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"I like the way you kiss me when we playing the kissing game.
I like the way you keep me looking forward to another day.
It seems like it's a dream.
I kiss you and you kiss me.
It's pushing me into overdrive.
You so above the rest so-so-so fresh.
You know you make me feel so alive.
From the first look, got me hook.
Everything that you do takes my breath away..." ( - Kissing Games. Mindless Behavior. /AkiDai.)

Warnings: 'Curious' children. A character suffering through a mental illness.

"Thank you, Hinata. You can go," Sasuke dismissed her with a wave of his hand, accepting a folder of documents from her and she meekly bowed her head to him before turning to leave his office.

Naruto entered the office as she was on her way out and Hinata shot him a sympathetic glance. She had been in the office when their superior heatedly called for him, for whatever the blonde had done this time, and couldn't help but feel at least a tiny bit sorry for him. Although, the blue eyed man did bring it on himself most of the time.

Merely giving the young woman a pat on the shoulder, he grinned, silently assuring her not to worry about him. He'd make it out alive and breathing, hopefully.

This brought a small smile to her face. She went out the door, closing it behind her, but then jumped when Sakura unexpectedly appeared in front of her face worriedly. "Oh, Sakura! You scared me.. what're you doing, exactly?" Hinata strangely asked, the pinkette peeking over her shoulder, knowing full well that she still wouldn't be able to see into the office either way. The door wasn't see-through after all.

Sakura grabbed her shoulders, green eyes big and biting her lower lip. "Tell me, how angry did Sasuke-kun look, Hinata? Dammit, I hope Naruto will be okay in there,"

Pondering back, Hinata fiddled with her manicured nail. Actually, Sasuke didn't look too upset, however, his voice seemed enraged. She had been busy preparing those documents for their boss all morning, so she didn't know what Naruto was up to. What had he done this time?

"I don't know.. he seemed pretty angry, but his face looked how it always does, unreadable." She unsurely responded, arching a brow and curiously facing back to the door. "What did he do?"

Sakura's lips pursed and she shut her eyes, fighting the stress that was sinking in. If Naruto put Sasuke in a bad mood today, that meant the whole building would be in a bad mood. The Uchiha always gave off this extremely dark aura when he was annoyed and then he'd take it out on the innocent ones, like her.

"What? That's the last one, I swear!" Naruto genuinely retorted, tossing the last copy of the baby photos onto Sasuke's desk. Specifically Sasuke's baby photos. "You don't have to be so upset about it, everyone thought you looked adorable," Stepping back and dropping into the cushioned office chair, Naruto shrugged, tone seemingly indifferent.

Sasuke grabbed the pictures, skimmed through them annoyingly and then neatly put them together before concealing them away in his desk drawer. "Naruto, this is a place of business," He strictly glared, leaning back in his seat, his arms crossed.

"You say that but you flaunt Daisuke's baby pictures all day, every day. Why don't we tell the truth here, you're embarrassed, Sasuke." Naruto had a teasing grin on his face. He figured he was getting under Sasuke's skin and poking at a nerve. And that was his intention. The bastard did make him suffer through a dentist visit.

"Naruto, this is not to happened again, is that clear? I don't need the receptionist ladies calling up here to tell me how cute I was," He gritted his perfect teeth, pissed off. This was disrupting the authority he had over his employees, and the fear he instilled in them.

Naruto nodded, showing a phony pout. "…I'm sorry. I found those when I was cleaning this morning and thought they were cute, you're always so damn sensitive."

Sporting an agitated, frown, the raven stood up and fluently strode his way towards Naruto. The blonde stared back at him, swallowing anxiously and wondered if he seriously ticked him off.

His dark eyes narrowed threateningly, he stopped in front of the Uzumaki and leaned down, slamming is hands on the arms of the chair Naruto sat in. Naruto reacted in closing his eyes, anticipating whatever punishment was to come next.

He tightened his eyes, not sure what was coming. Was the man so embarrassed that he beyond upset with him? Maybe showing off Sasuke's diapers days wasn't the best idea. Suddenly, he felt the slight tickle of a coldness slither around his neck and weirdly opened his eyes with an arched brow, only to witness Sasuke hopelessly sigh as he locked something in the back of his neck.

