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Undertaker had stayed in town with his two friends for the past three weeks; they had searched night and day through the town for Hatter's lost kitten, but had found nothing. Alan had even gone door to door around the town, asking if anyone had seen the Cheshire cat, but no one had any useful information. It was clear Hatter had just about lost hope of finding him.

"If we don't find him today I'm afraid I'm going to have to head home… Dormouse would probably be on the edge of insanity after being left alone with Hare for so long…" Undertaker murmured to both Alan and Eric.

Eric opened his mouth to protest, but he was stopped by the Carpenter, "It's okay Hatter, we understand… and even if we don't find him today, Eric and I will still be sure to keep an eye out for him, okay?"

Undertaker smiled slightly at that and gave a small nod, "okay… thank you…" He then pulled on his coat as he readied himself to go out and continue to look for his kitty.

The Cheshire cat hissed and squirmed as a doctor forced him to sit atop a cold metal table. He had clawed the poor man several times and had bit him twice; the cat just didn't want to stay on the table, he hated doctors, he hated hospitals, and he especially hated cold metal tables.

"Grell! Stop that this instant! What have I told you about scratching and biting?!" the queen scolded as she watched on from nearby, "that cast has to come off and it won't unless you sit still and behave."

The cat begrudgingly sat still on the table with an annoyed hiss, his tail flicking in frustration, his ears fattened back against his head. Grell had just about enough of the queens yelling, it just made him miss his dear Hatter even more; he would never yell at Grell no matter what the cat did to deserve it.

In the short amount of time Grell had zoned out the vet had managed to muzzle him, snapping the cat from his thoughts as he felt the straps of the device ti876ghten behind his head. He yowled and swiped at the man once again, though his attack was stopped as he was smacked up the side of the head, the hit making his ears ring. He whipped around and went to sink his claws into the one who hit him though froze as he came face to face with the red queen.

"That's enough, Grell. Sit still or we are just going to have to tranquilize you," she stated glaring at the feline coldly.

Grell whimpered and sat quietly, allowing the doctor to do what he needed, or at least up until he began to cut away the cast. The cat yowled in fright as the cold instrument cut through the cast and touched his skin. Grell flinched away causing the doctor to drop the tool, he then leaped over the queen, knocking over vials of medicine and scattering tools as the hit the hard floor. The redhead tucked himself away in a corner, his fear of doctors and hospitals getting the better of him.

The doctor tried to get Grell out of the corner, only resulting in the cat yowling in fright and clawing him again. The man backed off from the cornered cat, looking to the queen for help. The queen sighed in frustration, "we're never going to get anywhere this way… just tranquilize him…"

Before Grell could make another move the doctor stuck a needle in his shoulder, and within a few minutes the frightened cat became dizzy and was soon out cold.

When Grell's eyes fluttered open, everything looked so bright, and he felt so warm, as if someone was holding him close. As his vision cleared he could see that indeed someone was cuddling with him, familiar strong yet gentle arms were wrapped around his slim waist. He slowly turned in the persons arms to face him smiling brightly as he was met with the familiar face of the Mad Hatter.

"U-Unny!~" he mewed out, tears forming in his eyes as he cuddled the Hatter tightly. "Oh Unny, I had the worst dream… Will chased me away, I wash-hit by a carriage, but not just any carriage, the red queens carriage! She took me in and I thought I'd never see you again!" he rambled, nuzzling into the man's chest, "I-I missed you so much!"

"It's okay, kitten. You're home and I'm here," the man spoke in that silky voice of his that Grell had missed so badly. "I love you so much" he whispered in one of the cat's fluffy pink ears before pressing a gentle kiss atop his head.

"I love you too, my dear Hatter~" the cat purred, his cheeks turning a pale shade of red. He rolled over so he was facing his lover, snuggling into his chest as he had done so many times before.

"Grell," Hatter said in a somewhat blunt tone.

"Yes my darling?" Grell responded as he looked up to the silverette.

"Grell," he repeated.

"Unny? What's wrong?" The feline asked once again. His eyes widening as he realized the picture of his lover had begun to fade, "No, Adrian!" he cried out desperately, trying to grab a hold of him, though to the cats horror his hand only went straight through him.

"Grell…" he said one last time, only this time his voice was different; it was a woman's voice. Soon the image of him faded completely the room was replaced by hues of red and black and instead of his lover, he was now looking up at the red queen.

The queen smiled slightly as the cat's eyes finally fluttered open, "Good morning Grell… or should I say good evening? You've almost slept through the whole day, the anaesthetic was only supposed to put you to sleep for an hour or two…"

The cat looked at her blankly before looking around the room; sure enough he was in the red queen's bed chamber. Then it all came back to him, he had panicked when that doctor had been trying to remove his cast. He glanced down at his leg and sure enough the cast was gone, that was one good thing, but it didn't stop the pain in his heart from missing the one he loved.

"Grell? What's wrong?" The woman asked before she was taken by surprize as the cat let out a mournful mewl, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. She tried to comfort him, but to no avail, it was like he didn't even acknowledge that she was there.

"I wanna go home!" the cat cried out, his mewing cries only increasing in volume.

'This again…' the queen thought to herself, she sighed and got up. She knew there was simply no way to calm him when he got like this, since he had done it a total of four times since he'd arrived. So she simply left the room and closed the door behind her, leaving the feline to just cry himself to sleep.

"Are you sure you want to leave now? Its late and I can't imagine that forest is too pleasant at night…" Eric muttered.

The Hatter gave a sight nod, "Yes, I'll be fine, this way I'll be home by morning…"

"We'll keep looking for him…" The young carpenter said sweetly.

The Hatter tried to smile at him, but he just couldn't manage it. So he just mumbled a small, "thank you…" before leaving down the same path he had come.