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Chapter 7 – Conclusion & Bonus Item

As they finished retelling the tale from the kanzashi, all the contents of the chest were laid out on the restaurant's table. Naruto, for some odd reason, began to clap as if they had finished watching a dramatic romance movie. No sooner did the rest of the gang slowly joined in leading to a loud applause and cheering from their table.

"I can't believe that Tenten and Neji's relationship was this strong," Sakura said as she continued to stare at the items in awe, "I mean, who knew they were really close?" Ino nodded as she pointed at the stack of photos.

"It's even more amazing how the busiest and most hardworking duo was able to balance their love life," Ino commented, "Especially keeping it a secret for a while." Tenten rolled her eyes at her friend and sipped her tea.

"I really admire how they're able to commemorate and document their time together with these mementos." Hinata smiled. "Especially since Neji rarely keeps a lot of personal belongings…" Neji shot her a look, which Hinata pretended not to notice.

"Although it's very troublesome, it does strengthen their relationship together." Shikamaru admitted while letting out a yawn, earning an annoyed scoff from Ino. "What? Is it a crime to yawn?" The rest of the gang laughed at their reaction.

"Yosh! This has inspired me to create a memento box for Sakura-chan and I!" Lee excitingly exclaimed while punching a fist in the air. "Oh youthful Sakura-chan, let's start collecting!" Sasuke icily glared at Lee. Tenten was carefully placing the items back into the chest when she realized there was another item.

"That's strange, I thought we had exactly 10 items …" Tenten muttered, not realizing Neji was trying to hide his embarrassment. She pulled out the said item that turned out to be a velvet box. "Huh, I've never seen this before."

"Is that what you were asking me about, Neji?" Shikamaru whispered as Hinata stared at her cousin. Is that what I think it is? How troublesome that you would do it now… Shikamaru thought while he gave a wary glance at his elder friend.

Tenten examined the box from all angles before opening it. As soon as she opened the lid, Tenten blinked, shocked beyond words. Inside the box housed a ring with intricately carved twin dragons holding an aquamarine stone between its mouths. The dragons' eyes were inlaid with miniature diamonds.

"Lemme see that… OH MY GOD! AHHHH!" Sakura and Ino squealed as they gasped at the ring. "That is so breathtakingly beautiful! Am I thinking what I'm thinking?" Hinata worryingly looked at Neji as he didn't say anything. Tenten, recovered from her initial shock, turned towards Neji.

"How long have you been planning this?" Tenten whispered, feeling a sense of warmth filling her. Meanwhile, Neji quickly turned away from her.

"It's nothing…" Neji tried to shrug it off as both Hinata and Shikamaru stared wide-eye before glaring at him. Tenten meanwhile reverted back to silence.

"Neji nii-san if you're going to propose, you have to do it properly." Hinata firmly stated but Neji didn't answer. "Nii-san you don't have to be like this!" Neji tried to get up from his seat only to find Shikamaru grabbing his arm tightly.

"Neji, it's troublesome but if you're going forward you need to do it properly." Shikamaru sternly as Hinata nodded with agreement. "You only get one chance." Neji looked up and noticed the rest of the gang smiling and cheering him on. After a few more minutes he pulled Tenten out of her seat and to everyone's surprise, he knelt down on one knee in front of her. The shock left Tenten as soon as she realized what was going on.

"Neji, we can do this somewhere else if you want," Tenten gently whispered but Neji shook his head as quickly grabbed Tenten's hand and held it.

"Tenten, I am grateful for having you in my life, especially when I was on the verge losing my way. " Neji quietly spoke, only loud enough for Tenten and the gang to hear. "Even when I was veering off the path, you were there to guide me and bring me back to my senses. It has been five years now since we've officially dated and during those five years there were many ups and downs." Tenten felt that warm feeling again as she felt tears began to stream from her eyes.

"This is getting interesting," Naruto whispered eagerly to Kiba as the rest of the gang watch Neji contemplating for a bit before he continued.

"Even with these ups and downs, we were able to bond with each other in this long journey." Neji said as he smiled to himself before looking back at Tenten's face. "And I hope to continue this never-ending journey with you. Tenten, will you marry me?" Tenten felt more tears trickling from her eyes as not only the Konoha gang chanted for her to accept, the rest of the restaurant joined in the excitement. Tenten smiled as she wiped her eyes and gave a small nod.

"Yes, I want to continue this never-ending journey with you, Neji." Tenten whispered as she knelt down to Neji before she threw him a hug, only to have Neji quickly intercept it. Tenten was about to open her mouth but she felt Neji's soft lips on hers. All words of protest left her as she wrapped her arms around his neck as they continued with their kiss passionately. The rest of the gang and the restaurant loudly cheered and applauded the newly engaged couple.

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