"Everyone get away from me!" Natsu roared as he saw the magic symbols appear all over his fists promptly where he had struck Jackal over and over again, the explosive member of Tartarus grinning as he saw Natsu's attempt to make sure his friends were safe. Wendy and Happy were grabbed by Lucy as she ran, knowing she could trust in Natsu. Everything Jackal had thrown at him hadn't affected the Dragon Slayer before now, she only hoped that he'd survive this.

Natsu roared as the magic curse symbols on his hands glowed before he turned to Jackal who was grinning at him before his eyes widened as Natsu charged at the explosive magic user. Cocking his arm back, his hand clenched into a fist engulfing his fist in his strongest flames, the glowing magic curse seals glowing as they readied to explode Natsu slammed his blazing fist into Jackals face and directed his punch towards the ground. As Jackals body hit the ground, the seals on Natsu's body exploded in a torrent of fire and heat. Lucy was blown off her feet from the explosion, Happy and Wendy flying from the blondes grasp.

When the smoke and Lucy was able to see again she got up to her feet, seeing Wendy pushing herself up from the ground, Happy helping by pulling a chair from her leg. Lucy looked over to the old man Michello to see his eyes wide, his house had turned into a battle field. She didn't doubt that he'd complain over something, he's been complaining while they had come to save him. He could at least show a little gratitude. His granddaughter seemed to be alright as she helped him stand.

Turning her attention back to where the explosion had happened her eyes widened at what she saw, or more of what she wasn't seeing. There was a massive crater where the explosion had originated from and Natsu along with Jackal were no where to be seen. Before she knew what was happening tears were running down her cheeks as she screamed.



Everything hurt, Natsu couldn't remember the last time heat had been painful to him. Having the aspects of a Fire Dragon Slayer he welcomed heat, he didn't add cold water to his showers, he didn't test the temperature of things unless he knew they were going to be cold, heat didn't affect him in the slightest.

He was on solid ground he knew that from how hard he had hit it from the fall, why he was falling he didn't know he was sure he caved in Jackals face with that last punch, maybe he got blown into the air from the explosion.

He opened an eye, the other being caked in blood and dirt forcing it to remain closed for the time being. He could feel his clothes had been torn in the last explosion, the slight wind coming through made it obvious to him. Rolling his head to one side he saw that he was in some kind of dirt field and it was night time, had he been unconscious for that long?

He could hear footsteps running towards him and he had to let a bloody toothy grin form on his face, Lucy and Wendy were coming to pick him up, Happy was probably flying so that's why he couldn't hear his soft footsteps, he was glad he doubted he could stand after being hit by an explosion of that size. From where he lay he could see several people running towards him, none of them looked familiar.

"Someone's over there!" A shout, a male's voice.

"Saji, make sure he's ok. There's still a strong magical presence around here Tsubaki and I will check it out." Another voice called out, this one obvious a female and her voice held a distinct authority, something that reminded Natsu of Makarov's voice when he was talking about something serious. As Saji's legs entered Natsu's vision his sight became blurry.

"Momo! I need your help over here!" Saji called out as he saw Natsu's state, his body was layered with burns. Hearing another set of footsteps he glanced up noticing another someone he didn't recognise however he immediately caught site of her white hair.

"Mira..." Natsu breathed out as Momo raised her hands as she crouched down next to him, a green aura flowing of Natsu's body.

"He's still able to talk in the state he's in, he's strong." Momo said making Saji nod. "He's a human, but I can sense enormous magical power from him, he's got more power then Tsubaki-senpai, maybe even the same as Sona-senpai."

"Seriously?" Saji questioned making Momo to nod to confirm it.

"Mira... your healing has gotten better... you been learning from Wendy?" Natsu questioned in a daze closing his eye as he was bathed in the warm calming glow that Momo was generating from her hands.

"How is he?" Sona Sitri questioned walking over to Momo and Saji who looked up at her, Tsubaki following after her. The four having been present at the school finishing up their student council duties before the massive explosion rocked the entire school grounds.

