Alright, so this is my first story on this website. I've done another one before but it was posted elsewhere and I never got around to finish it.

Let me just point this out now: I'm terrible at writing a story. My biggest weakness, I feel, lies in describing things. So I hope you can look past these flaws and enjoy what I have written. This idea came to me last night after reading a few similar stories. Honestly, I'm not sure how long I can continue to write this story since it was a spur of the moment idea that I reeeaaaaally wanted to written so I could possibly get someone interested in taking over if it came to that. The funny part is that this entire chapter was not part of my original inspiration, it's the next chapter that I wanted written more than anything, but I felt this prologue needed to be here first.

Another reason I wanted to write this is to get my feet wet for a series I've really wanted written as well. My plan is to make a series based on crossovers staring my characters from the game Phantasy Star Online 2. I feel like it's got the perfect set up for crossover fan fiction since the ships used to take players to missions, called campships, literally rip open portals in space to take the players to the planets missions are being held. Tell me that isn't the perfect set up for a crossover. Anyways, I really do hope you like this idea, and I also really hope my writing doesn't suck too bad. I know for me if constant mistakes pop up while I read something it's a major turn off to a story.

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Today was a sad day.

Sitting next to a bed in a room of a house built into a tree of the forest outside of Magnolia was man with bright golden spiky hair. He was wearing a familiar red haori with black flames along the bottom. Under the haori was black long sleeved shirt that had red spirals on the shoulders, hidden by the haori, and black pants that ended at the shins. Where the pants ended, bandages started that ended at his ankles with black open-toed sandals as his footwear. Wrapped around his forehead was a hitai-ate with the leaf insignia of a long forgotten village of ninjas. This was Naruto Uzumaki.

With his once bright cerulean eyes, now dulled by the day's events, was looking down upon the bed at its lone inhabitant. One of his greatest comrades was lying, motionless, under its sheets. Her right hand had found refuge in both of his during her final moments. A lone tear found its way down his whiskered cheek as he closed his eyes and began remembering the events leading up to this point.

It all started with the war. Yes, that horrible war that had cursed him into his immortal status. It had been a war for the Biju to enact a world-encompassing illusion to bring about a false peace. He wasn't about to let that happen, nor were the shinobi that had called him comrade. All five of the nations of shinobi and the samurai had united against a common enemy, Madara Uchiha. Or, rather, the one they believed to be him. The real one had entered the fray in the middle of the war, revealing the other to be a fake. The fake was later revealed to be Obito Uchiha, another who was thought to be long dead. Both Uchiha had been planning this war for a very long time and were very close to succeeding. But they had overlooked one detail, one small detail that would lead to their defeat this day.

That detail was Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto, with the help of the Konoha Rookie 12, Sasuke and his team, Orochimaru, the current Kages, the previous Hokages, his senseis, Killer Bee, and what was left of the Shinobi Alliance, thwarted the Uchiha's Eye of the Moon plan.

But victory had come at a terrible cost.

With the Juubi under Obito's control, it had become nearly impossible to fight him. Naruto needed to take control of the Juubi away from Obito. The way to do so, as instructed by Kurama, the Kyubi no Kitsune, was similar to how Naruto had subjugated Kurama's chakra. He was going to have to rip the Juubi from Obito in a dangerous game of tug-of-war. Only it wouldn't be just chakra he was ripping out. It took the combined might of all of his comrades to give him the opening he needed to grab hold of the Juubi's foul being. The opening did not come free. The price was the lives of his comrades. With the never ending determination his comrades knew him for, Naruto ripped the Juubi out of Obito and subjugated it within himself. With Kurama's help, the Juubi was forever sealed away within his body. With the Juubi's power in his grasp, it was mere child's play to finish off the wretched Uchihas once and for all.

Years after the war had ended; Naruto found himself wandering the Elemental Nations. The shinobi system died out soon after the war with the remainder that had not taken part, namely the children and the elderly, abandoning the life style all-together. This effectively made him the last of his kind.

