There was no sound, no feeling, no sight.


That's what had scared her to most while she approached her village, her home.

But the stench of blood and ash thick in the air stank up her nose; a sinking feeling grew in the pit of her stomach.

Something had happened.

Mura walked through the last tatters of her fallen village. Burning stakes littered the ground, the smell of blistering corpses staunched the air.

But as tears spilled down her face, she mouthed no words. She had none, as captain of her platoon, she had no plan, no condolence, nothing.

Just nothing.

Her comrades behind her screamed and fell to the ground in fits of rage and sorrow. The village they had all looked forward to returning, the village they had all grown up in, they all had cherished, was no more.

"W-what happened, what? Is t-this s-some joke? H-how could they get through our defenses?" the team medic babbled to himself his head in his hands, his eyes dripping with disbelief.

"T-Taicho?" Her taijutsu expert called to her; but behind him her strategist took off towards his home.

Mura sucked in her gut, she was the leader of these people.

She locked her heart away in favor of the logic she still possessed, "Search for survivors!" She barked, "Be wary, the enemy may still be near-by, travel in pairs. -And Jakan, catch up to Toma." She ordered. "You two," she pointed to two of her comrades who had unmistaken horror in their eyes. "Search the east wall, you two! To the west. I'll take the North and the civilian walls with Riji."

Her platoon jumped away.

Her older brother, Riji, approached her, "What do you think happened?" He muttered gray eyes reflecting a deep seated turmoil of emotions.

But Mura shook her head and gritted her teeth. "I don't know. But I know the bastards behind it will wish they were never born." She gritted her teeth, a dark glint in her eye.

Her brother put a hand on her shoulder- a show the equaled a hug on the battle field- "Let's find who did first."

She nodded stiffly at her older brother, but she couldn't help but think what she would have done if she had lost him too-she would probably lost all that was left of her sanity. She may have out-ranked him, but her brother was like the physiological rock she had clung to all her life. He pieced her together, knew all of her secrets. The bonds between brother and sister stretched deep into their heart, not just because they were all each other they had left, but they were best friends too. So brother and sister went on to jump past the large cracked swirl of the whirlpool as they entered their beloved villages broken gates.

5 days later: Under the city of Uzushiogakure

"Report status," Mura commanded from her perch on a broken stone column (that had used to be a library.)

"Forty-six civilian survivors, Twenty-three shinobi genin suriviors, Ten chunnin, four jonin, two UZU." UZU was the block opts of Uzushiogakure. They took the high missions and had secret identities behind white masks (often lettered with a fake identity upon the forehead.) Unlike the Konoha ANBU they chose their name, and it was often just a few syllables.

"The Uzukage?" Mura whispered, knowing what had become the fate of their leader already. If he wasn't dead he would have been here in the after math, already telling her and her fellow comrades what to do. He was undoubtedly dead.

But the Shinobi hesitated, "We found his head…On a spike outside the Uzukage manor. A grave insult-"

Mura couldn't hear anything after that, for the roar of her anger and sorrow made her vision flicker red.


A once city where building seemed to kiss the sky, a city where there was no cold, but no blistering sun, and a sparkling sky. Temples, compounds, markets that once bustled with life crumbled to dust. The destruction seemed to split the city all the way to the river, there was no clear pathway, nothing at all.

The Noble Village of Uzushiogakure had fallen.

Mura had sent everyone to find survivors, the damage when they had arrived was not a full day old.

(Probably the reasons they had not heard battle miles before returning was the sound barrier Uzugakure plastered all over its walls to be completely silent, it seemed more of a double bladed now)

However enough time had passed for their enemies to pull out. Which meant they must have been close.

Some of her charge were itching to chase after them, and truthfully, a dark part of Mura wanted to hunt the bastards down and kill them too-but she needed to pick up the pieces first. She still had people to care about, children to feed, seniors to look after.

To do that she had needed a secert bunker, one she had found under a swirling whirlpool in a hallowed out bunker underneath the river.

A pure crystal water fall rushed down, in which it created a small grassy field around the humid cave. Light snuck in, and before the ambush farmers had religiously tended to the bed to produce crops and vegetables of all sorts and dried food in stone shelves were the sustenance for the wounded.

Mura rounded up as many people as she could find, which were surprisingly many survivors. A lot of civilians, mainly. But some Genin and some chunin were spread thin who survived the fight, and even fewer jonin.

But that was not including the wounded, the wounded was the first report she had received, the few medics that had survived were working overtime, shooting up soldier pills and healing people till the passed out. It was highly unhealthy, but there were over two-hundred people, shinobi and civilian alike that were slowly bleeding out. In fact some had already had just because they had been waiting for a medic. Every available hand was either feeding someone, tying ropes around stunted, bleeding limbs, or healing another.

Even Mura, who had blood up to her elbows, was doing dirty work. She had a child die right in front of her, from a fatal wound to the gut. Mura had not had much healing power behind her, but she had done what she could-and the child's life had slipped away.

She was shocked, she was angered, but instead of brooding she said a quick prayer for the child's soul and moved to the next one.

She had heard from them, the survivors, what had happened, that three villages attacked simultaneously and brought down the Village Hidden in the Whirlpools.

