Anakin Skywalker, slave boy, Jedi, Chosen one. On tatooine he and his mother were slaves, sold around by the Huts who controlled the planet through their criminal empire. It was a shity life there is no denying, but they got by. He did whatever he could to help his mother, including building her a protocol droid to work around the house. He was a tech genius, able to make anything and fix anything. This talent is why their current owner, Waddo, employed him at his shop where he sold droids and parts for ships. He always dreamed of flying into the stars, being a star pilot and just flying forever. He thought he would be a good one, after all he was an excellent pod racer, actually he was the only Human able to do it. Waddo often entered me into races, trying to make money. He never one, but always came close.

When Anakin was nine his life changed forever when the Queen of Naboo, along with two Jedi, Qui-gon Jin and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi stumbled upon Anakin when there were looking for a new hyperdrive. Qui-gon saw potential in Anakin, and had Obi-Wan run his mediclorian count, astonished to find that his count was higher than even Master Yoda`s. Qui-gon believed that Anakin was the chosen one, the one prophesized to destroy balance to the force and defeat the Sith. Qui-gon won Anakin his freedom and took him to train as a Jedi. Leaving his mother was the hardest thing Anakin had ever done, she was the women who raised him, who loved him.

During the droid invasion of Naboo, Qui-gon and Ob-wan went up against the Sith Lord Darth Maul, a red tattooed Zabbrak who wielded a double bladed light saber. The Sith was eventually able to wear Qui-gon out, ending the fight with a stab to his stomach. The Sith`s victory was short lived as Obi-Wan was able to severe the monster in half,becoming the first Jedi to kill a sith in a thousand years.

Obi-Wan fulfilled Qui-gons dying wish to train Anakin, however the Council was more than hesitant, not only was Anakin too old to join, but they sensed a darkness in him. But Obi-Wan was adamant, and took him as his padawan anyway.

Anakin proved to be extraordinarily powerful, in both the force and light saber combat. However he also possessed a certain arrogance to him due to his abilities. Just before Anakin`s eighteenth birthday, he got his first solo mission. He was sent to protect Senetor Amidala from Nabbo, after she was the target of an assassination attempt. While on protection duty, Obi-Wan was taken Captive on the planet Geonosis by the Sith Lord Count Dooku, Qui-gon Jinns former master. After the clones arrived at the arena and started to first battle of the Clone Wars, Anakin and Obi-Wan chased Dooku to a spire outside of the temple where the two Jedi enaged the Sith in a vicious fight. The Count was able to hit Anakin with a burst of force lightning, sending flying against the wall, while he turned his attention to Anakin`s Master. Dooku faked high before hitting Obi-Wan`s leg, burning his skin. With Obi-Wan on the ground clutching his leg, Dooku raised his blood red blade for the kill, but was intercepted with Anakin`s cobalt blue blade. Anakin was able to hold him off for a while but eventually got carried away and opened himself up. Dooku cut off his right arm just below the elbow. The count escaped after a quick duel with Master Yoda, who only lost due to him having to save the place from collapsing with the force.

After the Battle of Geonosis, knowing that the Republic was at war and that the Jedi would be its generals, the Council decided to grant Anakin his knighthood at eighteen, whereas most Padawans go through their trials at around twenty years. Surprisingly Master Windu, who never trusted Anakin, was the deciding vote, citing that Anakin was well beyond his age group when it came to lightsaber combat. He said he was ready, already a master in both Djem So and Ataru lightsaber forms, and his selfless act to save his Masters life against a far superior opponent proved it. Many of the Council thought that Anakin was lucky to live, and others thought Dooku was lucky that Anakin didn`t kill him before he got his arm cut off.

Anakin became the Jedi general in charge of the 501st legion, leading its elite troops into countless battles, winning many. Anakin had a unique approach that made him one of the most respected and admired generals in the war. Whereas Obi-Wan became known as "The Negotiator" due to his ability to win a battle just by talking his way out, Anakin was "The Hero with No Fear", the object of many a young women`s crush and affection from afar. His approaches were often unorthodox indeed, and some might say over the line . He often came up with outrageous plans, plans that only he would be stupid enough to do and yet it was these plans that were often outside the box that often won him the battle.

