Gran turismo 4. Sonic team

100 laps 6 cars 1 winner 5 losers. Revving the 847bhp engine of y super tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V spec II I looked over to my pit crew. Tails who tuned this beast was looking at the data sent from the on board CPU, Knuckles was on the fuel hoses and Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Jordan my friend from high school were ready to replace the tires.

With 5 minutes until race start I looked at my opponents a Mine's GT-R, an Option Z tuner car, a Mitsubishi Evo 9, my dream car a race spec R34 and finally a Mazda RX-7.

Cruising round warming up the tires and as the pace car pulled off the track we floored it. Racing past the RX7 and into the Evo's slipstream round the corner of this oval. As the laps and pit stops raced past I was in second for the final pit stop with 15 laps to go. "The tires will last 16 laps so just gas and go." I called over the radio as with a screech I pulled in. "Ok Ryan and good luck with that race car" Tails replied as with a clunk the fuel hose attached and gas was pumped in. when I saw the range hit 16 laps the hose disconnected and I hit it out of the pits and into first place.

Tearing through the place with that race spec R34 tight on my six it reminded me of my air force days with my squadron who are unfortunately all deceased. Shaking the thought from my mind I focused on the track ahead as I approached the final corner the race car pulled alongside me and I saw the driver salute and pull off the throttle letting me win as I tore through the finish line.

Climbing out of my Skyline I was engulfed by the crowd and carried to the podium were I was presented with the Japanese Sports Car Festival trophy and a 2004 race spec R34 in my team livery. As usual I was swarmed en masse by the media and the first question was: "Who helped you win the most?" "I'd say it's a tie between the car and my team. Now if you excuse me I have to change the oil on my Skyline."

As I walked off with my team I wondered what the next event would be.