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Chapter 3 – Years Go By


Four years later

All around the village Hidden in the Leaves, you could see the happiness that seemed to radiate off everyone. Be it children, adults, teenagers, and even animals. Happiness was a part of life here in Konoha, the strongest of all the Hidden Villages. While at a glance one would see a happy village with great defences and a happy people. Though if one would look closely you could see the dark of the Village, rape, murder, theft, prejudice and hate. Each of these things can be seen if you have experienced any of these.

A young boy of 10 could be seen sitting on top of the Hokage Monument, perched on the Fourth's head. Staring out across the village. He is seemingly a speck on the top of a massive creation, although if one were to look closely enough, they would be intrigued. The young boy stood up, a height of 4'5". He was wearing Black ANBU pants and a fishnet shirt hidden underneath a black hooded jacket. He wore steel-toed boots and black plated gloves, while covering his body was a jacket with the word 'Demon' sowed into the back. With a hood covering his face, you could barely see the strands of red hair pocking through the hood. And the piercing blue eyes staring into the Village.

This boy was none other than Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, brother to Mito Uzumaki Namikaze, son to Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze and Minato Namikaze. He was a protector to his imoto-chan and he was the death to those that would harm his family. He gazed across the village with barely hidden contempt, narrowing his eyes on the Hokage tower and releasing a barely audible snarl. It was no secret that Naruto hated this village with his entire being, although he may stay here it is only for three reasons. To make sure Mito is strong enough to protect herself; till he is strong enough to protect them from hunter-nin and those that would wish to kill them, and one of the most important factors. To find what happened to their Kaa-chan.

Ever since the day Mito became the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, he has been suspicious of his mother's death. It just didn't make sense to him. The Uzumaki blood running through her veins insured that she wouldn't die from childbirth, and even in her weakened state she would have seen the Kyuubi coming through the window and would have escaped. None of this made sense to him, he could never leave without knowing what truly happened to her. Someone would call him crazy, but he feels as if Kushina is still alive, he couldn't leave. So he would wait, he is very patient after all.

Jumping off the monument he used his wind chakra to slow down his descent until he landed on top of a house. Moving to his shared estate he couldn't but help think were he is. He trained continuously at home while his Clone (Again 'Clone' is the Chi Bunshin) went to the academy. His skills from spending four years nothing but training are nothing to be ashamed about, through his constant use of the Kage Bunshin his chakra coils expanded at an extraordinary rate. Allowing him to summon 10 Kage Bunshin to aid him in his training.

His skill level now would be around high level jounin, he could take on most of the ninja in the village. But he still couldn't measure up to the might of the Kage's. He even started bounty hunting outside the village's walls to gain more money and experience. Killing was something that had to be done, if he wanted his family to survive. And even if he didn't need to kill for them to survive, it was something that he enjoyed.

He spent copious amounts of research into his newfound eyes and Mokuton abilities. Even after trying to use his Mokuton again he found that he couldn't. He just couldn't do it. He looked through the scrolls in the library and found a few basic Mokuton jutsu. Even with the correct handseals and chakra, nothing happened. When it came to research, he found that you had to have both Earth and Water chakra natures if you wanted to use it. Combining both chakra natures into one. Upon reading this, he instantly tried to check his chakra nature, that was the funny thing. In fact he wasn't even water or earth in nature, not even one of them, he was almost the complete opposite. Fire and Wind.

Angry and not understanding, he gave up on Mokuton. Further training in other aspects.

From his mother's old annals he learnt that the eyes were said to be created by angels for the Uzumaki clan, and no one has had the ability to activate them. They were the Tenshigan (Rough translation is 'Angel Eye' or 'Eye of Angel') the eyes of the angel. The scripts that his mother once held stated that they were created by a fallen angel for the Uzumaki clan. For some reason, one that he does not know the answer to, he awakened these eyes. He had many theories; most of them pointing to something so simple; he was amazed he didn't realize it sooner. His blood, what if the reason for unlocking these eyes was in his blood?

After research, he still couldn't find why it would be his specific blood that awoke the eyes.

There are two sides of these eyes, he discovered. One of the effects gives him bright white angel wings with the ability to fly. The other gives the user a pair of red and black demonic wings, straight from the pits of hell.

While the angel wings gave off a holy white shine, and looked like they were formed by feathers. The demonic wings looked like a pair of bat wings, with tears and holes lining the inside, as well as red outline across the spine, and pitch black covering the inside. He realized that if he tried hard enough, he could make black smoke appear from his wings, giving him a terrifying visage. Good for scaring those he hunted.

Naruto found through training that he had awakened the demonic side of the bloodline. Along with the wings and the ability to fly, the eyes give him the ability of decay. Through practice he found that he can speed up or slow down the rate of aging in a living being. Be it human, animal, or a simple piece of metal or wood.