"Honestly, Dobe, do you want me to fire you?" He humorously murmured, admiring how his gift looked on Naruto.

"Of course not," He huffily replied, casting his eyes down and lifting what he realized to be a pendant adoring his neck. It was a curved white half, and his eyebrows drew together in confusion at the fact that it looked so incomplete. "Um, Sasuke.." His blue eyes traveled up and landed on the pendant dangling around the raven's pale neck.

Sasuke leaned in closer, struggling to keep his blush hidden. He had never felt like this with anyone before, but with Naruto it was different. He gave him butterflies. "I thought it'd be cool if we both had a piece of each other," He explained, taking both of their pendants and linking them together, filling in the halves to make a whole. "And so that when we're together we complete each other."

The pendants together made up the yin and yang symbol. The Uchiha spotted it in a store yesterday and bought at the thought of Naruto.

"Seriously, that line was so corny," Naruto snickered toothily and Sasuke's lips twitched in irritation. He blushed a little as well, seeing the pendant together and his heart skipped a beat. It was sweet though. Not to mention the raven seemed anxious right now.. had he been nervous to give this to him since he got it? "But I like it. Thank you," He smiled, wrapping his arms around Sasuke's neck and pale cheeks actually warmed at the sudden embrace, their foreheads touching.

Seeing the Uchiha's faintly red face up close, Naruto pecked him on the lips and dark eyes wavered awkwardly. 'When did this bastard get so cute?' He thought, his own cheeks flushed and the taller man stood straight, lightly clearing his throat.

"Hn, how's your teeth?"

Naruto was momentarily quiet, reluctant to reply. He hated when Sasuke was right. "They… feel better, I guess. Still got to get my wisdom teeth removed though," He grumbled, scowling at him and rubbing the side of his mouth they worked on.

Sasuke walked back behind his desk and sat down, rolling his eyes knowingly. "Thank me later, Usuratonkachi."

Naruto got up, going over to the man and Sasuke arched a brow, looking at him impassively. He then pouted, sitting on the raven's lap and straddled his hips.

The Uchiha was surprised by the seat Naruto took on his lap and blinked notably. This was somewhat bold of the Dobe.

Smug, dark pools peering into blue, the blonde leaned in to kiss him.

Naruto tingled all over as their lips pressed together lovingly. He enjoyed the feeling of kissing Sasuke. It felt so natural. The Uchiha took over and cupped his face, deepening the kiss and he let the raven's tongue slip into his cavern. Naruto's hands wrapped around Sasuke's neck, the raven pulling him closer and he was pressed up against that strong chest. He shuddered at the feel of the man's tongue rubbing and tangling with his. However, he still couldn't get his mind off that poking at his bottom. It seemed to get harder.

Was that Sasuke's erection? He kind of wished he could do something for his boyfriend, to relieve him, yet, he didn't know what.

Sasuke groped his dobe's ass, frenching the blonde to oblivion and tried to grind Naruto's bottom against his hard on. He hadn't had sex in months. He sensed Naruto stiffened at the intensity, muffling a gasp into his mouth and figured the Uzumaki was overwhelmed. So he broke the kiss, and Naruto, heavily flushed, gazed at him. "Sorry, dobe, too much?" He inquired, chuckling deeply.

Naruto shook his head dishonestly as he panted, kind of embarrassed. "It's okay… I liked it.. it's just," He slid back on the man's lap and looked downward at the bulge in the man's pants.

Slightly flustered, Sasuke thickly swallowed and cleared his throat. Did Naruto know how tempting he was right now? He almost wanted to throw him down on his desk and fuck the daylights out of him. "It's fine, Naruto," He sighed stressfully.

The blonde tilted his head oddly. "But.. doesn't it hurt?" He asked, about to touch it, but harshly, his wrist was grabbed. He looked at the Uchiha, stunned.

"You do that I really won't be able to hold back, dobe," He severely warned. Naruto gave a nod, deciding to let the Uchiha handle it. He just got curious and wanted see what it felt like for a moment. "Now get back to work." Sasuke ordered, letting go of the blonde and Naruto got off his lap.

"Okay, and thank you again for the gift," He leaned in, gave the man a quick peck on the lips and smiled. "Oh, I might stop by tonight. Neji and I made dinner plans!" Naruto grinned, walking away. "Also Daisuke wanted me to bring over that movie he wanted to see, Whisper of the Heart!"

