Yveltal went to the sleep therapist located in the pokemon center. The sleep therapist is nurse joy. Yveltal sits on the patience chair. "Nurse Joy, can you give me the cure of my insomnia?" Asked Yveltal. "Sure Yveltal, just stay right here and relax." Nurse Joy walked away. Yveltal texted to Zygarde, Xerneas, and himself in a group text while he is waiting for Nurse Joy to come back. Yveltal texted "Zygarde, how do you like the gift I got you that Xerneas gave to you?" Yveltal sends the text. Nurse Joy came back to Yveltal and gave him a jar of pills that cures the insomnia. Yveltal gave her two dollar tip. Yveltal obtained the pills and flew home.

I'm out of ideas. This story is not much for me. It's not the story, it's me because I put this story off of development.