Ten years Later: October 13th




Feet ran through the underground base, he was uncaring of the people he pushed aside in his haste, "Uzukage-sama! Uzukage-sama!" A chunin shouted as he burst into her office.

Mura looked up from her desk of paperwork she had to sign, "Yes?"

"Two days ago the Village Hidden in the Leaves was attacked by the Kyuubi no Yoko!"

She slammed a fist on her desk out of shock, "What?!"

He nodded, "The Yondaime Hokage has passed on, Lady Mura, and with him he had created a jinchurriki….A infant that the Hokage has announced goes by Uzumaki Naruto!"

How could she have forgotten?

Naruto Uzumaki…

Once a popular novel she had enjoyed all those ages ago had become so real.

Not only that, but he was a child of an infamous prophecy.

Now Mura had to make a difficult choice. As an Uzumaki, the side demanded that she go get one of her brethren-even more so knowing how he would be treated by the village.

Mura had nothing against Konoha specifically, other than she was very suspicious. She had seen shinobi to scour over the sight of the fallen Whirlpool-but it was a month after the fall. She understood that the Hokage had been fighting a war, but a month was pretty long for her, and by then her people were self-sufficient and healthy enough to survive. She and the council she had appointed had all agreed not to reveal themselves, because if they revealed there were survivors, who's to say that the villages won't come back?

That being said they waited one full year, to stabilize their underground home, the infant population boomed out of necessity more than love, and all children were required to serve some part of the militaristic branch, even civilians took classes to learn how to defend themselves.

There were many orphans, and Mura had started a Orphan care group. Also, a type of trade had naturally sprung up in the underground burrows, people would trade food for wool, and

To battle their grief, men and women took to digging out homes, and plumbing systems. Some farmers guided them into cultivating underground plants, they came up with a water-system (that Mura was exceptionally proud of) that allowed water to filter through the ceilings, the walls, and into the ground covered there, all floor ceilings were covered in vegetation. Artificial light and fertilizer allowed the plants to grow healthy and strong.

Mura had sent the best shinobi to steal round up any cattle, sheep, pigs or other animals they could find left from the islands. They brought back chickens, cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, (few) cattle, horses, and one even found a trained falcon (that Mura had adopted almost instantly.) They lived in pens, and ate leftovers from the peoples plates, cattle and horses ate the hydro-grass grown down below. (It was slightly strange to see a cow eat from a ceiling, but it worked marvelously.)

But the greatest things her people did was find a library of all of Uzushiogakure's techniques, Underneath the ocean possibly the largest library Mura had ever seen still existed. The circumference of the large round room was nearly a mile wide, and the books and artifacts people had saves expanded it greatly almost double the diameter. In their down time, her people could often be seen losing themselves in the literature and wealth of the knowledge those books possessed, some of the oldest in the world.

The other thing she was proud of was that Mura had begun sealing Uzushiogakure, no one could see in, no one could hear over the walls, no chakra could destroy them. No man power- not even a bijuu would be able to crash down on them, they certainly would not fall ever again. But seals needed a power source, Uzugakure's previous seals had relied on the chakra given off from people, this seal, relied on the chakra in nature to convert and turn it over to reinforce the wall. Nothing- nothing short of the Six Path's himself could break through it. After the walls were built and strong, her people rejoiced. It was the sign that Uzugakure had not fallen. But after the festivities Mura had turned her eyes on the whirlpools that churned outside the village, ever since she could remember they had turned naturally. But the enemy had a hundred shinobi weakening the great waters. So, if the shinobi could use chakra to stop it, could she use it to make them stronger? She tossed this idea to her council, to be met with agreements, and cheers.

Only a year after the disaster after the economy and families were somewhat stabilized, did Mura allow people to trickle to the surface.

Mura sent shinobi all over to garner what other villages were doing, to look for people who had taken to fleeing from the village-she found some- some had altogether disappeared or refused to come back to a village that was the pillar of their mourning. But she had found more Uzumaki civilians had survived than she had hoped for-twenty-six Uzumaki had been recovered, and she was pleased. (As pleased as she could be losing them in the first place.)

Though the first time she encountered a "canon" character she was troubled, she had met Karin Uzumaki's mother-still pregnant, happily chatting away with her husband. She had pulled Mura over and placed her hand upon her stomach talking excitedly that she was having a baby girl, and that her little girl was kicking!

Mura had a frozen smile and walked off with troubled thoughts, she was elated that an Uzumaki was having a child, another to add to her little family, but she walked with troubled thoughts because every thing in her memories would shift and change without such an important character.