"Hn." Sasuke nodded.

"I'll leave you to jerk off in your office then. Love you, teme!" Naruto waved before leaving the office.

Finally alone, Sasuke was able to let his head fall on his desk and he painfully groaned. Jerk off in his office or wait till he got home? Shit, he was so hard that if Naruto had touched him even once he'd explode.

The past two weeks had been somewhat normal between the two of them. Although, whenever dinnertime came Menma always went out to the convenience store and bought himself food and returned to his room after coming back. Honestly it seemed like the kid was avoiding him at all costs. He stopped talking to him all together and stayed to himself, even when watching television.

Not only that either. The annoying pop of that rubber band against skin agitated him to no end. Did Menma feel so uncomfortable around him that he started some nervous habit? After all he was the adult in the situation and he sort of let everything get out of hand.

Itachi heavily sighed, a book in his hand as he sat beside the teenager. He was falling asleep during lessons a lot lately. Was he not getting enough sleep? Menma cupped his cheek, his arm about to collapse as he dozed off but every time he ended up catching himself.

"Hn, brat." He murmured, frowning, eyes narrowed. "Menma-kun!" He shouted gruffly, startling the teen out of his sleep and the Uzumaki quickly stood to his feet.

"The answer is four!" He answered, eyes half lidded and footing unstable. Blinking himself awake, blue eyes aimlessly wandered and he realized he was not in school. He rubbed his eye and yawned, then looked at Itachi.

Itachi closed the text book he had. "Not sleeping at night?"

"I am sleeping I'm just tired." The blue eyed boy plopped back down, eyes on the open book at his tutor's desk and pulled at the rubber band around his wrist before popping it against his own flesh. The past two weeks for him had been depressing because of nightmares, but he hadn't told anyone, not even Iruka. He didn't want to worry his father so he kept it to himself and tried his best to sleep during the daytime.

Sadly, he started his old habits and began popping rubber bands against his wrist to tame his mind. He used to do it around the age of ten but his father got him to stop.

When he knew bad thoughts were coming that pop on flesh brought that sharp sting. The daytime was different though. He rarely had nightmares in the daytime (for some reason) yet he still got the bad thoughts, but thankfully sex was still the best distraction. He needed sex. If it wasn't for sex he'd go crazy. Shaking his head, he tried to keep himself up and stared at the words in his book.

"Hn, I shouldn't have,"

Menma quirked a brow at the man, popping the rubber band, once again. "Should've what, Itachi?"

Arms across his chest, said man had a serious look on his face. "Well you are only fifteen. My judgement may not have been the best."

"Oh please don't," Menma interrupted, rolling his eyes. "Don't make me seem like the victim here. You didn't do anything wrong, if that's how Deidara made you feel. It was my decision to mess around with you. You didn't force me, you didn't take advantage of me, I did it out of my own free will and I enticed it."

Dark eyes averted. Even so, it was wrong what he did. "You are the child here and I'm the adult."

Menma was beginning to get ticked off. "I am not a child."


"Let's just get back to this." Menma grumbled, turning back to his text book.

They did just that and shortly after, the Uchiha looked at the boy trying to focus on the book in front of him and noticed he was still dozing off. A few times Menma let his eyes drift shut, but he jerked back awake.

Sighing once again, Itachi stood to his feet and put his book on the table. He decided the poor boy needed some rest. He wasn't looking too good either. His skin had been really pale recently and he had dark shadows under his eyes. He grabbed the blue eyed male by the arms and pulled him up to stand.

"Wha..?" Menma awoke out his sleep, looking at the older man and Itachi hauled him towards the bed in his room. "What.. what are you doing?" He asked, disoriented.

"Brat, you need to sleep. You're going to make yourself sick doing this. And I'm going to make sure you sleep, alright?" Itachi insisted and Menma stumbled backwards.

"I don't need to!"

"Yes you do."

"Stop Itachi! I don't want... to.." Looking at the Uchiha, he suddenly found himself seeing someone else and the monster he saw was forcing him onto the bed. Not this time. Please don't! He tried to squirm away but the stronger man wouldn't let him go. "No… no.. Touchan please stop! I'll be good!" He freaked out, frantically flailing in defense.

