at him.

"Hey, Daisuke!" Naruto grinned, breaking his attention away from the teacher.

The teacher's face faltered and she started second guessing herself. "Wait… Daisuke? You know this man?" The woman asked, her eyes wavering.

"Mhm. He's my Daddy's friend? Why?" His head tilted in curiosity and Naruto had a boastful smirk on his face, his hands on his hips.

"I am so sorry!" She bowed her head to the Uzumaki, apologizing frantically. "I had no idea! His father didn't call me so…"

"Yeah, well I understand. I heard about your 'kind' as well, ya know, the crazy kind."

The last fifteen minutes consisted of the woman trying to explain herself, apologizing profusely and then she calling the child's father for confirmation. Something she should have done in the first place.

"She's a substitute. I thought she was kind of weird too." Daisuke whispered and Naruto laughed, looking down at him.

This lady was fucking insane!

His home was an average-sized condo with a sofa, coffee table in the centre of the living room and a flat-screen television was across from the sofa. The kitchen was through a brown door and his bedroom was through the narrow hall leading out of the living room, along with a bathroom and laundry room.

Naruto opened the door to his place, letting out a relieved sigh as he stepped in first, the child following behind him with his backpack on his shoulders. Naruto tossed his keys in a basket on the short plant table in the corner of the genkan and loosened his tie, unable to help yawning.

"Alright, Daisuke," He turned his head to look at the boy who was looking around aimlessly. "There's the remote to watch TV. I'm gonna go fix us something to eat, okay? Sit tight." He informed and the boy hesitantly nodded, holding the straps to his backpack.

When he saw Naruto walk through the kitchen doors, Daisuke plopped down on the sofa. No matter how many times he came over here he always thought about how Naruto lived in such a small place. To him at least.

He was used to bigger, better. But this was kind of like his second home. It was cozy.

Naruto stood at the counter waiting on the two cups of ramen noodles that he already filled with water and covered so the noodles could cook. His hunger grew every second and his stomach growled as the half-cooked scent hit his nose. He was only in a dress shirt, slacks and socks, quite comfortable after a long day's work.

He looked out the corner of his eyes when the kitchen door squeaked open and Daisuke came in.

"Um… hi." Daisuke said nervously, waving a hand.

Naruto chuckled, turning to face him. "Hello," He smiled. "What can I do for you?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk." The child stated, blush spreading across his cheeks and Naruto nodded, taking a seat and then Daisuke climbed up on a chair.

"So, Naru-chan, you don't have a mommy?"

The blonde's eyes widened at the sudden question and then he blinked once. "…I don't."

The boy then nodded nervously in remembrance. Sometimes he forgot that Naruto was just like him, with how happy and cheerful The Uzumaki always seemed. "Ah, r-right.. so it's alright to talk to you."

Uchiha Daisuke was a very bright boy who resembled his father a good deal in his younger years, of course him being an Uchiha, but Naruto realized that as the boy got older the boy was beginning to resemble his mother who was rather gorgeous mother herself. His long, black hair was laced into a French braid along his back while some small, fine hairs fanned along his hairline. Another trait he obtained from his father was his flawless, snow white skin. Yes, Daisuke was a beautiful child of both Spanish and Japanese descendent.

Naruto mentally fawned as the boy looked at him with big, gooey brown eyes.

"I got in trouble today." He mumbled, his eyes saddening and Naruto looked at him sternly.


"But!" He said loudly, leaning on the kitchen table. "It's only because this kid was teasing me! He said I didn't have a mother so I pushed him!" He blurted out.


"Today there was an assignment in class," He began dreadfully. "You had to write ten things you love about your mother, but I didn't have anything 'cause I don't know my mother. Then, this kid just started teasing me when he saw my paper blank.." His voice trembled and Naruto could tell he was about to cry. A tear welled up in the child's eye but Daisuke quickly wiped it away. "You said I shouldn't cry and.. I tried." His lips quivered.

"It's okay, Dai. You can cry." Naruto got up and walked over to him before kneeling down. "Hey, it's alright. Not everyone has a mother and I know it's hard, but you don't have to hold it in." Naruto remembered the last time he gave the boy that advice and Daisuke was still holding to it. Probably not his best advice.

