Episode 3:Leader of the pack

(forgot to add this whole story starts a little after the events to season 3)

Ivy and her little group travel through the huge forest...she can't help but feel like somethings gonna happen. Something bad.

"Ivy? you alright?" Gulimon looks at his partner worried for her. Ivy nods her head not wanting gulimon to worry.

"If your sure...please tell me if anything is wrong I'm here for you." Gulimon softly tells Ivy wanting her to know that he will be here for her. Palmon smiles at the two already seeing the and tamer and digimon has she wonders if one day she will have a tamer to. She shakes her head she has a one in one million chance in becoming a tamers digimon. Salamon sighs missing her tamer already she just hopes Sera is okay. As the group countinue they eventuly get tired and rest under a big tree. One by one they fall asleep.


Kiimon was the first one awake...he looks around bored. He decides to go find something fun maybe someone will want to play with him...Yeah! He wiggles out of Ivy's arms and hops away. A few minute later Ivy jumps awake... where is Kiimon... She pales and quickly gets up. Without thinking she runs off to look for her Baby Partner knowing Gulimon didn't seem to like him. So no help there Don't worry Kiimon I will find you. Ivy keeps looking eventuly she hears him. She gose into the direction she heard him from and sees a huge digimon. suddenly her Digivice gives her information on it.

Weregarurumon: the growling werewolf monster Level:ultimate Attribute:vaccine/data Type:beast man

Ivy knows this is bad...very bad. She grabs Kiimon to keep him safe the Weregarurumon stops. It starts to growl

"Another one I hate humans but Alpha will want to see you...Human come with me or else." It- no he threatens she for one thing did not like that she backs up scared. He growls and grabs her roughly while Ivy struggles.

"I warn you human stop struggiling or i'll show you why many don't want to anger me." Ivy whimpers but takes the warning to heart

"Your smart human...good" Weregarurumon keeps walking to wherever he was taking her. She notices they were heading towards the mountains...Those were a while away last time she checked.

-30 minutes past-

They made it to the base of the mountains where there seemed to be a village with what seemed to be wolf digimon later she will find out gabumon are living in the village while garurumon and higher level digimon live in the giant caves of the mountains. The Weregarurumon that was holding her took her into the caves after some twists and turns Ivy finds herself in a special room were the biggest Weregarurumon she has ever seen is.

"Aaahh General Weregarurumon what brings you here?", General Weregarurumon as she has figured out what he is called shows this big Weregarurumon her

"I found this Human...whos a tamer...in our territory Alpha." Alpha looks at Ivy surprised

"Another one? Something must be happening to couse new Tamers to crop up like my adoptive son..."

"Alpha what do you suppose I do with her?"

"I'll take her you go on and don't start cousing trouble General Weregarurumon."

"As you wish Alpha." General Weregarurumon gives Ivy to Alpha then walks away growling angrily. Ivy looks up at Alpha scared whats gona happen to her now?

"Hey there little one...you okay?" Alpha asks Ivy who whimpers and shrinks back.

"Oh you poor girl. General Weregarurumon was very mean to you huh?" Ivy nods feeling slightly less scared.

"Don't worry I'm actually quite nice. Though you might not be able to leave anytime soon." Ivy looks very counfused but a hungry Kiimon reminds her he is there.

"I bet you guys are hungry. I know baby digimon have bottomless stomachs lets get you guys some food.", Alpha takes them to a room that has human sized beds.

"here you stay in this room and I will get food." Alpha then walks out and Ivy takes the time to explore the room. It was nice and welcoming but then she suddenly remembers Gulimon and the others...are they worried about her...more impotantly are they okay. Alpha enters the room again with food Kiimon started eating right away while Ivy looked at it then shrugged and started eating as well. Alpha looks at the girl her General Brought in...she was a scrawny little thing...odvious she has had a rough life...poor thing. She looks at the girls partner Kiimon. Cute little thing. She could already see the bond between the two. She smiles knowingly Maybe Lupus can befriend this girl. After all he is a tamer as well and her adoptive son. And his partner is her real son as well. Yeah after this girl rests she will bring Lupus too her so they can meet. Kiimon and Ivy had finished eating boy that food was good. Ivy yawns tiredly as well as Kiimon. Alpha Chuckles at the scene.

"time for bed you two I can see your both tired." Ivy nods in agreement. She can't deny it and she knows it. So she picks up Kiimon and crawls into one of the beds and snuggles under the blankets. Kiimon is asleep almost instaly as well as Ivy. Alpha shakes her head at this poor things had a rough day. She dicides to go see how the rest of her pack are she heard the gabumon need help with there leaves knowing the girl will be okay.

-with gulimon and the others.-

Gulimon awoke startled he looks around and pales. Ivy and Kiimon are missing. That dream was true if so he turns to the mountins that are far away. They both are over there. Time to wake up the others this spells trouble.

"Palmon,Salamon wake up!" Gulimon yells making both digimon jump up..,or in Palmons, case fall out of a tree..

"Whats wrong gulimon?" Gulimon points to were Ivy and Kiimon were at Salamons question.

"There missing! what happened?"

"I had a dream that they were taken towards the mountins I say we head there now Salamon." gulimon was worried for his partner and strangly enough Kiimon...no time to question it now. Salamon and Palmon both nod in agreement. So with that they started treeking towards the mountains knowing in the small forms they are in they getting to the mountains will taked three maybe four days.

-back to Ivy-

Ivy wakes up at first not remebering were she is...then it suddenly hit her. The others...they must be so worried for her...she finds herself missing Gulimon the most. Ivy just hopes they are safe. She looks up when someone walks in. Hey its alpha! Alpha sees how the girl lite up when she came in. alpha notices that she still dosen't know the girls name

"I forgot to ask earllier whats your name?" Ivy thinks for a bit then draws into the dirt Ivy.

