Once the battle for the Storm Ring had ended and the Varia's Storm Guardian had been declared the winner, Squalo had been the one designated to retrieve the boy whom they were all sure of would be in one of his psychotic moods again from having been so badly injured.

As the Rain Guardian stepped through the wreckage of the school towards the wing he knew Belphegor was in, the smell of blood and smoke became stronger with each step he took. He knew the boy wouldn't be dead – even if he was most likely badly injured; Belphegor was far too stubborn to let himself lose, much less die in such a fight.

He better not go all crazy on me again when I find him or I'll put him down myself, Squalo thought as he stepped into the room the last of the fight had taken place in; the library. He could hear Belphegor's maniacal laughter from somewhere towards the back of the room, so he changed course and made his way towards the bloodied and burnt body that kept twitching with laughter.

"What are you doing, Bel?" Squalo asked as he stood above the boy, his dark eyes looking disapprovingly at the boy.

"Winner… Shishishi~ I win…!" Bel just kept laughing and muttering about his victory, leaving Squalo to lean down and pick him up; it was clear the kid was in one of those moods – one where he was so lost in his psychotic mind, nothing from his external environment really registered in his mind.

"You're a shithead, Bel," the older male muttered, able to tell just from looking at his teammate that the younger had several broken bones all over his body. "Why can't you just get up and walk?"

"Ushishishi~ Royal blood…" Bel continuously giggled to himself, probably unaware of the fact that there was someone close to him, much less carrying him. "Royal blood; it's so good…!"

"Shut it," Squalo muttered to himself, adjusting Bel so that the boy's front rested against his chest, the blond head of hair supported by his shoulder. "The things I do for you…"

Bel, so clearly lost in his own little world, probably had no acknowledge of the fact that, as he kept reflecting on his fight against the Vongola Storm Guardian, the front of his pants became tighter and tighter than they already were, and soon he was pressing hard against Squalo.

The older male, who was very uncomfortable with how this was turning out, cleared his throat, but it still didn't draw Belphegor back into reality. Even shouting his trademark "Voi!" didn't work.

Unable to keep shifting Bel around in case he caused further damage to the boy's body, he had no choice but to put up with the quiet groans and soft pants that accompanied Bel's grinding against his body.

Disgusting little shit, Squalo snarled in his head as he quickened his pace, wanting to be rid of the nuisance as soon as possible. I'm going to fucking kill him…!

Bel was still going by the time he was brought back to the rest of the Varia group, and Squalo could only duck his head in shame.

"Anyone want him?" Squalo asked, willing to hand the kid off to the first bidder.

"Fuck no," Xanxus growled, eyeing Bel with distaste. "You can keep that to yourself."

Squalo opened his mouth to argue but was quickly cut off when a loud moan from the boy in his arms signalled the younger's release.

Xanxus snorted in amusement while Mammon and Leviathan remained quiet, not knowing what to say.

"Voi!" Squalo roared, jerking Bel away from him as if he carried plague. He didn't care anymore about injuring the kid – this was too much for him. "Someone take the bastard before I kill him!"

If Bel had any awareness of what he had just done, he didn't now; his eyes had slipped closed and he was fast asleep, his dreams reliving the fight he had just been in.