Peter woke to find himself in a white room. All the walls, floor and ceiling were plain white. He was lying on the floor in his human form and his first idea was to change into a rat. However he didn't have a wand so that was out. He stayed lying on the floor and had decided moving was probably a bad idea. One of the walls moved showing the way out but he was too afraid to move. A noise behind him had him looking back over his shoulder to see a dementor entering through a door behind him. This spurred him into moving. He dove out the door and scrambled to his feet as the door closed behind him. He was faced with two choices one path straight ahead and one to the left. Choosing the straight path he began to move.

He had gone through several twists, turns and path choices when he ran into a dead end. He thought he had found the right path because there was a plate of food sitting on a pedestal. He ran to it and quickly downed the sandwich and juice before he was chased out of the dead end by another dementor. It wasn't long before the boils started forming on his inner thighs and private areas. It made it very painful to move. The next dead end also had a plate of food and a drink but he turned and ran away without sampling.

"Huh, he's smarter than I gave him credit for." Sirius huffed.

"He may just still be full from the sandwich from earlier." Remus offered with a grin, "We'll try more food later."


"Quiet he's reaching his next dead end." Fred hushed them.

"Who did this one?" Harry asked.

"I did of course." Fred grinned.

Peter stopped as he entered another dead end. He whimpered when there was nothing to be seen. He inched forward hoping there was an opening out of his line of sight. A puff of smoke in his face seemed to be nothing but an irritation to those that watched but when the rat began to scream and run out of the dead end they all turned to the grinning twin.

"Hallucination powered. That one makes you see something that really scares you." Fred grinned, "Not much on entertainment for the watchers but terrifying to the rat."

"We use the same kind of thing in our Patented Daydreams." George explained, "He'll see them for about ten minutes."

"Are you going to rename them Patented Nightmares?" Sirius chuckled.

Peter finally got away from his pursuer but he'd found another dead end. Instead of moving he just sat down and leaned against a wall. He thought he was being allowed to have a rest but he didn't see the opening appear in the roof. A bucket dumped powder over his head. He jumped up and began to scratch all over. He heard a noise and looked up in time to see another bucket dumping something so he ran again. He was gasping for breath and collapsed on the floor in the next dead end. He gave into the darkness and was out.

"Now what?"

"Put him back in his cell." Harry grinned, "Make sure he's out and not faking it."

Peter woke up in his cell. He looked around quickly and patted himself down, "Only a dream."

"Why did we clear it off?" Sirius watched as the rat collapsed back onto his bed in relief.

"We're giving him a false sense of security." Harry explained, "You heard him. He thinks it was a dream. After he goes to sleep again we'll put him back and wake him up and do it again. Once he finally finds the right path we get him with the ending surprise, the big finale."

"The one I devised?"

Peter woke to find himself in a white room. All the walls, floor and ceiling were plain white. He was lying on the floor in his human form and his first idea was to change into a rat. Remembering what had happened last time when the door opened he was through it and heading off to the left. The first dead end had food and he left without sampling it. He turned back and started down another path. He kept at it running into dead ends and not entering them.

"We need to change it up." Harry frowned, "Send in the elves."

"What are they going to do?" Sirius asked.

"Not a lot." Harry grinned.

The next time Peter tried to stop without entering the dead end he found himself being pushed in. A trunk sitting innocently at the end caught his attention. You could tell he didn't want to get any closer so Harry had his elf open it. The thing that crawled out caused a panicked scream to come from Peter. It looked like a rotting corpse and everyone thought his fear was of inferi until he spoke.

"James I'm sorry it wasn't my fault." He turned and tried to leave but ran into a clear wall, "Don't hurt me."

The corpse kept inching closer and Peter's screams and tears overwhelmed him and he passed out again. They transported him back to his cell and left him in his bed and then sent a spell to wake him. He sat up in his bed then got up and started to pace.

"Can't go back to sleep." He muttered, "Can't do that again."

"Ok so this may be working." Sirius gave Harry a nod as he finally conceded defeat, "Do you think it will work with Nott?"

"No." Harry quickly stopped that idea, "I don't want to let him out of Dirkley's punishment. I'm actually considering sending him to the Department of Mysteries to see if they can tell me what kind of creature I found."

"I had no idea." Fred sighed.

"Really the pranks we could have come up with." George added.

"If we had just included him in the idea process." Fred finished.

"Oh, you're making me blush." Harry laughed evilly.

"You know I think he may outdo his father." Sirius told Remus.

"No, he's only been at it a couple of months. He has a long way to go to get as much done as James did." Remus disagreed.

"But he is so much more… creative." Sirius offered.

"I think the word you're really looking for is vicious." Remus shook his head, "Only someone that vicious could combine all our ideas into one massive torture device."

"Bentley you may give prisoner 31 his food now. But make sure you put that sleep powder from the twins in it." Harry instructed.

"Harry that only makes them sleep for about ten minutes." George was confused.

