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Chapter 1 - Benevolence


It was roughly midnight in Konoha, village Hidden in the Leaves. While one would suspect a quiet, peaceful night. The calmness is drowned out by explosions, growls and yells echoing through the night. At the center of all of this is one, Kyuubi no Yoko, or Nine tailed demon fox. It was the general opinion that the Kyuubi is just a natural disaster, a being of the collective hate that the humans of the world produce, manifested in the shape of a fox. Nobody knows where the fox came from or why it was currently at the doorstep of Konoha itself. The only thing going through their minds at this point in time, was how to get rid of it.

Viewing this was a young, blue eyed, red haired boy, around the age of 6. He stood at the height of 3"9' feet, his height being average for his age. He wore basic ANBU gear only without the elbow and shin guards along with the mask. His name, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of Kushina Uzumaki Konoha's 'Red Death' and Minato Namikaze Konoha's 'Yellow Flash' and Forth Hokage.

Lying in her crib next to young Naruto was newly born baby, Mito Uzumaki Namikaze, daughter of Kushina and Minato, in dedication to Kushina's grandmother.

Naruto turned to Mito in her crib and crouched down next to it. "Shhh Mito-chan, it's going to be ok, Kaa-san and tou-san will stop the monster"

Mito stared idly back up at her brother before reaching out with her hands, pulling on some of his blonde locks with a giggle.

"Ow ow ow, Mito-chan stop it. Pulling anii-chan's hair isn't nice." Yelped Naruto

Suddenly there was a yellow flash from inside the house. Naruto turned around to find his father, the Yondime Hokage standing there in all his glory. A grim expression was plastered to his face

"Tou-san what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be fighting the monster fox with Kaa-san." Asked Naruto

Minato stood like a statue, his gaze shifting from the battlefield to his newborn daughter. He walked towards Mito with purpose, his grim expression never leaving his face. Before Naruto could ask what he was doing once more, Minato picked up Mito and looked over her with an inspecting gaze.

"There's no way to kill the Kyuubi Naruto, it's only a physical manifestation of chakra" Minato silently stated

"What do you mean there's no way to kill the Kyuubi? You're the strongest ninja ever aren't you? What about kaa-san?" asked Naruto with a curious expression on his face.

"Naruto, no matter how strong I am, it's still just a chakra reconstruction. The only way to stop it is to seal it." Minato whispered the last sentence on a solemn note whilst looking at Mito

Now, as Naruto was hailed for being a genius, prodigy and all other names that go with the amount of skill he has. It was easy to piece together was his father meant.

Naruto closed his eyes in concentration trying to put together what his father said. 'We can't kill Kyuubi, Sealing it's the only way. But, why is he holding…' that's when Naruto's eyes opened and snapped over to his father.

"You're going to sacrifice Mito-chan aren't you!." He yelled with watering eyes

Minato looked from his daughter to Naruto with sad eyes "I'm sorry Naruto, it's the only way"

"No, you have a choice. You know how hard it is for Jinchuriki to survive through their own lives! If anything, choose me. PLEASE, don't make Mito go through that kind of life!" Naruto pleaded to his father

"I'm sorry Naruto, the sealing needs an infant with developing chakra coils. Yours won't be able to handle the strain of the Kyuubi's chakra" Minato started moving to the edge of the balcony, all the while keeping his grip on Mito.

Naruto walked forward and placed his hand on his fathers arm "Tou-san,take me with you to the sealing. If I can't protect Mito-chan by sealing the Kyuubi inside me, I can be there to take her home."

Minato looks towards his son and gave a sad smile "I know you'll always be there for her Sochi"

Without another word they Hariashined to the battlefield, ready to seal the monstrous being of chakra. The battlefield could only be described as one word, and even that would have been severely understating it. Chaos. There were dead bodies littering the streets and houses, accompanied by masses of burns and paw marks from the Kyuubi, nowhere was safe from its wrath.

When one of the Konoha shinobi spots the Hokage they immediately yelled "It's the Forth Hokage! Just keep fighting a little longer!"

As soon as they hear this, all of the shinobi start to fight with vigor. Powered on by their new hope that their Hokage would stop this behemoth.




Minato moved to the front lines with Naruto by his side and Mito cradled in his arms "Everybody out of the way! I'm going to move the Kyuubi away from Konoha!"

Without hesitation the shinobi started to move behind the Hokage and his children, wondering how he would manage such a feat as moving the massive Nine Tails. With one last look towards his son, Minato through the Hariashin kunai toward the Kyuubi. Transporting it and his children to an empty plain far away from their home.

Naruto looked toward his father with sad eyes "Tou-san, no matter what happens I will always protect Mito-chan. No one will be able to touch a hair on her head, nothing would dare to harm Mito-chan in my presence. For that you don't have to be worried, I'm sure that Kaa-san will also keep us safe."

Minato was unsure of how to feel about what his son said. He should have been happy that he would protect his sister, but the way he said it, it troubled him. He knows that the villagers might disobey his orders and attempt to harm Mito, but he was sure that Kushina and Sarutobi would do their all to protect them. If his son would protect her by any means necessary, would that mean by harming his own people?

