No, this isn't fluffy wuffy. This isn't gore either, but I don't know what this is. I'm just experimenting, since I know don't write this genre very well. I hope to improve, though. But it's almost amusing that I'm starting a dark adventure fiction with a perverted word.

Damn, the first chapter is super long. You better enjoy this, because I skipped reading research journals tonight just to write this. Damn, I need to discipline myself, I had a month to go before I need to present my progress report. And if you love this, I'll give you a virtual kiss.

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Chapter One Pitch Black

Nipple lights, finally, has another purpose instead of just a decorative symbol of the perverted cyborg's technology.

The lights that they had emitted, however, was much less inadequate for the purpose of enlightening the whole room - whatever he was. Even so, Franky was much more curious and confused, rather than just afraid or worried. Cold stone floor and the smell of graphite, he knew instantly he wasn't on the Thousand Sunny. When he woke up - or rather, regained consciousness - he was in a lying position, his gigantic robotic arms opened up to the ceiling above him.

He shook his head, trying to knock in some memories from before, because hell, he couldn't even remember how he ended up here, alone. The last thing he remembered was him fixing a new bed for the girls' quarters, and Nico Robin accompanying him with a mug of hot coffee and a book, and the new mattress on the polished carpeted floor of the girl's quarters.

"Shit," he cursed under his breath, and that was the first word he had uttered. It echoed well, indicating that he was currently in a spacious place, room, cell, or whatever you may call it.

The still air was far too quiet than the environment that he was used to everyday with what he could now call, his family. He quickly concluded that his comrades were nowhere near him now, but he decided that he would at least try something.

"Oi, anyone? Guys?" Franky's voice was moderately loud, and it resulted in a longer echo than before. He waited for a couple of seconds.

No answer.

Franky sighed. "Guess it couldn't be helped, then." He proceeded to walk ahead, assisted by his nipple lights. He knew that everyone is currently at least, in the same building of whatever-this-is, and he knew that the Straw Hat Pirates had landed themselves in yet another trap, of whoever-created-this-scheme. But he wasn't worried, either.

After all everyone's strong, especially his captain.

Sanji thought it was because there was no light at all.

Everything around him is too dark.

He rubbed the back of his head, and sat upright in a sitting position. The floor was cold, too cold to be telling that he was currently on their ship. It was, apparently, too calm too.

It didn't felt right to him, and given his general knowledge, duh, he sensed an incoming danger to him, as well as the others. "Damn it, whose trick is this? Should've stopped inhaling once I detected the gas. I hope Nami-san and Robin-chwan are fine."

Everything around him was still too dark, no matter how many times he rubbed his eyes, looking for a hint of light. He got up, and stretched his hands to feel against the wall. He walked around, in hope to find, perhaps, a window. If it's night time, he could at least rely on moonlight.

And then he remembered, he was a heavy smoker. Not as heavy as Smoker or Paulie or all those cigar-smoking shitheads he had met along his journey on the Grand Line, but yeah, he had a lighter.

So he fumbled through his front pockets for a lighter, and he took out also what he could feel with his hands, a cigarette box. He picked out one, slid it in between his lips, and in hope that he could estimate correctly, lighted up the lighter.

Not even a spark. But he thought the lighter was just, well, malfunctioning.

"What the hell? Are you even shitting me right now?"

He tried again a couple of times, in annoyance, and that was when he felt a little heat. He placed his finger and what he assumingly feel as the mouth of the lighter. "Ah!"

He flinched. His finger throbbed, and he knew it was a stinging burn. He knew there was a little fire.

But he still couldn't see anything.

Chopper promised himself not to cry, no matter how scared he was.

He was a monster, a human-reindeer, and he is one hell-of-a-strong Zoan type Devil Fruit user. If whatever below him crumbles, he could easily transform himself into jumping point. If whatever above him crumbles, he could easily transform himself into his guard point. And whoever violent wants to take his life, he could always transform himself into that one badass ultimate monster who had once scared the shit out of a CP9 agent.

It was dark, but Chopper managed to use his sense of smell to foresee what is around him. The stale smell of dust and stone didn't help lessen his worries at all. There was no trace of his own comrades in the air. Not even Robin's natural floral scent, or Nami's tangerine perfume. Not even Luffy's meat, nor Brook's milk. Not Sanji's tobacco smell, nor Zoro's metal scent. It doesn't even smell like Franky or Usopp is nearby, either.

Crap, he's doomed.

All he could remember before passing out was asking if Zoro would take a bath with him – the little reindeer needed someone to clean his fur, and it was always either, routinely, Zoro or Robin.

And then it was pitch black.

"I wish Zoro or Robin is near," he told himself, and pick his bravery off the floor and wore them on his face. He sobbed through his stuffy nose. Oh, maybe he couldn't smell them because he was too busy sobbing his fears off?

Chopper summoned all his courage and started walking forward. "I am a brave reindeer, a brave human reindeer," he sang quietly.

Concentration. For if you use your third eye, you don't need your physical eyes to see through the darkness.

Or in Roronoa Zoro's case, let's make it singular rather than plural – eye.