He trained his abilities so that he can either spread the decay through the air, or he can implant it directly into the body of his enemies. Naruto found that using his wings takes chakra. The chakra in his body powers his wings and his ability to fly. Therefore the more chakra he has, the longer he can fly.

Remembering his first attempts at flying still makes him sigh…

Every time…


It's been two years since he discovered his bloodline and Mito became the jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi. Naruto has been constantly balancing training and caring for Mito, normally creating Kage Bunshin to feed and watch over her. She started to speak at a fairly early age, learning to call him Nii-san and the basics

Here we find Naruto and Mito in the dojo of their house. Naruto was in the middle of the room while Mito sits in her stroller at the side of the room. Naruto looked as if he's going to kill something, while Mito seemedto find happiness in her Nii-sans endless failures.

Naruto looked towards Mito with a determined face. "Ok Mito, I'm going to have one more try with these wings! After that I'll get our dinner ok!" Mito looked at him with a face filled with, wait? PITY?

"Nii-san do it! Nii-san best!" Mito gave him a massive smile filled with love. Naruto's face once again filled with determination.

'I can do this. Ok Naruto think. Spread the Chakra through the wings to strengthen them and push off the floor! I just did 10% of my chakra, lets change it up to 30%!' Charging 30% of his chakra into his wings and pushing off the ground, he slowly gained height and turned his gaze towards Mito, to see her looking at him in wonder..

Seeing the look on her face, Naruto couldn't help but smirk at his little victory. Coincidentally, his victory is cut short. Due to his lapse in concentration, he changed his chakra output from 30% to a massive 50%. The increase of chakra pushing him further off the ground and screaming around the room, where his face collided with the wall. His sister was amazed at the sight of him crying anime tears with a great angry red mark lighting up his face.

"HAHAHA Nii-chan funny! Do again Nii-chan! Do again!" Mito continued to laugh as he scraped himself off the wall and turned his gaze towards her.

"Very funny Mito-chan, now lets go get dinner huh?" Mito once again smiled and clapped.

"RAMEN Nii-chan! RAMEN!" Jumping up and down at the thought of her favourite meal

He picks her up and places her on his shoulders while she giggles. "Ok Imouto-chan lets go get some ramen"

Walking to the kitchen he frowns 'Hmm I'm going to have to increase my chakra capacity if I want to be able to fly in combat. I used about a quarter of my chakra reserves, and that was for just hovering above the ground!'

Placing the two year-old Mito in her highchair he set to work creating the ramen. ' My chakra levels now are at the level of a high chunnin. If that what takes to barely hover above the ground, then I have a lot of work to do'.

-End Flashback-

Those two years ago marked the first day of both his new abilities from the Tenshigan and the training that he went through to maximise the effectiveness of his bloodline. With these last thoughts Naruto touched down at the front of their house. Opening the gate with his blood, he locked the door and took his time to once again admire their house.

While the actual estate is only 2 stories and not as big as other clan houses, it's still not something to sneeze at. A koi pond can be seen on the left side of the house, it can be used for the water walking chakra control exercise. Since the estate is near the outside of Konoha, it's surrounded by forest(comma)making it easy to practice chakra control via tree walking.

The house has a wonderful garden that is kept healthy with water and fertilizer seals. It was fitted with a massive backyard that his sister played in all the time. While the outside of the house is filled with lush gardens and forests, the inside of the house is much different. Almost every wall of the estate is filled with hidden weapons. It holds kunai, shuriken, fuuma shuriken, katanas, tantos and many other pointy objects. Underneath the house is a trap door fitted with another blood seal, for good reason to, seeing as this hidden room contains every single one of the precious scrolls that Naruto currently owns. The scroll library was already big enough when the Kyuubi attacked. But after, due to the increasing danger that his family was in, Naruto started hording scrolls from the local library, clan scrolls, scrolls that he has picked up while bounty hunting, and even some of the current Hokage's personal scrolls, increasing the amount by about 30%.

Breaking away from his thoughts, Naruto opens the front door with a smidge of blood and some added chakra. Walking into the kitchen area, he once again thought about his week. After collecting a bounty on a low A-rank missing nin that he vaguely remembers as Konloe, he proceeded to rush home as fast as he could. Although being a week away, somewhere on the border of Konoha and Suna, he made it relatively quick due to the use of his Tenshi-gan's ability to summon wings.

Being able to actually summon the wings mid-battle really helps when you need to use their razor sharp sides in order to eviscerate your opponent. It truly was interesting when he learned that his wings had a cutting ability to go with their flight. That poor, poor, missing-nin…

Even greater than just using the wings to cut, was channelling Fire/Wind chakra through them to create a burning effect along with an extremely sharp cutting effect. Not many trees survived that day of training; they will be forever remembered for their brave sacrifice…

Opening the fridge and grabbing a cup of sake, Naruto slowly walked up stairs as not to disturbed his sleeping Imouto. Seeing that it was late at night, and night time being the most convenient time to return into Konoha, he didn't want to wake his sister. Instead of using a combination of invisibility jutsu's and incredible stealth, he could have just flown above the gate and dropped down, but the risk of being seen lingered over him when his thoughts drifted to that option, and that risk was just too high.

