Hello this story is actually for a contest for Takara Phoenix because I kind of idolize her and it is a great excuse for me to get off my lazy butt and actually write something.

Now I apologize in advance for Percy being a little brat for a while, he's just upset at the moment because of his situation. I will try to write happy Percy as soon as I can but I can't just have him all of a sudden be happy.

So without further ado…

All We Can Hope For

Chapter One

"But why is this how you have to cement your treaty father?" A voice rang through the throne room.

The day was already half gone with not a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and everyone seemed happy and content, well almost everyone. The only person that didn't seem effected by the midday stupor was the teenager standing in the middle of the marble throne room of Atlantis, stomping his feet like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

"Now Perseus you know full well why this has to happen." His father, King Poseidon, replied. He was slouching a bit on his throne running a hand down his face in frustration. They had already had this conversation many times before but his son seemed stubborn on refusing to see the logic.

"Can't someone else do it? I mean what about Triton?" Percy asked, crossing his arms over his chest and trying for anything to get him out of this situation.

Poseidon crossed his arms akin, "As I've said before, Triton can't because he has to stay here to be my heir."

The prince frowned before scowling once again, "But does marrying me off to a complete stranger not sound crazy to you?!"

"Honey," Sally, Percy's mother, finally butted in. "This is for the good of the country. If you do not marry Hades' heir surely a war is to break out."

Percy gave them both a hard glare but he couldn't find the strength to hold onto it. The truth was that he knew from the beginning that his marriage was most likely going to be arranged, that was just how it was for royal children, but he had held on to a hope that he actually might get to choose something in his life instead of having his parents decide 'what was best for him.'

After a minute Percy sighed in resignation, "Fine, what's the plan then?"

Both of his parents seemed to relax now that he had given up on protesting, "You are to leave early tomorrow to travel to Hades palace. Once there you will have a week to get situated with your home and your new husband before the actual wedding." His father explained.

"Wait you make it sound like I am the only one going…" Percy narrowed his eyes at Poseidon.

"You are the only one going," The king raised a hand for silence as his son started to sputter out a protest. "I have work to attend to here and we want you to meet your new husband in-laws without the pressure of your parents being at your side."

"But no, that can't happen!"

"No buts mister, now you should make sure everything is packed today so that you can leave as early as possible." Percy scowled at his father one more time before turning and stalking out of the room.

As soon as the door was closed Percy had two girls at his side, a beautiful blonde with stormy grey eyes on his right and a just as gorgeous girl with choppy chocolate hair and kaleidoscope eyes on his left.

"So did they let up any?" The blonde asked turning to look at her friend.

"No Annabeth, they didn't, I'm actually going there tomorrow to stay for a week before the wedding." Percy exclaimed with another sigh already trying to mentally prepare himself for what was to come tomorrow.

"Surely they'll let you bring your two best handmaids along though," The other girl asked also looking towards Percy.

Percy snorted, "If they don't I'll make them let me. There is no way I am going to live in that castle with my no doubt creepy soon to by husband alone."

"Hey I think you should give the man a chance you just might like him," Percy raised an eyebrow and Annabeth continued. "You know if I hadn't taken a chance on Piper I wouldn't be in such a happy relationship now."

"See leaping blindly can be a good thing," Piper continued for her girlfriend both trying to cheer up Percy's still sour mood.

Percy huffed as they reached his room. Pulling the door open he stepped inside and fell face first onto his bed. "Just wait; with my luck he will probably be some creepy old guy that loves to follow children around to give them 'candy'."

"At least he is generous then?" Annabeth commented with a small smile.

Percy lifted his head from the place it had fallen on the pillow to glare at her before dropping it back down.

"Well we'll see tomorrow then," Piper chuckled sitting at the edge of the bed. "I have a feeling you might like him more than you think."

"If you get anymore feelings you're going to start sounding like Rachel." Was Percy's muffled reply, nevertheless he hoped she was right.

"It will be fine Seaweed brain; no matter what it will be fine." Annabeth said softly, sitting next to him with a small frown, she didn't like it when her friend was upset like this.

Percy just shifted onto his side so he was facing the wall as he curled up on his self. "Let us hope so." He said in a melancholy voice before closing his eyes and letting a tear escape. "Oh gods how I hope so."