He had no idea how the fuck he ended up somewhere he didn't know. The last thing he remembered was Chopper asking to join him for a bath, in which he said yes.

He sat in a meditative position after he regained consciousness and grabbed the situation he was in, for a while. Observation Haki, something he had mastered over his two years training with Dracule Mihawk, was what he had used to overcome the darkness.

No, there was no presence of other being around, to his dismay. He wondered where everyone else would be, and he had known for sure that they were all in the same building, alone, like him. He didn't worry much, though. With a captain like Luffy, everyone would survive even the deadliest earthquake.

But that was no excuse to let his guard down. A true swordsman must always be alert. That was what he learned, and that was what he kept in priority, in order to protect his precious comrades.

He closed his eyes once more, and with his Observation Haki, he detected an opening right in front of him. An opening of the room – great, he could advance from there, then.

But then, his Haki picked up something wrong. He felt the presence of only two katanas. Panicked, he grabbed his side, trying to make sure that his Haki wasn't bluffing on him and that his three katanas are safely secured and tucked in his red sash. He was sure he detected the presence of Wadou Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu. But Shusui?

Zoro could easily tell apart his katanas by the ito braid and feel on the themselves, but wait. He couldn't feel anything. He could not feel the braid of his own katanas, not the soft fabric of his sash and his robes. He could not feel the floor and what is it made of. He could not feel the air, even, and he could not tell if it's either hot or cold.

He couldn't feel anything, literally.

"What the fuck is going on?"

Now was probably not the right time to boast around and lie of an army of eight thousand subordinates and use that lie to threaten the dude who shoved him into this empty unknown place and cruelly robbed his sight, no.

But the thought of it made Usopp calmed a little, he might just use it in the future to threaten anyone just in case.

When Usopp woke up from being knocked out, he was all alone – like the others – but in a cupboard. Seriously, he was shut in a fucking old wooden cupboard. He had absolutely no idea who the hell did so, but the first thing he did, was panicked and knocked on the wooden surface of his surroundings.

Hard enough just to break through the cupboard door.

And then he fell on the cold stone floor, his legs trembling from the thought of the monsters that might be with him in the earlier mentioned cupboard. "Wait, where am I? Where are the others? Damn it, I'll be killed in no time!" And in between whatever he muttered, were gasps.

He lied on the floor in a fetal position, sweat dripping from his forehead. "Maybe I'm already dead, that's why it's so dark… I'm sorry to be leaving so young, my comrades… But this is the sacrifice I need to do for your sake… The brave Captain Usopp-sama gives his life for his nakamas… Take care, be brave without me…"

Unfortunately, his fear-overcoming kind of daydream ended there when something hard fell on his face. "Ita-" was all he could mumble with the pain. He screamed a minute later, "ah, what was that!?" before he managed to summon his courage to actually feel with his hands, whatever was in front of him.

It was just the cupboard broken door, probably hanging from the result of Usopp's – what he would assume – tremendous strength of knocking.

Feeling there was no threat around, he felt a little safe, and then remembered his Kabuto was nowhere near. Recalling his weapon, he remembered he did tuck a few seeds inside the pocket of his brown overalls. He took all of them out, wondering which, out of the ten, is the one that could light up the room.

"Jeez, I guess I'll have to do it without my Kabuto." He bravely stood up and threw one upon the floor, where he remembered the cupboard door was. The seed exploded, and the cupboard door combusted. Thankfully the flame was long enough to be kept until at least half an hour. Usopp could surely find another combustible piece of thing around by then.

But wait, why are the flames grey? And why is everything in black and white?

Ripped dress, one shoe, and net of ropes against her back – Nico Robin surely wasn't pleased at all with whatever situation she was in.

Her dress, a nice dark purple laced skater dress with the hem falling just on her mid-thigh and sleeves up to her elbows, were ripped. She could easily tell by the imbalanced sleeve length, and the cold air – as well as rough ropes – brushed on her back. She could easily tell that she was missing a pair of her black ankle boots too.

Gosh, that was priced for 450 Bellies. She skipped a book-shopping session for those Crimin black ankle boots.

And then she figured out that she was dangling mid-air. Well, not really dangling, since it was more of a nice bed of net she found herself lying in, if it wasn't for the rough ropes that made the net altogether. She figured if she could bring a thick comforter and a nice pillow, it would be a great place to read books.

But that should be the least of her worries now. She was lying upright, facing whatever above her and yet, she couldn't see anything. It was, same as the others. Pitch black.

She crossed her hands, in order to sprout hands from the ground or floor below her. Another arm came out from the palm, and another arm came out from that palm, forming a continuous series of arm-and-palms, enough to reach her from the floor.

She wanted to make sure of how far is the floor from her current position, before jumping off the net.

Once she did, she crossed her hands again, and a series of arms sprouted on the floor like a small bed – though she couldn't see it, she knew her powers very well; she had her whole life to learn how to utilize it – ready to catch her.

She landed safely, and wobbled when she got up. Oh right, the ankle boots.