Itachi immediately stopped, wide eyed. "O-oi, Menma-kun," He went to grab his arm, but the boy started screaming. "Menma-kun it's okay. Calm down-" Before he knew what happened, a hand swiped at his face and the boy's nail cut his cheek, blood surfacing and seeping from the wound.

Silence and shock overcoming them, Menma regained his senses and his sight loomed on the blood on pale skin. Did he just…? Sitting up off the bed, he panted. "I'm… I'm sorry! Your face!" Menma apologized, eyes shockingly wide and the older raven grimaced at the dull pain.

Menma's eyes searched for something to wipe up the blood, nonetheless, Itachi put his hand up.

"It's fine. I'll go clean it." Itachi said as if nothing happened.

Menma briefly nodded, trembling.

The man headed to the master bathroom within his room. Did he say Touchan? What was that about? He did know that Menma had some trauma caused before he was adopted, but what exactly happened to him? He stepped into the bathroom, running the sink water and went to grabbed the first aid kit out the bottom cabinet.

"Menma-kun, I'll be visiting my mother today. You'll be coming along." He informed loud enough for the Uzumaki to hear him.

"…Okay." He heard Menma's low reply. By his voice he guessed the teen was still shaken up.

"How's Aki? Even though I saw him a few days ago, hehe," Naruto sheepishly grinned, slurping up some ramen noodles at the restaurant they were in that evening. Neji was one of his close friends but they didn't get to hang out often because of his busy schedule.

Neji put a glass of water to his lips, sipping some down and then set it back on the table beside his meal. "He's fine. He won a karate tournament yesterday," He replied boastfully. He didn't like to brag (unless it was to Sasuke) but his son always made him proud.

"Oh! Cool! Oh, have you heard from Gaara lately?" Naruto put his chopsticks on the table and took a sip of juice.

Neji scoffed skeptically, cutting his steak with a knife and used his fork to grab it off his plate. "No I haven't. You know Gaara, he's always in his own little bubble. I call, he answers, I ask what he's up to, and he says nothing." He had known Gaara since kindergarten and considered him one of his close friends. Of the few he had anyway. He missed the redhead too.

Naruto laughed, grinning. "That is our Gaara! He's so socially awkward and kawaii!"

"You do know he is a grown man, right, Naruto?" The Hyuga pointed out, brows crinkled. Gaara was.. cute?

"I know but I love Gaara! I miss him. I wish he'd move back to Tokyo. Hell, I barely get to see him now, he quit the company and moved away from me!" Naruto dramatically said, huffing his breath.

Neji chuckled, taking another sip of his water. He honestly enjoyed spending time with his favorite blonde. He was so bright and like a breath of fresh air. Naruto was such a lovable person to be around because he was so bubbly. Was it the blonde hair? No one ever found out. Continuing onto his steak, Neji realized the blonde got strangely quiet and looked at him. Naruto was eying the bar in the restaurant, of course. Naruto liked to drink when he got the chance.

"Want a drink?" He offered kindly and the blonde quickly faced him.

"Well don't think you'll be getting me in bed with just one drink, sir," He mocked the voice of a sweet southern girl and that made the brunette chuckle lightly. Naruto blushed a little, nodding and Neji called for the waiter to order his friend a drink.

He just hoped he wouldn't get too drunk.

"Oh darling, I've missed you! How've you been on your own huh? Wait! What happened to your face, Itachi?" Mikoto frantically put her son to question in the living room and Itachi frowned, his mother examining his face.

Menma left the living room, curious and admired the high ceilings before he let his eyes fall on the two spiral staircases of the mansion and gulped, slightly intimated. Having an accident on those stairs would probably leave anyone paralyzed for life. Breathing in, he put his hand on the banister and stepped a foot on a stair, then headed up.

Graceful crown molding embellished the walls, the grand clock able to be seen from his view and the diamond chandelier dangled above the clean, ceramic floors. Whoa! Uchiha were seriously rich people. He finally reached the landing and peered down the hallways. Which one? He decided to go left, walking on the rose red carpet and dragged his hand along the walls.

"What the hell…?" He uttered, stunned by this place. It was like a 16th century movie. His blue eyes big and shimmering, he stopped when he stood between two grand doors. Left or right? Well since he went left last time, he wanted to try right. He stepped to the brown door and pushed on it, it creaking as it slowly opened. His eyes grew bigger as he was gifted with the sight of the mansion music room.

