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"Now what?"

Seven year old Koala did not look like the same seven year old Koala as remembered by Fishman Pirares – this seven year old Koala is tidier and kept. Despite the regression in age and body size, her clothes remained wearable.

Sabo was worse.

"Sabo, you're not just gonna sit there and wait for them to kill Luffy-chan, are you?" Koala said, a little pissed and a little emotional at how calm Sabo was. Yeah, she did catch his sigh, but it has been nearly thirty minutes since they had been turned into kids. In thirty minutes someone's going to get killed, godamnit. It's not that the Straw Hat Pirates aren't beastly strong, but

Sabo pulled both his oversized sleeves and gave a light fist on her head. "They're not gonna kill Luffy, calm down."

Koala frowned. After a few attempts of trying to get Sabo to get back into action instead of just sitting around on the mouth of the spiderweb temple, she finally gave in. She carried her skirt, which was just a little big on her ten year old self, and seated herself beside Sabo.

"We'll just stick to the original plan," Sabo told her.

"There was no original plan, Sabo."

"Well, we'll do whatever Dragon-sama instructed us to do. It's bad enough if we go down there," he explained. "You heard Bonney. The place is filled with surveillance transponder snails. We can't reveal that we revolutionaries have connections with Luffy to the Supernovas. It'll cause a stir among the pirates."

She sighed. "Well we have to tell Dragon about Bonney. We've been attacked, Sabo."

Sabo held a transponder snail on his palm. "Here, you tell."


"I knew she had some business with Dragon-sama, but if it's not for us to know, then I don't feel like knowing," he told her, although being very curious of the pink-haired pirate and her connections with Dragon, especially what she had told them both before turning them into defenceless toddlers.

Koala abandoned her intention to contact Dragon, and fell silent for quite a while. It is getting dark, as told by the sunset-coloured sky, and she was pretty sure that it is going to rain, pretty soon. She wondered if Dragon has already brought the Thousand Sunny to the Black Widow's bay as promised, before the ocean gets wilder due to the incoming rain, well, let's hope it wouldn't turn into a storm, then.

A slight movement, from the rustling of wind and leaves collided against each other, was heard from the thick woods just in front of them, and it sounded as if someone was there. Koala immediately jumped in front of Sabo, as it was always an involuntary response of her to protect when she sensed danger.

Sabo, alerted by the presence of a third party too, stood on his two seven-year old feet, hoping that they both have sufficient strength despite the age of the body they were currently in.

Franky had never cursed so much in his entire life. All those shits, kusos, damns, fucks, bakas, ahos, shimatas and a series of other foul vocabulary escaped from his mouth alternately after every attack he gave and received from that arrogant Tony Tony Stark. The humour of his opponents name had no effect on cracking him up too, this time.

"Strong Right!"

"Repulsor Beam!"

Of course, though, in a cyborg versus cyborg showdown, there is always a potential equal in the kind of weapons, the kind of armours, and even attack styles. Franky could always predict Stark's next attack, and so does Stark, it seems. Neither is invincible, though. Franky had seemed to run even more out of Cola, even when he could still manage to launch ammunitions from his robotic body. Stark's right arm was severely damaged as well.

Brook, who stood in the corner, regained back his strength and securely placed his band on the hilt of his cane-sword. He was looking for the right time to attack, preferably when Stark lets his guard down, pretty soon.

But will he? Hell no way Stark would lose to two gigantic prizes, scores weighed by the bounty of their heads. It would be incomparable to their captain, but well, Stark was pretty confident that Killer is going to get him anyway, and that their captain would win the game. Sorta like a reversed Hunger Games, don't you think?

Franky noticed what Brook was ready to do, as well as his intentions. "Bones! Idiot, why are you still here? Run, I said!"

"I can't leave a nakama to fight alone, Franky-san!"

A grunt escaped from the lips of the oversized cyborg. The stubborn skeleton wouldn't go anywhere without him now, as he expected. "Well, go after Robin! And look after her!" He said, trying to persuade Brook to leave, dodging beams, waves and air fists while at it.

"I will," Brook drew his cane-sword and carried himself forward. This time, he would make sure to avoid any contact with Stark's sea stone-fused metallic body. "After we finish this red robot."

"Oh, just wait, Skeleton Man," Stark said, rather annoyed. "I'll get to you soon."