With the Juubi sealed away inside him, its power flowing in his veins, Kurama informed him of a detail he didn't want to hear. Coupled with the longevity Uzumakis were known for and the Juubi's near limitless power he had gained immortality.

He despised it.

Why should he be allowed to cheat death when the others couldn't?

So he wandered. Searching for something, anything, to give him a purpose once again.

Thousands of years had passed without bearing the fruits of a true purpose for him. Early on he had traveled to each of the remnants of the shinobi villages to gather the scrolls that bore the jutsu left behind by the era. The remainder of the shinobi left behind by the war understood what he was doing by collecting this knowledge. He didn't want it to be used again to threaten the safety of the world once again. So he shouldered the burden of being the keeper of this knowledge so that the Elemental Nations would find peace. During the years of traveling he had learned every jutsu that he had collected. A couple thousand years was more than enough time to do so.

Eventually he began hearing rumors from sailors of a new land beyond the sea that had people with incredible abilities that they described as magic. Fearing the possibility of another disaster such as the war, he immediately sought passage to this new land and come upon a country known as Fiore. Upon arriving he began to observe the people called mages from afar. While the magic spells produced by the mages appeared to be similar to jutsu he could immediately pick up the differences. The energy he sensed the spells used was not chakra produced by the casters. He could sense the chakra there, as it was in all living being, but what he sensed had his eyes widening. These mages were somehow absorbing nature energy naturally and that was what powering their spells.

With this knowledge he decided to find out more about the mages and what better way to do so then to ask one directly? He had found himself in a town called Magnolia where a new mage guild had just been established: Fairy Tail. He had learned from locals he had questioned that the mage guilds in Fiore were a lot like the shinobi villages in the sense that they were given missions to complete. He had wanted to ask more about them but they hadn't known much themselves and had directed him to Fairy Tail so he could get the answers he wanted form its guild master. Thanking the people for their help, he then headed towards the guild and soon arrived.

'What an odd name.' Had been his thought as he saw four members of the guild having a photo taken of them in front of the guild hall.

The group consisted of three men and a girl. The first of the men was a tall buff looking fellow with a strangely long head with a black afro and a grin on his face. 'Tree…' Was all he could think of when looking at the man. The second was the shortest of the three with slicked back silver hair with a smirk and an eye patch over his right eye. The third had blonde hair in the style reminiscent of Sasuke's hair style, though he had a cocky grin that you'd never find on the proud Uchiha. The girl was expressing herself a whole lot more than the men. She had extremely long, wavy blonde hair with a large ahoge poking up. She had her eyes closed, laughing while she had her arms wide open, proudly showing off the guild she was a part of. …And were those small wings coming out of her head?

Seeing how happy the girl was brought small smile to Naruto's lips. 'Heh. A bit carefree, that one.' He thought.

Naruto waited until the photo was taken to get the guild members attention as he walked up to them.

"Yo!" He said, waving a hand.

The four turned to see a man with spiky blonde hair in a red haori with black flames on the bottom walking up to them with a smile on his face. 'Are those whiskers on his face?' Was the general thought between the group. They couldn't sense an ounce of Eternano coming from the man so either he wasn't a mage or he was really good at hiding his power. If only they knew.

As came to a stop in front of him, the girl was the first to speak up. "Hello, there Mister! Welcome to Fairy Tail!" She greeted. "Are you here to give us our first official quest?" She asked as she held her hands behind her back cutely.

"Unfortunately, no." He replied shaking his head. "You see, I'm not from around here and wish to know more about mages and magic in general." He explained. "The locals directed me here, saying I could get answers from the guild master."

The girl nodded. "They were right, I'd more than happy to tell you all about magic" She smiled brightly and held out her hand. "My name's Mavis Vermillion, the first Master of Fairy Tail!" She stated proudly.

'This chibi is the master?' His eyes widening slightly and he took her hand in his and gave a firm shake and. "Naruto Uzumaki, wandering sage, at your service." He supplied with a trademark grin.

The group was a little stunned at the declaration of this man being a sage. He didn't look at day past 20!

"You're a sage?" The now identified Mavis questioned. "But you're so young." She pointed out.

