Okay not much to say... I felt like writing a Ciel in Wonderland fic with Hatter Undertaker x Cheshire Grell and a friend of mine came up with this idea, so hope you like it as much as I do.

I'll try update this every two weeks or maybe every week if possible.

The Mad Hatter, locally known as Undertaker, had never been frightened of much or well anything really, but he had to admit the current storm that shrouded wonderland had shook him up quite a bit. The thunder was loud enough to deafen someone and the lightning was blinding, the wind howled and was strong enough to knock over trees and possibly even houses, the rain pelted the ground like bullets from a machine gun and had even flooded some places. Thankfully hatter and his two companions; the Hare and the Dormouse, were safely hidden in Hatters crypt; which was high enough to avoid the flood water and strong enough to withstand the wind.

The Hare, also known as William, was busy drying himself off from the drenching he got when he made the dash from his rather low lying den to the Hatters place. The Dormouse, or Ronald, was curled up on the lounge in front of the fireplace fast asleep having already dried off, not even this storm could keep him from sleeping. Hatter on the other hand sat quietly in his armchair not too far from the mouse, looking out the nearby window at the horrid weather; feeling rather sorry for the unfortunate creatures that didn't have anywhere to run to and get out of the weather, Undertaker wished he could help them all; though he knew he had done as much as one man could.

"Hatter, are you alright?" There was a small amount of concern in the monotone of the Hares voice; which The Mad Hatter took a little surprise to since it wasn't often his long eared friend showed much emotion at all.

"Yes I'm fine… Just thinking of the poor souls that may not have made it out of the storm…" he sighed sadly.

The Hare let out an irritated sigh and shoved the sleeping mouse aside, taking a seat on the couch; Ronald of course didn't even stir at the rough shove, "all that matters is that we're fine… personally I don't care much for anything outside the gate…"

Hatter raised an inquisitive eyebrow at this, "why?"

Hare sighed again, "Because Hatter… you may not have much to worry about but I do… a dog, a cat, or even a man would happily end the life of a Hare like me, but behind the gate I'm safe which is why I stay here, Dormouse stays for the same reason. As far as I'm concerned anything outside the gate is bad news…"

Undertaker shrugged, personally he quite like dogs and cats, and he was a man himself, he had nothing to fear, but he understood that Williams fear was well placed, "I guess you're right but I still can't help but feel sorry for them…"

William shrugged slightly and lied back against the couch, closing his eyes, "just get some sleep you nutty bastard, were gonna have to do a lot of cleaning once this passes, since our tea area has most likely been trashed thanks to this bloody storm" Hatter nodded in agreement and closed his eyes and he leaned back in his chair, slowly drifting off.

Hatter awoke the next morning to find that he was alone, neither The Hare nor The Dormouse were here. He looked out the window to find that the storm had passed though it was still overcast and may rain again. He got up and headed outside, finding his friends down in the usual meeting place, Hare was certainly right about the storm ruining their tea area; debris from the nearby forest littered the place, the table had been blown over and was missing a leg, broken plates and cups scattered the place and chairs were either missing or destroyed, there was also a fair amount of mud due to the flood water.

Hare and Mouse were both hard at work trying to clean up, and Hatter was about to get to work as well, until something else caught his attention. A loud pained yowl rung out; sounding like it came from the forest. William and Ronald both stood at attention with their ears perked at the sound, "what was that?" Hatter heard the young Dormouse ask The Hare, who only shrugged in reply and went back to work.

Undertaker Yanked open the gate and headed out towards the forest to try and find whatever made the noise. Hare and Mouse yelled in disapproval though The Hatter tuned them out knowing he'd never live it down if some innocent creature perished because he didn't respond.

The forest was dark and eerie as usual, the mud was thicker here than on the safe side of the gate and there was the smell of death in the air; Hatter guessed that came from the corpses of small creatures which had drowned in the flood waters or muck. He kept heading in the direction of the sound and soon came to a large tree which had fallen in the storm.

He was ready to turn back when a small whimper caught his attention, he turned and spotted something partially buried in the mud and seemed to be caught under the tree. As he got closer he could see that it was a cat, a Cheshire cat to be exact.

He kneeled down in the mud beside the creature, he could see now its lower half was caught under the tree; the poor thing probably was seeking shelter in the tree when it fell, if it hadn't whimpered he would have never even seen it since it was covered in the thick slurry.

The Hatter was rather strong and managed to role the tree off the cat enough to be able to wrap his arms around the creature and pull it out from under the tree and the muck. The cat yowled in pain as it was moved though soon relaxed as Undertaker bundled it up in his arms; not even caring about the mud that now covered him.

Hatter could now see that the cat had extremely long bright red hair; which was currently matted and thick with sludge, he could tell it was male though he looked very feminine, his tale and ears were pink and purple; though they were also covered in the mud as was the rest of him. He couldn't see exactly how badly the cat was injured though he guessed his leg and possibly his tail were broken and he felt severely cold so he was probably suffering from hypothermia.

Undertaker run off in the direction he came holding the cat close to his chest; he knew the poor thing wouldn't last much longer without serious help. He kicked open the gate and ran through the brambles and up the hill to his crypt-like house, ignoring the surprised and confused shouts from his friends.