"Ivy is your name? thats a nice name. you can call me Luna. though you seem to not talk.", Ivy nods to show she understands.

"Ivy i'm gona let you meet my adoptive son Lupus and his partner my son Prince Shadow okay?" Ivy looks a little nervous but nods again anyways. Luna motions for the Ivy to follow her which she does and takes her through the tunnels. They end up in front of a room that was far from the other rooms.

"Sorry for the long walk Ivy my sons...prefer to be left alone.. let me tell them about you first before I introuduce you all.",Luna explains as she knocks on the door then enters. Ivy can here talking in the room but she doesn't listen. A bit later Luna comes out followed by a boy who looks a year older then her.

-How lupus looks-


Clothes: A soft blue shirt with a black and red hoodie that has wolf ears on the hood. Plain jeans and boots.

Eye color: Blue

Digivice: One side is black and white the others green and purple. has a card reader like Ivy's

Partner(s): Blackgabumon (shadow)

personality: not very social, a little cold.

-back to story-

"Ivy this is Lupus and his partner Blackgabumon otherwise known as Shadow..guys this is Ivy and her partner Kiimon."

Lupus just looks at Ivy who waves. Luna watches this with a critical eye then smiles knowingly.

"You guys need to get out of this old cave common we will go visit the Gabumon village.",Luna says cheerfully ushering her guests and her sons in front of her. They get outside and head towards the village. The Gabumon greet them cheerfully but with this crowd Ivy grows increasingly nervous. Luna notices and shoos the Gabumon away as they countinue the walk.

-somewhere else-

Two shadows go through the tunnels swiftlyand enter a secret room.

"General Weregarurumon when will we attack and take over this pack?"

"soon...but first I need to tell master something interesting." The unnamed one leaves while General Weregarurumon contacts the Master

"how is everything going General Weregarurumon..I trust everythings going to plan?"

"Yes master but there is now another digidestined here Master."

"Good good I want that one as well General Weregarurumon."

"Yes sir."

"Don't fail me you know what happens to those who fail me right?"

General Weregarurumon gulps

"I do sir I will not fail."

-back to Ivy-

Luna had left the two digidestined alone to go deal with some problems That were Worrying her. With Luna gone Ivy didn't know what to do but that was solved quickly enough. Lupus had grabed her hand saying he wanted to show her something and lead her through the tunnels. Though they had to go through a small hole but what Ivy saw was amazing they were in a cavern that looked had a medow in it. Ivy was amazed and felt happy no one has ever done anything for her except sera... Ivy smiled brightly she looks back at lupus who was smiling at her...his smile reminded her of a shark...oh well. Lupus watched as Ivy played around he looked over and saw Kiimon and his partner playing as well suddenly Kiimon started to glow. Ivy stoped and looked over at her partner and knew he was digivolving.

"Kiimon digivolve too...Yaamon!" Yaamon cheers happily

"I digivolved I digivolved!" he was happy and Ivy was happy to she walks over to lupus and says the first words in a long time

"thank you..." Lupus just nods in her direction and Ivy gose back to playing with her partner and shadow.

-back with gulimon and a few days later.-

they finally have made it to the mountains. Gulimon was worried for his partner greatly. The rest of the group was worried for Ivy as well so when they happened upon Gabumon village being attacked that worry increased.

-earlier tha day.-

Lupus and Ivy became close friends and Ivy was talking a little now. Luna was so glad her sons now had friends and she was glad for the used to be timid girl General Weregarurumon ad brought in. Her son had tought Ivy some fighting skills and Yaamon had digivolved again to Impmon and was training everyday with the gabumon and getting stronger. Her sons and Ivy were in that secret medow when the trouble started. Some Garurumon started attacking gabumon village. Luna went to stop them and the two digidestined joined her with Lupus digivolving shadow to blackgarurumon. Impmon Too down some of the weaker garurumon while Shadow and Luna fought the stronger ones. That's when General Weregarurumon came.

"Aaahh the sweet smell of chaos."

"General Weregarurumon! You are doing this why?"

"Well Luna my master wants control of this pack and he also wants those digidestined or tamers as they are called."

"Like hell you are getting them General Weregarurumon."

"Then I will fight you to get them."


Gulimon saw his partner but they Gulimons group had been backed up in a corner...His partner was in trouble but he coulden't save her. That's when he started glowing.

"Gulimon digivolve to...Growlmon!" Ivy was scared Impmon was injured and the garurumon advanced upon her. Luna and Shadow were busy fighting General Weregarurumon and coulden't help her.

"Pyro blaster!" A large digimon defeated the garurumon in front of her. Ivy looks at him knowing he was her partner. The garurumon were quickly deafeted and that left only General Weregarurumon left.

"Gggrrr I will be back just you wait." General Weregarurumon seemed to just dissaper. Growlmon Dedigivolves to Gulimon and he gose over to his partner. Luna turns to them.

"Thanks for your help..Lupus I think you should go with them."


"You and Ivy are tamers and Will need to stick together." Lupus just nods.

"Though I think you guys will need food and rest first come long." And with that the team got bigger and had a nice little party though.

"WHAT! You got Ivy to talk!" everyone loughs at gulimons shocked look.

-next time one Digimon tamers-

"Where am I. What up with all these big creatures.?"

"hello I'm Salamon whats a human like you doing here?"

"hey Salamon I'm Sera...and to answer your question I was kidnapped by a giant dinasour.."

"Not again whats with these creatures why am I always being kidnapped I hate being the damsel in distrees."

"don't worry Sera I will find you and save you."

-next time on digimon tamers Chapter 4 Sera's turn.-