A/N :

Asya : Nah~ their surname indicate their hair colour. So, it would be weird if Momoi - a pink-haired have a surname of Murasaki - which means purple.

sheen-chan : I guess. It would be a really contradict if Midorima and Akashi?

"Tch. Santa doesn't exist." Aomine scoffed.

"For once, I agree with this idiot." Midorima pushed up his glasses. "Our parents act as a Santa."

Momoi pouted. "I know. But having you to say it out loud, ruined the surprise."

"Anyways..." Kise spinned the pencil on his finger. "Let's just write our wish on this paper." He then glanced at a certain red-haired. "Or Akashicchi will kill us."

"Man...what's the point he called us out here just to make us write our wishes?" Aomine whined, but not so loud. He wouldn't want to wish for death.

Kuroko didn't comment on anything. But, who knows what on his mind?

Murasakibara dropped his Maiubo. Aomine was trying so hard not to laugh. Kise had to cough badly to cover his laughter.

"What the hell are you doing, Akashi?!" The laughter burst.

There stood Akashi, in Santa costume with a sack full of wrapped presents. His face didn't really like the situation he's in.

Groaning, he made way towards his ex-teammates and gave them their presents. Aomine got a ton of gravure mags, Murasakibara had a ton of snacks, Midorima received his made-in-German chain for his next month lucky item and Momoi swung around her new glittery handbag.

As for Kuroko and Kise...

"Why haven't you two write anything?"

"I want to take a picture of this." Kise readied his phone.

Akashi gritted his teeth but remained calm enough to ask Kuroko. "And you, Tetsuya?"

"I just want to spend Christmas with all of you."

Akashi's bad mood settled down. "All of you, come here closer." They obeyed, wondering what their ex-captain was up to. "Let's take a memorable photos."

"With you like this?" Aomine pointed his finger at Akashi up and down.

"Is there any problem?" There came the menacing glare again. Aomine quickly shook his head.

Behind Akashi was the green, purple and navy-haired. Kuroko and Momoi both stood next to Akashi. Midorima and Kise was forced to sit down in front of the centered-Akashi.

"Say cheese~"


Omake :

"I think we have to write our lives." Mibuchi Reo commented after Hayama Kotarou proposed to play a game truth-or-dare with Akashi.

"But, just imagine him as a Santa." Hayama still tried to convince the other two regulars of Rakuzan. Short, skinny and demonic aura. Hahahaha!

"Yeah, let's write we want to keep our lives as a wish."

Akashi did spare them, but he certainly gave them enough lesson to remember after the Christmas celebration.