Clark called Diana and texted her, with no response. He wondered why she just ran off like that without any other word. He picked up his phone to call her again, but stopped short, instead he called the watchtower. Maybe she was dealing with an emergency, maybe even needed help.

"Operator." Batman was on duty for tonight.

"Hey is Diana around?"

"No, she left. She hasn't been called out for anything tonight. Why?"

"I can't reach her. I just wondered why."

Batman pinged the locator on her com device. It was in the Embassy, and he bet Diana was too. "She's in DC from what I can tell."

"Can you get a message to her?"

"No. I'm not getting in the middle of this." Batman then hung up, he stopped matchmaking for them a long time ago and wasn't planning on re-starting.

Clark stared into the phone that was rudely hung up on him. "Good talk."

Diana was laying in bed still, her mother had left quite some time ago. Kal had tried to contact her twice so far, but she ignored him. She wasn't ready to face him yet. First she was angry with Bruce and the others for playing games with her like that, she was mad at herself for weaving herself into the mess she was in, and mad at Kal for not taking the hints that the others had been trying to give. She was just as guilty at not taking the hints as he was, but she had enough to be angry with herself as it was.

She went back and forth about telling him or not. Before she'd been totally content to live out the time it took for Kal to regain his memories and come clean then, hoping that they had enough good times for him to forgive her. However now that everyone knew she'd led him astray she was rethinking that decision. At the very least no one seemed to think any less of her for what she did, they just didn't understand. If she were honest, she didn't understand either.

There was also the issue of what she admitted to the Bruce and the others, and what her mother felt was a foregone conclusion. That she loved Kal. When she thought about it, she always loved him in some form or another. He was the one she went to for nearly everything, he was the one she would rearrange everything in order to spend time with. His thoughts and opinions always mattered to her more than anyone elses.

She wasn't interested in marrying Kal or having a houseful of kids with him. Although that idea had gained a little bit of appeal over the last week or so. Maybe she'd be ready for kids in about 100 years. But she did like the thought of being there for him whenever he needed someone, and him being there for her, more so than they already were. And of course sexing each other to exhaustion, that had been on her mind quite a lot lately. Particularly today, the back rub and the lap dance, she struggled to keep her composure.

"Yes, I love him. And when I speak to him, I'll lead with that." Diana decided. "Now to come up with everything else I have to say."

Clark didn't want to sound desperate, so he didn't call Diana again despite wanting to. Instead he tried to get some sleep. Memories were coming back in spurts now, mostly focused on the women in his life. He was remembering a time when he was essentially begging someone to go somewhere with him. He wasn't sure if it was Lana, Lori or Lois he was asking, or where he wanted to go but they were taking their sweet time giving him an answer and it was driving him nuts. Also driving him nuts were the fact that he didn't have a single fuzzy memory of romantic time spent with Diana, those were all clear, having happened in the last few weeks. Why was that? He was beginning to question what he had with Diana.

She did say that they'd only been together for a short time. He wondered how short, to not have a flash of a feeling of anything. Then again who knows, it could be the amnesia that's throwing everything off. He couldn't place all the blame on Diana, not until he had all the information. Damn this was so frustrating!


Queen Maxima tossed and turned on the ornate mattress, recently replaced in her lavish royal palace. She hadn't gotten any sleep all night, or in several nights quite frankly. She was in control of 8 systems, but for the last year several had been resisting her authority. Her army was strong, much stronger than the peasants and their rudimentary weapons, but the resistance did not stop. Even after she personally executed their generals, and their replacements.

Her advisers had told her that she needed another, a partner to help unify the worlds instead of drive them apart. She needed to marry, that no one respected a Queen with no King, and no heirs. They'd been telling her that for years, and she would marry in a heartbeat. If only she could find a man worthy.

She'd held tournaments, done extensive searches, even tried to call a truce and searched every world to find a proper mate, but nothing. They were all weak and beneath her. She was of royal blood, and centuries of careful breeding had created her, the perfect being. She was more powerful than anyone in the 28 known systems. She could not even keep men around for personal pleasure, they broke under even the slightest touch it seemed. Besides, it was 'unbecoming of a Queen' to lay with a man who isn't her husband, according to her advisors. Even more would resist her rule if they thought she were a whore. Every day she sent scouts further and further into the uncharted galaxy to find one suitable for her.

Everything considered, she lived a lonely life.

"Milady, milady!" Sazu, Maxima's loyal assistant came running into her bedroom.

"What?" Maxima sat up, seemingly annoyed at being disturbed.

Sazu had long learned to gauge Maxima's disposition. She'd been her assistant since they were children, and over the years they'd become good friends. Others thought Maxima was abrupt and rude, Sazu didn't mind so much. She lived in luxury her entire life.

"Our scouts have found something interesting. Or rather someone." Sazu informed her.

"Another revolt?" Maxima began mentally preparing herself for a fight.

"No. A potential mate."

"Oh, can't it wait until morning? I don't have it in me to waste my time on another sniveling, weak and limp d…"

"Milady you'll want to see this. The scouts have given me a 100% confirmation that he is a pureblood Kryptonian. He calls himself Superman."

That got Maxima's attention right away. "A Kryptonian? A pureblood? Stop lying!"

"I tell you no lies, the scouts have confirmed it. He resides on a planet called Earth."

"A pureblood?" Maxima couldn't believe it, she'd heard stories in her youth about Kryptonians. Thier power was legendary, rumored to be invincible, and stronger than any god.

"That is what I am told."

"Earth?" Maxima demanded to know. "How have I not heard of it before?"

"It is very far from here. It is several uncharted sectors away." Sazu explained.

"Where did we discover him?"

"His existence was learned from a world called Khundia. The report is that he singlehandedly destroyed an entire armada."

