disclamer: I don't own digimo only ivy and my other fan made charcters

this is a story of a poor soul, of prophecy, of hardships, of ones change from evil to good. a girl with amazing powers and two digimon will help the other tamers save the world...who am I you say? that's not important right now. the prophecy? you want me to tell you?...fine...

a girl who is not who she seems.

a demon with no memory.

a royal knight who learns to forgive.

a untold evil who has made an apperance

a new power that awakens to rise up

against it. but the light is weak. the help of

others will be needed.

...now go! the story now begins.

redsnivy: so how was that?

eclipse: that was good in my opinion

redsnivy: I wasen't asking you

eclipse: fine then yeesh

redsnivy: plz review and R&R