Peeking through an open doorway, he set his sights on cuteness at its best. Mito had curled up into a ball and was sucking on her thumb. She was wearing cute pyjamas with little foxes imprinted on them, her red hair that reminded him so much of his Kaa-chan was splayed around her on the bed, as she was cuddling a stuffed wolf. Her bedroom was like someone had taken a pink can of paint and just gone to town. Every part of her bedroom was pink, pink drawers, pink curtains, pink bed, even her carpet was pink!

He took a moment to just stare at her, making sure to memorize every part of his beautiful sibling. The whisker like marks on her cheeks symbolising her connection to the Kyuubi. Her fare skin was almost pale, just like his Kaa-chan.

Slowly backing out as not to disturb her sleep, Naruto closed the door before walking into his room. Unlike his sister's colourful mess of a room, Naruto's was clearly a Spartan setting. Basic blue paint lined the inside walls of the bedroom, while only a drawer, a desk for working, a bed, and a door to the bathroom rested inside his room. Walking up to his desk, Naruto unloaded the contents of his sealing scroll. Revealing a few food pills, a lightweight tent, some spare kunai and shuriken, spare underwear, a vial of poison from a Purple adder, and his newly found battle fan, courtesy of A-rank missing ninja Kenji Saito…


Breathing lightly, he raced through the treetops, making sure to keep the sound of his footfalls to a minimum. He was the hunter, his prey was close, and he could feel it. The chase, the chase was always his favourite part. The rush of closing in on your prey, the way you navigate the trees in order to find the quickest route to your victim. Every part of the chase just made his blood boil; he could always rely on it to bring out his animalistic side, his vicious side, his dangerous side.

Moving through the trees the hunter reveals himself for the slightest of moments. The only visible clothing that can be seen is a black cloak that covers the entirety of his body. With the slightest hints of red hair poking out the top of his pulled up hood.

Glancing down at his hand revealed what he already knew, reassuring him of a simple fact. The simple fact that someone would die today, almost nobody would realize that they had disappeared, they would just vanish. This person was Kenji Saito, A-rank missing ninja from the hidden mist, wanted for raping one of his mission employers. He was needed, dead or alive.

He doesn't escort people back alive…

Stepping on a thick branch, the hunter pushes himself off with pure strength. There was too much at stake to risk alerting his prey to his presence. Barely using a hint of chakra he felt for his prey, he was close, only 200 meters away. Closing the last 200 meters with caution, he slows down and spots him at a small camp, appearing to be cooking some sort of stew.

Silently slipping his hand into his kunai pouch, he placed five kunai onto his fingers. He narrowed his eyes and through all five towards his prey at a tremendous speed. The next sound that he heard infuriated the hunter, not hearing the piercing of soft flesh like he would have liked, instead the dull thump of metal hitting wood met his ears.

His prey used the Kawarimi (Body replacement technique). It was one of the most useful techniques when needing to escape a tricky situation fast.

Straining his ears, he tried to catch a sound that his hidden enemy would make. He here's a rustling in some small trees about 20 meters away. His prey hasn't spotted his position yet, being cautious payed off. Quietly moving through the tops of the trees, he used a miniscule amount of chakra to activate his Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Hiding with Camouflage Technique), allowing him to, as the name suggested, and blend into the background.

Footsteps silent he moved behind his enemy, who still hadn't noticed his presence. Slowly bringing another kunai to the missing nin's throat, he realized to late that he was in danger, and got his jugular split for it.

The hunter watched as the helpless Kiri ninja bled to death on the floor, grasping at his throat, hopelessly trying to gasp for a breath of air. He watched as the light finally left his eyes, the crimson life blood pouring out of the gaping wound in his neck. He didn't understand other peoples need to have a fancy battle, with extravagant, earth changing jutsu. He didn't understand why people would fight like that. Why would they not just do like he did, go for the quickest, most efficient way possible to kill their prey?

He looked at the corpse in thought. While he may like a drawn out fight to get his blood pumping every now and then, a quick kill is mostly how he performs bounties.

This ninja was lucky he was in a good mood, and ended the fight quickly. The nin would not have liked to go up against the more dangerous side of him.

Crouching down, the hunter wiped his bloody kunai on the vest of the dead nin, before placing his kunai back in his pouch and retrieving a sealing scroll. Opening the pre-made scroll he hovered the item over the dead carcass before sealing the body away in a puff of smoke. Wiping his gloves on his vest he leapt away into the trees, making a steady trek to the bounty collection house closest to his position.

The only reminder of the short but deadly fight between two assassins was the leftover campsite and the small puddle of blood that lay on the forest floor.