In regret, she removed the remaining of the pair – she could always buy another, anyway – and tossed it away. She thought of her damaged dress, and then thought of Nami, and all her other comrades. Given the situation she woke up in, something wrong had definitely happened, an enemy's work, and she should find her comrades to ensure they are safe, too.

But first, she should look for the light switch.


When Brook woke up, he was so properly laid down – with his skeleton hands on his chest. It was then when he realized that he was in a very tight space, a space that was shaped as accurately as his lying position.

He tried to raise himself, so he could sit upright, but he knocked his head instead. There was a hard surface right above him. "What the… Oh no! I'm in a box! I'm trapped, I'm trapped, I'm trapped!"

Only he could hear himself, it seemed.

"Where are the others? What happened? Yaaahh, this sucks... This must be another enemy attack! I wonder if everyone else is alright…" Years living alone on an abandoned ship, yes, he was already used to talking by himself.

And then he remembered his own powers. A green transparent gas-like matter came out of his mouth – his own soul, that is. Thank God for it, he was able to travel through other matter like a real ghost. He was also, considered the lucky one around, because in his ghost form, he doesn't need any source of light to see through anything.

It was like having night-vision goggles, or something similar. He had no idea how lucky he was in that situation.

His soul travelled out of the box. Given his sight, he realized that he was in a room filled with something quite terrifying even for a living, moving skeleton like him.


His skeletal body was apparently, in a nicely decorated coffin. Panicked, he summoned back his soul into his body, and knocked hard on the surface above him. "I'm trapped in a coffin! I'm trapped in a coffin! I'm tra-"

To his surprise, the upper half of the coffin door swung upwards with a quick, scary creak. He sighed in relief. "Ah, that was close. I thought I'll be turn into a corpse, but wait, I am already a corpse!"

Quickly, he climbed out of the coffin. It was still dark, and damn it, why were the night-vision advantage only usable in his ghost form? He checked to see whether his sword-cane was in the coffin with him

It was. Good.

Nami hated this.

She didn't know what could be more discomforting. The fact that she was all alone when she woke up, or the fact that she couldn't find the light switch. Like the others, it didn't feel like Thousand Sunny at all. It certainly didn't sound like on Sunny either.

She remembered vaguely what happened before she passed out. A woman with green hair and long sharp nose, smiling devilishly at her from on top of the Sunny's deck. It was all black after that. And knowing what situation was she in now, nothing could be good. Absolutely nothing.

Albeit feeling scratches on her arms and small bruises here and there on her back, her skinny jeans and her bikini top remained undamaged and intact. It was a good sign, at least. Gosh, she must have been dragged all the way here, as told by her scratches.

She couldn't find the light switch, either. Shit, she was pretty much scared.

Guided by her sense of touch, she took out two pieces of her ClimaTact. She could only rely on these for the time being, anyway. She waved it around, producing adequate amount of heat bubbles and cool bubbles.

And then it was time for lightning. A lighter version of her Thunderbolt Tempo.

"Lightning Tempo," she uttered under her breath, but she could not hear herself.

Probably because of the light sounds of thunder was produced by her small sized thundercloud. Just adequate enough to give her a flash of what the whole room looked like – and to her surprise, it was windowless, and empty, even.

With two flashes of lightning, she could note where the opening was. Yes! She could escape. She could look for Luffy, and then she could stay with him until they find the others and get their asses out of there.

The only problem was that, she was a little hesitant on moving onwards. Dangers might lurk just outside the opening, and without the lightning, she could not see anything. "Oh, Luffy," she tried to say, but again, she couldn't hear herself.

"Luffy. Luffy. Luffy." She tested again, but she couldn't hear herself. She could hear the thunder from earlier, but no matter how she tried to talk out loud, she couldn't hear herself.

She almost cried. To have her voice lost while alone in the middle of nowhere is such a shitty situation. And then along with her tears, she screamed an inaudible scream, "LUFFY!"


Luffy would normally never care if he could see or he could not, to just attack anything around him. He had his Haki to help him notify presence of humans around, but now, it's just nothing. Nothing at all. Just walls, stone walls, and a bunch of darkness.

He screamed, grunted and roared at every punch, kick and gattling guns he could lay on any surface that meets his way. He was running and attacking, and running, and once in a while, tripped over his slippers. Shit, he needs light after all.

He knew it was trouble when he woke up alone in an empty room. The last thing he remembered was of course, him begging Trafalgar Law to play tag with him. Law pulled a grunt, and then suddenly, he fell unconscious. It was only five seconds later that Luffy knocked out as well.

He roared again, kicking yet another wall and feeling it crumble under his slippers. "Nami! Zoro! Usopp! Sanji! Chopper! Robin! Franky! Brook!" He called their names, one by one, in hope that he would hear at least a response. But to his disappointment, the only thing that answered him is his own echo.

And damn, he was getting more restless.

"Traffy! Where are you!?"

The running, the kicking, the screaming and the punching drained out his energy off him. He stopped, and allowed himself to catch his breath. "Damn it, I couldn't see anything!"

Even Haki is pointless when he had to multitask between rampaging and concentrating.

"Damn it, where are you guys!?" He screamed into the air, hoping someone would somehow, listen to him.