The Challenge this time is a Crossover between Naruto and Tsukihime not the Anime version

In this Challenge Menma, Naruto's counterpart will be different from Naruto in canon, in canon Naruto is exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless. He is also somewhat perverted which sadly many people in Fanfiction like to Ridiculously flanderized Naruto's personality. Like Example the somewhat perverted Naruto in canon, is the somewhat super mega god perverted Naruto in Fanfiction. When in canon Naruto is not a pervert on the same scale as Jiraiya and Kakashi. Anyway in this Challenge, in all my Challenge Menma's personality will be different from Naruto, will be the contradiction to the personality that people in Fanfiction always put to Naruto or Menma respectively so now you know.

Now the Challenge!

if you have read my oneshot or Challenge, the story takes places in if Menma was never in Misaki Town when the events of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru took place. The story begins when the events of Tsukihime and afterwards Melty Blood, Menma goes to Misaki Town to do who knows? And suddenly is annoyed by our favorite Magic Gunner Aoko Aozaki, wanting him to be her familiar.

Menma personalities and traits:

Menma is sons of Ryougi Shiki and Just in case you're wondering Menma is not replacing Ryougi Mana never!, Mana is just as important as Menma in the story

Menma inherited is mother looks and personalities and has Black hair

Menma will not be a pervert a flirt not going to nosebleeds like an idiot if a naked woman crosses or a perverted thought and not what you think He likes women except that he appreciated and respecteden(For god's sake! do not forget thatMenma's a fuckin Ninja he was trained to be prepared in all situations like control his emotions, and not be tempted etc. Like a real fuckin Ninja) so see a naked woman is normal for Menma and control himself but alas you have an excuse to put in perverted situations.

Menma will never underestimates his opponents

Distant, but not anti-social

Plain Dark, but not Grimdark

No Emo

He won't take shit from no one and with no gender bias

Menma is not going to be a happy idiot, he will be calm serious smart clever cunning crafty sharp he will know how to analyzes at dangerous situations and his opponent in battle will be rather difficult to be angry(pretty much like itachi) and difficult to surprise over every little shit attack that the enemy makes(Why? Because he is a fuckin Ninja to be prepared in all situations)

no smoking Menma

He will all give his adversaries a run for their money!(even if his enemies are stronger than him)

Menma have the Rinnegan and Sharingan eyes since birth, no nerfs Rinnegan's power or Sharingan's power, no putting levels to the Rinnegan like one ring two ring three ring or four or all that shit it will stay the same original Rinnegan from the manga. Menma has all the power of the Sharingan and in contradiction to his counterpart Menma skills are the same one fron Road to Ninja.

No flanderizedornerfs Menma's power

Menma will be paired with Aoko Aosaki

No harem

Not OC allowed

No Yaoi and/or Yuri Pairings. I am not homophobic, just don't put them here

PM if you take the Challenge