As TV reporters, it was only natural that Fran and Mukuro spent a lot of their time in the TV station. It was also natural that they'd meet a lot of different people during their interviews – doing TV reports on things of a sexual nature always promised for their job to never get boring.

Mukuro, a twenty-five year old man, had been in the business for several years now. Fran, his custody after taking him in when his parents kicked him out for his sexual orientation, lived with him, and had only just started working alongside Mukuro.

Today, they were going to interview an author who made a living writing pornography. They hadn't been given many details except for their interviewee supposedly having anger issues and to watch what they say to avoid upsetting him.

Fran, being Fran, had replied back, saying the author should get off his period and stop being so sensitive.

Now, the two were sitting at the front of the station eating their lunch as they waited for the author to be introduced to them.

"What do you think of this one?" Mukuro asked before taking a bite out of the candy bar he was snacking on; he never had been a big eater.

"What do you mean?" Fran replied, poking at the salad roll Mukuro had made for him this morning before they left the house. "We haven't met him, and we don't know much at all."

"Kufufu~" Mukuro's heterochromatic eyes glinted with amusement. "You know what I'm talking about, little one. You're going to try and anger him, aren't you?"

Fran just shrugged, deciding he wasn't in the mood to eat. "Don't I seem to do that to everyone without even trying?"

Kufufu~ Well, that is true." The older male grabbed the salad roll and placed it back in the cooler bag, not wanting to waste such good food. "You should be careful of this one, though; the name we were given sounds familiar. If it's who I'm thinking of, they really do have anger issues."

"Is this supposed to deter me?" Fran deadpanned. "You know I don't mean to piss people off half the time."

"I know." Mukuro smiled down fondly at the boy, patting teal hair. "Just try not to say anything rude."

"How do you know of him?" Fran asked curiously, and then, in a joking manner, he asked, "Have you read his books?"

"Kufufu~" Mukuro closed his eyes as he smirked, raising a hand. "Guilty."


"Like you can talk, little one."

The conversation was interrupted by one of their female co-workers coming over to them, a man with shaggy blond hair following behind. The man wore a black jacket over a purple and black striped shirt, and his black jeans looked rather tight on him, accompanied by very high boots that ended halfway up his thighs.

The first thing Fran blurted out, without even meaning to, was, "Why are you wearing stripper boots? Are you a stripper as well?"

The laid-back smile that was on the blond's face disappeared, replaced instead by an annoyed frown. His hands curled into balls by his side, and he spat out, "The fuck did you just say, you little shit?"

Mukuro was quick to intervene as the woman who had brought the other here quickly disappeared, leaving them alone; he had a feeling she was very uncomfortable being there while Fran was mouthing off again.

"I do apologise for the boy," Mukuro said calmly, moving to stand in front of Fran. "See, he has this disorder where he doesn't think before speaking. I am very sorry for any distress he may have caused you in his carelessness."

The blond snorted, turning his head up in a pompous manner. "See to it that he shuts his mouth."

"Yes, yes. Fran, please apologise."

"Why? It's not my fault he dresses like a stripper, Master." Fran's teal eyes looked up into Mukuro's face, his voice as sincere as ever.

The blond growled as he reached out in front of him towards the boy, but he was stopped by the taller male.

"Belphegor, right?" Mukuro asked, trying to ease the tension out of the air. He smiled as he received a nod, watching the man named Belphegor pull his hand back. "And you're twenty-six?"

"Yeah. I don't like being called Belphegor, though," the blond said. "Call me Bel."

"I've read some of your books, Bel," Mukuro was careful to draw all attention away from the teal-haired boy who just didn't know when to shut up. "You have a very realistic way of writing your novels. Are you imaginative, or…?"

"He's a stripper," Fran piped up again. His teal eyes fixed on Bel, an almost bored expression on his face. "He clearly writes from his own experiences, Master."

"You fucking little shit," Bel snarled. "I'll fucking kill you."

"Bel, please ignore everything he says," Mukuro said quickly, shoving Fran further behind him. "No – I'll take him out of the room and we can do the interview together. Please give me a moment."

Fran protested as he was dragged out of the TV station so that they were standing in the car park adjacent to the building.

"Master, I –"

"Little one, do you realise the trouble you're getting into by saying such things?" Mukuro raised a thin eyebrow as he stared down at the younger. "I'm sorry, but you're a liability right now. Please stay away so I can get the interview done without having to clean you up from the floor."

"He won't do anything to me," Fran said confidently. "His stripper boots probably won't let him run very fast to catch me."

Mukuro couldn't help but laugh. "Kufufu~ You're a good kid, little one – just let me handle this on my own."

Fran nodded, knowing the older male could be very persistent when he wanted to be. "Then I'll stay out here until you finish."

"Thank you, little one." Mukuro ruffled teal hair as he headed back into the building, ready to interview the blond.

Fran sighed as he sat down on the grass just a few feet away from him. He pulled out a few blades as he thought to himself, He was pretty cute when he was angry with me, though.