Hello everyone! According to the book, Aragorn had some untold adventures when he was searching for Gollum. This is my idea for one of them. This takes place before the fellowship, but Gandalf and Aragorn have met.

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Chapter 1

Aragorn staggered through the forest looking for shelter. The sky had opened above him and within seconds, he was soaked. The wind howled as he navigated through fallen trees and limbs, looking for anything that could protect him from the weather.

It was not like the Ranger to be taken by surprise, but the storm seemed to have come from nowhere. One moment the sky was clear and the birds were quietly singing, then the sun was gone, and it became as black as night.

Lightning streaked across the sky followed by a loud clap of thunder, shaking the earth beneath Aragon's feet. In all of this travels through the wilds of Middle-Earth, he had never seen a storm like this, just coming from nowhere and without warning.

The earth was having a hard time soaking the sudden onslaught of water, and Aragorn struggled through the mud. It was becoming more and more difficult, but he knew the area well enough to know he was close to a large rock formation that would shelter him from the wind and rain.

The wind became stronger, and Aragorn stumbled backward from the force of it, falling into the mud. Suddenly, there was a loud crash overhead, and a large limb fell from the tree above him. Aragorn quickly rolled to the side, but the mud made it impossible to clear the branch completely. He was struck hard, the weight of it pressing the air from his lungs, and blacked out.

Minutes later, Aragon's eyes opened, finding that the storm had passed as quickly as it had come. The sky was still dark, but the wind and rain, at least, were gone. There was debris everywhere which included a large branch pinning the Ranger to the ground. So large, in fact, that he could not lift it off of himself. His left leg and side burned, and he knew that they were injured. He only hoped it was not too serious.

His body position was too awkward, and he knew he would have to wait for someone to pass by and assist him. Laying his head back on the ground, he congratulated himself on having chosen a well-traveled road. Hopefully, he would be not have to wait too long.

Aragorn managed to work his hands free from under him, and began to break away some of the smaller branches that were cutting into his face and bare skin. Although his chest hurt, it was not the kind of pain that accompanied broken ribs. For that, he was thankful. However, he could not tell the extent of his leg injury from where he was. It was cut for sure, but he knew not if it was broken.

He would have to wait.


Not ten minutes had passed before Aragorn heard footfalls coming from behind him. Many of them. Perhaps they are riders from Rohan, Aragorn thought as they drew closer, but in this thick mud, I can be sure of nothing. With the debris blocking his view, he would not be able to see who they were until they were on top of him. Aragorn tried to shift his body, so he could better see the on coming strangers, but the weight of the wood was too much to move.

The footfalls drew closer until, all of a sudden, they stopped. There was a long moment of silence, and Aragorn decided to be the first to speak. "Strangers, I am lucky that you have found me for I was caught in the storm and now, can not free myself."

A man's deep voice replied to him. "Are you Aragorn son of Arathorn? Also, the Ranger known as Strider?"

A very strange question to ask, Aragorn thought. Perhaps they are friends of Gandalf for I can think of no one else who would address me so. He hesitated but finally replied, "Yes, I am he."

With that said, someone moved toward him. Aragorn drew in his breath when a sharp blade came to rest on his throat. Next, man's face came into view. "Why do you threaten me so?" the Ranger asked him. "What have I done to offend you?"

The sides of the stranger's lips curled up to form a small smile. "Nothing, my friend. It is for your protection alone." But before Aragorn could respond, the stranger turned and nodded to his companions. "Did you not hear this man's request? He wishes to be free from under the limb!"

A curse escaped from the Ranger's lips as several dozen Orcs surrounded him.


To be continued!

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