That was the main thought that worried him. Even if the villagers tried to harm his daughter, that would mean their hate is being distributed away from the Hokage, and onto something less dangerous. If he had to decide between his family and his village...

If that was the case, then as a Hokage the village comes before everything else. Even family.

Minato looked from the looming Kyuubi and turned his cautious gaze to his son for the last time "I know sochi, take care of your mother and little sister for me okay? Protect them as I won't be able to!"


"I'm sorry son but I must go now, place Mito-chan onto the platform, I'll begin the sealing."

Placing Mito onto the sealing platform, Naruto looked back to his father to see him doing a set of handseals, stopping after 100 on the ram sign. After the handsigns were completed a pale image of the shinigami hovered above Minato, its glowing eyes staring into the Kyuubi's soul. As the shinigami appeared above Minato you could see the dim of the Kyuubi's eyes lighting up, until it finally regained its Barings. Staring into the eyes of the Shinigami the Kyuubi started to panic and tried to escape its inevitable fate, key word being tried.

With a shout of "SHIKI FUIN" the Kyuubi's soul and chakra were ripped from its body and placed into the newly awakened Mito laying at her brothers side. Half of the Kyuubi's chakra being secretly pulled to a different location. If one were to look closely enough, they would have noticed a translucent figure fly into Mito along with the Kyuubi. When the sealing was completed the lifeless body of the Kyuubi seemingly melted away into nothingness. Turning his gaze towards his sisters' body Naruto managed to see the Shiki Fuin seal on her navel before it faded away. Naruto rushed to his sister and brought her into his arms. Walking over to where his father lay he sat down beside him and let him lay his eyes onto his daughter for the last time.

With tears cascading down his face he reached out and rubbed his daughters cheek affectionately with his thumb "Hey Mito-chan I know you can't here me but this is your father speaking, I know that your going to grow into a strong and beautiful woman just like your Kaa-san, not seeing you grow into that woman is my biggest regret. I know that your mother and brother will be there to take good care of you when times get tough but I want you to know that I'll always be proud of who you will become and who you are."

Naruto sat next to his father not bothering to hide the tears and sobs choking his body, holding his father and sister in a protective hug, not wanting to let go of his father for even the smallest of moments "Why! It's just not fair, why do you have to go and not watch her grow up with me and Kaa-san?!" Naruto choked out

He stared sadly at his son and kissed him on his forehead "I'm sorry that I won't be around anymore Naruto, but always know that I'll be proud of you as well. No doubt Mito becoming a Jinchuriki will endanger her life a lot more than normal, I want her to be seen as a hero by the villagers and Ninja. Don't blame the villagers for what they don't know, protect your village and tell Kushina-chan….I…Love….her…" As Minato took his last breath he died with a smile on his face knowing that his wife and children will be able to protect each other through hard times.

Naruto looked at the dead body of his father before moving his gaze to his sister, noticing that she was sleeping despite all that was going on. He could help but smile at the innocent face the baby held. "I will always protect you little Mito-chan, no matter who the enemy is, I will become strong enough to protect both you and Kaa-san!" thinking of that he couldn't help but worry about Kushina, she hadn't been on the battlefield and wasn't there when Minato came for Mito. Did the birth go right? Was she just resting after the long birth? Was she injured inside the hospital by Kyuubi? The most frequent and daunting thought was if she hadn't survived the birth at all, he didn't know what he would do if his Kaa-san hadn't made it.

Broken by his thoughts by the sound of grass being stepped on behind him he saw something he hoped he could avoid. Almost all of the ninja in the village along with the Sandaime Hokage were staring his direction, more importantly, at Mito. He hoped he could prolong the time it took for them to notice she was a Jinchuuriki, but today it seemed luck wanted to fuck with him. As he stared back at the ninja of the village defiantly he changed Mito's position so it was facing away from the oncoming ninja.

When they reached his position the Sandaime walked up to him and sat at his level "What happened here Naruto-kun, where is the Kyuubi and why are you and your sister here?" It was a simple enough question that one would normally be inclined to answer, but when you're in Naruto's position with one of the biggest War-Hawks in history sitting right in front of you, you don't feel very inclined to answer the question. So, simply ignoring the question Naruto voiced the one thought that was plaguing his thoughts the most of the night.

Naruto looked towards the Sandaime with a pleading gaze "Please, where is my mother? I need to go and get Mito-chan to her! Is she ok?"

The Sandaime looked down at Naruto with a seemingly saddened gaze that only a true liar can gain "I'm sorry Naruto but your mother didn't survive the birthing process, it put too much of a strain on her body and she didn't survive." As he said that Naruto's whole world came crashing down. Who was going to look after him and Mito? How were they going to gain money? Who was going to love Mito, feed and care for her? And then it all came to him, his pain stricken face becoming one of pure raw determination. HE was going to look after his sister! HE would be the one to feed and care for her! HE would be the one to protect her with his life!