-Flashback END-

It was interesting. They say that your first kill makes you depressed, angry, sad, or you just shut off your emotions. He didn't do any of those. When he took his first life, saw the light leave their eyes, he felt happy, like he just discovered the second greatest thing in the world. Apart from looking after Mito. That fact didn't scare him in the slightest.

The complete ecstasy that he gets form taking another's life is exhilarating. The idea of hunting your enemy before quietly spilling their blood and getting payed for it. He enjoyed the simplicity of it all, he enjoyed killing. He knows that most would see him as a monster, as a disgusting human being that should be imprisoned or even killed. But he just didn't care. As long as he had his Mito-chan, nothing else mattered.

He allowed a smile to slip onto his face, traces of insanity seeping in as he slowly started cleaning his newly obtained Gunbai. Yes, second greatest, nothing was more fulfilling then taking care of his beautiful Mito-chan. There is nothing more that he would want then to take her and run, living somewhere remote and alone, so that no one could ever attempt to hurt her.

But that would have to wait, they couldn't leave just yet. Mito still wasn't ready, and he still hadn't been able to actively look for his Kaa-chan. Oh, how he wanted to find out what happened to her. Oh how he wanted to feel her touch again. He wanted to stare into her eyes while she told him she would always love him. Yes he had a little bit of a mother/sister complex; he would be the first to admit that. But he didn't care; he loved them both so much.

Placing his gunbai to the side, he pulled out another sealing scroll from the desk. His face once again morphed into a dark smile. When the smoke of the sealing scroll faded, revealing the item within, his smile practically stretched across the entirety of his face. This was his most prized weapon, even more so then his newly acquired gunbai. For on his desk was a kusarigama, true weapon of battle and assassination in his opinion.

The use that this weapon could provide was unlimited. When spun fast enough, it could deflect the fastest projectiles. When thrown with enough strength, it could pulverize the strongest objects. When using to cut, it was one of the sharpest weapons in his arsenal. When infused with one's own chakra, every aspect of this weapon was amplified by 10. Due to his extremely power Uzumaki chakra, combined with his knowledge of seals, these aspects were increased by 20.

When he got into tough fights, ones were he chose to forgo the silent approach, this was the weapon that he used.

He remembered when he first found his kusarigama.


This was it. If he wanted to prove himself, wanted to protect his family, this is what had to be done. There was nothing else too it except providing for his family. He had to lock down his emotions, had to seal them off from the world if he was ever going to do this. Going to take another man's life for money. Going to remove someone from this plain of existence.

Going to kill…

A figure could be seen dashing through a residential area, making sure to keep themself hidden in darkness. Dashing from roof to roof, the figure stops at the top of a hotel. Directly adjacent from a tall, shabby looking building surrounded by armed soldiers. Most of the soldiers were non descriptive, blend into the background grunts. Each of them wielding katanas and throwing knives.

The figure allows himself a moment of rest before checking the building for enemies. There were two guarding the door, four of them patrolling the rooftop, and many more possible enemies inside. Where his target would be hidden…

He dashed across the rooftop before leaping silently to the other building, making sure to keep his chakra levels as low as possible. The figure rested in the shadows of the cropping that the ledge of the building produced. He was spending his final moments preparing for the battle that would no doubt ensue. He would try to keep it as clean as possible, get in, and take the guards out, before finally taking out his target. It was simple.

Slipping a kunai into his right hand, he used his left hand to pull himself up the ledge. Making sure to keep himself just out of range of the guards sight. Just like he thought, there were four guards patrolling the roof. He spotted two of them near the ledge opposite of him, staring across the city while sharing a smoke together. He turned his head to the left, and spotted the last two guarding the stairwell into the building. Each of them wielding katanas.

Slipping three more kunai into his right hand, he flipped himself up on the ledge. Placing two of the kunai in his right hand, he let them fly towards each of the guards. The last thing that the guards heard was the sound of splitting air, just before their heads were pierced by the fast moving metal projectiles.

The figure stalked towards the stairwell, making sure to keep away from any sort of lights. He looked at the body of one of the guards at the stairwell. The guards face was forever contorted into a look of pain and shock.

These were his first kills, his first attempt at taking another life. How did he feel? Angry? Sad? Sick?

Chuckling to himself he shook his head of those thoughts, these men were getting in the way of his mission. That meant they were getting in between him and his sister's well-being. He needed to complete missions for his dear Imouto-chan, he didn't have time to ponder a random man's death. Even if he was the one that caused it. He tore the kunai from each of their heads, wiping them on the bodies before storing three, keeping one in his right hand.

It was weird, he thought that he would care more about the first lives he took. But he just couldn't be bothered to concern himself with such thoughts, not when he had so much on the line.

Moving towards the stairway the killer finally reveals himself. He dressed in a long hooded black cloak, along with black gloves on his hands. Along with basic shinobi sandals to protect his feet.

