Arriving back in Storybrooke there was much frivolity as the group disembarked the Jolly Roger. Henry was safe. Pan was defeated and everyone had returned alive. Happy endings all round – mostly.

As the group walked down along the docks Emma was too preoccupied with happy thoughts of finally being home. She turned her attention to Henry who was talking a mile a minute, still telling tales of his adventures with The Lost Boys and how he'd been aware of Pan's evil schemes all along.

Rumple had already excused himself, hobbling away as fast as his legs could carry him to Belle. Snow and Charming clung to each other, glad that they had found a way to cure David of his immortal ties to Neverland. Meanwhile Regina, Emma and Neal all stuck to Henry like glue – fearful if they turned their back for a moment that their son would be gone again.

As they prepared to leave the docks Emma's heart sank unexpectedly. Hey where is Hook? She stopped and turned towards the Jolly Roger. There he remained, standing on the gangway, his right arm clinging to a bow line which hung from the side of the ship. She couldn't make out his facial expression but she could tell something was wrong. Her insides began to twist in knots.

During their remaining time on Neverland Emma had kept her distance from both Hook and Neal. She'd been too exhausted and mentally drained to contemplate the awkward love triangle that she had inadvertently become part of. The men had respectfully given her the distance she'd asked for - but the atmosphere had grown tense and uncomfortable. Part of her wished to be swallowed up by another portal so she could pretend the situation didn't exist. She wanted to forget about Hook's previous flirtations - the looks he gave her that said so much without saying a single word. She wanted to forget that kiss, his declaration of love - the thoughts that kept her up at night.

And then there was Neal - the history they had together. Her first love. The father of her child.

"Emma, you coming?" Neal tugged on her arm.

"Uh.. yeah.. I." Emma stammered, still looking back toward the ship.

Regina, always the observant one, gave Henry a grin. "Hey how about we go get something to eat at the diner? Maybe you can stay at my place in your old room tonight? As long as it's OK with Emma of course."

Emma nodded. She and Regina had made amends and formed a truce that she hoped would last. There was room for her in Henry's life as long as it was what he wanted. "I'll come see you in the morning OK Kid?"

"Are you sure it's OK?" Henry replied suspiciously.

"Of course, As long as Regina keeps an eye on you."

"I'm not letting him out of my sight" responded Regina quickly before heading off with him – her hand protectively on his shoulder.

Snow and Charming remained, who were quick to take the hint that Emma had unfinished business. They gave her an awkward 'we're your parents and this is what parents are supposed to do' type of hug that Emma wasn't sure she'd ever get used to. They waved and said they'd see her at home before they too quickly made themselves scarce.

Emma's gaze kept wandering back to the Jolly Roger. Hook was still standing there – still watching her. She feared that if she looked away for too long he might not be there when she looked back.

Neal cleared his throat. "Emma?"

"Neal... I." she was stammering again.

With a loud sigh Neal buried his hands in his pockets. "You love him don't you?"

Emma scoffed. "What? Who?"

Neal shook his head. "Hook, Emma. I'm talking about Hook."

"I'm not in love with Hook." she replied uncomfortably.

"You don't have to lie to protect me you know."

"I'm not lying." she paused and took a deep breath. Tears began to brim in her eyes. "I don't know what I feel."

Neal nodded knowingly. "Just go to him Emma."

Emma was sniffling. "Neal... I'm so sorry."

Neal choked back tears of his own. "Me too Emma. Me too." He sighed again. "Some things aren't meant to be. Or maybe this is exactly the way things were meant to be."

Emma wrapped her arms around him for a warm embrace, tears rolling down her cheeks. "We're family now. Nothing can change that."

"I know." he replied, slowly pulling from the hug. He wiped away a few stray tears of his own and began to step backwards. He gave her one last awkward wave before he turned and walked away.

Emma was struggling to keep it together. She took a few deep breaths and blinked repeatedly as she wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand. She felt relief when she looked up to see Hook still standing at his post – waiting for her.

She wanted to run to him. Her heart was racing with fear and panic that at any moment he and the Jolly Roger would disappear into the sunset. She wasn't ready for him to leave. Pull yourself together Emma.

She walked, albeit quickly back to the wharf. Wiping her eyes again in fear that Hook would see that she'd been crying. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she approached, feeling his gaze upon her – feeling the tension increase as she got closer. When finally she reached the gangway she looked up to where he stood on the ship. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn't find the words.

Hook's eyes were filled with sadness and anguish. When finally he spoke Emma felt as if her heart would break.

"Come to say goodbye Love?"