Naruto just smiled. "I'm not as young as I look." Mavis didn't like that mischievous gleam in his eye. "Besides, aren't you a little too chibi to be a guild master?" He said with a grin.

Mavis huffed and puffed her cheeks, crossing her arms. "I'll have you know that I'm a really strong mage!"

Naruto let out a short laugh. "See? Can't judge a book by its cover." He said with a large grin.

Mavis was still miffed about being called a chibi but agreed. "You're right, I'm sorry." Offering an apologetic smile.

Naruto shook his head, the grin still on his face. "Don't worry about it."

Mavis huffed again at seeing that his grin hadn't dropped, but she turned towards the guild and waved him over. "Follow me to my office, I'll answer all your questions there." She started walking towards the entrance. "Then after I'll introduce you to the others."

Naruto nodded then followed the small master into the guild. Little did he know, this guild held the true purpose he had been searching for since the war.

Naruto learned everything he had been looking for about magic. He learned of Eternano and of the magic containers that were in every mage. He learned of the many different things magic could accomplish and was once again reminded of the similarities between the two energies and the techniques they made possible. He also was able to confirm that his sage training allowed him to take in the Eternano the same way the mages do. However, the limits of what he could do were the same as what normally happened with Sage Mode. While he could take in Eternano, he could only use it for a duration before he had to consciously take in more. It was also a bit more potent than normal Nature Energy, meaning it resulted in a much stronger Sage Mode. He soon discovered, though, that even though he had Eternano, he couldn't produce a single spell that the mages could. He was still only able to use his jutsu, but that wasn't really that much of a drawback considering the sheer amount of jutsu he was capable of pulling off.

After his questions were answered, Mavis had asked where he came from. It was obvious to her that he wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't from around here from the amount of knowledge he had on magic. Or lack thereof. It was a reasonable request, he thought, but he wasn't about to tell her everything. He doubt she would believe him about most of it. So he weaved a tale of half truths, saying he came from a land across the sea that was ravaged by a war a few years back that he was a survivor of. He told her of his people's source of power and demonstrated a few jutsus for her to see. She had never heard of people being able to produce solid clones before. She knew about thought projections, but those were definitely not capable of what his 'Shadow Clones' were capable of. He had kept the fact he had beings that could be considered demons sealed within him a secret. And that one made him immortal. That wasn't something she needed to know at the moment.

They were in that office for hours, swapping stories of their adventures. Mavis found Naruto to be quite pleasant company, she could tell even with the limited amount of interactions they had that that there'd never be a dull moment with Naruto around. Naruto learned of Mavis' status as a master tactician, reminding him of Shikamaru. An infinitely more motivated and expressive Shikamaru.

After their Q and A session, Naruto was promptly invited to join Fairy Tail. At first he wasn't sure he should. After all, he knew that if they became friends, he would eventually have to watch her die while he could do nothing but watch. Damn immortality! She had noticed his indecision as he had a hand to his chin, indicating he was doing a lot of thinking on his decision. She made her way over to him and place a hand on his shoulders and gave him a warm smile. The words that she spoke next would be ones that he would never forget.

"Let me tell you why we chose the name Fairy Tail." She began. "Do Fairies have tails? Nobody knows. It's an eternal mystery. In other words: an eternal adventure" He looked at her, giving her his full attention. "We want to make a big family." She continued. "One that isn't picky about who is a part of it." She let go of his shoulder and walked to a window to look out it. "One that takes pride in the bonds shared between members." She turned to gaze at him once more. "I tell just by looking into your eyes, Naruto, that you have a good heart." She stood in front of him once more. "Even if you don't want to join now, you would always be welcomed with open arms here." She smiled warmly once more. "No matter what kind of past you've endured, what matters to us is the you here now." Now she was grinning with her eyes closed.

Naruto just stared with wide eyes.

…Well shit, she had him at big family.