"I have no time to wait, Tony-kun," Brook replied rather enthusiastically, gestured readily for an attack. "Although, I have all the time in the world since I'm already dead, yohohoho."

No, that did not even crack the two cyborgs up, this time.

"Bones, I'm running low on Cola," Franky told him.

"I know, Franky-san. I've observed." And though Brook was left with only a skull for a face, Franky was pretty sure that Brook was giving him a smirk in some way. "Would you do the honour of tearing this opponent apart with me?"

Stark was getting a little intimidated by the two's confidence. "What-"

Franky gave a slight smirk too, in reply. "You'll take the head, I'll take the body?"

Intimidated Stark is intimidated. "What-"

"Yohohoho, that sounds kinky."

Stark wasn't amused at the comment, at all. "Wha-"

"Too bad I'm straight, but since the only person of the opposite gender has exited the room-"

"Oh, you would do Robin-san?"

"Shut up, Bones! Let's not get into kinky stuff here, oi!" Obviously, Franky was blushing, though.

And that did amuse Stark.

"Speaking of Robin, let's not waste time, she might get into trouble," Franky said, picking up his pace and ran towards Stark. Brook nodded, and did the same too. He raised his arms and gripped his sword tightly, bringing his lightweight body into air.

Franky threw another strong right thing, and Stark easily had evaded his robotic hands, which had planted on the wall behind him instead. The metallic chain of his hands became an easy platform for Brook to run on. Looking at that, Stark was prepared to receive the attack, and beating this skeleton guy is awfully easy, since he had a shitload of sea stone fused at every part of his exposed metallic armour, body, or whatever it may be.

And while Stark was too busy focusing on Brook, Franky quickly circled Stark, and the poor little cyborg is bounded by his metal chain. Brook jumped into the air, and Stark puts out both his palms towards both of the pirate's face. Blue neon lights emerged from the palm of his hands, indicating an incoming beam, and from the looks of it, neither Franky nor Brook wouldn't be able to evade it, as the beam would be faster than both of them, for sure.

"Kuso!" Franky cursed. We're gonna die, we're gonna fucking die, fuck this.

Stark's evil grin was the last thing they saw before their views were both greeted by bluish light. Franky, who was close to Stark, now, extended his legs forward and used all his energy to kick behind's Stark's knee, quickly. Shit, shit, shit!

Stark exclaimed as he bent his knees, and his beam were redirected elsewhere. Having his guard down, Brook took this chance to attack his weak point – Stark's head, or neck, at least. Still in the air, he swung his cane-sword across him.

Robin felt bad for leaving Franky and Brook, as she was not usually the one who runs without snapping the enemy's necks beforehand. But given the situation that the enemy is untouchable for her – and yeah, her specialty is hand combat, ignoring the fact that she actually had a weapon, Shusui, with her.

Oh right, Shusui.

She immediately decided that she must find their swordsman and return his sword, because oh dear, how should he slice enemies up without this cursed sword? Moreover, this weapon is heavy.

There was a loud crashing sound ahead, the sound of something heavy crushing onto the stone walls followed by the sound of stone crumbling, indicating a duel ahead. Curiously, she slowed her pace – it's not that she was making any footsteps noise, given that she was barefooted after all. How was Franky able to be barefooted all the time, anyway? Rather, she was being cautious of whatever there is ahead.

Because if there is a duel, it would be between one of her comrade, and one of the game players. And if there are sounds of destruction, that would also indicate a brutal destruction of these stone walls, which are artefacts of the old century bearing valuable information and stories from the ancient times…

Oh, hell no.

Robin was more than determined to stop the duel now, and she ran quickly towards the sound. The harsh surface of the stone cold floor became more uncomfortable to run on, now that it seemed to be infested with more broken stones and debris and dust and sand and she was pretty sure she came across some bat droppings along the rooms, gross, but she carried on, Shusui dangling from her waist.

She found herself running towards the one opening she had expected to run to – the ones where she could clearly identify moving shadows and roaring noises, and vibrating ground being given away at every stomp she heard. She stopped when she saw a gigantic mossy green object flying towards her, which was very capable of crushing her any second.

Gigantic mossy green flying object with a face, to her surprise.

Out of natural reflex for defense, she crossed her arms and yelled, "cien fleur spider net!" before a net formation of hands appeared in front of her, slowing down the monstrous green being. Seeing that it was a little inadequate for such force, she pulled Shusui out and held it above her head like a shield at some sort.