Slipping back into the shadows, he approached the door. Slowly turning the handle, making sure to keep himself silent, he peeked inside. Spotting a long hallway with many doors he looked around to find any resistance. Seeing no one he walked inside while closing the door behind him, propping it open a tiny bit with a dead body. In case he needed a quick escape.

Better safe than sorry.

Tearing through the hallways he started running to the centre of the building, making sure to kill any clueless guards on the way there. Hiding their bodies to keep his presence a secret. Although on the way there he spotted numerous women that had been defiled, obviously numerous times. He just didn't have it in him to care; sure he could have saved them, killed them or even raped them himself. He just didn't have it in him to do anything other than help his sister. That's what he was here for, nothing else.

He heard the screams of anguish coming from women in various rooms, women being violated and beaten. But he just kept moving.

He had to remove his target from this world; he had to get back home. He wondered, his body must be changing, the same with his attitude. He wasn't sure what, but something was happening to him.

He picked up the scent of fear, and it smelt wonderful. His first kill, is this what it made him into? Some monster that enjoys the fear of others, the pain that they feel? No, it wasn't his first kill that did it. He's always been like this. Always had a side of him that enjoyed the suffering of others. The kill brought it out, and he had to say, if this is what he feels like after killing. He wanted to feel like this more often.

Gaining a savage grin, he came up to the final door in the corridor. Slowly peering inside, he stumbled upon the headquarters of the building. A place where most of the guards currently were.

Including his target…

If it were possible, his grin grew to almost painful proportions, stretching across almost the entirety of his face.

He had two choices when doing this. He could silently open the door and throw a kunai in; killing his target. While this was simple, it wasn't as fun, and Naruto wanted to have some fun. The second choice was more interesting to him. He could rush in, kill everybody, and then take his targets head.

He chose to forgo silence…

Moving back from the door a bit, he rushed forward and kicked the door in, breaking the frame and smashing into a guard that was reading a porno. He gazed around the room and saw that most of the guards were startled at his blood soaked presence. In the very back of the room, his target sat. He was sitting upright on a throne-like chair, startled at his entrance. His name was Seito Takahata, a big-shot in the criminal world. He was known for drug dealing, human trafficking, prostitution and murder. His business was only a few steps under the shipping tycoon and crime boss Gato.

He was someone that deserved to die, not that Naruto cared of course, the only reason he was doing this was for the pay check.

Seito was staring at the door in shock, before his face morphed into an expression akin to hate and annoyance. He was dressed in a black business suit with leather shoes and white gloves. He had short brown hair and brown eyes, along with a few pimples on his face. He was an average man, although he wasn't ugly, he wasn't something that a girl would get wet for.

He stood up while keeping his expression of annoyance glued to his face. "The fuck? Who are you to kill my men and raid my kingdom?"

He slowly brought his kunai to his mouth and licked the blood off it. After swallowing, his eyes started to gain a slightly psychotic edge to them. It seems as if this was the breaking point, as most of the guards scrambled for their weapons.

It wasn't soon after the breaking point that all hell broke loose. Naruto took out another kunai and charged it with chakra before tossing it towards one of the thugs closest to him. Upon being thrown, the kunai sailed towards its target before going through their jugular, also piercing the man behind him. By the time this happened Naruto had already taken out two more kunai and placed them in his hands, before cutting up any thug that got too close. He tore around the room, cutting up anyone that got in his way. He aimed for slices to the jugular, going for quicker, but more painful and savage kills.

"What the fuck is this kid?" The guards at the far back were terrified at this point; some had even gone mad from watching the carnage. The look in Naruto's eyes was terrifying; the primal need to kill was imprinted onto the surface. On display for all of those that dared to get in his way.

The way he smiled was akin to a predator hunting its prey, knowing that there was no way to escape him. That he had them trapped, that they weren't going anywhere.

The screams of the thugs echoed throughout the room, and down the hallway, startling those outside the building.

Naruto slowed to a stop as he finished cutting the jugular of an unfortunate thug, the thug being the man currently rolling around whilst grasping at his throat. He stared towards the last survivors in the room, blood glistening off his weapons, hair and skin. He held the weapon up to his face while the last remaining thugs stared at him with horror written all over their faces, paralysed from the brutal display. When lifting the kunai to his face, he realized that his weapon was almost unusable. There were small notches in the side of the blade as well as small chips from where he parried the enemy's blades.

Staring past his blades he noticed the survivors along with Seito, cowering in a corner of the room. Dropping his broken kunai, he casually rotated his gaze around the room. Seemingly finding what he was searching for, his eyes lit up and a smile came to his face. He turned around and started walking back to the door. Just before he reached the doorway he stopped and crouched down. The thugs watched as he seemingly fumbled around with a corpse, while quietly humming to himself.