It had been five years since Naruto officially became the fifth member of Fairy Tail. During that time Mavis' goal to create one big family had come true and already all the members had strong bonds with one another. Naruto and Mavis had become great friends during this time as well. They had gone on many missions together, both the mundane ones and the incredibly difficult ones. Even though she was Fairy Tail's master, Mavis had refused to just sit and have the members do all the missions since the guild was still young. The two had grown close as if they had been siblings since they were born. It was rare to catch one without the other, in fact it seemed that the only time they weren't around each other was when they were in their respective homes.

Eventually, Naruto had decided that he would tell Mavis his story. The true story. They were in the master's office when he told her his story, to keep it private. He told her about the war and what happened during it. About the Biju, what they were and the two currently residing in him. Kurama and him would have conversations every so often, but those had been few and far between this last century. He explained how the Juubi had made him immortal. After he had spilled the beans her reaction was not what he had expected.

She was smiling.

"I knew it had to be something like that." She had said.

She explained that she had known it was something like that since the day they met, all she had to do was look into his eyes. While he was good at hiding what he was thinking with his body language, his eyes were his biggest tell. They were windows into his very soul. She told him that her opinion hadn't changed on him at all. She was proud that she had been able to get him to make a bond once more. She would cherish the bond for as long as she lived.

The feeling couldn't have been more mutual.

Now, after 5 years had passed since he joined, he was happy. Truly happy. He had comrades who trusted him, which he trusted equally. He was part of a family, something he never had the chance to experience. They would be there for the good times and the bad, through thick and thin. He could enjoy the time he had thoroughly, never having to worry about things such as wars or battles to the death. So there he sat, at Fairy Tail's bar laughing the night away with his master and sister figure sitting on his shoulders laughing right along with him.

But all good things must come to an end.

It had been a bright morning, as expected of spring season, Naruto was on his way to the guild hall to go through the routine he had so dearly loved to go through each day. The routine of being in a family. Before he entered the hall he noticed dark clouds forming on the horizon. His eyes narrowed slightly, but he shrugged and walked into the hall to be greeted by the sounds of his family laughing the day away already. He walked through the building greeting the old and new faces before he got to bar where Mavis was sitting, smiling brightly at him. He smiled right back, until he saw her face contort in pain and a hand shoot up to her chest, clutching the clothing above it. The heart attack she suffered rendered her unconscious as she began to sway, about to fall off her perch. Naruto was there in an instant and she landed in his arms.

"Master is hurt; I'm taking her to the doctor!" He shouted before his and her form flickered and disappeared in an instant. The members recognized it as his Hiraishin no Justu(Flying Thunder God Jutsu) that the blonde had placed all around the town. Immediately all the members began filing out of the hall and rushing to the hospital they knew Naruto had taken her to. Purehito was the first to arrive and he found Naruto leaning against a wall outside of the emergency room with a hard look in his eyes.

"Naruto, how is she?" The silver haired man asked quickly.

"They've got their best doctors with her right now; they're stabilizing her and diagnosing her at the moment." He replied, never so much as glancing at Purehito. The man nodded once, the town loved Fairy Tail's first master she was always there for people who needed her. It made sense that the best doctors the town had would already be in there trying to heal her right away. By the time the conversation had ended, the rest of the guild members had found their way there. All had scared looks, none wanted to think that they could lose their master so suddenly.

It would be an hour later that the head doctor of the hospital would walk out of the emergency room, causing all heads to snap in his direction. They all saw something not a single soul wished to see: The man had a grim look on his face. The man sighed heavily, knowing the information he had was something no one there wanted to hear, but nonetheless had to.

"Mavis is stabilized for the moment." He began. "It pains me to say this, but she's contracted a new heart disease that hasn't been encountered before." He lowered his head his voice shaking. "I-I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do…"

And so began the uproar.

"WHAT?! What do you mean 'there's nothing we can do,' you're a doctor!" One member shouted. "Do your job!" Another shouted.

"BE QUIET." A voice hissed. It's voice sounding demonic.

All eyes turned to Naruto, his eyes were blood red with the black slits like a demon. But that's not what got everyone's attention. It was the tears freely streaming down his face.

