Natsu was once more snoring away on the couch as Raynare stood at the table her hands upon the wooded surface as the Excalibur blade sat before her on the table top, Ravel standing several feet away from the table holding her arm as she glanced over the sword nervously, it still sent chills down her spine. Raynare looked up at the blonde and smiled lightly.

"Don't worry Ravel, it's not going to hurt you." Raynare explained to her. "Once the flame head wakes up we can use his extreme heat to melt it down."

"Ice chump!" Natsu roared from the couch making the two look over to see Happy sitting up rubbing his forehead wandering what the hell had awoken him from his peaceful fish filled dreams, glancing over at Raynare and Ravel he crawled onto the back of the couch before taking a seat, rubbing his eye with a paw as he did so.

"Did one of you call Natsu a name?" The exceed questioned remembering what Natsu had called out in his unconscious state.

"I called him flame head." Raynare spoke looking over the still sleeping Dragon Slayer with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah, I get it now." Happy nodded. "Gray use to call him that some times, it's an instinctual retort." The exceed shrugged before flying over to the table where Excalibur sat and he looked it over before looking to Raynare and grinned at her. "Why not use it for yourself Raynare?" Happy questioned. "I mean sure, Natsu could destroy it but if Erza ever found out that Natsu destroyed a weapon that could make someone else stronger, she'd probably flay him alive then somehow reincarnate his body and do all these heart damaging things to him, Erza's mean like that." Happy explained off handedly.

"Who's Erza?" Ravel questioned.

"A truly terrifying monster." Happy told her nodding sagely. "Able to kick down mountains, step on towns, steal the very souls of children!" Happy cried out dramatically. "Some say a demon, others the true horror of the world. But in truth, she's the very sign of the apocalypse!" He cried still in his dramatics.

"Not exactly." Grayfia's voice reached their ears making them turn to see a holographic Grayfia standing on top of a small magic circle atop of the table to the side of the Holy Sword. "Erza's not that bad, actually I enjoyed the short time that I spoke with her." She explained.

"You lie!" Happy cried pointing at Grayfia making Ravel chuckle lightly at the exceeds antics. "Erza's is and always will be a horrible monster! Ask Natsu!"

"Your views are biased since you both grew up with her tormenting you." Grayfia told him.

"Well... your view is biased since you only knew Erza for five minutes!" Happy cried. "You don't know the torture she put Natsu through!" He exclaimed. "She's a monster."

"Grayfia, we took the Excalibur blade." Raynare said turning to the small hologram, cutting Happy's crys of terror of the wrath that was Erza Scarlet making the exceed pout. "It was in the hands of Freed, the crazed priest that was once under the protection of the Fallen Angels that were with myself here in this town." She explained, Grayfia nodding. "Once Natsu wakes up, I'll have him destroy it."

"And of the priest?" The senior Devil questioned.

"Burning in the street somewhere." Happy shrugged. "Natsu tried to get the other blades out of him but he wouldn't talk so he's somewhere... that's not here." Happy told her.

"Maybe we could use those other people from the Church and ask them to help us find it." Natsu questioned sitting up on the couch and glancing over the back of it with a sleepy expression on his face, everyone turning to him with a raised eyebrow. "What?" He asked rubbing the sleep out of his eye as he stared at them.

"That's actually not a bad idea, being sent here to find it they would know what to look for, more so then us." Grayfia told him. "You used your head for once. I'm impressed." She smiled.

"That's mean." Natsu pouted at her.

"Raynare, Ravel and Natsu, the three of you are to search for the two members of the church and ask for their assistance, if they do not comply... do so without them." Grayfia told them. "I'll be home soon." She smiled slightly, the four grinning back at her. Grayfia disappeared and Raynare raised the Excalibur blade up.

"Maybe Happy's right." She murmured swinging the blade with expert swordsmanship. "It might come in handy."

"Haha! I'm always right! Because I'm a cat!" Happy cheered.

"Being a cat doesn't make you right Happy." Natsu told him.

"Of course it does Natsu." Happy told him. "You're not a cat so you don't understand." He told him waving it off, Natsu's eyebrow twitching in annoyance at the Exceed's brashness.

"Well... you're benched from this mission!" Natsu shouted.

"WHAT!" Happy cried in shock, Ravel and Raynare sharing a quick glance with one another before both girls laughed as Natsu and Happy fought about the mission. Soon enough everyone had departed for sleep, Raynare with Natsu, Happy having become upset about Natsu forbidding him to go on the mission and telling him that their friendship was over dramatically was curled up on Grayfia's bed while Ravel slept beside the sleeping Exceed seeing that Ravel and Grayfia continued to share the room with one another.


