Lost in translation

So, allow me to explain the use for this 'chapter'. First off, it's not really a chapter. I've gotten a few replies in which some readers complained how the text for Mas y Menos in Spanish was kind of obnoxious. Fair enough, when I wrote the story I didn't realize you couldn't copy-and-paste the text from the website. That does make it a bit annoying. That being said, I wasn't all for the idea of adding the text in the chapters themselves. My reason for this is that in the original show, this wasn't done either. At least not in the clips I saw; I never understood what Mas y Menos said. But the text I'd written was on more than one occasion meant to be an in-joke to anyone who would go through the trouble of translating it using google-translator. That's why I've decided to add all the Spanish text, in the order that it appeared in the story, in this place. If you open two webpages at once, you'll be able to consult the Spanish text without much problems.

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My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and annoyance this entire ordeal has caused.

P.S. I would have gotten around to this sooner, but didn't find the time.

P.P.S. Likewise I've written only a litte over the first chapter of the continuation. For now, don't hold your breath.

P.P.S. If I've forgotten any lines; feel free to let me know.

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Chapter 8: grand theft auto

"Este chico es grave?" = "This guy is serious?"

"Muchos Gracias Amigo." = "Many thanks friend."

"Sí, llegó justo a tiempo." = "Yes, it came just in time."

"¡No!" = "Don't!"

"Hay muchas manera de chicos malos." = "There are so many bad guys."

"¿No has visto casi nos matan?" = "Have you not seen (them) nearly kill us?"

"¿Dónde incluso ir?" = "Where (do you) even go?"

Chapter 9: Drew Carey on a date

"Kid Flash, tiene que venir aquí ahora." = "Kid Flash, you have to come here now."

"Si, te necesitamos hombre!" = "Yes, we need you man!"

"Hey gafe, dígale a su hombre a crecer un par." = "Hey jinx, tell your man to grow a pair."

"Sí, y podríamos usar su ayuda también." = "Yes, and we could use your help too."

"Estamos recibiendo el culo pateado por aquí!" = "We're getting your ass kicked around here!" = was meant to mean "We're getting our ass kicked out here!"

Chapter 10: A pilgrim at his threshold

"¿Crees que está bien?" = "You think he's okay?"

"Él tiene que ser, es Kid Flash! Vamos, en sus pies amigo." = "He has to be, (he) is Kid Flash! Come friend on your feet."

"Haha, hombre divertido. ¿Vienes o no?" = "Haha, funny man. Are you coming or not?"

"Si."= "Yes."

"Bien, porque tenemos mucho más trabajo por hacer." = "Good, because we have much more work to do."

"Estúpido ..."= "Stupid ..." (Meant as in: idiot.)

"Es que el comandante que los está llevando. Se puede predecir todos nuestros movimientos." = "It is the commander who is leading them. He can predict our every move."

"Sí, él nos conoce de cabo a rabo. Tal vez podríamos intentar ser menos organizados en lugar de más." = "Yes, he knows us inside out. Perhaps we could try to be less rather than more organized."

"No otra vez…" = "Not again ..."

"Maldita sea…" = "Damn it ..."

"Sólo déjalo ir hermano." = "Just let it go bro."

"Maldita sea." = "Damn it."

"Oh no, no lo hiciste!" = "Oh no, you didn't!"

"Sí, estoy de acuerdo." = "Yes, I agree."

"En efecto. Este lugar es un laberinto. Necesitamos un plan." = "Indeed. This place is a maze. We need a plan."

"Hemos terminado con la aleatoriedad!" = "We're done with the randomness!"

"Saque la cabeza y… " = "Remove the head and ..."

"el cuerpo muere."= "the body dies."

"¿Puedo pegarle, hermano? = "Can I hit him, brother?

"Si." = "Yes."

"Hey, ¿crees que esto va a pasar mucho tiempo?"= "Hey, do you think this will take a long time?"

"Yo no lo conozco, pero espero que no." = "I do not know, but I hope not."

"Palomitas de maíz?" = "Popcorn?"

"No importa si lo hago!" = "Don't mind if I do!"

"Parejas." = "Couples."

"Cómo glad no tenemos ese problema, ¿verdad?" = "How glad we do not have that problem, right?"

"Si." = "Yes."

"No entiendo por qué se pelean sin embargo. ¿No está claro dónde debemos ir?" = "I do not understand why they fight though. Is it not clear where should we go?"

"Si." = "Yes."

"Can I have some more?"

"Si." = "Yes."

"Quiero decir, es obvio que está mal aquí." = "I mean, it's obvious who's wrong here."

"Si." = "Yes."

"Y es ella." = "And she is."

"No." = "No."

"¿¡Qué!" = "What!"

"Está claro que tenemos que acabar con los guardias y ver lo que se avecina." = "Clearly we have to wipe out the guards and see what is coming." (Something clearly went lost in translation here: the original text meant something along the lines of "… and see what they are protecting".)

"Podemos explorar mucho más y mucho más rápido sin que la demora. El general podría estar en cualquier lugar!" = "We can explore much more and much faster without that delay. The general could be anywhere!"

"Lo estás sobreestimando!" = "He is overestimating!"

"No le está sobreestimando suficiente!" = "No he is overestimating enough!"

Chapter 11: Stand tall, infinite shock

"Ya sabes, estamos bastante rápido." = "You know, we're pretty fast."

"Es lo que hacemos." = "It's what we do."

"¿Estás bien?" = "Are you okay?"

"Él parece estar bien" = "He seems fine"

Chapter 12: Barbot de Villeneuve

"Hermano, ¿cree usted que nuestro amigo verde ha dejado a los Teen Titans?" = "Brother, do you think our green friend has left the Teen Titans?"

"Me gustaría pensar que él se quitó porque perdió sus superpoderes." = "I would think that he took off because he lost his superpowers."

"Sí, pero me pregunto cuánto tiempo va a tomar estos dos para darse cuenta de eso." = "Yes, but I wonder how long it will take these two to realize that."

"Me pregunto si alguna vez veremos gracioso tonto otra vez." = "I wonder if we'll ever see that funny fool again."

"Me pregunto si alguien que no podía hablar español en realidad traduce todas nuestras líneas sólo para entender lo que se decía." = "I wonder if someone who could not speak Spanish really translated all our lines just to understand what was said."

"Espere ... ¿Qué?" = "Wait ... what?"

"¿Qué?" = "What?"

"Por fin." = "At last."

"Ellos entienden." = "They understand."

"Al igual que un viejo matrimonio." = "Like an old married couple."

"Tranquila, estás arruinando." = ""Easy, you're ruining it."(Easy here is obviously supposed to mean 'quiet'.)

"Estamos encantados de haber sido de ayuda." = "We are delighted to have been of help."

"Pero si no nos volvamos a nuestro equipo esta noche, nuestro líder va a tener nuestras pieles." = "But if we become our team tonight, our leader will have our hides." (Okay, I don't know what went wrong here: supposed to be something along the lines of: 'But if we don't go home to our team tonight, our leader will have our hides.")

"Haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para encontrar una cura también!" = "We will do our best to find a cure too!"