Chapter 1 - OOPS!

Hey guys. Sorry but most of this chapter is about describing the situation. In the next chapter we'll really get into it. By the way, this is my first fanfic so go easy on the comments. If you like the story cool, If you don't then don't read it. I'll try to update soon so tune in! See ya!

It was a peaceful day in Magnolia. Everyone was quite happy just enjoying the spring breeze and going about their day. The only disturbance to this beautiful spring day was the huge ruckus being made at everyone's favorite guild. Fairy Tail was throwing a huge party for their local fire breather for a job well done on his first mission back. He had been gone for 3 months for some personal training along with Happy. The guild master had originally wanted to throw a party as soon as Natsu had come back but Natsu had wanted to test his strength as soon as he returned so he and Happy took a very difficult mission and left immediately. Upon their return however, Makarov refused to hold back and threw the largest party in 2 years, second only to Fantasia.

Makarov along with the rest of the guild had been happy to see how much Natsu had grown not only physically but mentally. Even Happy seemed a bit more mature, though they still had their goofy moments. It was almost unnatural, mostly because it was. See, Natsu hadn't just grown stronger but older as well. Before he and Happy set out to train they went to Crime Sorciere for help. They had wanted to do more than their usual training and knew Crime Sorciere would point them in the right direction, as far as getting the most out of their training. And, just as they thought, Jellal Ultear and Merudy knew just what to do. Jellal gave them a couple of rare items and spells to not only refine their magic but their minds as well. Merudy cast a continuous spell on them to double the results of their training and she gave them a book that had very promising techniques for helping their magic grow and evolve. And lastly, Ultear gave them an item that would slow time down around them so that Natsu and Happy could train without having to leave their guild for years on end, which they were both concerned about. She also gave them a lacrima that would continuously push them to all their limits while training. Grateful, Natsu and Happy gladly accepted the gifts and left to train. 3 months later they emerged older and stronger.

Natsu now looked around the age of 23 and he had grown taller, about as tall as Laxus though not as big. Natsu had learned how to make his muscles denser instead of just gaining mass. This made his body look more distinguished then others in the guild. While most men in the guild could put a body builder to shame Natsu had muscles that were painstakingly honed, absurdly defines, and while his body was definitely smaller then the some really buff members like Elfman there was no comparison to how strong Natsu looked. From the back of his neck to his Achilles heels Natsu oozed power. It actually shocked most members because they lived around really gorgeous people but when Natsu was around they couldn't help but stare. Happy, on the other hand, looked pretty much the same. He did have a few striking muscles in his arms back, and chest but he didn't seem to have aged and his body hadn't grown at all. However, these minor changes still caught Carla's eye, though she'd never admit it. Over all, they drew a lot of attention when they came back to the guild. But the guild was happier just to see that they were okay.

The party had been going on for a couple of hours now and the guild was a mess. There were games, food, fights, contest and more but more than anything else there were smiles. However, there was one table where Lucy, Levy, Lisanna, Master Bob, and Ichiya sat. (Yes, there were many guilds attending) Lucy, Levy, and Lisanna had gotten back from a mission and their reward was three red potions which surprised them. They had expected money but they accepted the unknown potions because they were intrigued. When they returned home they research the potions and found out that these three potions were love potions. When the party had started Master Bob and Ichiya were curious so the girls explained what they were.

Lucy – "the first one on the right is a simple but powerful love potion that lasts for 24 hours and amplifies a person's love for another to the point where that person must act on that love."

Levy – "The potion in the middle is like the first except instead of amplifying a person's love it amplifies a person's lust. Unlike the first one however, the potion only stops when the person's lust is sated.'

Lisanna – "The last potion Forces the drinker to acknowledge their love towards another person and only stops when the drinker expresses their feelings to the one they love."

Master Bob – "These potions are all quite powerful but they have a major flaw. Do you girls know what that is?"

Levy – "They will only work on people that have love in their hearts. These potions won't create 'LOVE'."

Master Bob – "Exactly!"

Ichiya – "These are very impressive, especially with THAT flaw. Still I think my Love perfume is better."

Master Bob – "While if we're comparing I'd have to say my LOVY DOVY elixir wins hands down."

The three girls started laughing nervously while Master Bob and Ichiya had a little stare down. Meanwhile, a few feet behind them Natsu and Happy were watching with their tongues hanging out as Mirajane Brought them their food with a smile.

Mirajane – "Here you go guys; Happy you had the family sized fish sticks."

Happy – "Aye!"

Mirajane – "Natsu you had the giant steak with pork ribs on the side."

Natsu (with stars in his eyes) – "You're the best Mira! God I missed your cooking!"

Mirajane's smile widened.

Happy – "Aye! Natsu's cooking sucks!"

Natsu – "Hey!"

Mirajane started laughing as the boys dug in. Meanwhile, on the other side of the guild a brawl had broken out and Grey and Elfman were currently fighting. As Grey was preparing a spell Elfman picked him up. Grey's spell half released on the ground while Elfman was trying to throw him. Elfman slipped on the ice and threw Grey in the wrong direction. Grey went crashing into Lucy's Levy's Lisanna's Master Bob's and Ichiya's table sending all 5 potions flying through the air. Happy was on his way to the bathroom when he saw the potions coming towards him. He immediately flew further up to avoid the dangerous missiles. The gust Happy created from flying up suddenly changed the direction the potions were going and instead headed straight for Mirajane and Natsu who were busy sitting and talking and didn't notice the crapstorm that was about to hit them.

Mirajane – "So the reason you decided to go train was because of a reward you earned from a mission."

Natsu – "Yah. I thought it was a good opportunity to train and get stronger."

Mirajane – "Wow, and now you use words like OPPORTUNITY! Never thought I'd see the day."

Natsu (laughing) – "Shut up."

Suddenly, BAM! All the potions hit the table Natsu and Mirajane were sitting at and mixed as they turned to smoke.

Natsu – "Mira are you okay! I can't see you!"

Mirajane (coughing) – "Yah. I'm okay."

After a couple of minutes the smoke cleared and Natsu and Mirajane looked at each other. Their eyes started glowing red and for a second the guild was very quiet. Then suddenly Mirajane and Natsu stood up, slowly drew closer to each other, then (to everyone's shock) softly kissed each other and embrace one another as the mixture of potions began to take effect.

Everyone In The Guild – "WHAT THE HELL!"

Elfman, Grey, Happy, Everyone at table 5 (Lucy, Levy, Lisanna, Master Bob, Ichiya) (muttering) – "OOPS."