The room was bigger than a three bedroom house. A piano near the huge window, the sun light shining on it, sets of drums, a small amount of chellos, and much more with another level of stairs. In pure astonishment, Menma's mouth fell open and he stared around, carefully stepping forward, the doors closing behind him.

"Damn," He scratched at his head of hair, unsure of what to do. He didn't want to touch anything. What if he broke something?


He jumped, startled by that gentle voice and turned around. He didn't even hear the door open again. "Hello, Mikoto-san," He bowed respectfully, smiling worriedly. "I didn't touch anything!" He made sure to assure.

Mikoto giggled at his anxiousness. "It's fine, Menma-chan. It's really nice in here, ne?"

"Yes, it's amazing," He quickly added.

"Oh right! I have something for you!" She remembered, tapping her finger on her chin. "I'll be right back, don't move," She left the room and Menma held his hands behind his back. Something.. for him?

The Uchiha woman shortly returned. She walked into the room again and the Uzumaki arched a brow at what was in her hands. "Here you are," She held a beautiful violin out to him and his eyes widened. "This used to be Itachi's, but he gave it up when he was about fourteen. I thought you might like it." She smiled softly.

Menma took it cautiously. "Are you sure you want me to have it? I don't want to break it." He looked it over, admiring its beauty and the woman waved her hand freely.

"If you break it I'll just buy you another, Menma-chan," She gleamed brightly, seeing how Menma handled it. "I feel that every young person needs something they love in life, something they work hard at, a goal. You don't have anything like that, do you?" She hinted slyly. Menma shook his head and she clasped her hands together.

"Do you know what they say about the violin?"

The teenager shook his head again.

"Love is like a violin, the strings are always there, but sometimes the music gets lost."

Menma's nose wrinkled. What did that mean?

Mikoto patted his head lovingly and waved before leaving him alone in the room. Menma just seemed so lonely. Maybe music would give him a new way to express himself. She really did care for Menma, as she did for Naruto and her own sons. Making them happy was her job!

Soon after he had stared at it long enough, Menma held the violin and pondered how to use it. Maybe like a guitar. No, that couldn't be right. There was this stick thingy too.

"Brat, you're holding it wrong."

He craned his neck, looking to see Itachi enter the music room with his hands pocketed. He looked back at the instrument and was stumped. But then, the older man came up behind him, surprisingly making him blush. The Uchiha fixed it in his grasp so that the chin-rest was under his chin and his hand held the neck of the violin up properly.

Itachi smiled proudly, watching Menma and walked in front of him. "Try to play, use the bow to play the strings." He instructed.

Menma nodded, holding the violin steady. He took the bow and slid it over a string, cringing at the sound.

"It takes some practice, but you'll do good if you work hard."

"I think… I will play this, I like it! It's really beautiful." Menma smiled, gazing at his violin and Itachi nodded in agreement. "...Sorry ..about your face."

"It's fine brat. It's only a scratch, it'll heal. I'll teach you how to play, okay?"

"You'll teach me how to play? Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts before you realize you're wasting your time. I'm not good at this kind of stuff."

Itachi snorted, flicking him above the nose. "And that's what teaching is for."

"Alright. Sounds good, I guess." Menma rubbed where the man flicked him, smiling slightly.

Tenten got up from the living room sofa, setting her book on the lamp table and went to check on the boys upstairs. Daisuke begged and begged to stay the night and Sasuke finally gave in, agreeing. However, it seemed every time her son and Daisuke got together they stayed out of eye vicinity of her and that was unusual. Usually the boys played video games, watched movies or just simply wrestled.

She strolled down the hallway and hummed to herself, smiling. Stepping to her son's room door, she opened it, yet, didn't see them anywhere. Until she turned her head and saw a tent in the sheets.

They were playing under the sheets?

"Aki, it feels weird... tingly."

Her eyes bugged out.

"Bad tingly or good tingly?"

"Good tingly, hehe,"

"Okay, now touch mine. That's strange, you're not making any of those noises,"

"Does yours feel tingly, Aki?"

"A little... I guess."

