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Chapter 8:Capture

The harsh polar wind screamed past Anakin with a vicious bite, nipping at the exposed skin on his face. The snow below his boots crunched and moaned. He looked up at the vast expanse of white nothingness in front of him. It reminded him of Tatooine; bleak, barren and desolate. Except it was the exact opposite of Tatooine. Whereas Tatooine was blazing hot, Hoth was unbelievably cold.

He walked another hundred yards, braving the blistering winds, arm raised to protect his face. "This was a really stupid idea," he said to himself. He hit a slick spot of ice hidden under the snow, slipping and falling right on his ass. "Fuck!"

Gathering himself he brushed of the snow from his bottom half. "I swear if the Separatists don't kill me this stupid planet will."

He looked around, searching for any signs of activity. Nothing but whiteness. Using the force he stretched out his conscience, searching for what he could not see with the naked eye.

A disturbance prickled at his mind, causing him to rapidly rotate on his heel. He hardly had time to react and swallow the secondary tracer hidden under his tongue before a blue streak of light impacted onto his chest. Then everything went black.

High above the ice planet`s atmosphere, the Resolute hovered high out of sensor reach, slowly orbiting the planet. In the main war room sat a holographic cut through of the planet hovering over a console similar to the ones held in the Jedi Temple. Beside the console sat another above which hovered a one dimensional chart containing gps statistics based on the tracker capsule currently residing within Anakin's stomach.

Obi-Wan looked upon the holo-planet, noting the green blinking light representing Anakin had come to online. "They got him," he murmured softly .

Behind him Ahsoka sunk against the wall, pulling her knees up to her and rubbing her hands over her, taking a deep breath and sigh. Liat turned and looked at her fellow Padawan, and though she still did not know the complexities of hers and Anakin`s relationship, she knew she was worried.

"Relax Ahsoka," she said, "you said it yourself, he`s the chosen one. I`m sure he will be fine."

Ahsoka looked up and gave her a weak smile. She nodded, "I know. I have faith in him." Who am I kidding, I`m worried sick.

Obi-Wan turned to her, "Cheer up Ahsoka. Need you focused."

"I am focused," she said slightly hurt, her expression matching. "I am focused," she said getting up and wiping the dust off her sash.

"Good," Obi-Wan said with a smile. "Why don`t you two head down to the hanger, inform Rex they have taken the bait."

"Yes Master."

"Yes Master Obi-Wan."

The two bowed and took their leave, heading out of the war room and heading down the hall to the elevator.

As the doors closed Liat turned to Ahsoka, "You know, I`ve never known a Padawan to be concerned for a Master as you have been."

"I am not just concerned for my master."

Liat looked at her quizzically, a question dancing in her eyes and on her tongue, though she decided to bite it. She did not want to get in the middle of any drama, especially Master Skywalker`s.

The doors opened and the two jogged down the hall into the main hanger, spotting Rex with R2 and a platoon of clones, huddled around a gunship, laughing at something. Rex spotted the two Padawans and waved them over.

"Aye Rex, who`s the new girl," Liat heard one of them say.

"Boys," Rex began, "Commander Liat Loa. General Kenobi`s new Padawan."

The thirty some clones stood at attention to salute the new Commander. Liat looked taken aback and quite unsure at the same time. Ahsoka flashed her a sympathetic smile, remembering the first time she got flash saluted. It quickly ended, she suspected Anakin had something to do with it.

"At ease…" she said quietly and hesitantly. She suppressed a sigh when the clones ceased saluting and returned to their business.

"What was so funny?" Ahsoka asked as Rex walked up to them.

He waived his hand dismissively, "Ah, I was just telling the boys about one of our little, adventures," he said with air quotes, "with General Skywalker."

Ahsoka shook her head, " I don't want to know." This caused Liat to smile.

He nodded, "Any ways, whats up?"

Ahsoka looked down, "They got him."

"Master Kenobi wants all the men prepped and ready to go," Liat said, "You got fifteen minutes."

"We`ll be ready in ten."

Liat nodded and turned to leave, "You coming Ahsoka?"

Ahsoka scramble after her, catching her breath as she fell in step. "Thanks for stepping in," she murmured.

"Don't worry about it Ahsoka. It`s well known that Master Kenobi and Skywalker are often sent on missions together. That means me and you need to watch each other`s backs too."

Anakin`s vision came back in a blur, a blur that quickly surrendered to the black. He tried to will himself to see, opening his eyes in a blur. His hearing was muffled, clear enough however to hear the metallic footsteps of the droids in front of him. He tasted blood as it ran down his face and into his mouth. Bastards must have hit me while I was unconscious.

He hissed in pain as he finally felt his knees that were scraping against the metal floor. He tried to reach out with the force but instead was met with an excruciating electricity coursed through his body, his muscles clenching up in agony.

"Stupid Jedi", he heard one of the droids say before he fell into unconsciousness.

Ahsoka climbed into the gunship and took a seat next to Liat. She buckled into to seat and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Rex and Obi-Wan climbed in after, Rex taking a seat opposite to the two Padawans while Obi-Wan walked into the cockpit.

He clapped the pilot on the shoulder, "Good to go."

The pilot glanced up and nodded an affirmative, "Yes sir!"

The pilot engaged the take of sequence as the hanger door opened, revealing the black back drop of space. The craft slowly ascended, exiting the Resolut, making its way to the icy planet below .

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