Then the riots in the village Hidden in the Bloody Mist, the revolts against people with bloodlines. Mura sprung quickly, and as quietly as possible. Mura herself, approached Clans in suffering and offered them protection and hiding-in exchange for service to the Whirlpool. She was delighted that many took up her offer, entire clans just seemed to vanish off the maps were really adopted by the Whirlpool. Never less much blood was still split in the wars; not just from the bloodline Purges, but also from the Third Shinobi War, people just looking for a peaceful place to hunker down, the idea behind it was that no one would check the haunted ruins of Uzushiogakure, a place already ruined by the wars. But people flocked under this connotation, this included some survivors of the small, infamous clans she had heard of like the Hozuki, the Yuki, the Kaguya, the Kedoin, Shiin, and about half of the Tsuchigumo. Normal civilian families were asked into Uzushiogakure, but the rumors of Uzushiogakure reforming were just rumors to the Great Nations, from the outside all anyone could see were its ruins from a powerful genjutsu that even an Uchiha would have a hard time realizing, from the inside tall skyscrapers had been built once again in pride and honor. Uzugakure was reborn. Mura was proud.

Once a fallen nation with barely two hundred survivors had swelled to a city of a thousand.

But Mura needed even more strength, so she built schools, hundreds of schools, homes, and jobs and she put her people to work. Slowly she made private contracts with the Land of Wave, Land of Tea, Land of Rain. They brought a quiet import to Uzushiogakure, and Uzugakure exported their rare fruits and vegetables. Uzugakure was nowhere near the great city it had been-but it was growing.

On the side, a part of her worried, one day the five nations were going to hear about this. So she tried to keep her country as self-sufficient as possible. The fuel was harvested from the ocean bed. (The Hozuki's were the clan in charge of harvesting energy underneath the ocean for it seemed that most of their members could merge with the water.) Wood was collected around the islands from genin and civilians alike, and shinobi who specialized in earth ninjutsu rebuilt large buildings.

Mura ran her economy with hands almost completely off of it, while she did indeed arrest the ones who tried to cheat the systems, she only gave guidelines to merchants. Merchants could sell practically everything from booze to fruit to styles of Iwagakure the people were free on what to buy with their money. The economy boomed, (well, Mura admitted, it was small compared to what it used to be, but large for her population and people.) Wealth, had been stabilized, and crime was a very low rate. Even better, no one was without a home. Shinobi and civilians alike often lived together with their friends, not just with their family. Mura wasn't about to take that from them, people took comfort from the ones they loved; they deserved to live with whoever they wanted to.

For the Uzu-Shinobi Academy she still had the law that stated all men and women had to serve in the force for at least five years.

This caused some arguments, some civilians didn't want to send their children off to war, but as Mura had to reassure, Uzugakure was not run like many of the other villages. There were many peaceful branches of the military their children could spread out too, and once they had graduated to Genin status they were adults, and they chose what they wanted to do. Many of the 'peaceful' sides included medicine (something that Mura really started to push in Whirlpool) engineering (of all kinds, technology, chemicals) body guarding, teaching, business (she stressed that businesses would give ten percent of what they earned to Uzugakure, thus she also allowed children that adamantly did not want to serve at all to start their own businesses at a higher tax-and that counted as "serving.") For people that actually served in the arts and were trained they were given a Whirlpool Headband, if they progressed in rank they were issued a standard Whirlpool jacket, (that was a royal blue with many pockets, mesh, and wire to protect the torso. In the back there was also a whirlpool sigma) Then for special Jonin, or Uzu there were masks and awards if honor. For special battles and bravery her shinobi were awarded badges of honor, and if any ninja did something to negate the rules, or turned traitor, all badges would be withdrawn. The more pins, the more status the nin brought to the village.

Other changes had been integrated into the system, in recent years the baby boom was still going strong, and many young Uzumaki had been born to her personal family. In all, Mura was proud of her people's strength to fight and rebuild. It took an unspeakable amount of courage to honor their ancestors like they did, shrines decorated the country with names of every man, woman, and child that had died in Uzushiogakure written on a large stone tablet that rivalled the length of Uzushio's walls. Burning incense candles were a high demand, as everyone burned them for their ancestors, their friends, their family. There was not one person who was not affected by all of the bloodshed.

Uzushio was not just building their armies, but they were also in the process of building a fleet. (This, however was frustratingly slow.) Mura had been searching for a way for ships to travel unnoticed to each continent. (Ten years later Uzushiogakure had a half-built fleet.)

Finally, if there ever was such an attack on Uzushiogakure as a whole ever again, there were a hundred large systems beneath the village, (that was almost completely resting on top of a large fuin seal to make sure the structure would never collapse) that ensured a route to each continent. Though some routes were over sixty miles long. Along these routes were nourishments and water. It was almost like an ant colony, Uzushio shinobi sometimes would use these passes to carry their goods back to Uzushio. At one point all of these tunnels connect to form an even larger one, there of which was a man's desk of ten chunin/genin ninja, that had an instant alarm hooked up to them, should anything happen.

Then…there was this.