Maxima didn't know what Khundia was, but a man who could destroy an armada with his bare hands could certainly make her feel something. "What does he look like?"

"I am unsure Milady."

"Sazu, I'm going to Earth. Clear my schedule until further notice." Maxima stormed into her closets to find her most lavish garments. She needed to look her best for the best candidate for a husband she may ever encounter. "Oh and Sazu, find out where exactly Earth is."

Clark hadn't been able to sleep, so he put on the suit and went flying. He originally was going to see his parents, but they were in bed rather early in order to get all their daily work on the farm before the temperature got too high.

So he just flew, nowhere in particular, he just tried to enjoy the wind as he zoomed across the sky. He must have circled the world a dozen times, trying different speeds. Sometimes he went quickly, others he flew slow and lazy like. There wasn't any rhyme or reason to his patterns, just boredom mostly.

He wanted to talk to Diana, there were questions he needed answers to. Why did it feel like their romance was so non-existent until recently? He had tried to initiate some intimacy today to try and spark a memory but there was nothing, and on top of that even she acted like his little dance number for her was the first time she'd ever seen him like that. How long had they been dating? So far she'd dodged the question and just said 'not for long' but he needed a specific answer this time. An answer he planned on getting today.

Diana while pondering the exact words of how to come clean to Kal fell into a deep sleep. Apparently heartache and confusion makes one sleepy, because she was out like a light. Not hearing her beeping comlink, for quite some time.

Batman was nearing the end of his duty shift, a rather quiet night outside of Gotham, but busy as usual for the Gotham Police Department maybe even more so without the Knight watching from the rooftops. He'd seen a blip on the radar, maybe a ship maybe something else, whatever it was it only showed for a second. He was going to call for John or Hal to take a look but then the automated system alerted him to alien activity in Metropolis, and directed him to a broadcast of 'Metropolis Morning with Angela Chen'

Maxima had quickly prepared her royal transport and directed it towards Earth. She had her scouts relay it's location while they were en route. Much of her journey was spent deciding what to wear, she wanted to be impressive. She wanted to ignite fire in him the second he laid eyes on her. Sazu suggested she be subtle, but Maxima was having none of that. She settled on her royal armor, or at least part of it.

She kept her gold gauntlets, but removed the long sleeves, leaving only a gold armband on her left biceps. And she removed the armor for her thighs, keeping high cut shorts that were cut to accentuate her shapely backside. She kept her knee high boots hoping Superman might gaze upon her legs and dream of them wrapped around his body. As for the top of her armor, she removed quite a bit of it. The gold shield that covered the center of her chest was discarded, as was the entire midriff, exposing toned stomach, and the slopes of her breasts.

"No man will be able to resist the sight of you Milady." Sazu claimed, Maxima was a knockout. "Will you be able to prevent him from ripping your clothes off and ravishing you at first sight?"

Maxima smiled fiendishly. "I may not want to. A pureblood Kryptonian may have me however he wishes."

Seconds later she was hovering above some sort of gathering in the street. There were people crowded around a stage where well dressed woman who was surrounded by what appeared to be workers addressed the crowd holding a voice amplifier in her hand. Maxima decided that she would overpower the high class woman and demand the loyalty of the peasants.

"You there!" A powerful voice came from above Angela Chen, who turned and saw a beautiful red headed woman wearing what appeared to be a Green and gold two piece with a yellow cape hovering above her.

Angela's first thought was that she was seeing another Justice League member, but she didn't recognize her at all. In the blink of an eye, the woman was standing on the platform before her.

"I seek your savior. The one called Superman, where might I find him?"

"Um, I don't know." Angela wasn't sure what to do, she was live on TV, but the woman in green was quite intimidating.

"Do not lie to me." Maxima said menacingly. "I want him now."

The producer's in Angela's headset were begging for her to ask a question. After a few seconds she got the message. "So who are you?"

"I am Maxima, warrior queen, head of the royal house, leader of all Almerac. And Superman's betrothed."

"B-betrothed? As in future wife?"

"Yes." Maxima didn't bat an eye.

"Oh, it appears Wonder Woman has some competition." Angela joked, getting a laugh from the crowd. "Tell me how long have the two of you been together?"

"I grow weary of your questions. Where is he?!" Maxima demanded.

"Looking for me?" Superman called from above.

Maxima's eyes widened and her jaw dropped at the sight of him. Magnificent in every way, even better than she could have imagined. The jawline, the broad shoulders and hard muscles, and of course what was hidden under his red shorts. He was perfect.

Maxima didn't hesitate to charge him, hold him tight and plant a big kiss right on the lips. Her grip was strong, and she wrapped one of her legs around his and deepened the kiss. Using her abilities to probe his mind. He seemed confused, not just at the kiss from a stranger but confused about life in general. Was he an idiot? That didn't matter though, the simple fact that he didn't break or pass out from her touch was all she needed to know. She broke the kiss.

"I've waited my whole life for you my husband. I can't believe I've finally found you."

"Do we know each other?" Clark questioned. Noticing that there were cameras everywhere, several of which were broadcasting live nationwide. This couldn't be good.

"Not yet, but we have the rest of our lives. You're the most perfect man I've ever met. I can't wait to get you alone."

"Ok, time out. Who are you?"

Vanessa was watching television as she got dressed for class. She usually didn't watch 'Metropolis Morning' because she thought Angela Chen had an annoying laugh, but as she flicked channels she saw something highly unexpected. Superman was locking lips with some redhead in a green and gold bikini. She raced to Diana's room, barging in and waking her friend up.

"Diana, Diana wake up, wake up!" She turned on the tv and switched to the proper channel.

"WHAT?!" Diana screamed.