"It's okay, ya know," Naruto cupped the boy's face, his thumbs wiping away his tears. "Your father does pretty well with women, right? Maybe you'll get a step-mother soon." He uttered, the painful undertone in his voice hard to mask and he forced a tight smile.

"Daddy's a big, stupid head with women!" The raven retorted, puffing out his cheeks and Naruto laughed lightly.

"Yeah, I can't disagree there. But maybe you will have a mother, that is, if your father settles down." The Uzumaki nodded, his expression assuring.

"Why can't he settle down with you, Naru-chan?" Daisuke cried and the Uzumaki hugged him tight in his embrace, disappointment glinting in his gaze. Daisuke sobbed on his shoulder and Naruto's blue eyes softened as he smoothed his hand down the boy's head.

"I know.. I wish that could be the answer." He attempted soothed.

The small Uchiha sniffled, tightening his hold on the blonde. His heart hurt. Why couldn't Naruto be a mother to him? Even if he was a guy. He was already like a mother to him. The boy had never known his his real mom. He didn't even know what she looked like because his father refused to show him that photo album. And his father didn't like speaking about her, either.

"Daisuke," Naruto leaned up and the small Uchiha rubbed is nose. "Let's have some ramen, okay? I know you're hungry. And then we can watch a movie?" He suggested, patting the child's shoulders, working to his comfort him.

Daisuke weakly nodded, wiping his face.

Naruto had a small smile curve onto his lips. "That's my Dai."

He was the pure definition suave. As smooth as chocolate. The man of every woman's, and even man's erotic fantasies. Sasuke headed up the steps of Naruto's condo, tall, handsome and wearing a black Armani suit that pressed finely against his lean, muscular build. The fringes of his silky, midnight hair brushed against his high cheekbones in the wind, framing his sensual features and intense, slate eyes. His skin was pale, flawless, an angelic white, but he was far too devilish for there to be anything angel-like about him. Sasuke fished his pocket for the spare key to Naruto's condo, which of course he possessed. He and Naruto both had the keys to each other's places.

He found the key and unlocked the door. It was going on one in the morning, so Daisuke was probably asleep at this hour. He had hoped to finish at the office sooner, but that didn't go as planned. He stepped into the place, shutting the down behind him and then taking off his shoes at the genkan. It was dark, only the TV illuminating the room as he strolled into the living room and then his dark eyes spotted Naruto and his son asleep on the sofa, obviously after having a great deal of snacks because the wrappers were spread out all on the coffee table.

He neared the occupied furniture and a small smile quirked at the corner of his lips at the sight of his son and Naruto sprawled on the sofa.

He momentarily stared at the Uzumaki's sleeping expression, watching his chest fall and rise. He always adored Naruto's sleeping face, strangely enough. Sometimes he thought the idiot had to be the sexiest blonde he had ever seen, even the way he slept was captivating. Then there were times he thought it was odd to have those thoughts about his best friend, who was also a guy. However, over time, he learned not to care since they were close like that. He was appreciating Naruto's beauty. Nothing wrong with that. Naruto was certainly sexier than any woman he had seen.

Giving a shake of his head, he emptied his mind of how cute Naruto looked at the moment. Naruto was a guy, after all. Now women, those lovely dolls were cute. Though, Naruto's full, slightly parted lips looked far tastier than any woman's. He subtly cleared his throat and moved his eyes onto Daisuke, eventually noticing his tear-stained face. A perfect, dark brow rose in concern and he tapped Naruto's shoulder.

"No more candy, Dai.." Naruto murmured, his face twitching in irritation.

Sasuke snorted, rolling his eyes and shook him this time. "Dobe."

"Teme.." Naruto grunted, shifting his body bit and the Uchiha was surprised Naruto actually heard that in his sleep.

He frowned in annoyance and flicked him on the cheek with fingers. Wincing harshly at the sting, Naruto finally woke up, his blue eyes half-lidded. "Hm… Sa'suke?" He grumbled, rubbing his eyes and the man simply nodded. "Damn, took you long enough." He took his time sitting up and stretched his arm, bones cracking as he did so. "..Fuck."