"I really figured you two would of sought this out by now." Raynare said as she watched as Happy and Natsu looked away from one another, arms crossed doing their best to ignore each other. It was early afternoon, school had just let out, Natsu nor Raynare had attended classes again however Ravel had gone to school a little upset that Natsu hadn't wanted to go with her. Raynare and Natsu had taken the day to try and search for the two members of the church however as of yet hadn't had any luck in finding the duo, for one they had no idea what either looked like, second the only clue that would give them that they were heading in the right direction was that they would be holding Holy Swords.

"No luck?" Ravel questioned as they walked away from the school gates where they had come to pick the young Phenex family member up.

"No, nothing yet." Raynare told her. "Although it's been a fun day spending with Natsu." She smiled only for Ravel to puff her cheeks up and pout at the Fallen Angel. "Don't worry, apparently I have to share." She told her. "So you can get your alone time with him too." Ravel's face went bright red before she covered her face with her hands making Raynare laugh.

"Hey it's Koneko!" Happy cheered flying forward making everyone turn to see the young member of Ria's Peerage looking over at them. "Koneko!" Happy flew directly at the small girl and hugged her. "Natsu's being mean to me! He said I can't always be right just because I'm a cat." The exceed cried. "Tell him he's wrong."

"You can't happy!" Natsu shouted at him. "If everything you said was right then it would be really weird! You've said some weird stuff over the years!"

"So have you!" Happy cried in Koneko's arms.

"What are you doing here short stuff?" Raynare questioned, Koneko's eyebrow twitched as she glared up at Raynare. "Well?"

"...It's not a Fallen Angels business." Raynare simply folded her arms with a 'tch' before Koneko noticed Ravel and frowned, she had just seen the Phenex member in class and now she was seeing her out of class. Ravel gave her a slight wave with a forced smile however Koneko simply turned her nose up at her making the blonde's eye twitch.

"Oh! Koneko!" Natsu said leaning over so he was the same height as her. "We're looking for the church people, can you point them out to us?" He questioned.


"Because it would be a big help!" Natsu grinned at her, not understanding that wasn't why she was asking why.

"Why are you searching for them?" Koneko corrected.

"Oh, we're going to bust up the Holy Swords Excalibur, apparently there is more then one." He grinned at her. "We've already got one, now we just need the others." Koneko's eyes widened slightly at that, they already had one of the Excalibur swords?

"Follow me." Koneko said before turning, still holding the blue exceed before leading them through town towards a small cafe. When they stopped they saw Issei along with Saji sitting and talking over a couple of milk shakes. Frowning Raynare turned to Natsu.

"It'd be better if I didn't get involved from this point Natsu." Natsu rose an eyebrow at her.

"Why not?" Natsu asked.

"Issei and I don't get along, and I doubt the members of the church would be very likely to make a deal with a Fallen Angel flying about." She explained. "I'll be around if trouble comes up, don't worry about that." She smiled at him before turning and walking down the street away from the cafe. Natsu pursed his lips up before turning to Koneko.

"Why doesn't Issei like Raynare?" Koneko simply shrugged, not wanting to get into the whole Raynare trying to kill Issei by pretending to be his girlfriend thing, it was just a long story that Natsu was indeed a part of, how he didn't understand was beyond her.

"Shall we go inside?" Ravel questioned, Koneko nodded before leading the way. Issei and Saji were complete surprised by the new arrivals. Hearing the plans that Issei was trying to convince Saji to do Koneko understood.

"You want to assist the members of the Church?" She questioned, getting the brown haired teen to nod.

"She said she would rather destroy them than allow the Holy Swords to be used by the Fallen Angels right? Kiba wants the swords destroyed and the members of the Church just want to retrieve it even if they are destroyed. The goals are the same." Koneko had to nod.

"I don't think they would accept our offer though." Koneko added.

"Then we'll make them!" Natsu laughed. "All we need to do is find them." He grinned.

"Why am I getting dragged into this!" Saji cried before they made there move of walking around the streets, this time they might actually find them since they knew who they were looking for now.

"I don't think we're going to find them easy." Issei said as he looked around the shops. "I mean, they won't be wearing those kinds of white robes in the middle of the shopping complex..." Issei had to stop as he saw both Irina and Xenovia standing with a quickly built charity offering asking for donations from the church.

"Please give your blessings to the lost lambs."

"Have Mercy on the helpless as the great Father does."

"You've got to be kidding me." Saji mumbled. "So much for scaremongering members of the church sought to slay the Devils." He said.

"That's them?" Natsu questioned.

"Yes." Koneko nodded. "The two members of the church that hold two blades of Excalib-!"

"HEY!" Natsu shouted bringing the two girls attentions to him as he grinned at them. "Let's destroy Excalibur!" He called out to them, Issei and Saji looking at him with wide eyes, Koneko sighed as she rose a hand up to her face, while Ravel simply stood there a smile on her face as she stared at Natsu in awe, she thought he was so cool.