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"Come on, come on just a bit closer!" Yelled Cyborg he was just about to beat his high score on the new game he bought titled "turbo racers" he was just about to get the last few points he needed when


The controller fell out of his hand and fell to the floor and his character ran out lives. Cyborg's mouth fell open as his character fell off of a cliff.

Beast Boy came running into the room. "I didn't mean to! It was an accident!"

Raven came in right behind, a harsh glare on her face. Beast Boy cowered in fear on the couch as she slowly walked closer to him. The changeling morphed into a puppy and looked up at her, hoping for mercy.

Raven hovered over him and he gulped. "I believe this is yours." She stated as she dropped a deflated ballon onto his head.

He chuckled nervously "Rae, I'm really sorry I didn't mean to pop it near you. It was meant for Robin and I couldn't find him so I went looking and-" he cut himself as she just stared at him "and your gonna kill me now right?" He asked.

She took a deep breath and rubbed her temples. She was about to answer when Starfire bursted in, Robin right behind her. "Good morning, my friends! Is today not glorious!?"

"Morning, Star." Cyborg greeted the red headed alien.

"What's going on?" Asked the boy wonder.

"Grass stain is about to get his butt whooped by Raven." Stated Cyborg.

Robin rolled his eyes "what else is new?"

Beast Boy turned back. "Look Rae, I'm- hey, where'd she go?"

The dark girl had disappeared. "Huh, maybe you made her so mad she flew the coop." Stated Cyborg. Before Robin and Beast Boy could give him strange looks, Starfire was already asking who "coop" was and why he decided to fly away. Robin was about to tell her that it was only a metaphor when the alarms sounded. Robin sighed, this was gonna be a long day.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." Raven took long, deep breaths as she cleared her mind. She was extremely relaxed until the green changeling knocked on door her. In her surprise, she stopped levitating and fell. She sighed, pulling her hood back over her head as she did so.

Beast Boy was sitting on the couch with Cyborg, eating a slice of veggie pizza.

"Where'd Raven go today?" Asked Beast Boy curiously.

"I don't know man, probably to one of those book stores she likes so much." Guessed Cyborg.

Beast Boy looked at his metallic best friend "but why didn't she just say so?"

Robin walked into the room "it's really none of our business Beast Boy." Stated Robin.

Starfire flew in with silkie in her arms. She flew over to Robin and kissed his cheek. "Boyfriend Robin, would you would like to try the Tameranian dish I've made?"

He looked over into the kitchen and saw the dish she was talking about, of course, it was covered in mustard. He winced. "Uh, thanks star but I had a big breakfast."

She smiled happily and nodded "I shall serve it for dinner then!" She flew back to her room.

Robin sighed. "Beast Boy would you-oh come on, what's with people disappearing today? I'm considering putting up a sign out sheet."

Beast Boy had turned into a fly and was buzzing towards Ravens room. He transformed back and knocked on her door. He heard a thud and raised an eyebrow.

The door opened with a hiss and the dark girl stepped out. "Can I help you?" She asked.

He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um..how's it going?" He asked.

She looked at him "fine, now if that's all you want I have to get back to-"

He cut her off "no! I was just wondering where you went off to this morning."

"None of your concern."

The door closed in his face and he pouted, his ears drooping downwards.

He slowly walked downstairs and plopped down next to Cyborg.

The robot laughed when he saw his friends expression. "Come on BB, did you really think she would tell you?"

He shook his head "no, but it was worth a shot."

"Grass stain, the only way you'd find out is if you followed her and I doubt that-" he glared at Beast Boy as his frown grew into a smile that showed off his fang. "Oh no! Don't even think about it!"

Beast Boy turned into a rabbit and hopped up the stairs before Cyborg could grab him.

Cyborg groaned "hey Robin? Where's the shovel? I'm gonna go dig a grave for the grass stain!"

The next morning Beast Boy watched as Raven walked out of the tower and he slowly followed her, morphing into a fly.

It took about 20 minutes for her to reach her destination. Beast Boy watched as she walked slowly over to a gate. She looked around to make sure no one recognized her and pulled out a key. Beast Boy flew closer to her as she unlocked the gate.

She walked through and shut it behind her. Beast Boy flew through the crack of the gate, expecting to see a library, or maybe even a torture chamber but not in a million years did he expect to see what he saw. A garden. Raven sat down near a fountain and took out a book. Beast Boy morphed into a lizard and walked closer to her. "Wow." He stated, as soon as he said it he slapped himself on the inside. Idiot!

Raven looked over at the green lizard and if looks could kill he knew he'd be six feet under. He morphed back into himself and gave her a crooked smile "uh..hey Rae."

She glared at him "my not name is not Rae, It's Raven."

He gulped "right, sorry."

"I can't believe you followed me." She was seething.

"I'm really sorry Rae-I mean Raven. I was just curious."

"I told you it was none of your concern."

He bit his lip "I know, I'm really sorry."

"I can't believe you followed me after I told you not too."

"Technically you didn't say no too follow you, you just said it was none of my business."

He winced as a tomato was thrown at him. "Ok, I deserve that."

She gave him another glare and then sat down again. He cautiously sat down next to her. When he got a good look at her, he saw that she had bags under her eyes and was paler then usual.

"Rae, are you ok?" He asked. He carefully put a hand on her shoulder and he was surprised when she didn't shrug it off.

"I'm fine." She stated.

He looked at her "no your not."

She bit her lip and moved away "just go away ok?"

He shook his head "not until you tell me what's wrong."

She glared at him and stood up. "First, you follow me and now you won't leave me alone!"

He stood up and followed her "you don't have to be alone all the time! Why can't you just let someone help you!?"

"It's not that simple!"

"Why not!? Why can't you just-" he was cut off when she smashed her lips onto his. Before he could react, she pulled away. She put her hands over her mouth and looked away. She sat down on the fountain "please, just go away." She begged.

He walked over and kneeled next to her. "Not in a million years." She pulled her hood tighter around her head but Beast Boy wasn't going to have it, he pulled it down and held it down to make sure she couldn't pull it back up.

He'd never seen her look more broken in his entire life. "Rae." He said softly. She was about to correct him but before she could his mouth was on hers.

Her eyes went wide before fluttering closed.


Something off in the distance exploded and she pulled away. "What was that?" Asked Beast Boy.

"Me." She stated.

He looked at her. "What?"

"When my emotions get out of control, so do my powers."


She went to move away but he grabbed her hand and prevented her from moving. "So what if stuff explodes when I kiss you? It doesn't matter it's just objects."

"I could hurt someone."

"I know you won't hurt anyone."

"No you don't."

"I don't know a lot of things, but that never stopped me before."

Before she could reply he kissed her again and something else exploded but this time, she didn't pull away.

They slowly walked out of the garden together and started heading home.

He smirked at her.

She looked at him "what?" She asked.

His smirk grew bigger "I knew you liked me."

He barely missed the pot that fell out of someones window.

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