One day Obi-wan came up with a wonderful idea, deciding that Anakin need some responsibility, someone to make him think before he did something that was going to get him killed. So he signed Anakin up for a Padawan learner. Anakin was angry that his former Master went behind his back like that, but got over it when he found how funny it was, like making a drug addict have a baby.

So on christophsis, a year after the war started and Anakin became a knight; Anakin met her for the first time. Ahsoka Tano. A sixteen year old Togruta, an orange-red skinned species with white facial markings and white and blue lekku and montrals, and who at roughly five foot three stood just below his shoulders. He quickly assessed after the battle that she wouldn`t have made it as Obi-Wan`s padawan, but would do fine as his. She was snippy, the root of his nickname for her after she termed "Skyguy", but she was more conservative than him when it came to a fight after she almost died the first time in battle on Christophsis.

She was a non-select. Passed over to be a Padawan, and sent to the Jedi Service Corps to be a healer. That was until the war started. they clicked straight away. Anakin understood her insecurities about being to old to be a Padawan, having being rejected himself initially. Coming into the war at sixteen, having no training as a Padawan, her confidence was weak, but over time

Over the months of ensuing fighting after Christophsis, they became closer and closer, until they knew that they went beyond the typical Master-Padawan bond. They formed a fast and deep bond. Unlike other Master- Padawan relationships that mirror siblings or parents, they knew that they were different. They were best friends, equals. He insisted that she not call him Master but Anakin. When she asked why he simply told her not to ask.

One day, ten months after becoming his Padawan, Ahsoka was a the victim of a Separatist terrorist attack and was infected with the "Blue Shadow Virus", an unknown disease that slowly drained a person`s life force. Anakin couldn`t lose his best friend, and did everything he could to save her. In the weeks spent slowly dying in a coruscant medical facility, Anakin slowly drifted to the dark side. He followed every lead he got, often using fear and force alone to get information, including his newly perfected force choke. He eventually tracked down a lab in the under belly of coruscant, where criminals and terrorist lurked, reported to be making the bioweapon. He entered the lab and grabbed a worker by the neck demanding he tell him where the antidote is. He just sneered, "She is going to die". Those are the last words to leave his lungs as Anakin gave into his darkness. He snapped, slaughtering every living being in the lab, showing no mercy, memories of the Tusken slaughter two years ago flashing into his mind. He spared the last Sep, torturing him until he was crying,begging to die. "Tell me where it is!" he shouted, "Where is the antidote?"

Finally he told Anakin where it was, and after his mind was probed to ensure he wasn`t lying, was quickly impaled by Anakin`s lightsaber.

The next morning Master Yoda would find a mysterious box outside his room simply labeled, "Antidote".

Chapter 1: Cure.

A teenage girl lay on a bed in the middle of a medical facility inside of the Jedi temple. The air was thick with the smell of disinfectants, despair and grief lurked in every corner of the room. The lights flickered, machines wheezed, buzzed, and beeped. Her normally orange-red skin was now a pale grey, matching her lips, which while normally a maroon-grey , were now ash grey and were as cold as ice. Her skin was shined with a sickly-sweet sweet from the massive fever she was trapped in. Here breathing was labored and erratic, like her body couldn`t decide whether to breath or not. The normal dark blue of her lekkus and montral now matched her skin tone. Just like the shadow of the day would embrace the world in grey, so too did the virus that was slowly killing Ahsoka Tano, for one man`s world right now was as grey as a cold winter`s sky.

A black gloved robotic hand lay clutching hers, its thumb rubbing small circles on the back of her hands. It belonged to a young man hunched over, his head laid on the side of her bed. His already dark sandy-blonde hair now darker than ever,his wavy shoulder length hair crazier than ever, his piercing blue eyes now matching Ahsoka`s grey skin. All in all, Anakin Skywalker was a mess.

"I found the cure Snips," he whispered, "I did everything I could, I skirted on the edge of the dark side but I found it. You`ll be better soon. I promise you will be ok." Where`s the council with the damn cure. Anakin laid his head back down on her pillow and closed his eyes. He knew his back would be sore in the morning from sleeping hunched over but right now he didn`t care. He was too tired, too worn out to care.