"If he says it's impossible, then it is. Don't you think he's taking this just as hard, if not more so, than all of us?" He spoke. He felt absolutely hopeless. He knew medical ninjutsu, but he was nowhere near a professional at the art. His massive chakra reserves already made it difficult enough, but something as delicate as heart surgery was far beyond his capabilities. So he could imagine how a trained professional could feel especially if they knew the person and loved them like they were family. One glance at the doctor was enough to confirm such; the man was visibly shaking and could barely hold his sorrow.

The Fairy Tail family could see it too; they also knew how much the town loved Mavis. The ones who had spoken out lowered their heads in shame. How could they do that to one of their own, even if they weren't part of the guild?

Naruto's features softened and his voice lost the demonic edge as he turned to address the doctor. "How much time does she have left?" He asked softly.

The doctor raised his head, but couldn't look Naruto in the eye. "…A little less than a week by our prediction." He turned to leave. "She'll be waking up soon, we suggest you take her home when she does. She deserves to be with her family until the end." The doctor then walked into his office.

Naruto turned to his family. "I'm going to take her to the house I built for her in the forest when she wakes up. Please meet us there." He said softly before heading into the emergency room with Purehito following him. The guild members all nodded their heads slowly before heading out of the hospital and heading for the house Naruto had built for their master during the 5 years he had been a member.

Inside the emergency room Naruto was sitting in a chair next to his master waiting in silence for her to wake up with Purehito on the other side of the bed in the same position. Naruto spared him a glance to see how he was doing. The man wasn't any better than the rest of his family. He was good and hiding his emotion, but Naruto's trained eyes easily picked up the subtle trembling that told him the man was just as shaken up as he was. Purehito was too busy staring at the first master to notice Naruto's analysis of him.

A soft groan and a fluttering of her eyes alerted the two to their master waking up. Naruto was the first to speak. "Mavis-chan…" He brought himself closer to her side and gently grasped her hand, letting her know he was there for her. Her eyes slowly opened and she gazed at the man she would call her brother without hesitation.

"" She spoke weakly. "Where… am I?"

"You're in the hospital Mavis-chan." He replied with sadness heavily in his voice.

She looked around slowly and caught sight of Purehito on her right. "Purehito… You're here too?"

"Of course, Master, we're all part of the same family." He replied without missing a beat.

Mavis' gaze shifted back to her surrogate brother. "I'm not… doing too well… Am I?" See asked rhetorically. She already knew the answer just by looking at both of her family members' faces.

Damn her intelligence.

"How… long?"

"A week at most." She could tell how much it had hurt for Naruto to say that. He was one step away from releasing the flood gates.

She couldn't damn her status hard enough for putting her brother into that state.

"We're going to take you to the house in the forest so you can see everyone else." Mavis nodded slowly.

Naruto removed the sheets that had covered her up and picked her up bridal style in his arms. Having already known how his jutsu works, Purehito had his hand on Naruto's right shoulder, prepared to make the jump. Once he was sure Mavis was as comfortable as he could get her, Naruto activated his jutsu and the room vanished from view, replaced with the room of a house built into the tree of the forest outside of Magnolia.

For the next 6 days, members of Fairy Tail had constantly visited. Fairy Tail had informed the town of the dire news, which had civilians coming to the house as well to bid their final good-byes to their beloved Master of Fairy Tail. During this time, Mavis had named Purehito the second master of Fairy Tail. This decision confused a good portion of the members, including Purehito himself. Everyone had fully expected Naruto to be the one selected.

"During the entire time we've been a guild, Naruto never gained fame. He was known only by Magnolia to be a member." She began to explain. "He always protected us from inside the shadows. He has always been our guardian. I know he doesn't want to be the master unless he has to, because he's already doing the only thing he's ever wanted to do." She looked straight into Naruto's eyes. "Protecting his comrades." The smile that followed pulled at his heart strings. "Purehito will be a fine Master, I've shown him everything that the master of Fairy Tail needs to do already." And she had, she had always planned on naming him the second Master. "He will take care of all of you." Purehito was speechless.

Eventually he snapped himself out of his stupor. "Of course Master, I won't let you down." He said with nothing but pure conviction.