"I think he's delirious, his burns are highly server, but other then then that he seems to be highly dehydrated and for some reason he's letting off immense magical power. I don't see how he could be radiating such magical power when he's just a human." Momo told her. Sona crouched down beside Natsu and lifted his arm up to see the burn marks residing even without Momo she could see that his body was healing from the burns. Raising a hand up gesturing for Momo to stop her healing, he didn't need it.

"Hey Mira, don't tell Erza... the cost of the destruction... alright? She'll get mad at me..." Sona sighed as she saw the signs of unconsciousness pass over the teen on the ground infront of her. Standing up she turned to Saji.

"Take him to the old school building, Tsubaki if possible do something about the school grounds that were destroyed along with the barrier, if you have trouble I'll come out and help you with it. I'll give Rias a call." Reaching into her breast pocket she pulled out her phone and dialled Rias.

~Everything alright over there Sona? I heard the explosion from home.~

"I need you to come to the Old School Building, there is something we need to discuss." Sona told her. "We're heading there right now, bringing the cause of the explosion or, a survivor at least. It's a human with insane magical power, I thought you might be interested to find out what's going on."

~I'll bring Akeno.~ Hanging the phone up Sona headed after Momo and Saji heading for the old school building, her Bishop and Pawn taking the Dragon Slayer while Tsubaki used her magical power to fix the school grounds. Walking along the path leading up to the old school building she caught sight of Rias and Akeno waiting for them before the door.

"Good evening Student Council President." Akeno bowed with a smile.

"I'm glad you made it." Sona greeted in return. "Shall we go in?" She questioned to which Rias nodded and the three devils headed inside. They entered the Occult Research room to find that Momo and Saji were standing to the side having placed Natsu down on the couch, immediately both Rias and Akeno noticed the burns on his body and the tremendous magical power that he was emitting.

"His magic power's on level with my own maybe even yours President." Akeno said with wide eyes. "How can a human have that much?"

"I don't think it's a sacred gear, he doesn't have any signs of possessing one. He's an enigma, he destroyed the barrier around the school, I'd assume that was what caused the explosion. Tsubaki is dealing with everything now, everything will be ready for school hours by morning." Rias nodded as she walked over to her desk and sat atop of it.

"We don't know if he's a threat to us do we?" Rias questioned.

"It's hard to say." Sona acknowledged. "With magic abilities like his..." She shook her head, the teens status wasn't going to be determined by talking about it, they'd have to wait until he woke up. "He spoke a little earlier, confused my bishop for someone else."

"Was there anyone else? Anyone else where the explosion had been caused? Could it be perhaps possible that he was fighting with someone?" Akeno questioned.

"If he was, he won." Sona told Akeno. "We found remains... scorched remains nothing was left. It was as if he had been burnt to ash. If this person uses fire as his element he's very proficient in using it. His wounds were more severe then this, however Momo's healing ability did little to them so I instructed her to stop. His body is healing from the burns itself." Sona continued to explain.

"High magical ability, high healing rates, obvious strength if he was still conscious after the initial explosion." Akeno said thinking things over. "What do you think President?"

"The only evil peace that could make him a devil that we both posses is a Queen, any other would lower his strength. Both our Queen's are taken up so it's not in our hands Sona, we can't make him a devil." Rias explained.

"I'm aware of that, he'd be an asset to the Devils that would be for sure." Rias had to nod her head, he'd be company for Kiba during the club meetings since Kiba was the only guy in her own peerage, however she did have her eye on someone else that was enough to peak her curiosity for the time being. Thinking it over her eyes widened when it hit her.

"I know of someone who could take him in." Rias told Sona making Sona raise an eyebrow behind her glasses. "Sirzechs." Sona's eyes shot wide open.

"You're kidding, Lord Lucifer already has his fifteen Evil Pieces." Sona told her.

"No, everyone thinks he does but he has one left, a pawn." Ria's smiled.

"The Maou pieces are much stronger then our own." Rias nodded in agreement, Sona having known the difference in power of the Maou pieces and their own since her own sister was a Maou. "A Maou's pawn may as well be a Queen without the promotion." Rias nodded once more.