"Thanks for watching him, Naruto." Sasuke showed him a grateful smile and Naruto, looking still half-asleep, reached his hand out to him, expectantly. "Hn. What would I do without you, goldilocks?" Sasuke smirked, smacking the inside of Naruto's hand so hard the sound resounded throughout the room and he felt the sting himself, his grip tight.

Naruto scrunched his face at the aching impact, hissing out in pain. "Owww, Sasuke! That shit hurt!" He pouted, yanking his hand away from the Uchiha and glanced at his now reddened palm.

"Hn," Sasuke chuckled, waving his own stinging hand. "I know. I felt that too. It probably hurt you more though, huh?"

Naruto wiggled his fingers. Sasuke's hand may look delicate, but his hands were bigger and a lot rougher than his. "You play too much."

Sasuke looked back at Daisuke. "He was crying?" He fluently leaned down, letting his hand caress the child's tear-stained cheek.

Naruto nodded, rubbing hand against his other in order to soothe it. "Some kid was picking on him," He mentioned, glaring. Kids were so damn mean.

Sasuke's dark eyes hardened. Nobody messed with his. He felt maybe he should start teaching the boy how to fight for himself instead of crying about it.

"I should teach him how to punch assholes in the face." The man stated, the bit in his tone sharp and Naruto looked at him. "What? Clearly an asshole made him cry."

"An asshole would know." Naruto snickered.

"Oh yes. Very funny, dobe. I hope you had him brush his teeth before he fell asleep."

Naruto had an expression of guilt claim his face.

After getting home, Sasuke laid his suit jacket onto the back of sofa and Daisuke walked passed him, silent.

"Daisuke?" He called.

The boy turned to him with exhausted eyes. Sasuke hated to see that stressed look on his face, but he needed to talk to him. He beckoned him over and the child slowly walked over to him.

They both took a seat on the big sofa and the boy was silent beside him, his fists balled in his lap.

"What happened today?" He questioned, arching an concerned eyebrow at him.

His son shrugged, pouting. "Nothing." He didn't want to stress his father out any more than he already was.

Sasuke eyed him, expecting that answer. Naruto already explained what had been troubling the small Uchiha, but Sasuke wanted to hear it from Daisuke's mouth. He didn't want him to feel like he couldn't tell him his problems. He always wanted Daisuke to know that he was here for him. "Did you get teased today?" He inquired, placing a hand on the child's head.

The boy's eyes saddened. "Mmhm."

Sasuke sighed, dragging his fingers through the child's hair comfortingly. "About what?"

Puffing out his cheeks, Daisuke replied, "I don't have a mother and the other kid thought it was funny."

The Uchiha rubbed a hand over the back of his own neck. How was he supposed to fix this?

"Hn. What about your grandmother? She's like a mother, sort of." He said, grabbing the backpack off his back.

"Grandma is Grandma." He murmured dryly with a frown, letting his father take off his backpack and put it down on the floor near the coffee table.

"Right," Sasuke sighed again, turning back to the child. "…What about Yuka-chan, she could be a nice mother one day." A smug smile curved onto his face.

"Daddy, you dumped her yesterday." He reminded, eying at him obviously. With the help of his uncle, Itachi, they got rid of that evil bitch! Or so Itachi called her.

Sasuke's eyes instantly narrowed. He had already known that, that had been the work of his big brother and Daisuke. They completely wrecked his date yesterday night because she was 'no good for him', as Itachi put it. Heh, that man was a pure demon who just loved to torture him. What did he know? "I did, didn't I?" He eyed his son, skeptically.

"Uh-huh." Daisuke surely nodded.

"Well, tell me what kind of mother you would like." His father leaned back against the sofa, his hair a bit strewn from his day of work.

Daisuke tapped his finger on his chin, tilting his lips. "…Naru-chan."

Sasuke's eyes widened.



"Dai', Naruto is a man." He chuckled deeply.

The boy gave a nod. "I know, but I don't care that he's a guy. He could be a good mother for me. Grandma even thought so when we talked about it," He beamed, grinning widely. "Unless I have Naru-chan as a mother I won't be happy." He voiced strictly.