The thugs that were able to move looked at one another, while most didn't dare take their eyes off him for even a split second. They started speaking in harsh whispers.

"This kids fucking crazy man, we need to get the hell outta here otherwise we're gonna be fucked like the resta the guys!"

"Don't you think I don't know that?! We have to try fighting back, what weapons do you have on you? I've only got my katana."

"Same. Do you think it'll even do shit to the kid?"

"I don't know man, but it's worth a try. We've gotta make a run for the doorway, try to go around him. I think this is the best time, he looks fucking out of it and concentrated on something else."

Seito could only look on in horror as the last of his bodyguards were talking about leaving him to his death. After watching almost his entire guard get slaughtered, he had become as pale as a ghost, and was biting his nails in terror and frustration.

"What are you talking about you fools!? Stop that bastard! What do you think I'm paying you for? Go over there and kill that fucking child!"

Even after hearing their employer's plea, they were still dead-set on leaving the man.

"Shut up you fucker! I don't intend to die here, and definitely not because of some bat-shit insane fucking kid!"

"What is he doing anyway? Is he…checking out a corpse?"

"It doesn't matter! We've gotta do this and now's the best chance we'll get!"

Gathering as much courage as they could, the two thugs bolted to the exit with their katanas in hand. About halfway across the room soft chuckling could be heard, right before it transformed into full-blown laughter. As the thugs dared to look, they were shaken to their bones, terror enveloped them. For in the same spot that he was before the charge was Naruto, swinging his newly acquired kusarigama. He looked like a demon, his form was enveloped in darkness, and the only light that covered his form was when his blade produced sparks when connecting with the floor. The sparks that lit up his frame, gave him a terrifying visage, and produced the light that covered his form.

He looked like the true embodiment of death.

The thugs took one last look towards each other, coming to a silent agreement. They raised their katanas and charged with a battle cry. Against any normal person, this attack pattern would have worked; making the person protect themselves from one, but getting sliced by the second person. Naruto wasn't a normal person; he was a ninja, a killer.

Waiting for the opportune time, he slowed his rotations. Waiting till the weapons were just about to touch his skin, when he moved backwards while spinning the kusarigama behind him.

As the two thugs looked towards each other, they realised that the attack hadn't connected, and that they were only pushing their katanas against the other. At the same time, they moved their horror filled eyes towards the doorway, where Naruto currently was. His weapon spinning in the air, rotating at speeds unattainable to those that weren't like him. In the split second that they had their blades together, just as they were about to pull back out for another synchronized strike.

Naruto struck.

Loosening his grip on the chain, he let it slide out a tiny bit, aiming for a wider arc. As the thugs were still dazed he spun his newly found weapon, bringing it towards their necks in a wide arc. They didn't even get the chance to scream before being beheaded in perfect synchronization. The only thing that was left was the expression of pure pain and horror written on their faces.

As Naruto brought his weapon back to him, and laid the chain over his shoulders. The bodies of the thugs crumbled, followed by their decapitated heads. Both bodies landed with a dull thumping sound, their katanas clanging to the ground.

Naruto stared towards past the last of the cowering thugs, straight into the eyes of Seito. His bounty. His kill.

He started to slowly move forwards, removing the kusarigama from his shoulders and spun the weapon around in a frightening arc. The blood collected on the weapon flying off and landing on objects in the room.

He started speaking in a happy tune, slowly pacing forward.

"Tic toc, time is up! I need to kill you and be on my way Seito, because you see, I have a person at home that I need to take care of. This person would like me to return quickly! Because of this you should be thankful, seeing as I can't take my sweet, sweet time when cutting you. Slice. By. Slice."

With each and every word, he came closer towards his goal. The thugs, being too terrified of him to fight back, started break down, sobbing with a broken look on their faces.

Tap… Slice…thump

The thug on the right was decapitated. His blood spurting from the top of his bloody neck.

Tap… Sliiiiiiiice…thump

The thug on the left had his stomach sliced open, and his innards poured out for all to display.

Tap… splat…thump

The last thug in the middle had his head caved in by the steel ball on the other end of the chain.

Slowing his pace, he stopped 2 metres from Seito's chair. Seito by now had a haunted look on his face, a face of utter defeat and terror. He had accumulated quite a bit of blood on his person, with splatters on his face and the blood of the head caved thug covering his shirt. He looked towards Naruto's blood soaked form and gave a quiet sob. He looked terrible, even more so than the beginning. His grin was so large it looked painful, his eyes were wide and full with a sadistic gleam, and his hands slowly spun the kusarigama in a lazy arc.

In a last ditch attempt to survive, Seito started to bargain. He began to cower behind his hands, his knees being brought up to his chest in an effort to ward Naruto away.

"W-what do y-you w-want? I c-can give you anything! Anything y-you w-want! J-just s-spare my l-life!"