"Will Lord Lucifer accept him though? I hear your brother is very picky when it comes to his servants President. He is renown for having one of the most powerful peerage's in the underworld." Akeno reminded Rias.

"It's no harm to simple ask him." Rias told Akeno who smiled and nodded. "I'll contact Grayfia and have her ask Sirzechs." Sona nodded as she rested on the couch opposite where Natsu was laying, watching as his burns continued to heal slowly, but fast enough that it was noticeable to the eye. Akeno walked over to the couch and peered over the back of it into Natsu's blood caked face, sucking in her thumb slightly she rubbed his cheek with the saliva covered digit, managing to get rid of a bit of the dirt and blood making her purse her lips up in thought before smiling as she walked out of the room passed Rias who was on the phone currently.

The thunder mistress came back with a wash cloth before she proceeded to clean Natsu's face. Sona watched in amusement at the sparkle in Akeno's eyes, sure she was a sadist but being motherly like this must do it for her too. Saji and Momo were blushing at the simple look on Akeno's face, watching the second most popular girl in the entire school become sexually heated over something so simple was a rare thing. Seeing her in this light was something usually only the Gremory Peerage of Rias would see so it was a rare sight indeed.

"I wonder just how much pain he put onto his opponent had he been facing someone." Akeno said looking into Natsu's eyes, Sona watched as the girl licked her lips as she eyed the blood caked teen. The thunder mistress was quickly brought out of her thoughts as a massive red summoning circle glowed within the room making her stand up straight.

"I didn't think they'd come this soon." Rias admitted closing the phone to show that she had just finished her call. Sona stood up from the chair and walked over to Saji and Momo who were staring wide eyed, they were seriously about to meet a Maou.

The first to appear was Grayfia the silver haired maid of the Gremory family and Sirzechs Queen Evil Piece. Then next was the Maou of the name Lucifer, his long red hair almost an identical match to Rias own hair, however his younger sisters was longer. When both fully materialised within the club room the red light of the summoning circle disappeared.

"Brother." Rias smiled making the older red head turn and greet his sister.

"Rias, you're looking well." Sirzechs smiled as he opened his arms out which Rias greeted in return with her own hug, Rias having been in the human world since her first year of high school she hadn't seen her brother very much even on her visits to the Underworld, his Maou duties keeping him busy. Gesturing over to the couch Sirzechs looked over to see the pink haired unconscious teen and his eyes widened slightly. "That's quite the healing factor and his magic far surpasses you two." He said to both Rias and Sona making their eyes widened in surprise, they hadn't noticed that it was that powerful.

"Should we wake him Lord Lucifer, find out who he is?" Grayfia questioned turning to the Maou who chuckled lightly.

"I guess that would be the first thing to do Grayfia." Sirzechs chuckled making Grayfia nod and walk over to Natsu and crouched down beside him, everyone curious as to what the ultimate Queen would do to wake the boy up. Everyone was leaning in, in anticipation before she simply rose her hand up and slammed it down into his gut making Natsu's eyes shoot wide open as he grunted and folded in half howling in pain.

"He's awake Lord Lucifer." Sirzechs along with everyone sweat dropped as Sirzechs rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as his Queen's tactics. Grayfia stepped back to stand behind Sirzechs as he walked forward to where Natsu was now sitting on the couch holding his stomach looking over everyone with a half ass glare, his eyes were lidded from sleep.

"Happy get me my morning fish will ya, or if there is any a bowl of flaming rocks." Natsu called out expecting the small blue exceed to be at his side like always. "Happy?" Natsu looked around the room wanting to know where the exceed was. "Damn it Happy if you went fishing without me!" Natsu roared as he began to search the room for the blue cat, everyone just watched as Natsu look in all places for the blue cat, behind Rias desk, under the couch he had been sitting on, the closest, out the window... under Akeno's skirt... Finally sitting back down after Akeno pinched his cheek for looking up her skirt and showing her panties to the entire room he crossed his arms.

"Who are you guys and what have you done with Happy?" He questioned before he narrowed his eyes. "And more importantly who hit me?"

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