The monstrous green thing growled, ripping the human hand net apart furiously.


She heard her name being called by a familiar voice. She looked up, and there stood another mossy green being behind the monstrous one. The difference? The other made her a little relieved, and isn't an overbuilt monster – or is he? "Oh, Zoro!"

"You alright there?!"

She jumped aside in order to avoid a strong incoming punch from the monster. "Yes, I've got your sword! I found it-"

Zoro sighed in a little relief. "Good, I hoped it protected you all the way up to here."

Robin smiled, and another punch followed as she evaded it by forming a series of hands from the ceiling, in which she had caught in order to support herself while running on the walls as marimo monster's strong punch destroyed the walls she ran on behind her. Zoro, on the other hand, made an air cutting attack with his two swords, and jumped into the air in the circular direction Robin was leading from across the room around the green Bruce, but green Bruce managed to avoid the attack and it slashed the walls brutally instead, well, thank God Robin was quick enough to evade that too.

"It did protect me from being punctured by sea-stone bullets, thank you, Zoro," she said from across the room, retaining her calm demeanour though she was panting.

Zoro gave a slight smile from being flattered. "Zoan," he said loudly. "He wasn't green before but well heck, he knows Rokushiki."

It reminded Robin of the CP9, and yes. The monstrous creature punctured the walls behind her with a shigan. "X Drake," she said silently, so focused on combining and solving the situation with information and clues present since the red cyborg had appeared, not noticing a hand gestured rankyaku was coming her way.

"Robin, duck!"

She snapped, and ducked immediately. The walls behind her formed a horizontal crack. When she raised her head, Zoro was already in the air, ready for some two sword style action with the green Bruce – or he already did, did he missed something?

Bruce was fast, but the face, of course. Face is always the weakest point of anyone, unless you're made of rubber, or metal, or bones. He would be able to slice his skull into half, though that would be very, very brutal, but when else is Roronoa Zoro isn't a demon?

"Robin, get out of here. I'm taking this opponent myself."

A little pissed, she stood up. "No. I've ran away from helping Franky and Brook in a battle before, and it wasn't very nice. I'm staying."

Zoro did not give any sign to object. Instead, he acknowledged the woman's strength and nodded at her.

Despite standing opposite him in the room, now, with the monster in between them, she got the hint too, too. "Zoro! I'm returning your sword."

"Ah?" He was a little confused at first.

"I'm returning your sword," she said, holding the blade to her side, as if ready to toss it into the air. "Fly here and take it."

He got the hint in an instant. "I got it," he said.

"What's your favourite bird?" Robin crossed one arm, while the other arm ready to toss Shusui.

"Robin," he said immediately. "As in the robin bird."

"Fufufu, how flattering," she let out a little smile too. "Cien fleur"

"Santoryu" he growled, jumping into the air.

Robin threw Shusui upwards, and crossed both her hands. Bruce was distracted with the sword, though, not noticing Robin had darted forward in his direction.

"…robin…" The duo said together.

"…wings!" A formation of hand-wings appeared on Zoro's back, enabling him to reach the suspended Shusui a little faster. The woman slid in between Bruce's legs, and she grabbed both his feet, with additional hana hana no mi hands growing from the floor and clutching Bruce's legs tightly that he might not be able to move.

"…twister!" With a sword in his mouth, and the other two in each his hand, he made an attack onto Bruce raised face, and the green monster, unable to avoid it due to his legs being held by Robin, was forced to receive it.

There, there, Bruce. Isn't it nice to receive your fate?

The wings disappeared into flower petals as soon as Zoro landed onto the ground. Robin got back up onto her feet, too, and the knocked out – or is it dead – Bruce's body laid on the ground with blood gushing from his now unrecognizable face, flower petals scrambled all over the place. "Oh, this is a huge mess," was Robin's first comment.

Zoro sheathed his two swords back. "Well, this is easier than I thought. You know, he knew rokushiki and all those stuff…"

"Well, maybe it was the teamwork?" Robin detached Shusui's sheath from waist and handed it to the swordsman. "I like the name of your favourite bird, it's lovely."

"Shut up," he said, embarrassed. "and please don't let the others know about it."

Robin laughed softly. "Sure, Zoro."