Obi-Wan liked to think of himself as calm and collected. More prone to negotiate than kill his way out of a situation, so unlike Anakin, who was much more like Obi-Wan`s late Master than himself, neither had much respect for the Code and the Council, and by extension its decision. And thus the Crux of his problem. The past few weeks have been hell for his former apprentice, he couldn`t possibly understand what Anakin was going through. Yes they had been close when partnered up, like siblings, but he also knew that Anakin and his Padawan were different than the others. They were the best friends any two people could be, probably due to the age difference of just a little over four years, almost four years and three months to be exact. He watched as Anakin refused to eat, lost weight and stayed out late at night in Coruscant`s lower levels doing force only knows. The council had discussed splitting the two up for a period of time, fearing that Anakin was on the edge of burn out. Obi-Wan had begged them to reconsider, not knowing what would happen to his young friend if split from his padawan. He was only eighteen for force sake.

Early this morning Master Yoda had found a mysterious package with the antidote in it, and after an hour of discussion the Council decided to send Obi-Wan to check out where it came from, and he almost vomited when he entered the lab. Bodies sprawled out across the main floor, clearly killed by a lightsaber, some stabbed, others sliced in half just like he had done to the Sith lord eight years ago. And the most disturbing of all was the amount of decapitated heads that littered the warehouse. Or so he thought. He slowly made his way through the hallways coming across a few more dead bodies, these with clean burns through their abdomen. He then entered a small room, just one dim light on the ceiling. In the room sat a lone body tied to a chair. This time he did vomit. It was evident that this body had been tortured, and tortured badly. Its fingers were bent at unnatural angles, devoid of fingernails. Its eyeballs removed face mutilated. Force they even castrated the poor soul. Who could have done this? Who could have wanted the blue—Anakin!

Now Obi-wan was on his way to Anakin and Ahsoka`s room to tell him that they had a cure…and to get some answers from his former Padawan. He wasn`t going to accuse Anakin of something he had no proof of, that's why in his report he just wrote, "Assassin", in regards to the perp. He knew Anakin was certainly darker than the average Jedi, and had seen first hand how vicious he can be on the battlefield, as if he seemed to enjoy the rush of a good fight, but he didn`t think he was capable of cold blooded murder and torture.

Lost in his thoughts he soon found himself standing at the door to Anakin`s quarters. He knocked. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer.

"Curious, "he said before he quietly used the force to unlock the doors. Stepping inside he was surprised to find that there was no one there. He was not surprised to find one bed made, knowing that Ahsoka hadn`t slept in it for almost a month, and Anakin`s bed was also made. Probably slept in the medical center, Obi-Wan thought to himself. Several times he had found Anakin asleep in the chair next to Ahsoka`s bed, always waking him up to tell him to go get some real sleep.

He quickly left the room to go see the antidote administered, and then he would go to search for his young friend. Hopefully could bring him back if he had indeed strayed from his path.

Meandering through the halls of the temple was second nature to Obi-Wan at this point, he could do it in his sleep. He slowly weaved in and out of the crowds of younglings and padawans going about their business, stopping to say hello to the young ones he often taught. How care free they are, he thought, so oblivious to the war waging all around them. Hopefully the war will end before theses younglings become padawan leaners. He knew this was highly unlikely, most younglings that he taught would probably see battle, be forced to kill, even if they are just droids.

Up ahead he spotted Masters Windu and Yoda and Master Plo Koon, the Kel-dor Jedi who found Ahsoka on Shili a decade ago, no doubt on their way to see the administration of the antidote to Ahsoka. Taking his time he made his way up to the two senior Council members.


Mace and Yoda turned to face their fellow Jedi Master.

"Ah Master Kenobi, good to see you it is, going to see young Tano you are?" Yoda said

"Yes Master, Hopefully It works, for Anakin's sake," he paused as if contemplating a deep thought, "Sometimes I wonder if he was knighted to young."

" Skywalker has proven to be an infallible commander, even if his arrogance verges on the suicidal. He is also one of the Order`s best fighter, I would wager that he could take on one of the older Masters on his best day." Said Windu.