His only response from Naruto was the slight dimming of his eyes, as they started to lose their sadistic gleam. He slowly started to pace forward, and stopped spinning his weapon. He stopped at the edge of the chair, leaning over so that his face was right next to Seito's. His face taking on an inquisitive look.

"You want to know what I want hmmm?"

His only response was a small nod. He gave a small smile, one that had no hint of his bloodthirsty side.

"Ok then I'll tell you! It's the least I can do for you; after all I'm still bringing your head back to the bounty station of course! Guys gotta make a livin ya know!"

His only response was a small whimper, followed by a small sob and the dripping of something wet between Seito's legs.

"What I want is simple. I want to live with my Imouto-chan and my Kaa-chan happily for all time! I want to become the strongest person in the world so that I can protect my Imouto-chan and Kaa-chan! But for all this to happen I need experience! And to get experience I need to kill! But by bounty hunting I'm killing, getting experience, and I'm getting paid to improve myself! How great is that!"

By the time he'd finished, Seito new he had no chance. He just continued to whimper and rock himself back and forth. Soon enough, a blade rested itself on his neck. He opened his eyes to see Naruto staring at him, his face no longer holding the insane and bloodthirsty look that it had moments before.

"You have to understand Seito, I don't care what you've done, how many people you've killed or raped. I only care about looking after my family. My family is the most important thing in my entire world. Just imagine, if I lost my family, I wouldn't be able to live anymore, because I would have nothing to life for…"

He slowly started to slide the blade across Seito's neck, blood pouring out of the now opening wound.

"I live by one code Seito, only one code; this code holds my most important set of rules. If I in some way break these rules and in turn, the code, then I'm nothing more than trash, not deserving to live in the same world as those I love."

He continued to talk as the blade finally slid past Seito's jugular.

"Would you like to know what this code is Seito?"

The only thing he got in response was Seito's gurgling, attempting to breathe in a smidgin of air.

"My code, the one I live by constantly, is this. With family there is life, without family there is death. If I am to protect those of mine, then I must use the entirety of my strength. Through thick and thin, through pain and suffering. I will protect them. If I must die to protect them, then die I shall."

By the time he had finished, the last of Seito's precious life blood had leaked onto the floor, joining the rest of the liquid in staining the concrete crimson.

"What a shame that It was over so soon. But I have a duty to uphold, I will be home soon my Mito-chan! Who would have thought, it's her third birthday coming up soon; I should get something special for her! Maybe a necklace… Yeah, she'll love it!"

Cutting off the rest of Seito's head, he proceeded to seal it inside a scroll. Pocketing it away for later, he slowly moved out the broken door, leaving the bloody room. He gazed towards the kusarigama hanging around his shoulders.

"Yes, you'll do nicely."

Walking down the stairs until he reached the bottom floor, he moved through the front door. Pushing the doors apart he came across a pair of startled guards.

"Hey what are you-"


Not giving them time to finish, he cut their heads off with his bloody weapon. Not even stopping his stride, he continued down the street before taking to the rooftops.

"Twas a fine night tonight, I think it's time to spread my wings…"

Stopping at a rooftop, he closed his eyes in concentration before opening them wide. In place of his normal blue eyes were the purple eyes of the Tenshi-gan. Concentrating some more, he pushed chakra through his back, envisioning a pair of wings. After a moment of silence wings of red and black spread out behind him. Giving a few test flaps, he gave one final push before taking off.

By the time it took for the local authorities to discover what the disturbance in the building was all about. Naruto had already dropped the bounty off, taken his money, and was halfway home to his precious Mito-chan with necklace in tow.

-Flashback END-

'Yes, that was a good night wasn't it. I found my precious weapon, got a present for my Mito-chan, and I gained 150 thousand ryo for my troubles!'

He placed the kusarigama onto the desk and took out some cleaning equipment. He's had this weapon for at least a year, and it had become his main killing device. He had instantly taken a liking to the weapon, it just felt perfect. From the first time he used it, it had helped him through some tough times. He actually prefers to use it instead of his other abilities, it gives him a lot more blood too look at.

He stared at the weapon. Yes, even though he had many jutsu, he preferred to get up close and personal with his victims. He learned during his first year of training that his elemental affinities were fire and wind. His power in these two elements was insane; he had so much power these two affinities that he couldn't properly use any jutsu. The attacks were actually too powerful, and too uncontrollable. When he attempted a simple fireball, it turned into a raging inferno which would have burnt down the forest if not for all the containment seals. Not to mention the fact that because his elements were so powerful, if using a fire attack with 1/20 of his chakra, the attack instead uses 7/20. This was just to draining, therefore wouldn't be eligible during combat.

He's been training in controlling his elements for 4 whole years, and he still hasn't even gotten close to understanding his elements. From looking at scrolls in his library he discovered that he had to 'become one' with the element. And that has had him fucking stumped for the entire 4 years.