Some blamed her, 'where were you?' Their eyes said. 'How could you let this happen?'

Their eyes haunted her the most.

She had failed them.

With a heavy heart, she closed the eyes of the elder man in front of her whose life had slipped away from her on the operating table. She signaled to someone to take his body away, and replace it with another's.

Mura was young-barely sixteen actually.

But she was also part of the Uzu Command. The Uzu command had an average of twelve commanders (give or take) that didn't report to anyone but the Uzukage. They were also the advisors to the council. They could be shinobi, clan leaders, civilian, anyone, personally picked by the Uzukage. The the council made up of clan leaders, and wealthy business merchants who had been elected by the people to represent their votes. In times of crisis people referred to the Uzu command for guidance, which is why the people around her followed her without question. Often, is an attack left Uzushiogakure kage-less they would be elected to be the next leader.

Mura had been placed as one of the Uzu command because of her sacrifices and bravery for the village, and her proficiency in Uzumaki fuinjutu.

Some of her fellow comrades were jealous of these facts, as Mura was quite young when she had master the art of fuin, but they also put a lot of expectations on her.

Since she was a "genius" she held most responsibility in the public eye.

Mura was famous for stealth, her cunning planning, her wide range of ninjutsu, and fuinjutsu.

Mura had grown up as a destined "prodigy" coming way out far in branches of the great Uzumaki Clan (which had been a strange, but robust clan full of redheads.)

Her mother had raised her and her brother, and her father had passed why she was a toddler on an infiltration mission.

So Mura's brother had to take even more missions to bring in money to support his younger sister and his mother.

Mura's mother had died in the attack on Uzushiogakure. So had many, many other Uzumaki. Entire clans had been wiped clean off the face of the great Whirlpool. Mura was enraged, but practically helpless.

But Mura also had a big secret.

One that she only obliged her brother later on in her life.

She was an reincarnation of a woman who had died long before the Rikudo Sennin himself.

A time where technology and soldiers ruled warfare instead of chakra and ninja.

Eventually the world had sold itself short and wars unlike any other had burst forth. Lands sunk underneath the ocean and new kingdoms were created. The earth (what Mura had explain that her ancient people had called her land) was in a rebirth of constant destruction and birth. One war that painted the world a different, bloody color.

Many survivors that made it through the greatest world war found new hope and endured the process of building a new civilizations. But even then, much technology, and a lot of knowledge had been lost. Only fragments still existed today.

It wasn't until the Rikudo Sennin people truly known that something had changed. A mutation, from all the radiation had infiltrated the most basic human DNA, one that pilfered the use of chakra.

Or Mura theorized-perhaps that factor was always there and that no one had discovered it's use all throughout the history of humanity (this, wasn't clear.) Perhaps it has always been, hidden inside our DNA, the key to using our spiritual and bodily nature, being able to harmonize with them, or perhaps it is just a side effect from the countless blood spilt. Or-maybe it has to do with the human brain, Mura had remembered the rumors in the science world, that claimed human's only used about 20% of their brain a life-time, so what if they used all of it? Would things like chakra" manifest?

Technically, it existed, even back then, but not to such a grand scale.

The Rikudo Sennin was almost a revered Jesus to these cultures. They worshipped him, though he didn't want to be worshipped. So both her and brother concluded she was a relic from a long lost time where she lived in a United State, pigged out on chips, and loved to fence, scuba dive, and swim.

Her brother found it fascinating how much the cultures seem to pride themselves on their new "refined" ways from the long lost time, until Mura pointed out things she distinctly remembered from her old world millions of years ago that still worked. (Fridges, lamps, toilets, technology, cleanliness in general.) Mura did admit that the medicine was far more advanced than that she remembered, but she also saw how less reliant it was. You could either get a medical ninja that knew their stuff or didn't, or you could get a tired medical ninja that could screw up something.

…Mura had a way of making everything a conspiracy. However, even though half the time she tossed them around as jokes, it was also scary how accurate she always seemed to be. A tick she was famous for amongst her village, in fact.

When her young self sorted out these confusing thoughts and memories she pieced together what exactly what had happened to her. She had also lost everything she had ever known. Her family, her friends, for she had died quite young-still in school, in fact.

Her brother had glued her broken heart back together and stuck next to her side through it all, the nightmares, the fits, the crying and screaming. She owed it to her brother, who had signed up for a whole deal greater than he thought.

So Mura had been a "prodigy" to the public, for she could not hide her intelligence behind the face of a two-year old. It wasn't in her character to hole up and hide from the people she had grown to admire and love.

She braved the responsibility, welcomed it even. It distracted her from the old pains of her forgotten memories, and readied her for this brand new life style. She had precious people she vowed to protect, and she'd protect them with her life.

But Mura failed. She had foreseen the fill of her home, and it had fallen no matter how much help she had given.

"Where will we go, Taicho?" Her subordinate asked her while she cleaned up the blood on her arms.

Mura reached behind her, "We will go where no one else will think to look for us." She pulled out a shovel, "We dig."

The shinobi all looked at each other with hardened expression, knowing the upcoming months would be very difficult.

The Whirlpool had lost so much, how could they dream of getting it back?

Well, how much can one person make a difference?