"Uzumaki…Naruto…did you say?"

The chunin nodded, as he gave an unsure look to the splinters of what used to be Mura's desk; "Yes, his birth parents are unknown-but I do know the Sarutobi clan has taken him in until they find a suitable home-or orphanage."

Mura leaned back and swiped a hand through her bobbed, dark red hair, "Does the Leaf have any idea that we are alive?"

The chunin shook his head, "I believe they have heard rumors of a village coming forth in the islands, but they do not pay interest to us."

"Alright," The redhead pointed a finger at her subordinate, "Not a word to anyone, chump! If I hear this in the gossip circles I'll find who did it and cut off his balls! Dismissed!"

The chunin paled, bowed, and left the room hurriedly. Mura signaled an UZU guard, "Send for my brother. I will need a private meeting with him." She ordered.

Her brother knew about Uzumaki Naruto. Mura would love to have the kid here, but doing so she knew he would grow up differently. If he grew up with different morals, different habits, would he still be the hero of the upcoming war.

Could she really do that to him?

Or would he be more powerful here? Or more safe there? (After all, the Village of The Hidden Leaves was much stronger than their military.)

If she went after him she was bound to get big attention. He was not only the son of the Fourth Hokage, and Uzumaki Kushina (a main branch survivor of whom they neglected contact with in fear of Uzumaki Naruto never being born.) Attention was something her village could not afford right now, but that did not mean there were not other ways of getting Naruto on their own, raise him, save him, till the time is right.

But that seemed like she was raising a weapon, and she didn't like that about herself. She'd give anything for her people, but to go as far as this? Uzumaki Naruto was the jinchurriki of the Nine-Tailed Kyuubi no Yoko. Taking him from the Leaf would not only blow open a large weakness but also draw attention to her village. Something she could not do.

But what could she do to give young Naruto the family he deserved? On the other hand he'd be some much more prepared in Uzushio, he'd have a hundred techniques under his belt. She could make Naruto a tough opponent to beat.

The door opened, "Ah, Riji, good, you're here. I need some advice."

Her brother's face fell to attention, when she called him by name she was all business.

"Uzumaki Naruto was born two days ago."

Comprehension flickered across his face as the seriousness of the situation set in. "What are you going to do?" He asked cautiously.

That was a good question. "…I don't know." Mura cradled her head in her palm, "I don't know."

But her brother smirked, "…And I think you are lying. You know what you need to do, you just are not sure whether to do it or not."

Mura bit her lip, "I do…have an idea…" She said slowly, thoughtfully. "But it won't be pretty."

Her brother leaned forward eagerly, "Your plans are always crazy-but they always work too."

She smiled unsure, "Thanks."

"Remember that mesh clone I tried to make about fifteen years back? Remember how I was trying to make sure that Kage Bushin would not pop the second they were hit? Remember how I made that real-flesh and blood clone?" It was creepy in a way, she had made an exact replica of herself instead-only one without a spirit. It was like a corpse of her living self.

"Well what if I use that fuin I based on interrogation and torture methods to transverse consciousness to insert myself in that body? I could practically be two different people living in two different places at once-like 'Pain' did."

Her brother frowned, "But didn't that guy need to be close to control all those bodies? Didn't he need those special metal piercings?"

Mura nodded, "Yes, it is not possible….Except I am the one who made the blue print of the Uzushio wall."

Riji frowned, "Okay, you lost me."

Mura smirked, "Uzushio's wall is the first self-sustaining fuin wall made-ever. It draws its energy from ancient nature's energy which it converts to stabilize the wall with strong chakra. It would be highly dangerous used on a real, living person, but what about a 'dead' person?' I could focus the chakra to make sure the 'other' me eats, sleeps, craps, like a normal person. While the 'life' in them will consciously be me, but fueled by nature's energy." Mura frowned, "Of course this means the clone can never 'die' unless I extract my consciousness from it, this also means it cannot be a shinobi. Not only will the clone have a barely recognizable chakra system, but because I'm pretty sure someone would recognize an outsider running around with a shit load of nature chakra."

Riji stroked his red beard, "Wasn't there some ninja clan that drew upon nature chakra or whatever? Didn't they also refuse our offer of coming to Uzushiogakure? …What if you could be a retired ninja from that clan? As I heard it they are all splitting up and fleeing now because of the purges."

Mura smiled, "That would be a perfect cover." She leaned over her desk and kissed her brother on the cheek, "You are a genius."

Riji smirked, "I know."

"So humble," she groaned sarcastically.

Her older brother nodded, "Thank you." Mura rolled her eyes to herself at her brother's antics.

"So what will you do when you get there?" he asked curiously.

Mura just grinned an evil perverse to herself.

"I'm going to give Konoha a wild ride." She giggled insanely.

"Oh, brother." Riji sighed, already feeling an headache coming.

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