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By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1:  The Loss of Sight

Author's Note:  HEY GUYS!!!!!  This is my first beyblade fic, but I have to admit that I'm still working on the main story.  This is just something that popped in my head while I was listening to some music.  I hope my buds review me!!!!!

~~If I could tell the world one thing~~

~~It would be that we're all OK~~

Kai drudged through the park, with a look like he hated the world.  People always thought that he did have a problem with the world, but deep down inside he was lonely.  He, of coarse, didn't want to seem weak and hid these feelings, very well.

~~And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful~~ ~~And useless in times like these~~

Even though he acted like nothing was wrong, his friends still worried about him.  He continued walking until another boy came up to him, with a girl close behind.  They were both around his age.  The boy had dark blue, spiked hair with determined green eyes.  While the girl looked unsure about the situation.  She had long dark purple hair with long bangs, but instead of in front of her face she pushed them to a side.  She also had beautiful pink eyes that were going back in forth from Kai to the boy standing next to her.

"Your Kai from the blade breakers right?" the boy demanded.  Kai nodded.

The girl said before the boy could say anything, "Kai, you don't need to fight him he's…."

"Shut up Julia!!!" The boy smacked her, making her fall to the ground.  Kai's eyes widened at this.  Not even he would do that to a girl.

"Fine," the girl called Julia muttered as she got up and rubbed her now bruised face.

"Now Kai, before I was RUDELY interrupted," he shot a glance at Julia who lowered her head.

~~I won't be made useless~~

"I challenge you!!!"  Kai didn't anything at first he stole a glance at Julia who surprisingly staring at him.  She shook her head, but then smiled.  Like saying kick his ass!!!

~~I won't idle with despair~~

"Alright!!!  Let's do it!!"  He took out his beyblade and readied it.  Julia was going to be the judge.

"..3….2….1…LET IT RIP!!!!!!"  They both let loose they're beyblade.  At first it was pretty boring, they were just spinning around testing each other's abilities.  After a while it started getting tough.

~~I will gather myself around my faith~~

"GO KAI!!!"  Julia shouted, the boy looked at her with a mean glare.

"Don't root for him!!!!!!  You're supposed to be on my side!!!!!"

"…sorry…" Kai bumped his opponents blade into the air, at first it was going in the direction of Julia's face, but………

"We're not going down that easily!!!  Use The Flare Attack!!"  There was this immense light, everyone blocked their eyes except for Julia, it all happened to quick.  After everyone regained their composure, they heard someone scream.

"Huh?"  They both turned to Julia who was on the ground covering her eyes with her hands screaming.

"Thanks Julia now I have to battle another time.  Come back before eight okay?"  They boy said sternly not even acknowledging that she was screaming in pain.  He grabbed his beyblade and walked off.  While Kai was wishing he did the same thing, but he couldn't leave her there while her friend deserted her.  Curse my human emotions, he thought.

He kneeled down next to her, "Hey, what's wrong?"


"Take your hands off so I can see."  Very slowly she took her hands off but she still had her eyes closed.

"You need to let some light in your eyes."

"I CAN'T!!!!!"

"You can do it!"  He encouraged her that helped.  She slowly opened her eyes.  Kai couldn't help but to notice that there was something different.  He slowly got up and was about to walk away but he felt a tug on his pants.  He looked down and saw Julia hanging on.

"What now?"

"…I…I…I can't see."

~~For light does the darkness most fear~~

"WHAT!!!!"  Once again, he was down on his knees next to her.  She took her shaky hands and reached for his shoulder, it took her a while to find it, but when she did, she went down his arm to his hand.  Was she got there she put her hand into his hand.

~~My hands are small, I know~~

~~But they're not yours they are my own~~

~~But they're not yours they are my own~~

"Please don't leave me…. I don't know how to get home…" Kai tightened his grip on her hand.

"Don't worry I'll take you to a hospital."


~~And I am never broken~~

Kai was astonished, "Why?"

"Maybe I'll tell you later on."

"Fine," muttered Kai.  He got up and helped Julia get up.  He led her by the hand to his house, the only place he knew to take her.  Maybe he could help her there.  He couldn't help but to feel responsible for this ordeal.

"What's wrong," Julia asked.  She could tell because he all of a sudden squeezed her hand.

He looked at her sorrow, to bad she couldn't see it, "I'm sorry."  (Author's Note:  I know what your thinking…Kai apologizing!!!!  Woah!!)

"For what?"

"I feel like this is my fault."

"What's your fault?"

"That you last your sight."  Julia looked sad.  But then smiled at him.

"It's okay!  You couldn't stop what happened.  I'm just glad someone's taking care of me for once."

~~Poverty stole you golden shoes~~

~~It didn't steal your laughter~~

Author's Note:  That was a little too dramatic for my tastes.  I guess I should work on the humor factor.  Then again, this is just the first chapter it's always like this.  Anyway!!  For those who were wondering, this is a songfic thingy.  And the song is called Hands (WOW!!!! SHOCKING!)  And it's by Jewel.  I hope you guys like this story better than I do, because I'm a little unsure of it.  Hopefully I'll get the next soon.

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