"Just enough time to get him back into the maze." Harry grinned.

For the third time Peter woke up in the maze. He began to cry right away but when the door opened he stumbled through it. He chose the straight path again unwilling to chance running into James again. After a few steps fell to the ground and laid still.

"Did he faint already?" Fred asked.

"No he's faking it." Sirius shook his head.

"How do you know?" George asked.

"I've been waiting for this." Remus grinned.

Peter lay very still hoping that if this wasn't a dream he'd fool them into letting him out. He stayed as still as he could for several minutes with nothing but silence all around him. Finally the silence was broken by a howl. And not just any howl. He knew that howl very well. He just couldn't believe anyone had set Moony on him. With only a few seconds delay he was on his feet and running.

"Told you." Remus nodded, "I knew that recording would work."

"Good to know we can still outthink the rat." Sirius slapped him on the back, "Oh, look Harry. He's finally found one of your dead ends."

"Actually that one isn't a dead end so to speak." Harry grinned, "It folds back on itself."

Sure enough for the next fifteen minutes Peter ran three laps around the square. He was beginning to slow down when he heard another well placed howl that turned him out of the loop and back into the maze. He was crying so hard Harry wasn't sure he could see any of the other tricks they had. Finally Peter ran into another dead end. This time there was a pitcher of water sitting on a pedestal. He ran up to it and took several drinks before he paused and sniffed at it. Satisfied nothing was in it he resumed drinking.

"What's in it?" Sirius asked.

"Pepper up." Harry grinned, "It will give him the energy to keep going."

"I told you he was vicious." Remus pointed out.

"And I told you he'd out do James." Sirius smirked back.

"Mr. Moony concedes your point Mr. Padfoot." Remus nodded in difference to Sirius.

"Mr. Padfoot accepts your concession Mr. Moony." Sirius was grinning like a mad man.

Peter was on the move again. He was running pell-mell down a long straight passage. If he turned right at the end they'd have him right where they wanted him to be. When the rat turned to the right Harry quietly slipped out with his partner. Peter wasn't going to know what hit him.

"Let me out." Peter cried when he hit another dead end. He backed out and took the other turn he'd had the choice of. He found another long stretch and turned the corner only to stop dead in his tracks. Not more than a few steps away were Lily and James, "How…"

"Wormy." James called and waved, "Good of you to come over. It's been so long."

The room he'd ran into looked just like the living room at the house in Godric's Hollow. James stood near the fireplace with his arm around Lily. Peter turned to run back out but instead found a wall where the door should have been.

"What's wrong Peter?" Lily asked, "Aren't you staying for dinner? Remus and Sirius will be here soon."

"No, I need to go. I've got important things to do." he was feeling along the wall trying to find the door that had disappeared.

"Sorry but I can't allow that." James voice turned angry and Peter turn around slowly.

"What?" he squeaked.

"He said we can't allow you to leave." Lily's voice was hard, "We have so much to… thank you for."

"But I didn't do anything." He whimpered, "It was Sirius. He was your secret keeper not me."

"Pete you wound me." Sirius came from behind Lily and James and Remus was behind him.

"You did it, you killed them." He pointed his finger and accused his friend, "Remember it was his idea."

"Don't lie Peter." James frowned, "You are such a rat. A stupid, ugly, smelly, dirty rat. You killed me. And you killed my Lily flower. You tried to kill my son."

"No I didn't." he pleaded, "It was Sirius."

"We know the truth Peter." Lily pointed an accusing finger at the rat/man, "You sold us to Voldemort. How much did you get for your betrayal?"

"No it wasn't like that." Peter was still whining, "He would have killed me."

"Well that really wouldn't have been much of a loss." Remus growled.

"I'm not brave like you Remus." The puppy dog eyes didn't work when he was groveling.

"Useless rat!" Sirius growled, "You didn't have to be brave. All you had to do was keep your stupid mouth shut. But you couldn't do it. You spineless…"

"I'm sorry." Peter yelled, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" James asked, "Getting caught? I should have known you were too much of a rat to keep us safe. Three lives for the price of one and you couldn't pay it. But what's worse is you could have kept the secret and your life. If you hadn't run right to your master and told him what he wanted."

"No, he would have killed me." Peter cried, "I would have died."

"So you led him right to us to save your hide." Lily growled, "How many times did we save you in school? How many times did your friends prank the Slytherins for hurting or humiliating you? I refused to date him for years because of those pranks. We only had a few good years together."

Suddenly the skin seemed to be sliding off James and Lily and soon it was rotting corpses talking to Peter. His face reflected the horror he was seeing and you could see it taking over his mind.

"I'm ashamed I ever called you friend." James' corpse stated.

"I'm ashamed I ever tried to help you." Lily's corps added.

"Mr. Moony suggests we allow the rat to meet him on a full moon." Remus growled.

"Mr. Padfoot wants him for a squeaky toy." Sirius added.

"How about a chew toy for Moony." James' corpse suggested moving closer.