Sasuke nodded, thinking to himself. Maybe, he could make that happened.

"Fine." He stood from the sofa and picked up his son, raising the child in his arms and Daisuke threw his arms around his neck. "It's late, so it's bath time and brushing your teeth because I know Naruto didn't enforce that rule." He looked Daisuke in the eyes and then the boy looked away from him, of course knowing better than not have brushed his teeth, even when Sasuke wasn't there to enforce that rule himself. "Daisuke?"

Daisuke pouted, looking back at his father with wavering eyes. "No! He did, Daddy! He told me to brush my teeth!"

Sasuke's gaze narrowed. "Don't lie for him, Daisuke."

"Whaaa? I'm not lying, Daddy!" Daisuke laughed, unable to keep it in.

Naruto strolled through the company building the next day, holding some files close to his chest, grinning from ear to ear. He was happy today. He didn't have Sasuke calling him every second and telling him to do more tasks than he could handle in an hour. Yes, today was going to be a good day. ...Why did he feel like he forgot something last night, though?

"Morning, Naruto!" Kiba looked up from his office computer screen after checking to see what company packages should be arriving today and eyed Naruto expectedly. "Sasuke running you into the ground hard today or what, bruh?"

The blonde stopped, turning to him with an odd gaze. "Surprisingly, no."

"Really?" Sakura cut in, walking away from the main office printer, eying him oddly. "Sasuke-kun usually tells you to do a thousand things at once. What do you know, he might have a heart today, Naruto." She smiled, patting his back and the Uzumaki shook his head.

"I doubt that." He replied, pursing his lips. All the other employees were hard at work in the incorporation building, which was fucking huge. That was why he was actually rushing to get these files to the Engineering department, and that was on the fucking twelfth floor.

"How is Daisuke-kun?" Sakura chimed, stepping forward. They were all close friends, so it was no secret that Sasuke had a child and they simply adored the boy. They hadn't seen him in a while though.

"He's fine… I guess. I mean, he's dealing with a few assholes at school, but he's good."

"I sure wouldn't want to have Sasuke as a father. He's the asshole Daisuke has to deal with at home," Kiba scoffed, frowning. "Can you believe he won't give me a damn raise?"

"C'mon, Kiba. He may not seem like it, but Sasuke is a great father," Naruto said defensively with a roll of his eyes and Kiba sucked his teeth, obviously uncaring of that fact. Sometimes Naruto just wished Sasuke would give Kiba the damn raise so he would stop being so grumpy in the morning.

"Kiba, Naruto respects Sasuke-kun, unlike you dog-brain, and he's right. Sasuke takes good care of Daisuke. I've seen it myself," The bubble gum haired woman scolded and the messy hair man bared his canines at her. "Lighten up, idiot."

"Naruto-kun," The three looked at the red haired woman that approached them and she pushed her glassed further onto her nose. "Uchiha-san would like to see you in his office." Sasuke's secretary, Karin, informed him.

"Oh. Okay." Naruto nodded, walking over to set the files he had down on his desk and then left to go see what Sasuke needed of him today.

When he reached the Uchiha's office, he knocked on the door and got a discreet 'come in'. Naruto turned the knob and walked in, blue eyes gazing at the man sitting at his desk.

Sasuke bit down on the end of a silver pen, dark eyes glued to the desktop screen. He heard the door close behind Naruto before glancing away from the screen.

"Ah, Naruto. Take a seat." He gestured his hand toward a sofa-chair in his office and Naruto cautiously moved towards it, taking a seat. The Uchiha was being strangely nice to him today.

"What, man?"

"I have a proposition for you." Sasuke leaned back in his chair and the blonde stared at him in confusion.

"Oh. A proposition..?"

"A proposal." Sasuke simply rephrased the term to where Naruto could better comprehend it. Naruto wasn't a fan of difficult words.

Naruto dumbly blinked, but put on an understanding smile.

The Uchiha's gaze narrowed. "Dammit, Naruto. I want you to do something for me!"