This was a main reason he used his kusarigama as a main source of destruction. If he used a jutsu, he would get drained to quickly and run out of chakra fast. Seeing that he mainly hunts for B-A rank missing ninja's, losing his chakra wouldn't do him any favours. He would become tired, and no matter how strong you are, if you run out of chakra and become tired, you're dead. This was the harsh truth that has been holding Naruto back.

He had tried to do the simple tasks of controlling ones elemental affinity. Seeing as he had wind and fire, he used the leaf cutting and leaf burning technique. Controlling the chakra to destroy the leaf. He even went so far as to control his chakra and affinity, slowing down the process of destroying the leaf. This produced much better control over the elements.

It still wasn't enough…

He attempted to cut a waterfall with wind chakra, he did that, and also cut through half the mountain behind it. So he aimed to control it, only cutting the water and not harming the mountain. He completed this, his control over his wind element climbing to even greater heights. He tried burning an entire tree with fire chakra. He was able to control the fire to only warm the tree, not burn it. With this his control over fire chakra climbed to amazing heights.

It still wasn't enough…

Even after all those control exercises, he still couldn't get his control to a usable level.

It frustrated the fuck out of him!

He even used 10 shadow clones to help him during this, only 10 because that was his maximum. But even with the accelerated learning, he couldn't get it right.

His progress as a ninja overall even astounds him. He is amazed that he was able to go from nothing to fighting A-rank missing ninjas as bounties in 4 years. He only has one explanation for it. His love and devotion to his Mito pushed him to become great, great enough to protect them from anything.

But it still wasn't enough, he still wasn't strong enough. He knew that if he wanted to, Sarutobi could kill him any day, as well as the other Kages. The same goes for S-rank ninja. He knew he was powerful, and he might get arrogant at times, but he wasn't arrogant or stupid enough to believe he could take on an S-rank missing nin at his current level.

That was something that annoyed him. He knew that he would have to wait at least 4 more years before being able to take Kages and S ranks head on. That was what he was training for. For as long as there is someone or something that is a threat to his Mito-chans safety. He will not stop growing stronger, stronger than anyone ever was.

Yes, he would be powerful, and to become powerful he had to learn. He had learnt from most of the scrolls in the library already. When he wasn't using them for training, he was using them to learn all there was from the library. From cooking to Fuinjutsu. He hadn't stopped training for a second, whenever he slept, his shadow clones worked. Whenever he bathed, the practiced his chakra control, keeping the water from touching his skin and moulding it perfectly around him. When cooking he practiced his speed with a blade when chopping food. Everything that he did was training. Every second of every day was spent training.

When he was with his beloved Mito-chan, he was training. Yes, Mito turned four a few months ago. That was the only day he spent not training, wanting to divert the entirety of his attention to his Imouto-chan. That was a fun day; he took her out of Konoha to a town a few miles away. There was a festival on that day; where she dressed up in a beautiful kimono dress. It was purple with flowers, going down to her feet; and it was trimmed with pure gold. With all the bounty's he was collecting, Naruto could afford to spoil his little princess.

They spent the entire night there, walking around and visiting any stall that she wanted. Although he was always looking out, keeping his eyes on anyone that looked to harm her, always watching. And when the night had ended, they watched the fireworks go off from the top of a hill. Just after the fireworks, and just before she fell asleep Naruto gave her his present. It was a beautiful pendant meant to be worn as an earring. It had a golden fox and a red dragon wrapped around one another. He had earned a big smooch on the cheek for that one, and a happy and excited Mito all the way back to Konoha.

She had so much fun that day; he just wishes that she could have that much fun any day. But alas that wasn't possible for as long as they were in Konoha. Naruto started to slow his cleaning until he gazed into the steel blade of the weapon. His perfect reflection shining back at him from the perfectly clear steel.

"A few more years to go my Mito-chan, just a little more time before we can leave this place. I need to find Kaa-chan, and I need to get stronger."

Just as he finished that sentence the door behind him started creaking open. He did not make a move for he already knew who it was. There was only one person besides him able to get inside the house after all. He turned around slowly to find a sleepy Mito standing in the doorway, her crimson red hair a mess from sleeping and her pyjamas all crinkled.

She sleepily looked from behind her bed hair as her eyes instantly light up in recognition. Happiness and love easily shining through.



I can't believe that I've finally gotten this finished! Now I know a few of you…most of you, will be wondering why Naruto is like this, and why the story has taken a much bloodier and darker tone. The answer for this is simple, I like Naruto like this, and I think this personality fits the story perfectly. Let's go over this shall we? Naruto is like this; bloodthirsty, uncaring, and will kill without remorse for one reason. The ONLY thing he cares about is the protection of his sister and his family. Nothing will get in his way, nothing will get between him and the welfare of his sister!

There are some things I'm not happy with in this chapter, all because I didn't know how to fully express it. The big one was his first kill, I just couldn't get into it. I put most of my muse into the action scene that followed.

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