"I want to test potions on him." Lily's corpse had a grotesque grin on her face.

Peter wet himself as the corpse of James reached him and grabbed his shoulder. That was quickly followed by the emptying of his bowels and his stomach. Finally his mind broke and the gibbering mess fell to the floor in the filth he had made.

"Now that is gross." Lily sounded like she was trying not to gag.

Sirius looked over and saw Remus removing the illusion from Lily and James. Soon Lily transformed back into his cousin Tonks and with just a change in eye color Harry stood where James had been. All of them stepped away from the gibbering stinky mess on the floor.

"Well I have to say Harry. You had a very interesting idea for a grand finale." Fred entered followed by George.

"Not that we don't appreciate your sense of… well not humor." George glanced over at the man on the floor.

"I think the word you're looking for is revenge." Harry nodded, "He was still trying to blame someone else, stupid rat."

"Right your sense of revenge is rather disgusting." George was holding his nose.

"It did get a bit messier than I expected." Harry shrugged, "Who gets to clean him up?"

"Not me." Sirius backed away.

"Well don't you want to take him to Madam Bones?" Harry asked, "Aren't you willing to touch him like that?"

"NO!" Sirius waved him off, "But can the elves clean him up?"

"You try to get one in here." Harry grinned.

"Bentley?" he called. The elf didn't respond. "Did you tell him not to answer?"

"No but I told him if there was something he didn't want to do for you he didn't have to." Harry grinned, "I guess he doesn't want to."

"You are evil." Sirius grumbled.

"You can use magic." Harry pointed out.

"It's just so gross." He complained, "Moony are you going to help?"

"Sure." He sighed.

"Here you are Madam Bones." Sirius dropped Peter on the ground at her feet, "Package is delivered."

"What is he saying? She asked.

"We've not been able to figure it out." He shrugged in response.

"Any idea how he got this way?" She asked with a grin.

"Not a clue." Remus kept an innocent face as he replied.

"Do you know what Mr. Potter is doing with that animal he has in the cage?" she pointed at the boy on the other side of the room.

"He found that near one of his manors." Sirius looked over and waved at his godson who waved back, "He's waiting for someone from the Department of Mysteries to see if they know what it is or if they want to take it and find out."

"They'll have fun with that." She nodded, "I have a list of suspected death eaters that I've been looking for. Have you happened to see any of these?"

"I don't think so but I don't know some of those names so we could have seen them and not known." Sirius shrugged.

"Right." She shook her head then toed Peter, "I think we'll need to have this one looked over."

"Why? Isn't he scheduled for the kiss?" Sirius asked, "Why fix him up just to take his soul?"

"That is a point." She grinned, "And he was scheduled for the veil not a kiss. We aren't using the dementors any longer. I've asked a few people to start looking into ways to kill them or contain them. If you wish to help I can give you a contact in the DOM."

"Do we have to work in the DOM?" Sirius whined.

"No you can work independently and just report to them." She offered.

"We can do that." Remus agreed, "Can we bring in Harry?"

"The more the merrier." She shrugged.

The trio watched as a man approached Harry and the animal, "Hello, what do you have here?"

"I don't know." Harry reached out and shook the man's hand, "That's what we're doing here."

"Where ever did you find it?" he asked.

"Well I just found out about a manor I inherited and I was looking around it and found this wandering around in the basement." Harry scratched his head, "I was able to get it into this cage by putting some food in it."

"Any name you'd like us to give it since you found it?" he asked.

"I don't think I have any preferences." Harry grinned, "Just keep rope away from his mouth. I tried to tie him up at one point and he chewed right through the knot."

"Doesn't like knots." The man hummed.

"Actually I think he likes Notts quite a bit." Harry grinned at his meaning that the man would miss.

"Well thanks for bringing him in." he shook Harry's hand again, "I'll let you know when we figure him out."

"My pleasure." Harry walked away and met Sirius and Remus who were still standing by Madam Bones.

"Ready to go?" Remus asked.

"Yes, I need to get back to school. I have classes tomorrow." Harry waved to Madam Bones as they left.

They arrived back at Hogsmeade and started the walk up to the school. All at once Harry stopped and smacked himself on the forehead.

"What is it pup?" Sirius asked.

"Why didn't we think of the maze in time to use it on Voldemort?" he asked.

"I doubt he would have fallen for the tricks." Remus offered, "I'm not sure we could have held him"

"Well the death eaters then." Harry huffed.

"The Weasleys Terrifyingly Fortified Zone would not have been nearly as fun without them." Sirius shrugged as they passed through the gates.

"By the way, next time you see Tonks tell her that the melting corpse idea was truly inspired." Harry grinned, "Truly an evil genius she is."

"She takes after me." Sirius strutted off ahead of the other two.

"Only smarter and better looking." Remus whispered to Harry.

Harry chuckled with him. However the sly look he gave the man went unnoticed. Remus and Tonks together would be nice he thought.