"Oh. I got you!" Naruto grinned, nodding. And, no. He was not this ditzy because he was a blonde. He naturally had trouble with grammar... and anything else academic related. ...He barely made it out of high school, but Sasuke had been his savior. "Man, chill sometimes. Don't get so worked up. What do you need from me?" He went onto ask.

"I want you to become Daisuke's mother." He demanded, his expression serious and the Uzumaki's eyes grew wide.

"What? What the hell..? What are you talking about?"

"You heard me." Sasuke snorted arrogantly.

"Yeah, I heard you but-"

"I'll give you a raise." The raven negotiated.

"Okay, the fact that you want to pay me to be branded as Daisuke's 'mother' is wrong on so many levels," Naruto rolled his eyes, getting up. This was dumb. And Sasuke had said a lot of dumb shit in his life, but this topped the cake. "I know I've been that person in his life, but ultimately you need to find the woman to take on that role. Not me.. I'm just... I do what I can." He sheepishly said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"He told me he wanted you. What can I say to him? No?" He argued firmly, reclining back with a sigh and Naruto felt bad.

"Sasuke… I can't." He replied unfortunately, giving a shake of his head. "You can't just decide to brand me as his mother. That's not how this works, you know. And wouldn't that seem weird to you? I'm a guy, and I'm pretty sure your future wife wouldn't like that very much," He added, laughing a bit.

Sasuke shook his head, pulling open the drawer of his desk and whipped out a photo. "Usuratonkachi, could you really say no to this?" The man held the photo up and Naruto swallowed, guilt building in the pit of his stomach. "This child wants a mother and not any normal woman, he wants you." He explained and the blue eyed male cussed under his breath. It was a picture of baby Daisuke on the verge of tears.

"Sasuke, you're my best friend but.. wait, dude. You have pictures of your son stored in your work desk? What the hell are you using those for?" He asked completely dumbfounded. Sasuke whipped it out on reflex, like he black-mailed people with it every day. He wouldn't be shocked if that was the case either.

Sasuke's face stayed firm, his tone indifferent. "No, not only of my child."

Naruto sighed.

"I also have pictures of old pets that I assume Itachi murdered with his bare hands," He snarled, his lips twitching at the thought of his older brother. "Oh, and one of Itachi when he got poison ivy that time, and a couple of my mother, who I adore. Would you like to see a photo of Daisuke in a cute little ninja cosplay, he was so adorable that Halloween." He rummaged around in the drawer and inwardly Naruto's felt a sweat-drop fall from his brow.

"Sasuke, I already know how cute he was because I'm with you guys every Halloween."

"Right," Sasuke looked at the Halloween photo he retrieved, smiling proudly. "I know. But I get so much enjoyment out of looking back at his most adorable costumes."

Naruto had a small grin on his lips.

"Look, you know I do everything I can to make sure Daisuke is the happiest child in the world. You're what makes him happy, and I'll stop at nothing unless you take the offer. I want him to have an amazing childhood, Naruto. I don't want him to feel faulted because he doesn't have a mother. That's my fault," The man acknowledged genuinely. He blamed himself for not giving Daisuke a mother worthy of him as a son. "You are deemed worthy of being his mother, since you have practically been there since he was born, and I thank you for that."

"Yeah.. I have." He agreed with a nod.

Sasuke put his son's picture away. "Thing is, you weren't there because you felt like you needed to be. You wanted to be, even though it wasn't your responsibility. But still, you were there for us and you helped me raise him."

Isabella, Daisuke's mother, ditched both him and her son years ago. Sasuke regretted ever being with her in the first place because of the outcome of their tumultuous relationship. He wished he had known the woman could be so irresponsible and indifferent towards her own child before he knocked her up. Although, it was too late for such regrets now. What's done was done.

Naruto stared at the Uchiha, admiration in his eyes. Sasuke really was a great father, always willing to do anything for Daisuke. He had known that since they were teenagers, and even being asked of this, it wouldn't change anything.

"Sasuke, you should know you don't have to ask me."

to be continued...

Note(s): 1 - Daisuke has a different mother than in the original. 2 - Naruto has no history with Kiba. 3 - Sasuke was never married.

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