"I know you won't."

Finally the dreaded day had come. All of the members and townsfolk had said their good-byes and had left the house. Mavis knew she had little time left, and had requested to be alone with her brother for her final moments. The remaining people, namely the original members, nodded and respected her wishes. When it was just the two of them Mavis spoke.

"Do you remember the island we found together?" She asked weakly.

"Tenrou? Of course I remember. I helped you cast the spell that made it holy ground for members of Fairy Tail. I helped you develop the Three Great Fairy Magics there as well." He recalled.

"I wish it to be my final resting place." He nodded instantly.

"Of course, I promise it will happen. And I never-"

"Break your promises." she finished. "I know." She smiled as brightly as she could.

"Naruto…" She held out her right hand weakly. He took it in both of his as gently as he could.

"I'm here Imouto-chan."

"When I'm gone, you will look after my little fairies right?" She knew the answer she just wanted to hear him say it. Tears were falling from her cheeks.

"Until the end of time. That's the promise of a lifetime." He said without missing a beat.

"Mine or yours?" She chuckled weakly.

"Both." She looked at him curiously, the tears still falling freely from her eyes.

"You will be forever alive in mine and the family's hearts." He stated. "Nothing will ever change that."

Her eyes widened slightly, causing even more tears to fall.

"Thank you… for everything you have and will continue to do for me." Her strength was beginning to fade. "We… may not be related by blood… but I'm proud to call you Aniki…" Her eyes began to lose the light in them.

"I love….you…Naru…to.."

"I love you too Mavis."

Her lips twitched upwards in a smile as she took her final breath.

Mavis Vermillion, the first Master of Fairy Tail, Naruto's Imouto-chan, had passed away.

He sat there for many minutes, still holding her hand as if just that act alone would somehow bring her back. It never happened. A single tear found its way down his whiskered cheek.


Today was truly a sad day.

Within the week, Mavis had been buried on Tenrou Island just as she had requested. Naruto hadn't spoken to anyone since she had passed away. None could bring themselves to interact with him. They knew he needed time to himself, as they needed it too. Mavis' passing had hit the guild hard. It would never be the same without her. Her final words had continually played through his mind as he made his next decision.

Seeking out Fairy Tail's second master, he found the man in the Master's Office. Before, members would call it Mavis' Office, but Purehito had been adamant about changing the name to Master's. No one could blame him for doing so. He knocked and entered upon receiving permission to by the man inside.

"Naruto." He nodded in greeting. "What can I do for you?" He raised an eyebrow when Naruto held out piece of parchment with writing he recognized to be one of Naruto's fuinjutsu seals.

"Mavis wanted me to protect the family and that's what I'm planning on doing." He began. "I'm going to protect the guild from the shadows but only when you need me." It was well known that Naruto was the guild's strongest member, and even then it was known that he had never shown more than a portion of his true strength.

"I'm not going to baby you though; the members need to be able to walk on their own two feet when push comes to shove." He handed the seal to Purehito. "So I'm placing myself into a hibernation of sorts, until the moment comes where the guild truly needs my strength." He pointed to the seal. "That is basically the emergency switch, when placed on me I will begin to wake up. The process should take a only a few minutes." Purehito nodded, while he was sad that Naruto was going to do this, he understood why he wanted to. "I've prepared another one as a fail-safe that will wake me up if the guild hall were to be destroyed." He turned to leave. "Fairy Tail will always be my family, and I will always be there when the guild needs me."

"Is there anything you need to stay in this state?" Purehito asked. It was a good question.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I will need food once a month for energy to stay asleep."

"Anything specific?"



"A massive bowl of miso ramen."

"…I should've known." Purehito dead panned. The blondes love for ramen was a well known addiction of his.

Naruto turned his face to Purehito again. A grin was revealed.

"You know me." Was his simple response. "By the way, while I'm asleep I'm going to take the form of a massive fox with nine tails."

Purehito raised an eyebrow. "Any specific reason for that?"

"It's the form I need to take to cast the jutsu."

"Ah, alright then." Before Naruto could leave he was stopped by Purehito.