"Does that include you Master?" Obi-Wan said with a sly smile.

Mace glared at his friend, "But I share your concerns over his age and granting him a Padawan."

Yoda continued, "Grieving his Padawan young Skywalker is not, but a friend."

The four Jedi Masters walked the rest of the way in the comfortable silence that seems to often permeate the temple, breaking the silence every once in a while to discuss the progress of the war, the hunt for Dooku, and various political happenings.

They entered the medical bay and immediately ventured down the snow white hallways towards Ahsoka`s room. As he entered the room he breathed a silent sigh of relief. There was Anakin, hunched over in a chair with his head laid beside her on the pillow. He looked at his former Padawan with a look of sadness. His wavy hair looked awful, greasy and strewn over his face. His normally dark sandy-blonde hair was nearly black. At least it looks as if he has been here all night.

He stepped ahead of his fellow masters as they began to prep the antidote and walked over to the sleeping form of his former apprentice. As he got closer he saw that he was shaking in his sleep, probably from a nightmare. Just before he went on his first solo mission with Senator Amidala he started having nightmares about his mother. He had told him that dreams come and go, but they just got worse and he eventual found her dying on Tatooine. Anakin never talked about what happened, but he knew it must have been bad. He came back from the planet with a more pronounced darkness than before, a darkness he held on to after the Battle of Geonosis, and Obi-Wan could tell he never fully forgave the Jedi for not allowing him to see his mother.

He placed his hand on Anakin`s shoulder, gently shaking him. "Anakin, Anakin wake up. Wake up Anakin, we found the cure." He shook him once more.

Anakin began stirring, mumbling something that to Obi-Wan sound along the lines of "Soka", but wasn`t` sure. Anakin finally raised his head, oblivious groggy, and looked up to see Obi-Wan standing next to him. Up close Obi-Wan was even more surprised with his apprentices appearance than before. His hair was matted to his forehead. His skin was very pale and his eyes held a grey, stormy sea of emotions

"Master?" Anakin asked with a rasp to his voice. He stretched his arms and cracked his neck and back before looking around, remembering the previous night.

One he had finished his, "Job", he snuck passed the sentries who stood guard making sure no one snuck into the temple in the middle of the night. He then made his way through the halls of the temple, careful not to wake anyone would question what he was doing. He walked silently, head lowered , on his way to go see Ahsoka. He knew it wasn`t healthy, after the first week he began breaking down whenever he first would see her still body. Three weeks in and he was reduced to dry heaves. He entered the room with unshed tears glossing over his eyes, and sat in his usual seat by her bed. He grasped her hand, proceeding to talks like he always did to her near lifeless body, before letting sleep overtake him.

"We found the cure Anakin," Obi-Wan said.

Suddenly it seemed if the room got warmer, Master Yoda turned to find the source of the power. He saw Anakin, now fully awake, with a smile like that of a child who just got a new toy. Obi-Wan noted to himself that his eyes seemed to regain some of its former blue.

"You did, where, how!" Anakin did his best to show his surprise and excitement. He didn`t want to give away that it was he who found it while the Council sat around and talked, well Anakin was done talking and took action.

"There was a package left for Master Yoda this morning. It had the antidote in it," Obi-Wan said. He seems genuinely surprised. He must have been here all night with Ahsoka, after all whenever Anakin stayed out he always came back before sentry patrols started. The massacre happened after the first patrol and it was hard to sneak past the sentry, they were able body Jedi after all, Obi-Wan thought to himself, later I'll try to ask him without pissing him off.

"Come on Anakin," Obi-Wan said, motioning him over, gently putting his arm over Anakin`s shoulder, guiding him to Ahsoka`s bed.

Obi-Wan looked at his baby brother in all but blood. He handed him the vile, contained within was the cure that would bring back his best friend.

"Why don't you administer it Anakin. Wake her up."

(A/N: To clear up any confusion Anakin turned 17 just before the Battle of Geonosis and subsequent start of the clone wars, and at the end of this chapter is 18 and 10 months. When assigned to Anakin, Ahsoka was 14 and three months and is now 14 and seven months, so four years and three month difference. At least I think my math is right)