A Beware the Batman fanfic – Bring on the Badguys!
Written by WDCain Man

Disclaimer: Batman was created by Bob Kane and owned by DC Comics, which is owned by Warner-Brothers. No money is being made with this story. No profit is being made from this fanfic.

The villains created for the Adam West Batman show are in a weird state. For a long time they were own by FOX but I think WB now owns them but either can't or won't use them in the main continuity. I only ever see Egghead in mainstream DC Comics which is a shame since there is such potential in reinventing them as real threats. So here's my take on Victor Buono's King Tut. Enjoy!

Bring on the Badguys!

Part Twenty-One:

King Tut


Prof. William Omaha McElroy, head of the department of Egyptology at Yale, smiled like a little child as he and his party entered the pyramid's secret chamber. "After all these years, the secrets of Prince Khufu and his betrothed, the beautiful Princess Chay-Ara, will be revealed."

He was positively giddy even as he brushed spider-webs out of his face; and all his happiness can be attributed to the endeavoring ABKRO Company. They even provided him with personal guards for his own protection but they weren't needed. For a decade he studied every recovered record to learn the ins and outs of how they booby trapped the royal family's tomb. Nothing could surprise him.

"William, there doesn't seem to be any treasure," whined Oleg Balinoff, the ABKRO spokesman assigned to the expedition. "Definitely not any of the infamous metal that could supposedly cut anything."

"The Scrolls of the Hawk said that this… final metal Prince Khufu named nth metal came from the stars and that all samples were to be buried with him and his beloved. All treasure should be near their sarcophaguses."

"Lead on then, Professor but don't worry taking your time. It's all on the company dime after all."

And what a fine company ABKRO was! Prof. McElroy thought he would never get a grant for an expedition to a tomb most Egyptologists believed lost to the sands; but last week this new start-up company agreed to fund the whole thing just from reading a few papers he published. For some reason, the ABKRO President read his essays and somehow knew he was right while everyone else was wrong. Perhaps he had a vested interest in ancient Egyptian dynasties?

Oleg Balinoff was a bit of a whiner but McElroy could put up with the man if it meant he could fulfill his life-long dream. But he knew the man had a vested interest in this and since his backers were footing the bill then it was a small price to pay. It was no problem at all for Professor McElroy to scan the inner chambers regardless of his incessant rambling.

Reflected light caught his eyes. "Look, this is a ceremonial blade from the royal court! You can tell by the handle's markings and the tattered ribbon just above the knife handle! I dare say that-"

"Give me that!" Oleg Balinoff grabbed the knife right off its pedestal.

Prof. McElroy was aghast at the reckless handling. "Be careful you fool, it's a priceless artifact!"

But he was ignored. The suit pulled out his expensive-looking computer tablet and scanned it. "Results… inconclusive. No matches found. This is it. This is what we've been looking for. Nth Metal!"

The Egyptologist stormed over. "That's all well and good but you will not treat a piece of history like it's a collectable! You will respect-!"


Shot through the head. One of the bodyguards looked at the overweight corpse in a pool of its own blood. "Lord Kobra won't approve of this, Balinoff. The professor was the expert in his field. If not for him, we would never have discovered the sample."

The spokesman looked at the two bodyguards really assigned for his protection. "He wouldn't stop asking question, just like a real Academic. Now take this sample and prepare it for transport. Understand?"

"Hail Kobra." The burly underling bowed his head then left to do as he was told.

Oleg smiled as he took in his accomplishment. "None of this would have been possible without you, Bill. The Master has sought this for so long and thanks to you, I have fulfilled his desire." He saw a nearby bust of the royal family adorned with the Egyptian headdress called a Khat. He tossed the cap crown on the dying academic spastic body. "Take this as your reward. It's the best you could ever hope for."

"Activating interface. Damaged host with substantial cerebral damage. Replicating missing cells. Downloading achieves."

Oleg Balinoff blinked. "Did that headdress just talk?"

Professor McElroy pushed himself up, eyes dilated like he had stared into the sun. "The voices of Pharaohs past whisper in my ears."

The KOBRA agent's voice was an awed whisper. "Amazing… his Lordship said that extraterrestrials were responsible for the Khufu Dynasty's advances but none of us realized it extended beyond the space metal. There's… actual alien tech here…" he said the last part like an excited little kid on his birthday.

"The tools that raised the pyramids and built the greatest kingdom the world has ever known…" The professor touched a hieroglyphic on the wall and muttered ancient words in a dead language. This caused the statues, the treasure, even the very architecture of the tomb itself to transform into golden machinery that dwarfed the imagination.

Space exploring ships centuries beyond what man was capable of, rods that could change matter, armor that could not be pierced, and weapons that could melt mountains. That measly knife was nothing compared to this!

The murderous assassin couldn't contain his excitement even as he cheered to a man he just tried to kill. "Do you know what this means, McElroy? The world doesn't stand a chance! With this, no one can stop the great King from taking the reins of the world!"

"Indeed that is quite correct, little Tutling; but you have forgotten my proper title. I am Tutankhamen, ruler of great Egypt where my grandeur extends to all that the son touches, from the Mediterranean and beyond the Nasser with the mighty Nile as the Kingdom's backbone. Behold your liege! The shining jewel of the celestial Nile, King Tut!"

He raised his hands grandly like he was bathing in the applause of millions.

The man was clearly insane. "I shouldn't have shot you in the head."

That caught his attention. "You did attack me. You had the audacity to sting me like a mosquito. This sacrilege cannot stand!" King Tut reached onto a nearby pedestal to grab a scepter. It was a decorated bronze rod with a cobra snake wrapped around the handle to take its place atop the handle. Any museum curator proud to add to their gallery; but in the hands of a mentally impaired pundit, who knows?

King Tut fired an energy blast at the assassin; but rather than explode Oleg, his skin paled and his muscles emancipated like he had not eaten in several weeks while his eyes faded to white opaqueness. He couldn't say a single word, only give loud moans. His movements were no faster than a strut with only limps and jerky lashes.

Oleg had become a literal example of the walking dead; except he was aware of every awful thing.

King Tut was pleased. "You are the first monster I have created. Let this be an example to all my enemies. All who oppose me will face the anointed authority of the transcendent Pharaoh!" He noticed he was wearing desert khakis. "After I find appropriate garments for myself. After all, a king cannot appear before the masses dressed like a commoner. I could never remake Gotham as the New Thebes like I am now."

King Tut touches his monster who moans in response. "I am its master after all."

End Part Twenty-One…

I absolutely love Victor Buono's portrayal of King Tut from the old Adam West show and since Geoff Johns went to such lengths tying Thanagar to ancient Egypt it seemed like an easy explanation for how Tut has access to super tech. I would also have made references to the Reach and Blue Beetle's scarab but last I heard DC retconned it that the scarab crashed landed in South America. I'm a nut for continuity but I know it should have its limits so readers won't feel overwhelmed by the history.

This chapter was a lot of fun and I want to do one for all the original villains from Batman '66. While some already have current counterparts that have the same gimmick (Bookworm/Dr. Aesop, Sandman/Bedbug), other no-goodniks like Marsha Queen of Diamonds, Shame, Louie the Lilac, and Col. Gumm could easily be updated but Siren, Black Widow, and the Minstrel don't need a change at all. I think I'll devote one more chapter to one with cameos by the others. Can you guess who it'll be?

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