"Hmmm..." His eyes were staring intensely at the paper before him. His forehead had formed at least two or three layers, showing how hard he's thinking.

In front of him, the raven-haired also was showing the same expression as him. Nothing could be heard except their breathing and the air-cond's rush in the library.

He tapped the tip of his pencil repeatedly on the table. She already bit her thumbnail under consciousness. Neither the two of them made any effort of communicating.

After what seemed like an eternity, finally the girl used her pencil to circle something on the paper and yelled, "I WON!"

Aomine immediately raised his head up and took the girl's paper to examine it. "Argh! No way! Again?!"

Aozora only silently laughed, since the librarian now focused on them more intensely after their yellings. "Hah! Told ya, Ao-chan. The only one who can beat me is myself."

Aomine grumbled in response. "I hate word search."


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