Unsure of what to do, Tenten struggled to find her voice and fumed, marching over to the bed. "Boys!" She pulled the sheets back and the two got scared, the woman catching them naked. "What are you two doing, heh?!" She screamed furiously and the children looked at her teary eyed. "Out!"

"But we don't have our clothes on!" Daisuke mentioned and the woman thought she'd faint any moment.


The two boys scurried from out of the bed. What did they do wrong?

"C'mon Neji, kiss me! One smooch," Naruto cooed, giggling when Neji pulled him out the car and closed the door, helping him walk straight.

"Here, wear these, Naruto. You don't want Daisuke-kun to know you're drunk do you?" Neji had put the blonde's hair into a short ponytail at the restaurant, since his hair had gotten longer and he had to keep it from being in Naruto's face. He put shades on the Uzumaki's face and Naruto grinned stupidly, his face madly red. "Baka, I told you not to drink so much," He scolded.

"W-whoa," Naruto stumbled a little, his body hot and sluggish. From what he could tell they were outside of Neji's house. He kept giggling and Neji frowned. The Hyuga hauled Naruto along, and going to put a foot on the step outside his house, he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

"Hyuga." Sasuke spoke.

Neji grunted, holding Naruto up. "Uchiha."

Sasuke eyed Naruto, seeing him with his hair in a ponytail, slumped on Neji and giggling at nothing really. He looked cute like that, especially with that ponytail and the shades. "What's up with him?"

"Naruto here drank a little too much. He'll sleep at my place."

"Yuuuup," The blonde put up deuces, head turned to Neji and he poked at the man's face. "Because this guy here... i-is my friend...!" He started laughing obnoxiously and hung his head low.

"Give him to me." Sasuke grounded out, getting jealous by the way the brunette was holding his Naruto.

"No." Neji shot back, continuing up the steps of his home. He could practically sense the raven's glare burning through his back, though, he could care less. "Why are you here anyway?"

"Tenten said there was an emergency,"

An odd look etched on Neji's face. What happened, and why didn't she call him?

Aki and Daisuke were seated on the sofa, fully clothed, while Sasuke was in the kitchen speaking with Tenten. They were probably in big trouble.

But why?

Neji stared at the boys, wondering what kind of trouble they caused together this time. He then glanced at Naruto who sat on the loveseat, giggling and falling over, struggling to keep himself up. Such a giddy drunk.

"Let me call Gaara, Neji!" Naruto whined childishly, and though Neji couldn't see his eyes, he was making those puppy dog ones. "What.. if bunnies could fly hahaha!"

"What's wrong with Naruto-san?" Aki asked his father, face screwed up in curiosity.

Daisuke tilted his head, pondering that as well.

"Don't mind him." Neji remarked, sighing and Naruto dropped himself on the sofa, face in the cushions.

Sasuke and Tenten entered the living room and the Uchiha eyed his son with scolding eyes. Daisuke gulped, head low and Aki got that angry look from his mother. Neji was simply waiting for her to tell him what happened.

"Daisuke Uchiha, lets go," Sasuke sneered and the boy got up, giving Aki a sad look.

Then he glimpsed at Naruto. "But what about Naru-chan-"

"Right now!" His father roared and he scrambled to follow the man. "Hyuga, you better take care of my Naruto." Sasuke commanded glaringly and Neji snorted, ignoring him before they left the house.

"Aki, upstairs." Tenten hissed and her son got up, cautiously passing by his mother.

"Neji, I'll explain after you get him settled in the guest room." She smiled, looking at the blonde and Neji finally caught sight of what the blonde was doing.

Naruto crawled on the floor, afraid to stand. He was so dizzy. He laughed, trying to get to his feet, but he was failing miserably at it. One foot in front of the other, he pushed himself up, only to fall again. So he gave up and dropped his head on the floor tiredly, reaching out for help.

"Neji.. I can't stand u-up, I'm gonna puke hehe!" He slurred with a giggle, his shirt rising above his stomach. "I just need'a go to sleep—No, actually, I need'a pee."

Tenten shook her head tiredly and looked at her husband. "Yes, it's always good he drinks with his friends. It would be dangerous to leave him unsupervised when he's like this. Do you know how many people would love to take advantage of drunk, hot blond for a night?"

Neji sighed and fluently bent down, helping the Uzumaki get to his feet.

To be continued...

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