Not many people would know, but the true Sandaime Hokage was a true War-Hawk, taking advantage of every situation for the benefit of Konoha. He heard Minato say he was going to seal the Kyuubi inside Mito, and that he was going to die doing it, and saw it as a perfect opportunity to gain both a new jinchuriki and the Hokage's son under his thumb by pitying them and making them devoted Konoha to the death. It was perfect! But when he heard that Kushina had survived the birthing process and would soon be functional enough to see her children. Well, that was unacceptable. So while she was resting he placed gave her a poison that would stop the heartbeat of a person while placing them in a coma, feigning death. After the poison was given and the doctors declared her dead, he had his loyal ROOT Anbu to carry the body to the main ROOT base deep beneath Konoha. Keeping her under a coma and claimed dead, the story of her body being destroyed by the Kyuubi attack so no one could find or detect her.

Ahh yes, the perfect plan indeed! After he informed her son that she's dead he would go running straight to him and asking for help in his heart stricken state, even after informing the entire village that she was the jinchuriki, subtly manipulating their hate into something greater, forcing them to need more help and devoting themselves to the Sandaime hokage! "Kukukukuku, it was beautiful! Nothing could ever go wrong!" Right? Wrong! When Naruto looked up at him he would have suspected a pain or grief ridden face right before asking for help! But no, Kami had to go and be an asshole to his plans and show the child with a face ridden with determination and power! Really Kami, fuck you!

Naruto gazed upon the Sandaime knowing that his saddened gaze was nothing but a trick, even if his mother was truly dead he would mourn both her and his father's deaths later. He knew what the old Sod was doing, he was trying to play the part of the good ol' grandfather! The one that you can count on in your darkest times, but secretly wants to rape you and your stuffed bunny! Normally that grandfatherly act would work on most children, but Naruto wasn't most children! NO, he was the protector of his little sister and wouldn't trust anyone bar one person.

That person was was him and him alone.

So when he looked up with a face ridden with determination he almost smirked when the Sandaime's face went into one of pure shock for a fraction of a second "Sandaime-sama I know that it would be trouble but I'll answer any and all questions tomorrow, I would really like to go and put little Mito-chan to bed. It's been a very tiresome day."

Now the Sandaime was in shock. The boy didn't ask for help, no money, no carers, no help from his village! All this, BOY wanted was to take his sister home and rest! Looking at Naruto again he put on the saddest face he could muster "Naruto I'm sorry about all that has happened today but it would help for you and Mito to come to the Hokage tower today to get things sorted out and-"

He was about to finish his sentence when Mito's stomach decided to make itself known followed by the familiar cry of a baby. Looking from the face of the Sandaime to Mito, Naruto stood up with Mito and started walking on the road back to the Namikaze estate. Not even bothering to look back Naruto just vanished in pure speed on his way back to the estate, not even stopping at the distant yells of shinobi and kunoichi alike. Arriving at the entrance of the estate he cut his hand with a kunai and swiped it across the door, the familiar glowing of seals followed by the unlocking sound of a door marked his entrance to the estate. Walking inside and closing and locking the gate he walked up to the house and opened the door the same way.

The young blonde walked into Mito's bedroom while sending Shadow clones to fetch fresh diapers and formula. He sat down on a chair in the corner of the room just as the Shadow clones returned with the formula. Taking the warm milk from the clone he put it in front of Mito's face as she started to suckle on it, to his amazement and the clone in the room she finished it in 30 seconds before letting out a loud burp. Naruto's face took on one of happiness when she looked towards him and placed her small hands against each of his cheeks.

While this was happening he thought about everything that happened today, from the Kyuubi attack and Mito becoming its new Jinchuuriki to finding out about his Kaa-chan's death. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he thought about her death. After thinking about it for a few minutes he came to the least obvious conclusion and the most viable one considering who delivered the news.

"He's lied, that old goat did something" This simple sentence sums up what he thought of his mothers death. There was no way she would die from something as simple as childbirth, her Uzumaki heritage would see to that. As Naruto thought about it he looked back down to Mito who was sleeping silently, smiling down at her he had one last thought before he felt himself get taken by blissful sleep.

"I am going to find out what happened to Kaa-chan, I'm am going to find her and kill the ones that dared to harm her. I am going to protect my Mito-chan till my last breath. But most importantly…" Roots start growing from the floor and spread around him and Mito in a protective cacoon.

Naruto looked up but instead of his normal blue eyes, a single pupil can be seen surrounded by one zig-zagging line with a purple background. The new eyes seem to radiate power and give off a unearthly glow. Feeling a tingling sensation in his eyes, Naruto turned his gaze towards a mirror. Noticing the changes that happened, his face produced a quizzical look before morphing into a terrifying grin that stretched across his entire face.

He once again turned his gaze towards his sister, and stroked her cheek affectionately. Allowing a possessive growl to escape his throat.

"I promise that I will protect you no matter what, no matter who tries to harm you. I know that Tou-san said to forgive the villagers from whatever they might do, but I can't forgive someone that would harm you! If they try to attack you, I will destroy all of them."

He placed a soft kiss to Mito's forehead before continuing in a soft, melodic whispers. Almost like he was singing her a soft tune of loyalty and need.

"I'll kill anyone that dares to harm you, I will erase their soul and being from the face of the planet. This is my promise to you, my sweet Mito-chan..."

The End!

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