"Naruto." Naruto turned to find the man behind him holding his hand out.

"Thank you." Naruto raised an eyebrow but shook the hand regardless.

"Thank you for being there for Mavis when she needed you. Thank you for being there for the guild whenever we needed you. Thank you for taking it upon yourself to be our guardian." Those words were from deep within the man's heart.

"I'll do anything for my family." Naruto stated without missing a beat with a look of fierce determination on his face.

Purehito nodded, and the hand shake was broken. Naruto walked out of the office and found himself looking over the guild for what he figured would be the last time in awhile.

The guild was silent.

All of his family members had downcast expressions on their faces. He looked over to the newest generation of youngsters to join. The last one to join was about a month ago if he remembered correctly. They were taking he passing just as hard as any other member. They had all had time to get to know Mavis before her passing.

They would be the last generation with that chance.

…Or so he believed.

Looking over his family again, he just couldn't stand it. Mavis wouldn't want her family to be so depressed! They should be laughing and drinking the night away just like always!

Naruto hopped up to the second floor railing and sat on it catching everyone's attention in the process.

"Oi oi oi…" Getting louder as he continued. "When the hell did this become a place for sadness?" He asked rhetorically. "Do you think she'd want you to be all mopey instead of having a good time just because she isn't here anymore?" Before anyone could say anything he continued. "I'll tell you the answer! It's a big fat NO!" He hopped down to the first floor once and grabbed a mug on the bar counter and prompted the waitress behind to fill his cup, which she did. He then turned to his family once more and held his mug high.

"TO MAVIS!" He shouted and promptly downed his drink.

It was as if a switch was flipped. The ones that had beverages in their hands raised their cups as well.

"TO MAVIS!" They all shouted in perfect sync and downed their drinks as well, with the ones that couldn't grabbing their own from the bar and chanting when they could.

An hour later and the guild was just as rowdy as ever. Family laughing with one another, music being played, or attempting to be played. Guy with the damn guitar was drunk off his ass. All was seemingly back to normal.

That was enough for him.

With a small smile on his lips, he headed into the basement to the area he had prepared for his slumber. His spot was across the room from the stairs, easily visible from the stairs. He wanted the members to know he was there any time they needed him to be. Oh the spot was a large pillow he had made for himself to sleep on. He may be turning into an animal that's used to the forest, but if he could have some luxury he would have it damnit!

Nodding to himself once, he slapped his hands together. Concentrating he began to draw on Kurama's energy. The act caused the fox to stir slightly in his own slumber but otherwise he stayed asleep. Naruto had long ago mastered the ability to fully transform into Kurama, just like Bee. No longer was the fox a golden version with black lines all over its body, it was now a perfect replica of Kurama himself. Nowhere near as big, mind you, he wouldn't have fit in the basement were that the case. Instead he just grew to about double the size of an average horse. Satisfied, he nodded once then took his sleeping position and casted his hibernation jutsu. His eyes grew heavy and he closed them completely, before losing himself to blissful sleep he muttered one last thing.

"I'll watch over them for as long as I can… Imouto-chan…"

Sleep claimed him moments later.

And there we go, prologue = complete. I sincerely hope the writing wasn't too bad. I'm open to any and all pointers.

I know some points in here may or may not go against the time line, which is why I wanted to refrain from mentioning a year. It isn't specified how Mavis dies nor what year she dies so I figured I could kinda make my own timeline. With Naruto being asleep he won't know what year it is, but once I start bringing in the main characters I'll be sticking to the timeline as closely as I can. Also with the photo scene I admit I was intentionally lazy so I could link to the picture with that scene on the wiki. It should be on my profile by the time this chapter goes up.

Next chapter the main characters start showing up and interacting with "9-tails-san." As I have taken a liking to having the ones that don't know his name call him that. If you can think of a better name for the kiddies to call him then by all means, throw me some suggestions.

I don't plan on having any pairings with Naruto as I sincerely doubt my ability to write a good one, so for now I want it to just be friendship relations.

Thanks for taking the time to read it! :)